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How to Stop Trading Your Time For Dollars



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Main Article: How To STOP Trading Time For Dollars And START
Trading Products For Dollars

Subtitle:  How to Escape The Time For Dollars Trap!

I spoke on this topic on Mike Filsaime's elite conference call
this past week.  The call got rave reviews by all.

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Marlon's Marketing Minute
Vol. 2, #18, November 11, 2007

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A. Can YOU beat the top 4 videos on my blog?

B. Announcements from Marlon

C. Main Article: How To STOP Trading Time For Dollars And START
Trading Products For Dollars

Subtitle:  How to Escape The Time For Dollars Trap!

D. Services You Can Use

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A. Can You BEAT The Top 4 Videos?

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C. How To STOP Trading Time For Dollars And START
Trading Products For Dollars

Subtitle:  How to Escape The Time For Dollars Trap!

It's a trap.

Trading time for dollars, that is.

Why?  Because you only have so many hours in a day and
you can only earn so much per hour.  As a result you have a
lid on your earnings.

Not only that, but you don't have personal freedom. As long
as you have to trade your own personal time for money, you're
doomed to short vacations and working 6-8 hours a day most days
of the year.

Yet, I don't wear a watch, other than for appearances.

I don't have an alarm clock in my house.  Some days, I don't even
know what day of the week it is.

Why?  Because I don't trade my time for dollars.  I trade PRODUCTS
for dollars. And it's all the difference in the world in terms of
personal freedom.

A lot of people wear an expensive watch as a status symbol.  My
status symbol is I don't need a watch, so I often don't wear

It's the simplest thing, really.  Going back to cave man days,
people learned that if you traded THINGS for food or animals or
whatever, you didn't have to trade TIME for those things.

Out of all the things in the world you can trade for money,
TIME is the one that TRAPS you.  You could trade a million types
of products in the world for money.

But for most people, the ONLY thing they can think of to trade
for money is their own personal time.  It doesn't make a lot of
sense to me.

Yet, there are those, and perhaps you are one of them, who have
TRIED to break out of the time for dollars trap.

Maybe you bought PLR (private label rights).  Or reprint rights.
Maybe you spent 6 months writing an ebook that didn't sell.  And
you didn't make money and now you wonder why.

Just ANY product doesn't cut it. You need a unique or even exclusive
product of your own.

Why?  Law of supply and demand.  If you have the ONLY product on the
topic, you control the supply and therefore lock the demand into
YOUR supply.

For example, the other day I bought an ebook that took a certain
angle on men's fashion and clothing.  It's the ONLY EBOOK in the
world to my knowledge on the topic.

Maybe there are others. But it's the only one I've seen or know about.
That would make it the only one to me.  The books at the bookstore
on men's fashion did NOT cover this particular angle.

That's a perfect example of the power of having an exclusive product.

Now, you also need something that will SELL.  That there is demand
for. That's why I've taught people for the past 7 or 8 years how to
do 12-product surveys.

They're a great tool for identifying demand.  They aren't perfect.
But they're a great tool that should be in your little toolkit.

At seminars, people sometimes come to me and say, “Marlon, I've
spent $5,000 on coaching, or $3,000 on seminars or info products.
I'm STILL not making money.  How come?”

I ask:  “Do you have your OWN exclusive product?”  Usually, the
answer is “no.”  And I say, “That's why.”

There are some people who do have their own product and can't
sell it.  But they did NOT do a 12 product survey first. They
just guessed what would sell.

I recommend the 12-product surveys highly.  And in online
marketing, I'm the ONLY ONE who teaches them.

In a 12-product survey there will often be 1 or 2 products that
get almost NO VOTES!  Imagine if that's the product you create.
And then you wonder why no one will buy it!

Finally, the last element in the equation is traffic. You can
have a product people want. But if you don't have traffic, you're
screwed. If you haven traffic, building your LIST is easy.  You
just offer something free an put a name squeeze form on there.

That's why I created the Affiliate Program Dashboard. To help
you set up an affiliate program.

But people have told me, “Marlon, I don't need an affiliate program.
I don't have my own product yet.  But I can't write and creating a
product sounds like HARD WORK!”

That is why I created the brand new Info Product Dashboard. To make
it as easy as humanly possible.

If you haven't posted to my blog for a chance to win your copy, do
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Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

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