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How To Turn Your Bills Into Daily Amounts & Create Campaigns To Pay Them


Marlon here.

Saturday I sent you my ezine about my friend who makes $3 a day on 700 web sites….

No bull.  Grab the article and read it. Search your email box for my name to hunt it down!

Anyway, what if you could do this EASY on Yahoo?  Everyone wanted to know the system my friend uses. I suspect he might sell it.

In the meantime, check this out:

5:56 p.m. CST Jan. 19 — The Yahoo sales letter is cutting off 1/4 way down.  It worked last night.  You may need to try it later tonight or tomorrow. Someone probably mucked with it.

It's a basic product on Yahoo.  If you've ran ads on there before you probably don't need it. But I liked it since I'd never ran ads on Yahoo….well, not in recent history.

Here's the big idea:

1. You pick a product from Clickbank

2. You write a pre-sell page about it.

3. You buy clicks from Yahoo

Time invested?  Maybe 1 hour.

All you need is $5 or $10 a day per campaign!  This is really awesome.  Seriously, you'll get excited about this.

If you go to that site, he has a tutorial that shows you how to break down all your bills and things you WANT to do into daily amounts.

For example, a $450 a month car payment equals $15 per day.

You break down all your bills like that.

And you set up a SEPARATE campaign for each.

So when you break your lifestyle and bills down to campaigns, it creates a WHOLE new outlook.

A lot of people he says complain because they only got 6 bux a day from a campaign.  But that 6 bux is your cable bill or your electric bill.  Or your cell phone bill.

Now just do that SAME thing for other bills.

The reason I bring up this Yahoo Search Marketing is…

With Google PPC, you have to worry about Quality Score and that slows you down.

That URL shows you that a #1 on Yahoo will get you the same traffic as a #5 on Google…and probably be a lot cheaper!

But Yahoo doesn't have a quality score to muck around with and get slapped with.

No more Google slaps!

Throw up campaigns in an hour or less with your presell page.

Drive the traffic.

Next day do a new product.

See how you BREAK DOWN all your bills here using Andre's system:

I literally did this last night.

I got out a notebook, wrote down bills, broke them into a daily amount.

Your NEW New Year's goal becomes:

* Set up 12 streams

* 3@ $5 a day

* 4 @ $10 a day

* 3 @ $50 a day

Do you see how revolutionary this is?

This is mind boggling in how it helps you set up your goals for the new year.

I love it.

Now, if you can make your $3, $5, $10 or $50 a day with your own product or writing articles or doing social marketing — it's ALL good.

Whatever you can do and know how to do to bring in that much as long as you can repeat it with different campaigns in a short time period.  This is what I like about the idea of going BACK to Yahoo.  Time is money.  I'm trying to figure out Google's complex quality score and how to create sites that don't get slapped.  It's a bit of a daunting task.

But what I read here about Yahoo is you don't have to worry about it and you can get a lot of traffic cheaper.  Certainly enough to make your $5 or $10 a day per campaign!

This BRINGS BACK the glory days of pre-sell pages and Clickbank marketing. That's pretty cool.

Break down your bills.


Post on my blog.

Tell me how many streams you need to set up for the new year and what their amount is — break it down to DAILY AMOUNTS!

Just click the COMMENTS below to post. Also, just let me know your REACTION to this.



Just like Andre shows you here:

  • Lionel says:

    Hello Marlon,

    Unlike a lot of the well known internet marketers out there, you don't mind sharing this information with us. We really thank you for showing us the way.

    [Hi Lionel, I want to give value out of appreciation to the people on my list. The risk is that people will expect all your knowledge and information free and not see the value in it. I'm hoping my people are smarter than that! Thanks for posting here Lionel and I hope you've set your goals for the new year.]

  • MJ says:

    Marlon, you've said it before and you mean it. You send us informative, inspirational, useful articles that help me keep looking for that magic product to get my business going. Most the GURUS send out crap about the latest launch that you will abandon in three weeks because it is black hat or just doesn't work in two days like promised.

    Thanks for your help and inspiration, I always read all your emails, no matter how many total emails have fill my in-box, yours are kept and read for the valuable content it contains.

    MJ Jensen

    [Hi MJ, thanks so much for your comments. And I hope you have your monthly goals set for the new year. The 12 things you MOST want to accomplish. At least two of your goals for the new year should be new products, if not more. Then throw in getting through whatever your current stuck point is. And throw in 1 or 2 new things to generate leads and fresh blood, whether that is Adwords, seo or something else.]

  • Debbie says:

    Hi Marlon,

    My hubby and I did the monthly bills breakdown and we discovered that we have 14 items on our list with daily totals that we will create a campaign for. Our daily total came to 60.00 The highest items on our list were 15.33 and 13.33. They were of course for housing and food.

    The lowest was only 1.17 so that is what I will start on first. This is such a great plan.



    [Hi Debbie, I really appreciate you sharing that because a lot of people didn't for one reason or the other. That's awesome. Now you have some really PRACTICAL goals to meet. It's a lot easier to conceive of a campaign that'll make $13.33 a day than it is a million dollars!] So you need 14 modest campaigns. Then you can start adding on luxury items and create campaigns to pay for them also.]

  • Vance Sova says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Great stuff. I'm learning a lot from your articles. Can't really judge things in depth yet but what you have to say rings true to me.

    [Vance, thanks for posting. Here's something that you CAN judge soon as you do it. Get people on a LIST. Even if it's only 10. Get 'em on a list. Now send 'em emails with content and include ads. Ad sometimes send a stand alone ad for your own product or affiliate product. Now do THAT and it will verify itself. You SHOULD start having sales right away if you promote different affiliate products you know your people will want.]

  • John Russo says:

    I can see the point and profit. I am one of many who forget other search engines exist, maybe because others charge for listing your site. The add was too long to read in its entirety but I'll do some homework in this area. Our friend from Sweden who was upset about all the people trying to sell him stuff just let me say I feel the frustration. We just can't keep buying if we don't all make money. This clickbank Yahoo deal sounds good. Honestly I would not consider this unless it showed sales and profit. I'm just starting out in the true sense of internet marketing. I will give half of all my first years profit to anyone who works with me to get my ideas and pages working and profitable.

    [John, if you're just starting out, the Yahoo thing may not be the best for you. It's OK. Did you go through all the marketing bully pages and the extra tutorial at the bottom?

    I also recommend you download and read my free ebook:

    Then, John, if you've already bought stuff, why don't you dig through your ebooks and see if you got something there that'll make you $3 to $10 a day. I'm NOT saying millions. I'm saying see if you got some ebooks that have methods that'll knock your bills off $3 to $10 a day at a time.]

  • Craig says:

    Hey Marlon. This is great stuff. Could you do a little Camtasia video to demonstrate this to us? That would be very helpful.



    [Craig, there are already videos on this site I believe: But really Craig, don't get hung up as much on the method. Dig through your hard drive on the products you've already bought and pick one of 'em to do. Or look at what you've already done that made $3 a day. Now go do it 700x like my friend did. REally, there are lots of things that'll make 3 bucks to 10 bucks a day and don't take much time to set up.]

  • valentina says:

    I like the concept … as a "young" internet marketer I am still at the mini-dollar per month income which is a long way from any sort of an ROI on what I have spent on my online education so far … now I can look at the small income per month and say, ok, my internet marketing business pays for my monthly fuel costs, then take the next "bill" that I want to be funded, and so on. Its also fun and when fun enters your business, you tend to do better.

    Thank you.


    [Valentina, that is EXACTLY the point!! So you've already learned to do something that made money. Now, what can you do NEXT to pay another bill? Can you duplicate that thing? Or add something to it. Like I say, my friend built a $3 a day income 700 times. That's $2100 a day with very little overhead in comparison. He pays 3 people in the Philippines probably less than 1 day income, and that is good money for them.]

  • Moe says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I thought about similar tactic to afford things (or pay off bills) but like so many others, never acted on it.

    I was more interested in the bigger picture… how to set up a "whole" business. But you are right, thinking to accomplish very specific, doable goals should be our first concern in a plan. Thanks for opening up my thnking on how to be more practical.

    [Moe, I really, really believe in building your list. But you can do this AND promote affiliate products or products of your own. And I'm all for building a business. But it seems to me a lot of people are off track. Start with doable things and work your way up. Try this overall idea for 30 days and see if it works for you.]

  • Shenita says:

    This is an excellent article. It gave me just the jolt that I need to try harder. I am a beginning marketer. I've read plenty other articles but none as enlightening. I never thought about working Clickbank from this angle. Thanks for the inspiration.

    [Hi Shenita, if you get stuck on Google try Yahoo or MSN ads. They aren't so picky. But really, if you write a decent presell or endorsement letter, and create tight ad groups like this shows you, you should do fine.

    You can't throw a bunch of words in 1 ad group. You need tight ad groups. The free Clickbank tutorial at the bottom of Marketing Bully also helps on this. Good luck Shenita]

  • Zara says:

    Hi Marlon, hope the year has been good for you so far nice article, I have been reading a few articles like this, I shall be copying this to notepad to add to my collection of good ideas to put in action, as I have just started using PPC again, as the prices are good, I'm using adbrite,facebook and adengage at the moment – to dip my toe before I try yahoo or google again clickbank has made me some commissions – I'm advertsing in USA only at moment until clickbank get their VAT tools sorted out for UK – example currently they have it set at $42 US dollars = £42 UK pounds – which basically doubles the price of anything you buy if in UK – most other vendors realize the 15% tax doesn't add up to the above sum it equals about £29 UK pounds – I think they have set the VAT rate at 50% tax instead of 15% – which is truly mad!

    [Hi Zara, the big picture here is to find things you CAN do in a limited amount of time to actually get results and pay bills. You might try,, or other affiliate networks. In the long run, build your list because that is your cash cow.]

  • Jim says:

    Hi Marlon, agree with your teachings, and already changing the path which I have been stumbling down. Keeping feet on the ground. Jim

    [Jim, that's totally awesome. Really awesome.]

  • This is an interesting concept. Puts things into perspective. I believe this is something that would benefit a lot of new marketers.


    [Hey Patricia, I'll send out a few spins in my emails like the one I plan to send today that'll also make this good for intermediate and advanced. But it is GREAT for newbies because it brings things down to earth.]

  • @ Marlon –, not bro. 🙂

    @ Kay – Glad you liked it!

    @ Skip – good to see you here, my friend!

    @ Pam – I pretty much exclusively use WordPress with Thesis ( WordPress is free… but the out-of-the-box nature of WP is limited in terms of creating presell pages and/or presell sites.

    Thesis turns WP into something truly special. As an example, is powered by WP+Thesis.

    That said, Brent Hall and I plan to release Presell Robot v2.0 at some point this year.

    @ Everyone – Glad you are finding value in the content I've put up on

    I find that a lot of people have a hard time breaking things down. The "expenses" exercise is just a way of simplifying things down.

    This makes things very attainable. This should result in a big mindset shift.

    The next step is to build multiple mini-income streams. Like Marlon has already said, there are a TON of ways to generate a small income streams online.

    AdSense, creating small reposts, article marketing, PPC (AdWords and/or Yahoo and/or adCenter), writing reviews, writing presells, SEO, Web 2.0, creating your own stuff… whatever.

    There is a guide on the backend of that demonstrates how I do it (which I've named, Affiliate Bully 144).

    But really, the big take away is to just believe/understand that a $5/day… or a $10/day campaign is totally fine!

    Some extra intelligence…

    If you get my Affiliate Bully product, do yourself a favor and read between the lines. Pay very close attention to the diagram/illistration that I have on page-4 of the bonus checklist. There is so much value in that.

    I'll say this…

    The #1 thing you can do when promoting an affiliate product is to create a valuable and unique bonus… and SELL IT in your marketing.

    The lazy affiliates don't do any extra work. They love direct linking. These are the dudes with a shotgun hoping to hit something.

    Go the extra mile. "Become" your visitor. Know what makes them tick. WHY have they landed on your page. Understand that "clicks" on your ads and unique visits to your website are actually REAL people.

    Give them what they want… and use "good marketing and persuasion" to get them to WANT to choose your offer over the others on the table.

    Hope that helps…


    PS: Marlon, perhaps your guys will find value in this interview I did with Brent Hall…


    [Hey Andre, thanks for posting. Yeah, I read the Brent Hall interview. He has some good ideas.]

  • SatOmkar says:

    Hi Marlan, I loved ur post.I am getting ur mails for last 3 years. For last 2 years I just stopped reading ur mails thinking Marlan sells costly products only.Yesterday only I started opening ur mails & found interesting matter.

    Breaking the goal is always helpful.I'll go thru again & start trial today only. Let me see if I get results.

    My WebSite is offerring great value Gifts/Bonuses/ Discounts , still not converting as expected these days. Let me see if yahoo attracts more traffic.

    Thank U,


    [Hey, go through the Clickbank tutorial at the bottom of Marketing Bully. It'll give you some great ideas. Yeah man, get back with this. Look at it this way, if you get people ON your email list and send out 3 offers per week, just those 3 emails pay 5 or 6 of your bills. You can promote affiliate or Clickbank products in there. Just drop an ad in with the content.]

  • Jo Kumar says:

    This is a great concept. I read a similar article years ago and successfully implemented with my stock market portfolio. To cover my toiletry needs, I would buy a regular dividend-paying stock in companies engaged in toiletry business. To cover my travel needs, I would buy a stock in travel niche. And so on. Since the dividends are almost regular in spite of market conditions, all my basic needs were taken care of. Of course, I buy these high dividend paying stocks only when the market prices are lower. Since we know past history of dividends for any company, there is little risk involved here.

    [Jo, that's a GREAT concept too. I love it. Especially if you buy stocks above say a 200 day moving average and sell if they drop below. Something like that.]

  • Pam says:

    Hi Marland, loved the concept not dissimilar to Frank Kern's latest infomillionaire product. My question is what do you recommend using to build your presell page. Is it possible to use one of the free website builders like Brad Callen's Blinkweb and then host domains with hostgater who allow you to have unlimited domains for $7.95. Or do you recommend wordpress for presale pages. I am trying to help my newbies find inexpensive ways to do affiliate marketing whilst learning at the same time and I think this formula would be a great one for them to start with but find WordPress a bit too complicated for the 'newbies' which is why I suggested the 'drag and drop' free website builder options like Blink Web or Weebly.

    Plus can you please explain the link that Andre mentions for the 'merchant' part of the formula that he has cloaked that takes your buyers straight to the payment page please instead of to their sales page. I was not sure where to get the merchant link. Do you just click on the 'buy now' button which takes you to the payment page and use that link? I was a bit confused.

    Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for the information.




    [Pam, you can write a presell letter on any blog base. So you could use a blogger blog or a wordpress blog (the one on their server). This is for Yahoo traffic where quality score wouldn't be an issue. With Google, I don't think a stand alone presell would probably fly. Although Andre says he has presell pages Google has left alone.

    I don't know Brad's tool but I'm sure it's a fine one for people to use. On the cloaking part where you link directly to the order page, if you go to the TOP of marketing bully and click the "covert" link, that is what he's referring to. Andre has a freebie clickbank tutorial here:

    He also has an inexpensive product you can buy. Of course, there are many ways to make $3, $5, or $20 a day. I haven't seen Frank's latest info course. He's a really talented guy so I'm sure it's good. I think though that the beauty of breaking your bills down into daily amounts is it takes things out of a number most people can't conceive of like millions and puts it into something you can relate to…a car payment…a house payment, etc. I hope this helps.]

  • Rod Cook says:

    Love the "Life Expense" breakdown as a method of Goal setting.. Little steps lead to the big ones. During a recession this is an absolutely BRILLIANT way to approach recruiting affiliates

    Rod Cook

    [Hi Rob, yes, I agree with you. I think that people need to break things down to doable goals.]

  • Dave Schwatz says:

    I read the link you posted and I must tell you that Yahoo 4 Idiots went into my bag of tricks. (Not the product, but the page. – beautiful.)

    It is one of the finest sales pitches I have ever read.

    [Hi Dave, yep. It's a great sales letter. The products not bad. Just for beginners. But that IS what the sales letter claims. But you're funny. You're like me. I pay more attention to sales letters than I do products.]

  • Bruce says:

    Marlon, what can I say? That is a BRILLIANT way of looking at expenses!

    ….it makes it so much more manageable. It's doable. …and it perfectly fits into an internet marketing revenue model.

    Thanks for letting me know about it.

    [Hey Bruce, yeah when I read it I thought it was simply brilliant.]

  • Skip Nusbaum says:

    Andre has been doing this incremental type of growth now for quite awhile! While I've been hanging out with offering guaranteed SEO, he has been building his long term business black by block! Lot to be learned by his long term strategies!

    [Hey Skip, I don't know that much about Andre's business. But I know he has a great idea on this expenses thing. SEO services are good…although I'm sure it's a bit of a grind.]

  • Tautua Leau says:


    thank you for the response to my sticking point, I am getting a coach from sbi to do my sit as you suggested, thanks for the input, you are the best.


    [Hi Tautua, SBI has a good rep as far as customer service is concerned. They also have good training from what I know. So avail yourself of all those resources. Good luck to you and thanks for keeping us updated.]

  • Gunvi says:

    Wow, this si such an interesting article that I have to come back to it and read it many times. I knew there was a way to calculate the costs of a campain but didn't know how to think about it before. As I am basically a number dyslectic person I shrug at many complicated counting systems but this seem easy enough. Manageble.

    I also dispise all the people who say they became millionares instantly. Not because it isn't neccesarely true, but because it 's not that easy. Really. Not for me anyways. It has been a steep learning curbe since I started a few months ago. I had to learn everything from scratch. The first program I bought was your Dashboard but I really didn't get it, how to use it. Now I'm starting to understand. Love in *Spirit Gunvi, Sweden

    [Hi Gunvi, I understand your dislike for numbers and the learning curve. I think that chunking things down this way REALLY helps put more focus on what you're doing and more meaning. Instead of trying to make this big gigantic chunk of cash, you're creating smaller streams that correlate to bills. It's just a more doable approach to start with. Here's a freebie tutorial at the bottom of Marketing Bully I think you might like:

  • Mike Stokes says:

    I read once that rich people never spend their capital. What they do is buy stuff with the income from their capital, so it is always preserved.

    This plan falls right in line with that "rich folks plan", but it is a plan for people that have not yet accumulated enough capital to do that. This is truly a wealth-creation plan for the entrepreneur!

    Mike Stokes

    Baton Rouge, LA

    [Hey Mike, that's a nice perspective on it. But I think in the current economy most people are looking to pay their bills more than to get rich. That's the reason I think this approach has appeal. It's a way you can relate paying your bills to your marketing activities. Getting rich is a by product of sound marketing and sound business acumen. To accumulate a million dollars takes quite a bit of marketing and innovation.]

  • tim says:

    Marlon, great concept breaking income goals down into "bill-size" pieces! Makes it easy to know when you're hitting your goals. Would like to see the rest of that Yahoo Click sales letter as of this time its still not showing completely.

    [Tim, I have NO idea what the heck happened on that sales letter. I checked in and they didn't have a copy of it. You can figure out how to place Yahoo ads without it. I do think it had some tips and tricks in it. I need to read it closer. I just skimmed it last night. The BIG thing is you don't have the Quality Score worries you have with Google. However, Andre says he has evergreen campaigns that have ran for several years or more. So it CAN be done on Google. And, of course, viral ebooks, ebay and a million OTHER methods could be used to create $3 a day $5 or $10 a day, $50 a day or however much. It's the idea of converting bills into needed income streams that I think has the MOST value. Marlon]

  • Kay says:

    Marlon, I bought that pdf of Andre's last month. Man, that was the best $40 bucks i've spent so far! (Oh, $39.95 my bad 😉 Breaking your obligations down to daily bite size sure takes a load off!

    Keep it up, Marlon. You're the best.

    [Hey, I like the way he explains things. I'm glad it helped you. Now, I think you might have more success with Yahoo than Google. But I've asked Andre to come here and add in some comments. He seems to have success with his approach on Google. Marlon]

  • claudine osborne says:

    hi marlon you send me the how to tutorial video how to be an affiliate how to put my id where etc…. but i can't not find it please can you reemail me that in advance thank you!!!!

    [Hey, you go to and sign up if you haven't. If you have, just post to and Tim will help ya out.]

  • Thanks Marlon,

    As a newbie, Mark's results are amazing. I am going to sit now to break my expenses and start the process.

    Let me know when Presell Robot is ready!

    [Hey brother, how are you? OK, so the guy featured in the case study on Marketing Bully created a little pdf on how to do a presell. I'm trying to get him to send me an affiliate link. But here is the direct link: I don't know what the status is on Andre's presell robot. He isn't a "close friend" or anything. I just ran across his site and thought he had a killer idea. This is also a nice free tutorial: However, Google isn't crazy from what I know about presell pages. I think you'll find easier success at Yahoo, which is why I gave the link to the Yahoo ebook. I emailed Andre and asked about the status of affiliate presell pages on Google. I'll try to give a better update later.]

  • Susan Greene says:

    Good stuff but I have a few questions:

    1) How do you pick a winning product from Clickbank?

    2) When you create a pre-sell page, where do you post it? Do you have to create a mini-website? A niche blog?

    3) Does your pre-sell page lead to the main sales page of the Clickbank product or does it lead directly to a credit card/Paypal page?

    Thanks in advance for taking the time to provide this additional information!

    [Hey Susan, how are you? At the bottom of is a link to a Clickbank tutorial he did. It's a small link at the bottom.

    Also, the marketing bully tutorial itself is pretty good. He also has a product for sell if you go through his whole tutorial after opting in. However, let me point out the BIG concept is to break your bills down into daily amounts and do ANY Internet marketing method you know to create the different amounts. So if you know how to make $5 a day or $10 a day with some article marketing or blogging you do that for 1 or 2 bills. Then you got another bill that's $20. So maybe you do some Yahoo Ads for that one sending the traffic to a review page. Whatever you already KNOW how to do that works, do IT. And then add in new things. Marlon]

  • This article you sent me about Yahoo thing was loaded with a lot of useful information.

    I LIKE your writing skill. you have that kind of writing techniques that nearly persuade me to buy if I had not check out the site before.

    Anyway I'm a great user of your personal products.

    [Hey Justice, thanks! And if you haven't knocked your bills down into daily amounts so you can target each one with an income stream, I highly recommend it! It's a real eye opener that you only need say 10 or 12 income streams and a lot of them are only $3 to $8 a day!]

  • Liz says:

    Best of Marlon….gives a new meaning to style David, I really liked it Marlon and still reading it, thanks

  • Liz says:

    And its so easy to read to Marlon I loved it…sounded so good Im trying it. Ive been close to a site a few times but never quite made it. This time I think i will.

    Thanks for the heads up, Marlon


    [Liz, good luck to you. With Andre's concept, you can just write a pre-sell page for a Clickbank product or two (basically product reviews) put them up with an affiliate link and drive yahoo and msn traffic. You should get $3-$5 bucks a day every few times you try that. Marlon]

  • Mark Potes says:

    HI Marlon,

    your newsletter is one of the handful that I take the time to read. You provide useful information and education for your readers. I know when it hits my inbox that there is a golden nugget or two there from you. It seems like you are making it even better lately. Keep up the great work. You are appreciated.



    [Hey Mark, thanks. And these last 2 things on identifying "stuck" points then boiling your bills down to DAILY amounts rock imho. Appreciate your comment today.]

  • Kat says:

    Wow,this looks great,I will go for it.

    Thanks Marlon

    [Hey Kat, yeah….it's good. There are dozens of things you could do to make $5 or $10 or $50 a day But it's the idea of breaking your bills down I think is awesome. Andre's tutorials there are good too. The Yahoo ebook page is down right now. But I think it's something to look at also. Marlon]

  • J. Rentz says:

    This was an awesome article, this is one of those life changing moments in your life when you say to yourself " Wow thats all it takes!".

    I now look at my online business in a new way and cannot wait to start my mini sites and generate money so I can live the dream life.

    Marlon you are the best.

    [Bro, I AGREE with you. I WISH I'd thought of the idea. Give Andre PROPS. He has a whole little free tutorial there on creating your income streams and a Clickbank case study at the very bottom on a little hyperlink. But really, it's the CONCEPT that's most important. And VERY eye opening when you take a bill and go, "Wow, that is ONLY $5 a day or $10 a day or whatever. Marlon]

  • david sinvani says:

    TRUE marlon i thank you for all information i get from you my site i do not belive marketer who make so mush mony like you describe and whant me to buy ther program for 40-80$ he dont need my 80$ if he make 400000$ mounth pleas if you got real program that i can use with 1 mounth trial let me prove it and pleas not so mush blabla just simpel explain you must know that i dont have all day to read all those lias about miljon her miljon ther and belive me i got formola that can give you trafic evry day vary simpel but you need to work evry day 1 hour and your site explode pepeol do not have the power to read all those bla bla. marketer must understand that.I GET EVRY DAY FROM MANY MARKETER HOW MUSH MONY THEY MAKE AND ALL OFF THEM WHANT ME TO BUY THER PROGRAM THAT GENERATE 800000$ MOUNTH AND HE WHNT ME TO BUY HIS PROGRAM FOR 80$ EFTER SOM DAY HE ASK 40$ AND EFTER SOM MORE DAY 30$ I MEED COM ON HE MAKE WITH THIS 800000$ MOUNTH AND HE ASK ME TO PAY 30$ .YOU PEPEOL MUST CHANGE TAKTIC.BUT IF YOU WHANT I CAN TELL YOU MY SECRET FREE OFF CHARGE AND I GET 100 VISITOR EVRY DAY NO GOGGLE AND NO OTHER SERCH ENGIN.I LIKE YOU MY FRIEND YOU REALY TRAY.


    [David, I have a free ebook at Maybe it will help you.]

  • Naveen says:

    Hi Marlon

    Great information!

    I paid 75 dollars for an information product in December 2007 which was similar but not even close to what you sent.

    Thanks very much.

    I am inspired by the article and am now composing a message to send to my small list.



    [Naveen, at the bottom of is a free case study. I recommend it even though it was done in 2007 and Google's quality score is stricter now. That is why I linked to the Yahoo thing. But the yahoo page has an issue now. Anyway, the way he shows you on Affiliate Bully how to break down your bills to daily amounts ROCKS! Do it.]

  • kibo says:

    Hey Marlon-

    Great stuff! But the yahoocash4idiots site you linked to is not completely working. The copy stops off real fast and abrupt and you can't see any further down the site for the details…


    [Hey, man it was working last night! Well, hopefully they get the sales letter working. The product is fairly basic. But if you've never done yahoo search before, you'll like the A, B, C help. Anyway, read the Clickbank case study in the fine print at the bottom of Affiliate Bully. It's good. Marlon]

  • Mike Stokes says:

    WOW! This is the BEST article I've read in a LONG, LONG time! I will surely make good use of this information…Thank you very much.

    Mike Stokes

    Baton Rouge, LA

    [Hi Mike, check out the links. And break your bills down into daily amounts. Feel free to post here. But what Andre has you do is break down your bills THEN the lifestyle things you want. And you create campaigns to pay for each. Very nice overall concept. He used Adwords. That might be hard with their policies today. I'm emailing him about it. But I don't see any reason Yahoo won't work. And, there are many other ways to make 3 bucks or 5 bucks or 10 bucks a day. Marlon]

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