How To Turn Your Bills Into Daily Amounts & Create Campaigns To Pay Them

How To Turn Your Bills Into Daily Amounts & Create Campaigns To Pay Them


Marlon here.

Saturday I sent you my ezine about my friend who makes $3 a day on 700 web sites….

No bull.  Grab the article and read it. Search your email box for my name to hunt it down!

Anyway, what if you could do this EASY on Yahoo?  Everyone wanted to know the system my friend uses. I suspect he might sell it.

In the meantime, check this out:

5:56 p.m. CST Jan. 19 — The Yahoo sales letter is cutting off 1/4 way down.  It worked last night.  You may need to try it later tonight or tomorrow. Someone probably mucked with it.

It's a basic product on Yahoo.  If you've ran ads on there before you probably don't need it. But I liked it since I'd never ran ads on Yahoo….well, not in recent history.

Here's the big idea:

1. You pick a product from Clickbank

2. You write a pre-sell page about it.

3. You buy clicks from Yahoo

Time invested?  Maybe 1 hour.

All you need is $5 or $10 a day per campaign!  This is really awesome.  Seriously, you'll get excited about this.

If you go to that site, he has a tutorial that shows you how to break down all your bills and things you WANT to do into daily amounts.

For example, a $450 a month car payment equals $15 per day.

You break down all your bills like that.

And you set up a SEPARATE campaign for each.

So when you break your lifestyle and bills down to campaigns, it creates a WHOLE new outlook.

A lot of people he says complain because they only got 6 bux a day from a campaign.  But that 6 bux is your cable bill or your electric bill.  Or your cell phone bill.

Now just do that SAME thing for other bills.

The reason I bring up this Yahoo Search Marketing is…

With Google PPC, you have to worry about Quality Score and that slows you down.

That URL shows you that a #1 on Yahoo will get you the same traffic as a #5 on Google…and probably be a lot cheaper!

But Yahoo doesn't have a quality score to muck around with and get slapped with.

No more Google slaps!

Throw up campaigns in an hour or less with your presell page.

Drive the traffic.

Next day do a new product.

See how you BREAK DOWN all your bills here using Andre's system:

I literally did this last night.

I got out a notebook, wrote down bills, broke them into a daily amount.

Your NEW New Year's goal becomes:

* Set up 12 streams

* [email protected] $5 a day

* 4 @ $10 a day

* 3 @ $50 a day

Do you see how revolutionary this is?

This is mind boggling in how it helps you set up your goals for the new year.

I love it.

Now, if you can make your $3, $5, $10 or $50 a day with your own product or writing articles or doing social marketing — it's ALL good.

Whatever you can do and know how to do to bring in that much as long as you can repeat it with different campaigns in a short time period.  This is what I like about the idea of going BACK to Yahoo.  Time is money.  I'm trying to figure out Google's complex quality score and how to create sites that don't get slapped.  It's a bit of a daunting task.

But what I read here about Yahoo is you don't have to worry about it and you can get a lot of traffic cheaper.  Certainly enough to make your $5 or $10 a day per campaign!

This BRINGS BACK the glory days of pre-sell pages and Clickbank marketing. That's pretty cool.

Break down your bills.


Post on my blog.

Tell me how many streams you need to set up for the new year and what their amount is — break it down to DAILY AMOUNTS!

Just click the COMMENTS below to post. Also, just let me know your REACTION to this.



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