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Huge, controversial, packed issue!



Memo From:  Marlon Sanders
Re: July 17, Marlon's Marketing Minute

The unpopular, uncomfortable, controversial issue,
locked, loaded and ready for your READING!

* Do you wanna be entertained?  Or do you wanna make money?

*  An uncomfortable and unpopular truth related to your

* Why he BIG SECRET behind massive launches with many affiliates
simultaneously promoting is NOT the quality or usefulness of the
product to ANYONE

* The 9 main laws of Internet marketing

* What REALLY makes you your money?

* You gonna be a sucker for a pitch or an educated consumer who
knows and follows a sound marketing model?


How To Get The Traffic You Need To Make Your Money Machine
Hum and Purr — What I Learned About Affiliate Programs By
Drinking Coffee In A New Shop — And How It Can Help YOU
Get More People To Your Web Site

Marlon's Marketing Minute
July 21, 2007

This issue contains:

A. Announcements from Marlon

B. Main Article:

How To Get The Traffic You Need To Make Your Money Machine
Hum and Purr — What I Learned About Affiliate Programs By
Drinking Coffee In A New Shop — And How It Can Help YOU
Get More People To Your Web Site — Plus the 9 Laws of
Internet Marketing and Lots More

C. Services You Can Use

D. Ask Marlon Sanders

Brought to you by: Marlon Sanders – Publisher



Affiliate Dashboard + 5 Bonuses + Conference Call

But BEFORE you buy or if you have already bought, be sure
to read today's article — ALL of it.

The conference call will be a q and a.

Check out the 5 bonuses.  They include how to get your first
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AFFILIATE PROGRAM pays up to 100%

A. “Announcements from Marlon”

One: I speak at the Joel Comm “Who Wants To Be The Next
Internet Millionaire” event next week. Should be crazy.

Two: Wanna be Matt's replacement?

Matt came to me making $10 an hour.  In 2 years he left with
an offer for $60,000 and he had no college.

If he stayed a total of 5 years, I was preparing him to
make $100,000.

It's a hard job.  The pay is lousy ($30,000 maybe 40 or 50
as we grow).

But you learn all 7 divisions of running my corporation.
You WILL become a stud or “studdette” not just at marketing
but at running a business.

You MUST live in San Antonio.  Post your interest to:

Non compete and confidentiality agreements required.

Three: If you have any CUSTOMER SERVICE issues or problems,
please do NOT email.  Either contact our live chat monday-
friday or post a message to the help desk after hours:

Four: Milcers — remember you can log on at
and ask me questions during the week. I respond on
weekends and beginning of the next week.

I'm getting the recording of Matt's conference call from
the company.  Things are a little slow on this. Hang in

Five: From $50,000 to $100,000 — I've gotta hire Matt's
replacement before I launch it.

B. “How To Get The Traffic You Need To Make Your Money Machine
Hum and Purr — What I Learned About Affiliate Programs By
Drinking Coffee In A New Shop — And How It Can Help YOU
Get More People To Your Web Site — Plus the 5 Laws of
Internet Marketing and Lots More”

By Marlon Sanders



How To Get The Traffic You Need To Make Your Money Machine
Hum and Purr — What I Learned About Affiliate Programs By
Drinking Coffee In A New Shop — And How It Can Help YOU
Get More People To Your Web Site

‘Bout two miles away from me is the new place in town.

You walk in the doors and there are plenty of nice, cushiony
chairs to sit down in as well as a table for larger groups.
The earth tones help you relax and settle down to enjoy your

And then….then there is the “humming machine” over on the
left side.  It's the largest coffee roasting machine I've ever
seen.  Not that I've seen many.

But it has this gigantic cylinder with big ol' hoses runnin'
from it up through the ceiling.

And it has some knobs on the front and a crank you use to
make it hum.

A middle-aged man goes over to it and pours coffee in and
cranks it up.  As you sit drinking your cappuccino, there's
a hum as the machine does its magic.

I don't know what magic there is in the beans it spits out
after its done with 'em.  But they sure do brew up a tasty
cup o' joe.

As I sit drinking my cappuccino and reading a book (marketing,
of course), I notice the dull hum in the background.  Yet,
reliably, predictably, the machine spits out perfectly roasted
coffee beans.

Such is your web site.

It is your money machine that spits out orders.  And done right,
it makes a beautiful hum as it works on your behalf.

For that machine to grind out roasted beans, you have to input
raw beans….the raw materials.  The same goes for your web
site.  You need traffic.  That is your raw material.

This summer, the number of new, highly touted Internet marketing
products is going to match last summer's.  It'll be somewhere
between a fireworks show and a freak show.  He who has the most
dazzling fireworks show and best illustrated affiliate action
with the largest prizes wins.

Last summer it was the BMW car for the first place winner.  This
year, maybe it'll be the Lambo.

So if you want to crank up your affiliate program, there's no doubt
that a good offer and sizzling prizes works.

But how much do these offers have to do with you?  So you buy the
program.  You learn the deep, dark secrets.  Then what?

Where does that leave YOU?  You've got $1,000 to $5,000 less in
your bank. That's for certain.  But are you any better off?

I'm an advocate of education. I DO believe buying programs that FIT
your model.  I do NOT believe in buying things just because a lot
of people sell them “so they must be good.”

If you don't know this, the BIG SECRET behind massive launches with
many affiliates simultaneously promoting is NOT the quality or
usefulness of the product to ANYONE.

It boils down to how much preparation went into it (sometimes months
of work). And how big the affiliate prizes are.  Last year, the big
prize was a BMW car.

So far this year, it's a Rolex.  But I think a Lambo car may be in
the mix.  You know, the next gigantic launch has to have
affiliate prizes that trump the prior one.

None of this is BAD or wrong.  I happen to like the people involved
in these launches.  The problem comes when people buy something
based on the social proof of everyone and their dog promoting it
EVEN IF it has nothing to do with your “model” for making money.

I don't care if a chorus of 100,000 angels sing in unison
(motivated by the desire to win crazy prizes) that you should buy
an info product.

That does NOT in one iota make it more VALID or useful to you.

It's all about the model. What' the model. Is it relevant to you.
The prizes are good.  I have no problem with them.  It's a great
deal for affiliates.  But YOU need to be an educated consumer.

Because I'm telling you right now. Between now and the end of
September, it's going to get crazy with launches.

OK.  So I'm assuming you've bought some “secrets.”  Maybe a lot of
“secrets.”  Where do you go NEXT?

If you take away all the smoke and mirrors (which is what I help
people do), in spite of all the hype, there are only a FEW ways
you make money in this market:

1.  Products — Most people sell info products.  You have ebooks,
CD's and courses, coaching, teleseminars, membership sites and
so forth.

2.  Traffic —  You get that from organic seo, pay per click,
and associate programs.  You can also buy banners.  Most viral
marketing that works is a derivation of an affiliate or associate

3.  Sales conversion — You have webinars, teleseminars and sales
letters.  A lot of people have gone to verbal selling because they
suck at writing sales letters.

Products + Traffic + Sales Conversion = Cash

Here are my NINE LAWS of Internet marketing:

Law one:  At the end of the day, you still have to IMPLEMENT.
You have to do.

Law two:  Learning secrets is more fun and sexy than doing.

Law three:  The money is in the doing

Law four:  Doing is frustrating because you will always run into
snags and things that don't work as simple or easy as you wish they

Law five:  The people who win DO. They implement. The people who
don't DO, don't make money.

Law six:  You can get so stuck in “learning secrets” that you never

Law seven:  If it's dirt simple with no brain required, if all you
do is push a button and money comes in — then all the opportunity
has already been sucked out.  You will NOT make money long term
because there IS no barrier to entry and everyone will jump on

Law eight:  When everyone jumps on board, the opportunity is often
gone.  Blue Ocean book was right.

Law nine:  Problems are good. They provide barriers to entry for
competitors. It's the most basic law of supply and demand.

I believe in buying secrets.  I believe in specialized knowledge
and know how. I also believe the most important part of the whole
equation is what you DO.

What you DO is as important as what you KNOW.

Doing requires confronting what is NOT comfortable to you.  Watching
DVD's and going to seminars is comfortable.  DOING is not. Why?
It's a learning curve.  Things don't work.  Things aren't as simple
as you wish.

That's part of life.

But if you really wanna make it happen, you gotta focus on DOING.

And the main reason I bring up this uncomfortable and unpopular
truth is because I want YOU to succeed.

My products for the most part are NOT about secrets. They're about
DOING.  Yeah, that isn't as sexy and interesting and fun.

But do you wanna be entertained?  Or do you wanna make money?


If you wanna be entertained by the biggest fireworks show and
dazzling simultaneous blitzkriegs of promotions by affiliates,
then have a good time.

Enjoy the show.

Personally, for entertainment I recommend movies, comedy shows and
magic shows.  But it's whatever floats your boat.

If you wanna make money, then buy your know how carefully and focus
on DOING.  You don't HAVE unless you DO.

If you're STUCK and just can't get it going, I recommend:

Anthony Robbins 30-day personal power program.

You gotta confront ACTION.  You gotta do things you are NOT
comfortable with.  You gotta pick up the phone and call people or
do interviews.  You gotta write things like sales letters than are
new learning curves.

And yes, you can outsource some or all of the above — IF you have
the money to do it.  And can confront SPENDING the money to hire
people to do things. And confront the idea you probably will end
up spending money on some things that are junk or done wrong.


The basic questions are:  Who are you selling to?  What you selling
them?  And how are you finding them?

But I'll spell them out:

Do you have your target market or target audience yet?

That for a lot of people is the point at which they stop or get

All things being equal, you're best off selling something you can at
least get passionate about.  If I wasn't doing the Internet
marketing thing, I'd be doing info products on magic or chess or
public speaking. Or perhaps something about coffee.

2.  Have you done your 12 product survey?

Gimme My Money Now has my system for this.

3.  Do you have your sales letter written.

My best tool for this is:

But you get best results if you combine it with basic know how from:

4.  Do you have your affiliate program?

Even if you use organic seo and/or pay-per-click, it ONLY makes
sense to drop your customers into an affiliate program and get them
promoting for you.

That's what my Affiliate Dashboard will help you DO.

Affiliate Dashboard — There aren't a lot of SEXY secrets in it.
It's a DOINGness product to help make it faster, simpler, easier
and cheaper to set up your affiliate program.

Design Dashboard — Helps you design your site or at least tweak
what a designer does for you.  Helps you save a lot on
autoresponders, hosting and pictures.  A to Z. My most thorough
Dashboard to date.

It's another DOING product.  And yeah, it isn't perfect or flawless
or all EASY.  I've tried to make it that way.

But if you can't CONFRONT something that isn't perfectly easy,
honestly. Keep your day job.

You can either confront action. Confront doing.  Confront problems
that have to be solved. Confront things that aren't perfect.

Or you can't.

If it was all a piece of cake, we would all be rich now. Wouldn't

In the past, I talked about the seduction of “easy” methods.  If
you look back at the things I talked about, you'll see most of the
money you spent buying them was totally wasted.

Yet, it was an unpopular truth when I told you the truth.  I
actually got some of the most vicious emails when I wrote those
things.  Because a LOT of players had vested interest in teaching
those methods we ALL new wouldn't work a year or two down the road.

But darnit, they sure were SEXY and easy to sell.

The people who sold those programs made millions in some cases.  So
how did those methods work out for you?

They didn't, did they?

I've been preaching and teaching about the songs of the sirens for
HOW long now?

OK. So a nice gentleman writes me that he avoided the songs of the
sirens, created a product and it didn't make money.

And he blamed me more or less.

That's part of marketing. NOT all products work.  I don't care WHO
you are.

You pick yourself up. Do a new survey. And move on. You look at what
the market IS buying.

Are you gonna DO?

Are you gonna CONFRONT?

Are you gonna have a clear model and stick to it? Or get sidetracked
every week but a blitzkrieg of fireworks, flash and dash?

Do a million angels on a pinhead singing praises for a model that
doesn't fit what your doing or won't work a year from now make it
any more valid for YOU?

Engage your brain.

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders


If you've got guts, you can publish the above article to your list.
Keep my name on it.  You can even replace the links with your
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Only if you got guts.

Marlon's Marketing Minute is copyright 2007, Higher Response
Marketing Inc. All rights reserved.

To those we love who have gone on to a greater mission,
I leave this thought…

May the road rise to meet you. May the wind always be at your
back. The sun shine warm upon your face. The rain fall
soft upon your fields.  And until we meet again, may God
hold you in the hollow of his hands.

— an Irish blessing

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