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How To See The Videos Or Post To Win Yourself!


There's a LOT OF EXCITMENT happening now!

To view all the existing posts and see the YOU TUBE vidoes, go here:

Click The Link In This Post And Tell Me Why YOU Should Win A Copy Of My New Info Product Dashboard but READ What Comments I’m Looking For FIRST!

If you post a video on YouTube, you’ll be eligible to be 1 of 5 people to WIN an additional FREE gift that is very valuable.  Here are some guidelines on what topics to address:

1.  I’m NOT looking for sob stories or how broke you are! 

2.  But WHAT would having your OWN product DO for your life in a positive way?

3.  What has STOPPED you from HAVING your own info products and how could this HELP you!

4.  What has been MISSING in any products you have bought on the topic?

5.  What do you NEED in order to break through and actually CREATE your own info product?

OK, click this LINK, SCROLL to the bottom and post your comment:

  • Hi Marlon,

    I created a quick Youtube video for you about the Info Product Dashboard. It's just a honest account of why I think your information is so valuable for Internet marketers. Thanks for being you Marlon I really appreciate it. And I'm sure we all do too.

    Thanks again,


    Here's the video:

  • Hi Marlon,

    Here is my YouTube video link for your Info Product Dashboard. I mean every word I say in the video and maybe it's not just a video to try and win your new product… Maybe people who are wondering if creating their own products is the right way to go…

    For those wondering, view the video, it's no box office smash, but then again I'm not Steven Spielberg, but the message is clear enough.

    ==> Video:

    Take Care,

    Michael Sherriff

  • KJ says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I appreciate your offers and heck, I'll give it a shot…

    I have a few phobias regarding youtube, guess I'm a prude so if I get discounted for that than so be it.

    I personally am intimidated by technical and I know you want people to learn for themselves so it would be a great way to learn.

    You do a great job of teaching each step and although there are many products that teach you about the subject of information marketing, they don't give you all the nuts and bolts.

    I sell physical products and know that I need to at least give the information products a shot, if nothing more than to increase my profit margin!

    The world wants information and I need to get going and be one that provides it before I get left in the dust!

    Thanks for the opportunity…


  • Marlon, those video's are exactly why I don't do one, well the main reason, the other one is "I don't how to". You have got to be a true marketing guru, selling info that can be found for free. I bow before a "Master". I don't want anything for free, because experience has taught me "there ain't no free lunch", and if I didn't earn it I probably would'nt apreciate it. I just wanted to post to your blog and get my signature posted. Thanks, keep on rocking in the free world!

  • Hi Marlon,

    Looked at those 4 videos, yawn, all but the first one were from people who do not need your product as much as I do. I would buy it if I wasn't so broke so I need to win it more than anyone here.

    I wish to build a list of satisfied happy customers by providing the exact information they are looking for and not simply try to sell them something to make money. Others sell someones latest gizmo just because every so called expert says our lives arn't worth living without it, yourself excepted of course.

    You are one of my all time hero's along with 3 others, (all friends of yours), who I trust, the rest are only after our cash and peddle anything to line their pockets. So how about giving me one of your excellent Dashboards so that I can finally rise above mediocrity and show all my friends and family that it is possible to make money working from home without trading hours for low pay.

    Your friend,


  • Jim says:

    Marlon you rock… Way to create some buzz around a new product.

    Now it's back to creating more products…


  • Lon Naylor says:

    Hi Marlon!

    Here's my video Info Product Dashboard submission:


    Lon Naylor

  • Hey there Marlon,

    That's the reason why I read every email You send, because

    You know how to Market something that is really good.

    You really painted the picture of the benefits of everyone

    that desires an understanding of "Info Product Creation".

    I'm not ashamed to share your products in the world.

    Multitudes love step by step, even some that think they

    are above saying so. Well, You have had may Attention for

    a long time when it comes to Marketing.

    Your "Info Product Creation" Dashboard will play forward

    every great product I've already purchased from You with joy

    since "The Amazing Formula that Sells Products like Crazy".

    Every product that I've Invested in from You has been hugh

    for my learning and every product has shared some Marketing

    Gems. EverGreen Marketing Strategy and Tactic Shared Online

    Most Profitable in shortening Your Learning Curve.

    Even prior to "Info Product Creation" Dashboard when You were

    so bold to promise four times Your Money Back Satisfaction

    Guarantee. No Marlon, I already know that in 2008 You will begin

    to see just how many "Info Product Creation" problems You have

    solved World Wide with this New Dashboard System. Will it be

    ready for Thanksgiving or Christmas 2007?

    Be Blessed always…Peace!

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