Please comment: Today, no joke, I change your life

Please comment: Today, no joke, I change your life

How To Get JV's and Have A Blast Using Tweetdeck and
how to build a LIST at lightning SPEED!

Memo From: Marlon Sanders
Re:  Marlon's Marketing Minute for February 7, 2009


Marlon here.

This week's ARTICLE:

==> “Today, no joke, I change your life”

==> Subtitle:  How To Get JV's and Have A Blast Using
Tweetdeck and how to build a LIST at lightning SPEED!

Plus, learn about all the latest stuff that WORKS!

…and my FREEBIE video!

Today is an amazing issue.  I'm showing you:

— How to build your list at lightning speed
— A freebie video showing me on Tweetdeck
— How to learn the latest secrets — easy
— How to have a blast while making joint ventures
— How to have an awesome time in 2009
— What NOT to do
— How NOT to look stupid or like a newbie

This is NOT theory. This is all based on practical stuff you
can actually DO without being a rocket scientist or super duper

Save this for reference

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Marlon's Marketing Minute
Electronic Newsletter
Vol. 4, #6, February 7, 2009

This issue contains:

A. Sponsor Advertisement: LAST CHANCE to get all the Ockham's
Razor bonuses. Plus, you SKEPTICS, read THIS…

B. Announcements from Marlon (Important)

C. Main Article: “Today, no joke, I change your life”

D. Services You Can Use

Brought to you by: Marlon Sanders – Publisher



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Today, no joke, I change your life

Subtitle: How To Get JV's and Have A Blast Using Tweetdeck
and how to build a LIST at lightning SPEED!

By Marlon Sanders


This is life changing.

I'm not joking.  I'm totally serious.

If you use Tweetdeck, I believe it'll change your life.

It's an interface to use Twitter.

And YES. It works on Macs. Alright?  Pc's, Vista.  ALL
of it.  Works on everything.

I've created a video for you to show you HOW to use it:

I show you there WHY it's so powerful.

I've already met and reconnected with so many people.
I found out just today about a totally trick piece of
software that submits press releases for seo purposes.

And it costs 7 bux!

I met Fabian Tan who is currently #6 on a huge JV launch.
I exchanged messages with the the guy doing the product

Now, on the video I give the rules.

1. GIVE before you ask.

2. Do NOT demand I follow you.  I follow only close friends
or people who are likely to sell a LOT of my products.  I
explain this on the video.

3. Do NOT go in there blatantly promoting your products.

4. Build relationships.

5. Bring POSITIVE energy.  Do NOT go in there complaining about
how so and so ripped you off.

6. OBSERVE first before you participate. Learn the culture. Be
smart.  Use your brain.

7. Do NOT get pissed at me because I won't have lunch with you
as a freebie.  It's $1,000.  That's what I do. I sell my time
and what I know.

If you want what I know or you want my time, it's $1,000.
But I'll chat on Twitdeck with you if you're not obnoxious.

Some of our brothers and sisters need to remember their manners.
You do NOT have a right to DEMAND things from me just because
you bought from me.

No more than you have a right to demand something from Bill
Gates because you've bought windows all you're life.

You had a need.

You bought a product.

You fulfilled the need.

End of transaction.

There IS no other obligation.

The payoff of using this is you'll build a LIST and meet TONS
of people.

THIS is the BEST product hands down that will show you HOW to
build your list using Twitter.

Highly recommended.

It's 7 bucks!

Guys and gals. I'm HOPING that url works.  Dana for some odd
reason isn't promoting this on a web site. Only throught he
Warriors forum.  You may have to sign up for that URL to work.
Not sure.

Or if you TRUST me for 7 bucks for gosh sakes, then just
order using this link:

I do NOT make any commissions on that whopping 7 bucks.

But listen, this WILL change your life.  I'm serious. It's
the most amazing thing. Watch the video I made for you.

Now, I AM on there. If you're polite and intelligent and
articulate, my brother or sister, I'll be happy to engage
in chat with you.

But be mindful that I'm there for the same reason YOU are
there.  To engage with people who can build my list and
sell my products.

I'm not there for customer service, to give freebie advice
or to look at jv pitches.  Enough said?


USE Twitdeck.

Fork over 7 bucks and get Dana's system and let her show
you how to quickly and easily build a list using Twitter.

This thing will BLOW you away.  See my video?  See how
fun and cool this is?

It's life changing.

AFTER you download and try it out, hit me on my blog and
let me know what you think:

And be sure to watch the video:

Marlon Sanders is the author of “The Amazing Formula That
Sells Products Like Crazy.”

Check out all my products here:

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