“How Walter Used Chapter 10 To Go From Nothing To $600 Million — And How You Can Use It Too” - Online and Info Product Marketing

“How Walter Used Chapter 10 To Go From Nothing To $600 Million — And How You Can Use It Too”


Marlon here.

The article this week:

“How Walter Used Chapter 10 To Go From Nothing To
600 Million — And How You Can Use It Too”

Subtitle: A most unusual article you'll only read here.
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If you're looking for your “money hookup,” if you're in search
of that big JV, if you're hoping a guru is gonna email their
list for you, if you need in any way to get things going or
get better results than you are today, this article is for you.

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Marlon's Marketing Minute
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Vol. 3, #31, September 20, 2008

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Two: I read Joel Comm's book

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Internet marketing history.

I'm in there a lot. It's a fascinating read.


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C. “How Walter Used Chapter 10 To Go From Nothing To
600 Million — And How You Can Use It Too”

Subtitle: A most unusual article you'll only read here.
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By Marlon Sanders


Do you know where your “money hookup” is?

Let me explain:

Back in 1994 I was marketing on AOL and Compuserve.

In the AOL classified ads there was this ad by a dude giving away a
free copy of a direct marketing book if you bought is product.
The sales letter was well-written.

I emailed the dude and asked where he learned copywriting.

Since there were only 3 or 4 decent books at the time teaching
direct response copywriting, naturally he replied “Tested
Advertising Methods” by John Caples.

I freaked out!

That was where I'd learned to write copy also.

We became instant friends.

Later, I got a job writing sales letters for National Response
Corporation, a big player in the guru business at the time.

And I hooked up my new friend with this company to sell his
products. I didn't do it out of some ulterior motive. I just
believe what goes around comes around.

Sure enough. That cemented our friendship. Now, my friend was
writing the ONLY newsletter on the new, emerging field of
Internet marketing.

And a large seminar company was getting OUT of the 900 number
business INTO the Internet marketing business. They contacted
my friend and asked if he could put together several speakers
to do Internet marketing seminars.

My friend said yes.

And off on the road we went doing our first Internet marketing

That friend was Jonathan Mizel. And the other partner in crime was
Declan Dunn. Over the years we created a lot of waves in Internet
marketing. And became very influential. We did over 120 seminars
around the world.

But it all started with me making a friend online.

Declan went on to become a consultant to Amex and other big
companies and corporations. He speaks at prestigious events like
Affiliate Summit and others.

Jonathan started a coaching club that Carlos Garcia, Perry Marshall,
Keith Baxter, Frank Kern and many others were members of.

I went on to innovate many marketing methods that are now just
accepted as part of Internet marketing standard practice.

Times change and life marches on.

I'm out making new friends. One of my new friends is Daegan
Smith. And Daegan has already made valuable contributions to
my life. And hopefully me to his.

Another very new friend is Michael Jones.

And there's Lee Mcintyre, who is a very cool dude.

I have no idea where these acquaintances and friendships will
go or grow.. You never know.

Where is YOUR “money hookup”?

What I can tell you is if you just meet people online who you
resonate with, who you think are cool and interesting…and if you
help each other out, you never know what will become of it.

I didn't call up Mizel when I first met him begging for a JV.
I helped him sell a few of his products via the company I was
writing for. No big thang.

But what comes around, goes around.

At the time I met Mizel and Dunn, none of us were big names. The
big names at the time were Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Ted Nicholas,
Bill Myers, and Gary Halbert.

Pretty hard to get those guys to do a JV.

So we didn't try.

We formed our own friends and made our own luck.

Your “money hookeup” isn't in getting me, Mike Filsaime, Frank
Kern or whoever it is you admire to do a JV with you no more than
my luck was in getting Dan Kennedy or Jay Abraham to promote my
new product.

It was in forming a team with some young, hungry marketers who
were smart, savvy and go-getters.

That's why Daegan is a new friend. He's still hungry. When you
build your relationships, you look for people who are hungry.

If you wanna find YOUR money hookup, do what I do. Go find people
you like, respect and resonate with.

Make friends.

Help each other out. Grow each others businesses.

You've gotta look beyond the quick fix of getting them to email for
you instantly like you're an email addict hopped up for your next

Most of the people I meet, even people I think at first are friends,
can't WAIT to ask me to mail my list. You can see it in their
eyes and hear it in their voice.

They're being nice for one reason — my list.

I reckon that's like a pretty girl who can see through the
intentions of guys befriending her. And the least valuable thing a
hot guy or gal has to offer is that night in bed.

And the most valuable is their emotions. And everybody gets it

Everybody thinks the most valuable thing another marketer has is
their list. And granted, a list has great value. But to those
who understand, that's the least valuable thing another marketer
has to offer you, no matter how large or responsive the list.

When I meet someone new, I give. I give some of my emotions. I share
information. It's a test to see if they give back.

It's rare for me to find someone at my level who I resonate with
and who isn't jonesing for me to email for 'em, like a crack addict
who is desperate for a fix.

But when I do, it's a nice thing.

Like my friend Kirt Christensen. We often talk on the phone. And
he's my Adwords go-to guy. Kirt is a master at it. But Kirt was
always a friend first. And never really cared if I emailed for
him or not.

It's funny. Because Kirt is one of the brightest, most talented
and accomplished Internet marketers I know. But he doesn't have
the high profile of some of the other marketers because he does his
own thang and doesn't seek out the big product launch JV hits.

I've never felt he got the respect he deserve. It's almost a joke
between us.

When we spoke at Andrew's huge event in UK, Kirt had like the worst
speaking slot. We joked about it. The irony is he outsells most
all other speakers consistently.

For example, he holds the record at Big (Armand's Big Seminar is
referred to as “Big” in the trade). Anyway, Kirt's my “dog” and we've
been through good times and bad times in this biz.

Let me also say this — the friends or people who think the greatest
thing I have to offer them is an email to my list don't get it.

They really don't get it.

The most valuable thing you have is your mind, the Master Mind.
Napoleon Hill said it was the source of all great business success.

Everyone reads “Think and Grow Rich.” But no one understands it.
Truly they don't.

It's all about chapter 10.

Depending on your version of the book, chapter 10 is called
“The Power of the Mastermind.”

Back when I spun words for a living, my best client was Walter
Hailey. He was worth 600 million. A million dollar product launch
didn't even impress him.

Anyway, Walter owed his success to chapter 10. And when people would
ask him for help as they often did, he'd tell 'em to go read chapter
10 THEN come back.

After they read chapter 10, if they “got it” they didn't NEED to
come back. And if they didn't, they didn't get it.

So this has been a long email.

And 99% have bailed out by now. But if you haven't, then you know
your money hookup is “The Mastermind.” Chapter 10.

It's all about chapter 10.

Everyone thinks what Napoleon Hill said was that “the secret” was
the 13 principles. That was NOT it.

The secret is and was chapter 10.

The thing about life is, it moves on. Like it or not. It moves on.
There are days I miss goin' down to Hunt, Texas where Walter had his
ranch. And hearin' him tell the old stories 'bout how he couldn't
sell insurance to anyone.

Until he read chapter 10.

And later sold a billion dollars and bought the company he was
sellin' for.

I still got this DVD here of Walter speakin'. And telling that
story as only he could tell it. And when he does, I find that
copy of TAGR (Think and Grow Rich) and read chapter 10 one more

If Walter were here, he'd tell you all about it. And how it
changed his life.

But he's where Corey, Ken Giddens, Ken Kerr, Jim Wilson and so
many others who've been in this business are. So for now,
I reckon I carry the torch of chapter 10.

Chapter 10.

The Power Of The Mastermind.

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

Marlon Sanders is the author of “The Amazing Formula That
Sells Products Like Crazy.”

I'm starting a new MasterMind so to speak. You gotta get
Promo Dashboard first to be a member.

But you can watch the video on it here:



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article without omission and including the resource box.
You have the right to insert your reseller URL for any
products I mention

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Marlon Sanders

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  • Khalid Osman says:

    Thanks Marlon for taking the time to reply to a poor man like me. I appreciate it heartily. I am using SBI as my lead generating engine. It works. However, I have lost many leads, paid, offered by some services as double opt-in leads and some who came directly to my political newsletter and my business newsletter. I know many have no serious interests in doing a web business, which is my main product; I am doing through some kinds of consultations.

    Thanks for your valuable suggestion. I am going to look for potentialities to fulfil it.

    [Khalid, poor is ONLY a state of mind. That's all it is. Read or re-read "Think and Grow Rich." When your creator made you, he gave you a talent, ability or uniqueness no one else has. He/she gave you gifts you can give to the world in exchange for money. You have value. The creations of your mind or hands have value. However, it definitely takes persistence and problem solving. SBI is fine for generating leads. But if you're relying ONLY on organic search, I would broaden out. There's good money to be made from pay-per-click leads also, ezine advertising and so forth. If you have Promo Dashboard, listen to the Daegan Smith interview and also the Keith Baxter one. The WHOLE business is based on being an aggressive lead generator and having a good sales process.]

  • MJJ says:


    Thanks for the inspiration. This is the info to help me keep going for my dreams.

    [Hi, thanks for taking the time to share.]

  • Khalid Osman says:

    Hi Marloon,

    The video newsletter is great. Long time ago I had an idea to publish an audio newsletter but it never happened. I am glad to see you full of energies to produce all those wonders and to follow even the new marketing generation through social bookmarks (twitter, etc…) I wish you happiness and more success.

    [Hi Khalid, I thank you and want to ENCOURAGE you. You know, you don't have to get it all done

    in a day. I feel I've made a little slow progress. But if you stick to it and make consistent progress,

    build your list and deliver value to your customers, I believe that in the long run, you'll win. Of course, the single most important part is having a lead generation engine. And then getting either virtual or in person help when you can afford it. If you haven't hired an assistant yet, try hiring a full or part time one, either in person or virtual. I highly recommend it.]

  • Hey Marlon….I love the ezines and video edition. Just curious do they still have Walters dvd around? That was a great clip by the way. I really didnt get lost during the video. I think if people read the ezine first and then watch the video they can have a better idea of which direction your going…just my 2cents.


    [Hey Desmond, how are you? That clip was from a personal dvd given to me. I don't think it's for sale. I don't know offhand of any video of Walter for sale. But I intend to see if I can find some. He was, bar none, the greatest and most inspirational speaker I've heard in my life.]

  • Daniel Hall says:

    Once again — loved the video, please keep them up.

    On a related note, I'm looking forward to the mini-dashboard for the Evergreen system.

    One suggestion there: Can you cover what you should do when you have a preexisting (and well established) blog http://speakerscruisefree.blogspot.com/

    on Blogger or some other non-Wordpress foundation?

    The material seems to contemplate only the establishment of a new WP blog (complete with all those cool tricks Tinu showed us) and does not address the situation of what to do when someone already has a blog.

    I could not find the answer to that question in the system itself. Perhaps I missed it? If not, can you cover it?


    Daniel Hall

    Author, Speak On Cruise Ships: 8 Easy Steps To A Lifetime of Free Luxury Cruises

    [Daniel, I apologize for the delay on the mini dashboard. I'll find the time for it somewhere. You're not the only one who needs it.]

  • Marlon,

    Thank you for this post. I stopped to

    re-evaluate what I was doing before

    contacting new JV partners.

    Reminds me of the O.G.R.E.S. relationship

    management formula by Charles Heflin

    which seeks to give first.



    [Jim, it's totally true. Even if you just mention them in an article you submit to ezine articles. ANY thing you do for THEM is a plus.]

  • Marlon:

    The video presentation is a great idea but…

    You can't call it a minute program if it runs 14X that length of time. Maybe you could call it:

    Marlon's Marketing Moment; or

    Marlon's Marketing Magic; or

    "Marlon's Inflated Marketing Minute: Get 14 times the advertised promise FREE or your money back"

    Thanks for sharing the Walter video clip. He seems to be the perfect person to have as a mentor.


    Gerard LeBlond

    [Gerard, the only mentoring done by Walter now is in Heaven. Yeah, there's an issue on the marketing minute. Don't disagree but don't wanna change the name either for consistency sake.]

  • marge says:

    Hey Marlon!

    These videos take me more than 2 hrs to download! (I still can only get dial up.)

    Not only that, but I have to stay at my computer to make sure my ISP doesn't kick me off before it loads, or I have to start the process all over!

    I did it this weekend again, because I want to read (and hear) everything you put out. BUT–

    Please always keep the "plain jane" version of your newsletters too!

    True biz owners do not need to be entertained! We just want the truth in as simple (and as quick )a way as it can be delivered. And it really doesn't take that long to read your newsletter!

    Remember: Time IS money, right?!



    [Marge, the text version will stay as always. I'm just ADDING the video version at night. The Iphone has 3G Internet. Get it!]

  • Trapper says:

    Hey Marlon,

    I do like the video format. This morning I was able to turn it on, prepare breakfast for my daughter while it was playing in the background. Very nice.

    Sometimes I just don't manage all my time properly to sit down and read everything that comes through my inbox.

    I really liked being able to watch & or hear Walter.

    I will be trying to develop a Mastermind Group in my area.

    Thanks again for all the quality info & ideas you always present.

    [Trapper, the Mastermind doesn't have to be formal. ANY meeting of minds that resonate with a common purpose is a Mastermind. I'm going to try some audio postcards. I'd like to hear back from you when I do one if you like that format also.]

  • Zara says:

    Hi Marlon, I like a jingle at the start of a video – it's the point when a person gets comfy in their seat or takes another sip of coffee, before paying attention.

    With the video vs email it's like with any new format different people are attracted to different media – for example I'm happy to listen to a video, and occasionally glance up at the screen to see what's going on but I've never personally used or downloaded a podcast to listen to – I occasionally press a flash audio button on a website, but will usually turn it off if it auto starts – as I like to read the first paragraph of a page without a voice interrupting. RSS and sites like Digg are to other sites I tune into but I don't use them the way the instructions on the packet say – I.e I necver read RSS via an RSS reader – I use it for content sharing via widgets. I'm not interested in getting my "diggs" to the top of digg – I use it to post items of interest to my blog – or favorite/bookmark – this info. then percolates through the social networks.

    My point being video to me is just another means of communicating a message, if your video's were on youtube, I'd probably include a video version on my blog for example, as it's a piece of content the video watcher types can watch – then those that prefer reading could click the link below "for more information" without watching the video.

    [Zara, great comments! Interesting how you're using technology your own way. I like it.]

  • Sheri Dresser says:


    I really like the video 10 (14?) minute format and the ATeam concept. Perfect for my already crazy lifestyle of working through a career transition to build my Internet Marketing business. However, I must admit, I am a voracious reader, so I like the email format, too.

    Walter re-confirmed what I had read in TAGR…in order to be successful in this business, you must get together with others who are like-minded to come up with ideas, work toward a common goal, set your plan, and then go DO-IT! Thanks for the video reminder… the emotional impact of seeing Walter on the video is very motivational! I was disappointed when it ended…I wanted to see/hear more!

    Also, thanks for continuing to do such a great job of innovating and teaching us what you know!!!

    – Sheri

    [Special shout out to Tim Yeager, your support person, who has great customer support and technical skills. He has been extremely helpful and has the patience of Job! :-)]

    [Hi Sheri, Tim is very passionate about customer service and just does a wonderful job. Thanks for your comments today. And I'm glad you liked the video.]

  • Greg Scafide says:

    I think Marlon’s idea about the “video-emails” (or e-zines) is a good one… You may want to think about a program like "Desktop Author" to make it more readable and adaptable for all your various programs and articles) Pass it on! Although I think it would be nice if he continues to send out the email version as well for those who prefer to “read-only”… I know this being in the audio and video production business… even though it requires more work and effort – we must always remember those who live and die by the “old school” methods :-)) I'm one to agree with Marlon (and others) that we can learn how to accomplish our business goals by following those “great” ones before us… copywriters, ad-men etc.

    I totally agree with Marlon and several other successful “Gurus” I’ve been following… that a mentoring or “Mastermind” group is essential for anyone who wants to learn, grow and prosper sooner than later… besides it is a way to gain lasting and profitable working relationships with those having “money hook-ups”… hopefully without having to kiss-up or selling ones first-born! 😉 After following Marlon for almost 4 years now… (as well as others) I would like to associate myself with a true leader involved with Internet Marketing… and also one that is flexible… not afraid of “going out on a limb” in setting new creative marketing tactics… that can be taught and shared to all…

    From one "old kid" to another… my best to you!

    Greg S.

    [Hi Greg, thanks for your great comments. If you network and just gravitate to those people you resonate with, you don't have to sell your first born. Now, the second is a different story! I'll keep doing the text as always but I'm going to add the video….maybe not every week but at least some. Appreciate your thoughts.]

  • peter jowett says:

    Hi Marlon

    Huge fan.. Love the ezine !!

    Thanks heaps for the time and effort you put into this info packed ezine .

    Peter Jowett

    Perth Western

    [Peter, I like the enthusiasm! Appreciate your support.]

  • john mazzara says:

    I liked the video a lot. I think it is the best way to communicate. Thanks for producing it.

    [Hey John, glad u liked it. We'll see what I can cook up next week.]

  • Michael Simmons says:

    Marlon, I think that this video had more impact than the first because of the live clip of Walter's talk. It gave it more of a personal touch. Live action to me has much more impact than just a screen shot and audio.

    [Hey Michael, yeah it's interesting. Not nearly as many comments on this one. Either because it isn't new OR the topic OR …But I liked it and really believe in the message.]

  • Always appreciate your newsletters… good solid information.

    But I'm not a video fan. I don't have the time. I'd rather skim to the parts I want to read, and read those. So I have no comments on that, 'cause I didn't see it. And seldom will.

    (Of course, to each his own. I know how to and like to read.)

    [Hey Rich, yep I can understand that. Glad you're a reader!]

  • tomr says:

    Hey Marlon, Great job I thought. Way to take ACTION. You're my hero. Way to jump in there with both feet.

    Seeing the old clip of Walter was tres' cool.

    I heard you tell this story to Mark Joyner a while back. It was good then and I understand more having seen it today. Keep it coming ( and it helps to be able to follow along on copy too) tr

    [Hey Tom, so were you at Joel's event? I know I should remember. That was a great event.

    Thanks for the comments today. I'll tweak the video intro or have Danny my designer do one that's really trick.]

  • It was good. Liked the nostalgia and the video from Walter. Didn't learn a lot but since it was 14 minutes, it was still a little too long but much more manageable time. Thanks for the effort.

    [Terri, I'll get 'em under 10 in the future.]

  • Katarina says:

    To tell you the truth, it is well done but I don't have a time or patience for that.I like to read it as always. I read your every email and enjoy it.Thanks Marlon

    [Hey Kat, I understand…glad ur reading the text! I can say that they'll be 10 min. or under

    for the most part. Not that it changes your situation.]

  • Great Marlon, great. Excellent message. I loved the Walter video. I have read and re-read "Think and Grow Rich". Time to dust it off once more…and go to Chapter 10 to study Mastermind Groups.

    I really like the new video format for your blog, Marlon.

    For me, you are modeling the possibilities of what each of us can do with our own Internet business. In other words you are not only sharing valuable content, you are showing us how to incorporate some of the important ideas, information and concepts, you share on Promo Dashborad.

    This video blog format is a winner.

    Thank you. Stay well.

    [Hi Albert, I'll see where it takes us. It's still a work in progress. Thanks for your feedback on it.]

  • George says:

    Hi Marlon

    Great idea having the video newsletter..

    In particular video of Walter..i always love seeing the elder statesmen of business presenting..these are guys that have seen and done it all..and are still on top..I have seen presentation from Ted Nicholas and Joe Sugarman and the principles they preach are just as relevant today

    [George, I second ya on Joe and Ted! If we stand tall, it is because we stand on the shoulders of giants.]

  • Roger Haeske says:


    I really enjoyed your article on The Mastermind Principle. You did a brilliant job of tying in so many different ideas into your article.

    I guess it's an organic way to get your own mastermind group. I've been able to do the same thing in my field.

    I've certainly benefited from being part of several masterminds. It helps you get objective about your own business when you're helping others with theirs.

    Thanks again,

    Roger Haeske

    The 41-Year-Old Teenager

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