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Marlon here.

The article this week:

How To Turn Your Idea Into Money In The Bank
Who else wants to turn ideas into bank deposits?

Subtitle:  A funny thing occurred to me while chatting at the mall

The webinar with Yanik was awesome.  It was worth $100 or more.
He gave so much content I wish I'd sold the thing!  I'm actually
serious. If Yanik will let me, I'll sell it.

Not sure we can get a usable video from the Gotowebinar recording.
The first part was cut off.  Danny and Sean will muck with it
on Monday.

This is why being live on webinars, Ateam calls and so forth
is a good idea.  There will be a new Ateam call this next


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Marlon's Marketing Minute
Electronic Newsletter
Vol. 3, #36, October 25, 2008

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C. Main Article: How To Turn Your Idea Into Money In The Bank

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C.  “How To Turn Your Idea Into Money In The Bank”

Who else wants to turn ideas into bank deposits?

By Marlon Sanders


The other day I was at the mall.

I often talk to the guys and gals at the kiosks that sell

They're usually interesting to talk to. And they understand
sales, so the conversation isn't wasted.

I talked to this one guy.

He was really into herbs.  His booth sold herbal stuff I
believe. Anyway, we talked about sports, bodybuilding and
so forth.  He told me he had found an herb that was used
in ancient days to produce testosterone in elite athletes.

There's a heck of a story behind it. I won't give it away
here in case he decides to market it. Or maybe I will.

Point is, he's working at this kiosk on a small salary plus
commission.  And with only one modestly successful product,
he could replace his income.

First, he researches the story more completely, pulls out
all the interesting facts he can, fascinating stories and
writes it up into a sales letter.

Then, he creates a booklet or ebook and a CD or two about
it.  That makes for a nice $47 or $97 ebook on bodybuilding
sites because the U.S. is cracking down on steroids, so
he has a captive market.

His back end could be the actual herb if he found a supplier
and could work his way around all the legal entanglements, of
which there are many.

Otherwise, his backend is other products from

Next he goes to bodybuilding web sites, forums and blogs
and buys banner ads and text ads offering a free report
with a catchy title.

“Free Bodybuilding Report Reveals Secrets Of The Greek
gods.  Zeus used herbs.  No bull.”

I made that up. You get the idea. Something promising, shocking
with a big benefit.

To get the banners made he pays $20 each at
or wherever. There's no lack of banner designers on the web.
And if you own Design Dashboard, you should be able to do a
decent banner yourself.

In the video edition of this ezine, in the past, I've demonstrated
how to do that.

The report sells the ebook.  The CD or CD's could be the upsell.
He could even do a DVD on how to prepare it, grow it legally
or whatever.

The elements are:

1.  The sales letter that tells an intriguing story

2.  The banner ads that send people to the story

3.  The product itself

4.  The things you sell to people who join the email list or
buy the product. This is called the “back end.”  In other words,
everything you sell after the initial pitch, whether they buy
the first thing or not.

Once you get people on your email list, you just keep emailing.
It's no more complicated than that.

The great thing about is you can earn
commissions for selling anything under the sun.  And I wouldn't
be surprised if you could a commission FOR selling the sun!

Let's run some numbers.

1.  Assume he gets clicks on the banners for .50 a click

2.  One out of 100 clicks buys

3.  That makes the cost to get the customer $50.00.  If he sells
the report for $47, he's making money.  How?

4.  When the customer buys the $47 product, you IMMEDIATELY offer
something else for them to buy. This is called an upsell.

5.  If they don't buy that, you offer something cheaper. That is
called a downsell.

6.  If they buy the upsell, guess what you do?  You offer ANOTHER

In this case, he could offer some CD's or a DVD showing/telling
more about the product. How to grow it at home or whatever.

He could probably find related products to sell as an affiliate.
You want the upsells and downsells to be as closely related to the
main offer as possible.

The tool that makes this happen is at:

You need to have an account with:
to use it.  That is my private label of 1 shopping cart.

It's the thing that takes orders for you.

7.  Let's say 10% of the people who buy the $47 thing buy a $100
thing that is more advanced.  Out of 100 buyers, 10 get the upsell.
That is 10 people times $100 or $1000.

So if he sells 200 or 300 a month, he replaces his income based
on one upsell, and not including any downsells.

8.  If the $100 offer is turned down, he could drop down to
something for $27 or $37 and pick up more.

9.  He could do an advanced strategy and use forced continuity.
That way, when they buy the $47 thing, they get a free 30-day
trial in his bodybuilding whatever membership or club.

After the 30 days it's $27 or $37 or $47 a month. In that site,
he covers other herbal things for bodybuilders, does interviews
and digs up whatever content he can.

Out of 100 buyers, 50% to 80% should pay after the first month.
The average person will pay 3 months for a total of $27 x 3 or

Here's a summary of the profit centers:

a. Break even on the initial $47 sale

b. Have one or more $100 upsells

c. Have one or more $27 to $37 downsells

d. Have a forced continuity membership site

The initial $47 sale pays for the cost of the advertising.
Everything else is profit.

Now 2X or 3X a week you send content and one or two promos a week
using the methods in Promo Dashboard to pitch stuff you snag off
of CJ (Commission Junction) or Clickbank.

So now you have money rolling in every week.  Week in. Week out.
Was that so difficult that somehow little ol' you can't do it?


That's how you turn your idea into money in the bank.


Marlon Sanders is the author of “The Amazing Formula That
Sells Products Like Crazy.”

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Promo Dashboard first to be a member.

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