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I want to hear from YOU!


Marlon here.

Post your comment below. Tell me what it is you're wanting to accomplish and how I can assist you.  What are your sticking points?  Or what is it your goal is?  What's the big picture thing you need help with or want to accomplish?

I personally respond to comments.

This is my blog.  I want to introduce you to it. I post articles here and people often comment on them.  By the way, some of the comments below were made in the past but I  updated the post date BECAUSE I want to hear from you, and to keep this current.  So let's hear your thoughts.


  • John Blackwell says:

    Salv? Marlon, I have a score of your products and I am getting so close now. Do you have any Step-by-step guide to a Warrior Plus Launch? How to ensure that one reaches the Maximum Affiliate Exposure. Maybe I’m missing it amongst the stack of ‘yet to read’ pdf’s. But as yet I have never seen a specific ‘how to make it on warrior plus once you have your Product’ guide. Cheers!

  • danlop says:

    hello marlon, here danlop, a pleasure to greet you from venezuela-

    Well, like many during these last 30 years, I have been undertaking many things,

    excessive I would say,

    and well a year ago maybe I realized why most of what I had done had failed, just like most of entrepreneurs,


    that’s the whole problem, so it doesn’t matter what you know, if you don’t know how to sell, you won’t achieve anything in life,

    so ever since then I’ve been learning everything about marketing,

    but recently, I saw that what I should aim for more than other things,

    were copywriting, words that close the deal,

    being a closer in writing, and well,

    I am fully learning everything that is necessary and practicing and reading letters of sales like yours that are the best, thanks for that,

    see ya!

  • alexandre says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I’m working on revamping
    a PLR product
    called Power of words.
    The focus is more on storytelling.
    Parts of the original document
    where too generic,
    I bring in some extra research,
    I try and provide action-oriented content,
    like including a creative writing workshop
    and other activities that could be easily
    implemented after reading the method.

    The general idea is to have several products.
    So, from the power of words I would
    follow the personal development route,
    like power of confidence/
    how to deal with teens/
    power of Now.

    in the power of words product Iam working on,
    I inserted a study that proves attention
    and brain activity is at its max
    while we’re reading,
    not while watching crap on tv.
    I got that idea from your product
    on diet that you present
    in Rising tide, you talk
    about searching
    for scientific surveys to
    make a more cogent point.
    That was a great tip.
    That could even become
    a product in itself
    centered around best
    activities to stay
    sharp(besides affiliate marketing)
    best natural brain stimulants and so on.

    I got the idea of a more
    action-oriented approach
    to the power of storytelling
    product upon listening to
    your conversation at
    at Starbucks on salesletter.
    I actually tried to come up
    with one on the spot
    for my product.
    It was interesting because
    so far I had been kind of buried
    in the process of making the product
    and you sent the message:
    “hey, remember you’ll have to
    sell that thing,
    remember you must give folks
    an incentive to buy”.
    The salesletter got me
    back on track
    with the marketing
    aspect of things,
    instead of just being
    focused on the product content.
    That’s what prompted me to conceive of a product
    that would prompt people to write,
    not just to read about how great words are.
    And even that does not guarantee success.

    I like the dashboard idea,
    it makes the objectives
    clear, each stepof the process is visible,
    it’s also all-in-one
    instead of being scattered
    all across town.
    I consider getting it when
    I have a couple of products ready.

    Thanks for all the great info,
    it is inspiring.
    Keep up

  • Virginia Reeves says:

    Hi Marlon: My BIG goal is to work with authors, coaches, other supporters and sponsors to ship self-help books to prison libraries. Not sure how to entice sponsors – what the benefit would be to them. Goodwill regarding mindset upgrade, tax write-off for a donation, or something to say in yearly reports on how they help others. Would need a good budget to cover costs of books and shipping (unless Amazon or Barnes & Noble wanted to kick in shipping as their contribution). The other issue to to get the prison librarians to let their residents know that such books are available to them. Lots of planning and follow-through will be needed. A good idea needing lots of input from others to make it a reality.

  • Frank Gorka says:

    Frank Gorka here Marlon

    My big goal in my life is to become a internet millionaire with PLR’S…I want to know your thoughts on PLR MEMBERSHIP SITES. AND ANY ADVICE YOU MIGHT HAVE

    Thanks your friend
    Frank Gorka

    • marlon says:

      Hi Frank,

      The first step is to NOT buy into hype by people who say becoming an Internet millionaire is either fast or easy. It isn’t.

      It takes a lot of skill, promotion and sales to make $1 million in sales online, no to mention NET a million. It’s a great goal if someone really and truly understands what it takes and is prepared to do those things. Most people aren’t.

      Now, for YOU, I recommend focusing on getting X number of customers per month who spend $Y with you to create the income you need. Most people have a goal of $10,000 a month. That is 142 new customers in a month who spend an average of $70. This is an attainable goal.

      PLR products are great to get your feet wet with. And I DO know people who have taken very high quality plr, re=recorded videos and sold it successfully. In general, there’s a lot more money selling PLR than buying PLR. Meaning you create products and sell PLR rights to them.

      Read my newsletters at bestofmarlonsanders.com and on this blog for more help.


  • Hi Marlon,

    Thanks for your emails and trying your best to help me. Believe me I really appreciate it. I realIy would like to work with you and see whether I am capable of making this online marketing finally working for me or not. But at the moment I am tight in my budget as I have lost all my savings through this madness of marketing endeavour. If you can bear with me a bit longer then I could come up with some budget and be able to pay for your offer.
    I am thankful for your patience and your understanding. GOD Bless

    • marlon says:

      Hi Mitra,

      Let me say this: You don’t need to spend a lot of money to love marketing and start PRACTICING marketing. Read my free back issues of Bestofmarlonsanders.com and the articles on my blog here and do the basics: Target an audience. Create a free offer for them. Put up what we call a squeeze page (On a budget optimize press is good for this, or if you have it, Lead Pages. Or you can even just learn to do it with Kompozer, Dreamweaver or other free programs). Then put them into an email sequence. If you’re on a budget, a lot of autoresponders give you the first 1,000 or so subscsribers free. Then send out emails to blog posts and also offers. Those are BASICS you can start with spending very little money.

  • Woodrow Mack says:


    Woodrow Here

    I am one of your affiliates

    Just keep the products comings

    I have a list. The people are responding to your products
    I am ready to trade product as opposed to trading my time for money
    I will be 68 in a couple of months and I am retired.
    Thanks for your help
    Woodrow Wilson Mack

  • Marlon,

    I have known you online for a long time, over 13 years.
    I never purchased your products until 2015.

    Not only are you a good person to get your products from to learn but also
    a good person to model to be a success.

    My goal this year is $50,000,00, it was $100,000.00 but was under the weather for several months.

    I am working with new internet marketers and online businesses so I am using your
    “Newbies Step-By-Step From Scratch
    Game Plan To Build a True
    Semi-Auto Piloted Internet Business (Or Even An Empire)” ….
    as a give away to them, of course, with my affiliate links in the eBook.

    Trying to learn from the best.


  • Norm Abbott says:

    Hi, Marlon,

    Very much appreciate Your sharing of Your story of your Dad and your business insights.
    You are one of the rare people that I admire in the online marketing world. For that
    reason, I hope that you have a business succession plan in place, because I discern that
    Your core visionary principles deserve to be perpetuated. Do you, or others you may know
    in online marketing, have business succession plans in place, or being seriously
    considered? Hope you don’t mind my asking this, but will appreciate any response.


    Norm Abbott
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

  • Steve W Davis says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I am a recently new subscriber to your newsletter. I have a few businesses right now that are not internet marketing related.

    I would like to start an internet marketing business on the side and grow it to a profitable revenue stream.

    Where do I start? What product do you recommend?



    • marlon says:

      Hi Steve,

      You start with what customers you want to attract
      and what you want to sell them.

      I have a product called Fail Safe System I think is
      very good and current.

      You can message me on getyoursupport.com and I can
      get you can order link.


  • Wow Marlon.
    Reading all these comments is an eye opener.
    Lots of needs out there. I can see lots of product possibilities
    for products to help people with the basics of internet marketing.

    I’m copying all these comments to a text document for further study.
    I see that you have mentioned the 10X book by Grant Cardone
    I have that one and it’s the next on the list as must read.

    I just finished the Boron letters.

    Great book.

  • Anders Lindefeldt says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Somtimes I fees a bit strange working from Sweden but I´ve managed to do that for 11/2 year. My journey started with Internet Income University. During this time I´ve bought a lot of different programs, plugins, you name it. I think I have a rather good picture of what marketing is all about.

    At the moment I feel more comfortable with cources I´ve bought from you, Marlon. I think they´re going to be a nice timesaver making the pieces together. So my idea is to start as an affiliate when ready and promote your products.

    Best strategy many times is learing by doing so now is time to be more productive.

    Thank you for your awesome cources and bonuses!


  • Hi Marlon,

    I have been following you for years ever since Ben Suarez had you featured you in his
    newsletter. Also you have posted many comments and pics about Joe Cossman. I ran Joe’s ofice in
    Palm Springs and actually lived at his house. Since Joe always had good things to say about you and your impact in this business, I would like to communicate with you regarding your expertise.
    Best regards,


  • Debbie says:


    Thank you for your vision for helping so many. I have been in sales for many years and love to find the need of the client and then provide value. I would like to “crush it” in the IM world but have no technical skills whatsoever. I have purchased almost every product you have including every dashboard. Who could I work with directly to learn the very basic of these required technical skills to apply them?

  • Hi Marlon,

    Thanks for the opportunity to pose a question! I know how valuable your time is.

    As a virtual FOSSIL in the “home-based” segment (7-figure per year Amway org, circa 1979 was my start – over 5,000 professionals, southern calif, coached personally by the legendary Bob Schmidt), I’ve covered a fair amount of ground. I took Jim Rohn to heart all those years ago and made my “career” as an entrepreneur ABOUT THE JOURNEY ITSELF, rather than any particular objective, goal, or fleeting intangible like money, brand, prestige, etc. That strategy has paid dividends. BIG HUGE ONES. Including monetary ones.

    Over the past 8 or so years, I pursued my “encore” to a digital product/electronic community success story that brought in nearly 3 million dollars in Gross Profit (digital – ZERO cost of sales, really) in just 10 months – that was 2003/4 – I didn’t expect it to take this long, but resigned that IT HAD ITS OWN TIMETABLE and I was NOT about to FORCE IT with the usual DK / Russell Brunson Ready-Fire-Aim approach – I’d had about enough of “mud against the wall” from network marketing by then. And so I persisted.

    Somewhere along the way, I uncovered a poorly-understood truth: it is rarely about the ANSWER and almost always whether or not you asked the RIGHT QUESTION. And so I asked a MONSTER almost a decade ago – “How do I CLIMB (not just arrive on) the Forbes List?” – the answer came slowly, grudgingly, and with PLENTY of pain, suffering, and false starts, plus a great deal of failure, as is generally admitted to by almost ALL the F-Listers, from what I read (a key to my success – 55 years of VORACIOUS appetite for books, courses, audios, mindmaps – my collection is some absurdly-high percentage of the Library of Congress, I’ll wager, and growing – it gets hard to stop when you go down this serial learning / serial entrepreneur path, doesn’t it?

    Long story short, I built a “construct” (is it a bird, is it a plane? NO! It’s a SUPERSTRUCTURE) – lotsa working parts, BIGTHINK, etc – that is designed to produce 100 million per month or more. It is based on several huge thinkers and their groundbreaking works – Oren “Pitch Anything” Klaff, Kim and Mauborgne’s “Blue Ocean Strategy”, Dan Pena’s “Your Next 100 Million” and a huge list of others, dating back to Greece and ancient Babylon that I have STUDIED for decades.

    My challenge is this: because the thing is SOOOO far removed from conventional memes and “common sense” aka traditional thinking and business practices, it looks like some MUTANT CREATURE from outer space! I’m having difficulties with the usual Elevator pitch, sizzle call, long-form web copy, and even video storytelling, in part because there is little or nothing to compare it to (something Kim and Mauborgne conveniently overlook in their QUEST FOR MONOPOLY POWER – which comes with a pricetag called NO MENTORS HERE – GO AWAY, ya FOOL!! hehe

    Perhaps with your massive experience in related sorts of services and technologies, you might have some thoughts on how best to proceed – I often feel that I am so close to the darn thing that I just can’t see the FOREST for having my nose smashed against the tree, even if it IS A GIANT SEQUOIA – the “having a fool for a client” in the legal world – syndrome??

    Thanks for the oppty! I WILL prevail in this quest – only a matter of time.


  • Juan says:

    Hi Marlon, I am just going to be a well spoken and polished internet marketing, infomercial pitching sales man like you. Working on tons of products right now, just need to focus.

    • marlon says:

      Hi Juan,

      If you don’t go to a Toastmasters group, I can’t recommend it too highly. They have them in almost all major cities around the world. They are fantastic and inexpensive. Other than that, read The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone and Amazing Formula.

  • Susan says:

    Hi Marlon,

    My website is old, was built on an outdated membership model, does not have a sales page for my product(s) and needs to be rebuilt with WordPress. My greatest challenges are to figure out how to structure/organize the new site (or more than one new site) and repurpose and monetize the content. I’ve been stuck here for too long, so long that I’ve lost focus and have tried a few other things, only to return to this because it is my passion and I can’t escape it.


  • Susan says:

    It seems that my greatest challenge is maintaining focus on one task until it has been completed before moving on to another. There are so many of them! Your system is very helpful because it breaks tasks into manageable and consecutive bites. The challenge here is to have the patience to do each of them and the belief that following the system will pay off in the long run.

    My website is old, does not have a sales page and needs to be rebuilt with WordPress. It has a lot of content that can be repurposed but I’m not sure how to monetize it. Nor do I yet have a good plan/mind map of a new structure. This is where I feel most stuck.

    Thanks, Marlon.

  • David Ho says:

    Hi, Marlon…

    My biggest problem I have actually deals with product creation, specifically creating “high quality products” people want to buy. This is usually no problem if you’re an expert at something, but what if you’re not?

    Most internet marketing courses (at least the ones I bought) usually teach you the following methods to “circumvent” this:

    (1) Hire a ghostwriter from e-lance.com, guru.com or one of those freelance sites to ghostwrite an info product for you where you “slap” your name on the e-book, post it on Clickbank and there you go: You’re an “instant” expert (so much for the 10,000 hour rule ;-)) which is why it’s no surprise sometimes you’ll see one person be the expert on as much as twenty different subjects.

    I’m not saying this is bad… I’ve actually used ghostwriters (and paid quite a bit of money for them) myself. The only thing is, I’ve purchased e-books on Clickbank and PLR sites before and though I may not know much about the subject, if at all (which is why I bought a book… to learn more), even I can tell that there’s something “wrong” with the book and I’m thinking “Hmmm… this must be written by a ghostwriter and not an actual expert”.

    Again, I’m not saying this is bad. I’m sure there are AMAZING ghostwriters out there, but what happens often times (again, I refer to Clickbank and other similar sites) is this: The sales letter is really good… at least good enough to get you to buy… until you get the product and read it. Then it’s… you get the picture:-0…

    I know… copywriters and marketers tell you sales copy is THE most important thing, but a great sales copy with a bad product is like falling in love and marrying a girl with drop dead gorgeous looks and fantastic body. Then one day, you turn on the news to find out she’s wanted by the FBI for the deaths or her past three husbands (minor detail she forgot to mention when you got engaged). Are you unlucky #4?

    For anyone who has ever fallen for a car salesman’s pitch and bought a “lemon” or someone who has… uh… been a dating service/matchmaking sucker, you know what I mean. Sorry if you work for a dating service and are reading this, but I’m still upset at how the sales person locked me up inside the small room with her (yes, that’s right… locked me up inside) till I signed the contract and forked over 7 grand… and she wasn’t even that attractive (sorry… couldn’t resist ;-)).

    Again, I’m sure there are fantastic e-books written by ghostwriters. But if you don’t know the first thing about, say, organic gardening and you hire a ghostwriter to write a 50 page e-book about organic gardening, how do you know the information is quality information, let alone accurate?

    Which brings up to…

    (2) Buying PLR products and sticking your name on them. I’ve bought my share of PLR products in the past on various topics. I’ve yet to find one where I’m like… “Oh, my gosh! This information is mind blowing… I hope the government doesn’t get their hands on this!” Sorry for the joke…

    (3) Interviewing experts who have spent decades immersed in whatever topic you’re interested in, recording the interview and transcribing it into an e-book, CD, online course, etc… or, if you plan on doing a blog, getting them to contribute articles (maybe for free?) on your blog.

    This is really the path I want to go (having gone through the first two). I’ve even tried to go to a couple of experts to ask permission for an interview. One was a martial arts instructor I’ve know and studied under for about seven – eight years. I asked him if he would like to start a series of martial arts videos to sell online and I would even give him a majority of the profits. He told me he’s too busy and I believe even said something like, “Why would I want to do it with you?”

    And this is the problem I see when a newbie, or at least when I approach an expert for an interview. After getting past the “gatekeepers”, they usually ask the big question(s) of “Why should I let you interview me.” or “I’m too busy.” or “I already have 50 people asking for interviews.”.

    Sorry for the super long post, but I know it’s possible to create high quality, super informative products without spending 10,000 hours studying because I’ve heard alot of internet marketers do it… go into a niche they know nothing about, create high quality products and then dominate it.

    One internet marketer I heard created an info product that teaches people how to teach their pet parrot to talk, and he doesn’t even own a parrot!

    SO THE BIG QUESTION: As a “complete newbie” going into a niche which you have a zero track record of and no skills/experience in, how do you convince experts to work with you in creating a quality product, JV with you and agree to an interview?


    P.S.: I did not pay a ghostwriter to write this post for me (sorry… couldn’t resist) ;-).

  • Paul says:

    Hey Marlon,

    Where does one get high value FREE bonuses to give to people on your list so they buy affiliate products from you? How can I compete with all the guru’s with the $2,000.00 + bonuses they offer?

  • You ornery old Texan! Long time no type! You’ve given me a good amount of sound advice over the past two years. One of the last “pearls” of wisdom was during a time when I was stressed and not being pulled, but allowing myself to be pulled, in all directions. The pearls which you so kindly offered up were more like rocks which were, in the parlance of our industry, “laser targeted” to a point squarely between my eyes. I truly can’t recall the actual words that your fingers typed but what my eyes read and my brain received was along the lines of “get over it you little shit and FOCUS!” Excellent advice and advice well taken. I’m no guru yet, and if I were I wouldn’t go by such a tag, but I’ve calmed down, let the non-essentials go by the wayside and am enjoying steady progress thanks in large part to you. Thanks Marlon. Brian Jeffries p.s. did it again. My needs, goals, what can you do, etc? Needs-food and a roof. Goals-continue to move forward and not look back. Mainly though, get my homesick self back to Texas a.s.a.p! What can you do?-Shy of writing me an enormous check, you’ve already done it. Thanks again.

  • Raza says:

    I heard about you from Rusty Moore… and I’m glad he introduced me to your site.

    I’ve created my own fitness info product and am currently sending my own cold, paid traffic to my site. I’m currently using Facebook and Bing PPC, but I’m still not profitable. I’m testing two things: sending traffic to a presell page which flows into my sales page vs. sending traffic to my squeeze page.

    Problem is my squeeze page converts at only 10% from cold, paid traffic. I am making sales by sending traffic to my presell, but it’s still not profitable yet.

    I was really interested in your Facebook solo ad method, but I’ve been just buying FB ads and sending them to my presell as of yet. I might have to give you FB solo ad method a try.

    The only thing I can do is keep testing.


  • Dear Marlon Sanders I really owe you one. I am not ignoring you it is just that I am very busy getting a lot of my business commitments out of the way so I can work with you Marlon I worked consistently for one year to brand my name Barry Gourmet & Raw you can google me so that the search engines know me and that gives me time to nurture my face book , twitter, skype, Youtube, and flickr plus Pinterest The key word that i see you say is Differentiation so important .

    My big commitment is working with my architect and my vision to finish my construction of my 2 garden apartments in Phuket Thailand in time for next high season . I am already pre booked with repeat loyal guests so I cannot let them down and I must stay on my schedule. Off line with out solid online is not going to work so this is why I am hanging on to you Marlon and trust me when I see your photo accepting my facebook content it really means a whole lot to me.

    The fact that you even follow through and answer questions from your subscriber list speaks volumes about you Marlon in a great way . I have so much to learn and to apply in my journey with you . I have my blinders on and I only work with digital mentors that I know and feel comfortable with. I am going to close my post with these thoughts , The money is in targeted conversions ,

    I know one Internet Marketer with a combined 60,000 subscribers and this Marketer is dead broke as the lists are not performing. Ony 2 percent of the marketors on line are making the lions share of all the IM Money the rest have a hard time quitting their day jobs. If it sounds looks and feels too easy , just move on and stay away from the over hyped offers.

    Conducting Due diligence and background checks is paramount for any product service and vendor before buying anything . It is your time and time is money . The internet has changed and a lot more players now. The market is way over saturated . I said my peace now . Marlon thanks for your time reading my post . Barry Anderson aka Chef Barry Gourmet & Raw or you can just call me Chef Barry “You are only as good as your Mentor and this is what I learned in my study of Heath and Wellness. “

  • Hi Marlon,

    I’m a CPA here in San Antonio and I have been following you and buying your products for many years. I consider you to be one of the few online marketers who is trustworthy, competent and really worth listening to. I’m looking forward to the WordPress tool coming out tomorrow.

    I am working on a membership site targeted to the small business owner. In my 30 plus years as a CPA, I have come to the conclusion that small business owners are deficient in their knowledge of basic accounting skills and the use of accounting software (and so are their bookkeepers). So I decided to create a membership site with video training in QuickBooks, basic accounting knowledge, tax saving ideas and the basics of how to start a small business the right way. It’s basically everything I’ve learned in the last 30 years organized in the same way as Lynda.com, Khan Academy and membershipacademy.com. It will have short screen capture videos, 5 to 10 minutes long. I’m going to price it at $25/month with a 7-day free trial.

    The problem is, I have had this idea and made several starts on the site over the past three years, and I can’t seem to make any significant progress on it.

    I probably should have started with just a free blog to get started with a list. I do have a newsletter list with over 200 readers though.

    What do you suggest I do to get over being so overwhelmed? It’s a big project. Also, what do you think of my pricing?

    I value your advice and look forward to your reply.

    Gerry Meloni

    • marlon says:

      Hey Gerald,

      Do you work with small businesses?

      I’ve thought about an outsourcing service for small Internet businesses.


      • Hi Marlon,

        I work exclusively with small businesses in the San Antonio area. Small businesses also happen to be my target market for my membership site since about 90% of them use QuickBooks, albeit incorrectly.

        One concept I have been thinking about is outsourced accounting. This is where I act as an accounting back office for a small business owner who scans and sends all documents via email or a portal to me. A trained bookkeeper is assigned to each client and performs the accounting function for that client. This can include record-keeping, bill paying, invoicing and payroll. Thanks to today’s technology, this service can be marketed to anyone in the USA.

        If that’s what you were thinking about, I agree that it can be very lucrative.

        I live in NW San Antonio near Helotes and can meet with you any time after April 15th.


  • Ted says:

    Hi Marlon,

    When I look at the “Home” page of most local small business websites, I see things like “Welcome to our site”, We are the number #1 at _______, We have been serving the area for 20 years, Our company blah, blah. They are boring, filled with cliches, and it’s all about the company or business and not about the customer. There is no incentive, no offer, no reason to respond, or even a form to do it with.

    I think there is an opportunity to help local businesses transform their boring, non-direct response website into a marketing hub. But I would really like to focus on the copy right now..

    How would Marlon Sanders go about deconstructing and reconstructing “Home” pages like these?

    How would you go about making them more responsive? Would you change the layout to include a headline? If you would be so kind, could you offer a couple of your ideas on creating a system or formula that could be applied to a website regardless of the niche, that could cut through all the nonsense so it would have a much better chance to get results? I guess my question really boils down to is how do you transform an electronic brochure into a direct response, lead generating system. A direct response makeover if you will.

    I have some of your products where I might find some guidance: Ad Copy Secrets, Amazing Formula, and Give Me My Money. I’ll go through them again to see what I can find apply here. If you have created or could recommend anyone else’s product which would help me in this area I would be very thankful. Any advice from you would really be appreciated.

    Thank you,


  • David Ho says:

    Hi, Marlon…

    This may be a very unusual question regarding internet marketing (in my opinion), but here goes:

    I see alot of gurus teaching how to market “how to” books, but what about “fiction” books or “novels”?

    The reason why I ask is this: Right now, I am a screenwriting student. About a few months back, I finished my feature length screenplay (actually, it’s my third screenplay).

    Since I can’t really make money off the script unless I find a producer to buy my script (or win money by submitting it to a contest, which I plan to do), I have plans to either rewrite my script into a novellete (or hire someone to turn it to a novellete).

    My question is this: Does internet marketing and the techniques you teach work for people who plan to sell their works of fiction or their novel and if so, are there any “adjustments” we need to make to internet marketing techniques to make the work for fiction/novel books?

    I’ve heard it said by many self-help gurus (and internet marketing gurus) to “pursue your passion” and to “make money doing what you love”.

    That’s my goal; to make money doing what I love, and the two things I LOVE to do is write stories (mostly screenplays, but since the general populace can’t read screenplay format, I don’t mind writing novels) and act (used to do theatre before work got in the way… and nagging back pains

    Thank you so much for this blog and for your time.

    • marlon says:

      Hi David,

      Well congratulations on being action minded at your age. That’s really terrific. You have a great future ahead of you.

      Now, if you’re “selling” your scripts the people you’re selling your script to are our list.

      So you find out what they want and need. And provide it to them with differentiation they value.

      I bought a good book on Amazon about pitching your script in 60 seconds. There are many good guides for you. But the most important one is to be prolific and hustle in the good sense of the term. Then network with other who are young like you and also doing the same thing.


  • bernie says:

    Something must be possible. For an example, I spent about $5000 with one program given by (name removed). There were a lot of good points but I spent a lot of time calling the support number because the videos and written material that I was to learn were not clear enough. After about 3-4 months I called it quits and paid off the program. I still did not have a web site or blog nor had I made a single penny. He did have some very clever means of making money, but if you don't grasp All the details it doesn't mean much.



    You’re chasing something that doesn’t exist. Otherwise, all those people working at Starbucks, fast food joints and anywhere else for less than $15 or $20 an hour would just be living the easy life on their laptop. I’m sorry but it’s just not how things work. There are things here and there that come along and are simple and easy. They don’t last long BECAUSE of the law of supply and demand. This is why you’ve been scammed. You’re willing to pay money to someone who tells you what you want to hear.

    Now, if you want to learn how to differentiate a product or service, put the law of supply and demand in your favor, learn and learn some more, work some, then I can help. Otherwise, I’m sorry.


  • bernie says:

    Hi; Thanks Marlon for your quick and good response.

    If I may clarify a bit more: I'm not looking for a get rich quick program as I know that's a one way street

    making the program money but not me. But I also don't want something that takes months or even a year

    to learn and apply and make money.

    I work hard, always have. I'm looking for something Good, if it takes a few weeks of learning, then so be it. My goal is to make added monthly income, via the Internet. Thanks, Bernie.

    • marlon says:


      Yeah, I get it and that's what I was referring to.

      You're chasing something that doesn't exist. Otherwise, all those people working at Starbucks, fast food joints and anywhere else for less than $15 or $20 an hour would just be living the easy life on their laptop. I'm sorry but it's just not how things work. There are things here and there that come along and are simple and easy. They don't last long BECAUSE of the law of supply and demand. This is why you've been scammed. You're willing to pay money to someone who tells you what you want to hear.

      Now, if you want to learn how to differentiate a product or service, put the law of supply and demand in your favor, learn and learn some more, work some, then I can help. Otherwise, I'm sorry.


  • bernie says:

    Hi; I am 64 and have spent more on scams than I'd care to share. I have not made one penny in Net

    Marketing! I'm pretty burned out with it all. All I want to do is learn how to make additional income via

    the internet. Not a lot, maybe a few hundred, of course, more is always welcome. Because of my age I don't want too long of a learning curve (not that I'm popping off soon; I just wish to start enjoying life sooner!). Thank you, Bernie.

    • marlon says:

      Hi Bernie,

      I hear you and feel for you.

      I think thousands and thousands of people share the same feelings and sentiment.

      Unfortunately, Bernie, there's a thing called supply and demand. If something is easy and simple and makes money, the SUPPLY of people wanting to and willing to do that thing will sooner or later (usually sooner) outstrip the DEMAND for whatever it is that is creating the money.

      That's why you've spent money on scams is because you're looking for something that violates the laws of the universe.

      The laws of the universe say that you make money when the supply / demand equation is in your favor. Which means that the hot girl in high school has more dates than she can handle BECAUSE there's a lot more DEMAND to be with a hot girl than there are hot girls to go around, to use a metaphor.

      The SOLUTION to this is to learn how to put yourself on the side of the equation where there is more demand for what you're selling than there is supply. The WAY you do that is by a term called "differentiation."

      Now, it doesn't sound like you're really wanting to learn stuff Bernie, work and apply your brainpower to this rather challenging task. That's a problem I can't solve.

      The problems I can solve are for people who WANT to learn marketing, don't care if it's work and aren't looking for a necessarily fast payoff, although in some instances with some luck or skill that does happen.

      I'm sorry I don't have a quick and easy answer for you today Bernie, but I don't.


  • Frank T says:

    Hello Marlon thanks for the knowledge you've shared.I have followed every aspects of your business and tips etc.I am not a marketer YET but i think with all your systems i am starting to gain more knowledge on both old timer and up to date marketing tips and methods.All the puzzle are fits.Thank you.

    • marlon says:

      Hi Frank,

      Yes, I think just reading this last 67-page ezine should put a lot of pieces in place for you Frank. No matter what you market, really online OR offline, that formula works. Of course, the methods to implement are different offline.

  • Hi Marlon
    I have followed you for a short time but your email today compelled me to respond…that's feedback for you:)

    I like your style, it is the same way I treat my workshop or private painting students. I WANT to know what they need, even if they have a hard time coming up with the questions.

    So in keeping with that, I do have a dilemma. I've been marketing online since 1995, both my paintings and graphic design services. I narrowed the market to just fine art paintings. I have taught art marketing though a business I had years ago called, the Art Business Academy, and still I and my followers are puzzled at the inability to sell original paintings via the web.

    My bottom-line finding is this: people still need to SEE the real product before purchasing, not buy from a web photo (unless they know or already the artist's work.) I totally understand this. The second biggie, is the economy. Since the late 90s and most especially within the last 5 years, people have stopped buying original art…except in certain markets.

    So, my question to you is (and I saw your video from today) what do you feel an artist do to attract and secure buyers online? I know a lot about marketing and sales, the do's and don'ts, i.e., trying to meet a need, etc.

    What is your take on this?

    With Appreciation,
    L. Diane Johnson

    P.S. I'm a "Jersey Girl" 😉

    • marlon says:


      Warmest greetings.

      And yes, the recession and all that DID change

      marketing, price points and channels in many

      industries, including mine.

      Probably like you, I didn't really wanna change

      but Darwin said you either adapt to change or you

      don't stay around. People argue a LOT with Darwin,

      but NOT on that point!

      Well, you have to sell to people who are buying.

      So find out who IS buying original art and sell

      it to 'em.

      You have to find ways to target them, starting

      with Facebook, whatever referral programs are

      acceptable in your industry and so forth.

      On having them SEE the pictures I would do webinars

      with a webcam and SHOW them the art work live.

      I'd use an iphone and experiment with different

      services like Google+ and manycam to see which

      provide the best experience.

      A LOT of very expensive artwork was sold in days

      past via direct mail.

      The main thing you need is not any of the


      The main thing you need is to drop everything

      and go buy this book:


      There is a kindle version.

      That is: The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone.

      Do what's in that book and your problems are solved.


  • Greg says:

    My goal is to build a solid online business.

  • Joe says:

    Most people are not experts in multiple fields. I want to know how to make money promoting a single product and not having to constantly come up with new products to promote to a list or new content to give out.

    Quality knowledge is limited and once you have dispersed that knowledge to your list, then where do you go?

  • Evan says:

    Hi Marlon, I want to become wealthy selling info products on the topic of self development.

    I think my stuff is good. I have a blog I have been writing for consistently for several years and a weekly newsletter I've been doing consistently for a couple of years.

    I think the big deal for me is finding (to quote Chris Garrett) what is the problem that people will pay me to solve for them.

  • Joyce says:

    Hi, I'm a 71 year old grandma who started with stores-online. Didn't get the help I needed and went to other sources. Some were okay and others took me for a ride. The last one is great, but don't have the cash to continue. Just making enough to pay the bills, but no extra income. Been on line since December 2009. I would love to make more sales. Have blog post and write an article a week about coffee, coffee makers and related topics.

  • Marlon,

    I have worked online for many years and have made a 6 figure income consistently. Currently, I'm working on a PLR site for offline marketers, offering tons of unique articles for brick and mortar businesses to put on their blogs/sites, and for the marketers who service these offline clients. Hoping to launch by early summer. Very exciting project. I appreciate you, even though you don't know me. Connie Ragen Green told me about you several years ago when I met her. Keep up the good work!

  • louise says:

    Hi, I'm trying to add in social media with my website. I think I'm doing ok with Twitter but am having problems setting up a Facebook business page. Do you have any tips or pointers you could offer. Thanks

  • Vince says:

    I've been looking to start a home business for a while, but there are so many offers out there. In the last few days I've read about setting up authority sites on specific niches (using WordPress). Have read about your products. What can you suggest could help me as far as training and tools? I'm considering buying Matt carter's "Rapid Profit Formula".

  • Lynn Bradley says:

    I have many articles on Ezine articles.com.

    I have little knowledge of how to find the right keywords that will get attention.

    Some of my articles have many people read them and others have only a few.

    The more I read about optimizing for key words the more confused I get. Should I find the keywords and make the title from them or the other way around?

    [The nature of the beast is that some titles will attract readership and clicks and some won't. You learn by studying your winners and looking

    at other titles that do well. But in large part, you'll never know in advance so volume is part of the game and winners and losers is part of

    the game. The ones with high readership count are sometimes ones that rank well in Google.]

  • Louie Frias says:

    Dear Marlon, (And ANYONE who needs help and experienced direction for your business.)

    Thank you!

    On a SUNDAY afternoon (less than 24 hours after I posted my question), Marlon responded. WITH direction.

    His reply enabled me to make the decision I thought necessary, but unsure of.

    NOW, I can take that information, create the perfectly matched OTO product which will help my valuable affiliates earn more money for doing the same amount of work while delivering high quality information to our valued customers.


  • Louie Frias says:

    October 10, 2010

    Hi Marlon,

    Been following you’re a few years now…got out, now back.

    Here’s my scenario…

    I created a free eBook on a “Hot” social niche topic.

    I hired a capable web designer/builder to create an entire site to promote this report which then sells the actual niche product; the site includes:

    A. Squeeze page

    B. “PreSale/Thank You” page

    C. Sale Page (Promoting a video Camtasia series AND 2 free bonuses)

    D. Download page

    D. Affiliate center

    E. Automated blog

    Simple enough…

    I’m 99% ready to promote it as well as place it into ClickBank.

    I’m “stuck” here: I know the value of the OTO and want to incorporate one into the program. I own some scripts that will allow me to do so…but, I’m not sure a OTO will work UNLESS I also OWN the product promoted by the OTO…(Meaning, if I have affiliates, their customers would be worked into the flow…the affiliate would receive a commission from the initial product I own, but not/very little on the OTO product IF it was ALSO an affiliate product.)

    I’m an affiliate of a TIGHTLY related product that would work very well as my OTO (But again, IF I have affiliates, they would not be making as much as they should in this scenario.)

    I DO, however, promote the affiliate product in my AutoResponder series to my subs.

    Right now, without an OTO, I’m not capturing all that I can: as well as happy affiliates.

    Why then, would anyone want to become an affiliate of mine?

    Flows like this…

    Traffic => Squeeze => (“X” page) (Currently to the “PreSale/Thank You” page, but I don’t think its good to have a sub be redirected to the SAME PAGE TWICE…)

    Email confirmation => “PreSale/Thank you page

    The question is: WHERE is the best “location” to place the OTO page and how can I finish up and make this an affiliate option in this niche to consider?


    [Bro, congratulations on getting your product ready! That's awesome. Now, this is a more complex question than I can answer here on a Sunday afternoon while watching football! But real quick, I'd say create your own product for the OTO that is perfect for the offer. Just do a 2 or 3 hour screen capture video/mindmap product. I don't know how the OTO's in combination with Clickbank. I'd look at how Adeel Chowdhry does his products on CB and other top 10 products. Mo Latif has a #1 product right now I believe. Look at it.]

  • Jeff says:

    Hi, Marlon what is your advice for attracting affiliates to promote your products and choosing an affiliate management solution?

    [Jeff, most people are using infusionsoft, 1 shopping (my private label is automateyourwebsite.com), Clickbank, Idev, Synergix. It's really a much larger question than I can answer on the blog. If you're in Ateam, you'll find I cover this in in the back calls in considerable depth. It IS at the heart of the affiliate program though and I, myself, am likely going to change my affiliate software soon.]

  • Verne Kelley says:

    HI Marlon,

    I just wanted to say thanks for all the insight you have given us, and that I will soon be launching my first site.

    The biggest stumbling block for me has been building the site itself. I have been hearing that you should give away an item to help build a list and then market off that list. But should you also market on the squeeze page as well or just keep it simple and ask for one thing at a time?

    Again Thanks for all your help….Verne

  • JOHN COMP says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Thanks for the invite, very nice and personal.With all the Information ONLINe about marketing, is there such thing as a Turnkey system???Programing even the simple stuff loses me, and I dont know why, I am familar with simple cut and paste stuff. I really enjoy your content and NO BS Atitude!!! Thanks for your honestY, Sincere in Business, John Comp

    [John, I teach Internet marketing and how to make sales. I really don't endorse or promote turnkey systems for the most part. I have endorsed 1 or 2 friends but I hesitate to for many reasons. My recommendation is that you learn how to do marketing.]

  • K. Ravindran says:

    On my request you have send a few of your pdfs as well as your products info. I wanted to buy some of them, but I had certain doubts which needs to be clarified. I responded thru your online contact form, twice, but till now no response whatsoever from your people.

    I wanted to know whether I need to purchase the DDB, MDB, and PDB, for running my web biz on a successful note.

    My doubts are:

    Since the packages are web based, do I have owner ship rights for the purchase I make.

    You mentioned about 6 soft ware, which need to be purchased after 30 day trial period. Which are those 6 s/ws?

    Pl clarify the above points asap.


    [Hi, how are you? Do NOT send us emails for customer support. Instead, go to:
    http://www.getyoursupport.com. Post your ticket. Weekdays you should log back in at the end

    of the day before 4 p.m. cst and find an answer. Now, you do NOT have resell rights to the vast

    majority of my products. I only have one or two things I sell resell rights to. There is no one

    product by myself or anyone that gives you everything you need. It doesn't exist. On Marketing

    Dashboard we give free trials of a few software programs. But they aren't essential. You gotta

    have web hosting, and an autoresponder/affiliate program/shopping cart similar

    to automateyourwebsite or other resources you've assembled.]

  • Devora says:

    Dear Marion, I replied to you twice, you are great, you don't owe me anything, but why did you ask me how is my Spanish ? I replied that I have to refresh it. Just tell me why ? Kind regards and thank you again, Devora

    [Devora, I appreciate your inquiry and I'll keep your services in mind. Marlon]

  • Devora says:

    Dear Marlon,

    My dream is to work for a support service of an online business. I already did it in the past. My English is far from being perfect – my native language is French – but in a support or customer service, members or clients like me and I succeed very well. I worked only with one person, Carl Pearson, for 3 years. I know that Carl was criticized at that time, but he was a great marketer. I would like to work again for a program. I am good at it, I work fast, accurately, and a good support service sells. I can also help members or clients or affiliates who read Spanish, Italian and of course, French. I am a hard worker and my time is GMT + 2, it means that I can offer support when others in the USA or other places are sleeping. I love your newsletters and I thank you for them. Devora

    [Hi Devora, how good is your Spanish? What hours are you looking to work?]

  • Annette says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I am a new follower to you, and I am seeing that I definately need help in "selling" my products and services.

    Natural Health Coach, and Natural Health Products. I see "junk products" with good marketing…and I have "quality products and services" with "rookie marketing"…that being .."me".

    I have the basics covered, website, opt-in, blogged for a year now, dabble in twitter and fb, just received a book a co-authored, written a few articles, etc.

    I have 15 years experience in Natural health, herbalism, Iridology, but I'm definately needing helping in marketing and selling real products, and real help..like you.

    I have another book 70% written, and I know I can create a cd also, but marketing and selling the products And services..I am still stuck.

    Your suggetion?


    A health nut.needing to become a marketing/sales nut.


  • Che says:

    Hi Marlon, I've been picturing myself as a sponge this past 4 weeks! I feel like I am learning a great deal, that in the long term I believe, will really help! I have some great formula's, which when all is boiled down, no matter what way you go… blog…web page… links…ads… classifieds… "market, (in abundance where do you start! I see niche markets, that have a huge flaw! I mean surely if its specialised yeah you can sell for a higher price, yet how can you cross sell to such a blinkered market). "Traffic" to drive to a "Product" and lastly "sales". Now this to me is quite simple, yet as soon as you move into implimenting… all sorts of difficulty, (especially when you're here in some bizzarre hope that though you have $0- to start, you might be able to earn a few bucks/pounds to afford a url which you can upload web pages you've made, yet free site won't allow you to use….. more time spent… often feels wasted! this is not a grumble… it;s just i type so much into google these days i feel like a damn detective! I'm hot, I'm cold, I'm tired, getting older, I feel like maybe my vision is blurred by so many diversions, selling information, in bold type, in scripts that have no meaning! Believing I keep reading, and I'm left here, sometimes seething. If only these deep feelings would turn into a funnel, with landings and splash exits, into sites that excite me and lists which would no doubt ignite me! Oh friend please help me, this is a new outing, a forray into the unknown..thougth I know I'm learning. just frustrations burning….. many thanks Che

    [Hey Che, Rome wasn't built overnight. Start somewhere. Pick one thing and start there. You learn as you go. And hopefully as you earn. Really Che, focus on the big picture. You get people to come to a page that has a letter, audio or video on it and you SELL them something. Doesn't matter if that page is a blog or web page or Facebook Fan Page. You gotta find people who are in the habit of spending money to buy stuff, get them to a page with a sales message on it that is written, audio or video and then SELL them something. If you get bestofmarlonsanders.com … a freebie that contains past issues of my ezine….it should help you lots.]

  • Samuel John says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I'm thankful that you're willing to reach out to your readers and interact with them directly… in my mind, that's instant credibility.

    I am 24, college drop-out, just married, NOT ready to jump into "a job."

    …been reading a lot about IM lately, and am anxious to jump in. One question… half the gurus say to focus on "your passion," or one thing, and do it well… the other half say to diversify, build up a bunch of little websites/e-books/etc, and reap income through quantity instead of quality.

    What's your take? I have a few passions that could be monetized, but I also have the desire to manage multiple smaller websites (Multiple Streams of Income?)… Thanks bro!


    [Sam, start with ONE. Get it working. Then decide the next step from there. "Most people don't do anything wrong. They don't do anything. And that's what's wrong." Ben Feldman — WHATEVER you do and whatever you start with you'll learn what you need to take the next step.]

  • Brent says:

    Hi Marlon, Im looking to start my online business selling health products/supplements which has become a passion of mine for the last 3 years I have spent educating myself on real products that work and guiding people away from time wasting rubbish that is circulating everywhere, I guess you could say I want an honest business where people can turn to me out of trust. Although I want to make a living out of this I dont want come across as a pushy sales man, so I would like to know if you think ezing is for everybody, could emailing people in this new spam type system have a negative effect and drive away customers? Im new to all this so im baby stepping through all the ins and outs of running an online business.

    Thanks for the opportunity to email you for advise.

    [Brent, read bestofmarlonsanders.com. The ebook is free. Now, you need to get people on your list and send them a mix of valuable articles and promotions. If you step over a boundary, your customers will let you know because your unsubscribe rate will skyrocket. If you provide good information and care about your customers, those are the main things.]

  • Sue says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I understand about gurus who "hid away" and it is nice to find one who does not. You are the second, only second, person I've found who actually takes an interest in who is interested in him. For that, Thanks.

    I am sorta new. I've read too much that has turned out to be worthless in the past year. What have I done other than that? Nothing. I have decided to stop with the reading and start with the doing. Just not sure where to start.

    What gets me is I am an intelligent person with a great education yet despite understanding the "what" (which is all anyone ever tells you), I can't get a grip on the "how." That's the part that gets left out. HOW to do WHAT I just read.

    I know a lot of money passes around in IM but my interests lie outside of that. Pets is a strong one, kids another and writing (and reading), a third. All too broad. So that is where I am at.

    I hope to learn the things no one else would explain. At the moment I need to learn what to do while on a shoe string budget. Actually, I haven't bought a pair of shoe strings in several years, so even that may be too expensive right now.

    [Hi, first read all my back issues of my ezine. They are posted on the site. That's a great place to START.]

  • Marlon,

    I have enjoyed your writings, videos, and newsletters. For me, being new to this world of marketing, I struggle with putting meaning to the nomenclature. Separating what can and can not be done is another vast hindrance. For now, I am concentrating on education.

    When I am comfortable knowing enough to get through postings without having to use the library, I will be ready to dive into the market place and apply the learning to drive traffic to my site, blog and social media.

    The biggest problem is discerning who is real and genuine. The self-proclaimed gurus are plentiful. Distinguishing among them is very difficult.

    Thanks and God bless you, Richard


    [Hey man, Amazing Formula explains a lot of terms. Also, read this: https://www.marlonsnews.com/internet-business-mark… That should help with the nomenclature. And read through all my ezine issues. I explain tons in them. I think many "gurus" are actually quite competent. The MAIN thing is use some common sense and ask yourself if the model they're promoting is evergreen or not. Will it last? That can be hard for a newbie. In back ezine issues, I also talk about that a LOT. If you haven't snagged and read bestofmarlonsanders.com free ebook, I recommend it. And I have an archive of back articles on the blog. I agree it isn't easy for a new person to wade through all of the stuff. Basically, either someone is teaching you to make money with info products or some other model like cpa. And they teach list building or they don't. I feel info products and list building are evergreen. For traffic, the most evergreen source is affiliates but any source of traffic has its issues. The problem on ppc and seo is you're dealing with Google and they frequently change the rules….although there are some relatively evergreen approaches to seo (search engine optimization). ppc (pay per click) is challenging. It seems that Google keeps changing the rules.]

  • Hey Marlon,

    I've been working online since '96 – I'm full time and provide traffic & conversion for small businesses.

    Funny thing about me is though, that I just hate working for anybody else … even though they're clients and not 'BOSS' … still its not 'ME' ya know? LOL

    So I have this 'dream' and it's the 'List Based Automated Cash' one and I am 100% sure it going to happen this year at last. Largely thanks to you.

    I've spent my fair share of thousands on info in the last 15 years but it's Marlon Sanders that keeps condensing the important things into the 'BS Free Essence' of making it. You're a commensurate Sales Man!

    My Question is a somewhat 'delicate' one, in as much as it seems to be an actively 'avoided issue' right now – Namely 'Whats up with Sales Letters and Google Adwords?'

    I have heard Adwords banned Saleletters but I have researched this and believe it to be a sarcastic lie created to promote the Video Landing Squeeze Page' as a panacea to all Sales Letter woes!…"sales letters are dead!" etc … smells suspiciously like manure to me ha ha

    Assuming that I am right and Adwords does not have every saleletter targeted for destruction, my Big Question is:

    Should we all forget Adwords as a traffic source for a Sales Letter & Squeeze Page URL?

    I believe a thorough and wide ranging answer to this question would clear up a lot of confusion and 'mystery' right now. I purchased (at last – always wanted to and bloody glad that I did:)Amazing Formula and was so surprised to almost not hear a word of PPC in the whole course in fact.

    So, what's the scoop on this Marlon?

    [John, some of my long form sales letters do VERY well in Google organic. On the ppc side my friend Kirt Christensen uses an extremely short form squeeze page successfully. Having said that, Google changes the rules quite often and isn't easy to work with. But if you concentrate and focus on it, you can do well. The best traffic is affiliate traffic. But some products are better suited to organic seo or ppc. Mostly, if you have a $2,000 or $3,000 sale or a very successful continuity, then ppc becomes a lot easier because you have good economics.]

  • KC Truby says:

    My SEO team says put up wordpress on our sites for better back links, my IT guys have built our complicated web sites with data calls on MS dot net 3.5

    My IT guys say WordPress will not work on our platform. Is there a work around.

    [KC Freaking Truby! How are ya man? Bro, I'd have to look at the details but offhand I'd say they are both right. You do the seo sites the MOVE them from those TO the other sites. Great hearing from you. Let's chat soon. Love to catch up.]

  • Hi Marlon, read two of your ebooks includuing writers secret. I am a newbie just started sending an article a day to ezinearticles.com. If not in my niche just have someone read the article first who is knowledgeable on my topic.I will attempt to do ebooks and just looking for a plan to follow and to learn something everday and make some money.

    [Hi Peter, how are you? Getting good at writing articles trains you to write and create. It trains you to think about hot topics and what people want. It trains your mind to work quickly. It trains you to select keywords. It's very good training.]

  • Ainars says:

    Hi, Marlon:

    My goal is to start earning money in any way possible, maybe via Internet.

    My problem is — I dont have my own products to sell. So I've tried to sell other people's products — dog food, real estate — and in vain. I don't know HOW to sell. But in selling, it doesn't matter what you sell, if you're a seller you can SELL ANYTHING. That's what I want to learn — how to sell anything on Internet and how to find products to sell.

    [Hi Ainars, you can START by reading Amazing Formula. That's NOT your END point. It's the starting point of your understanding.]

  • Rashnu says:

    I am busy with setting up an internet business with on line lessons about improvisation techniques on the piano. First of all I want to create a membership site. Later I also want to sell e-books, sheet music and recorded music (audio) via the same website.

    So I have a clearly defined product (although it is still in the development stage) for a well defined market (everyone who plays the piano or who likes to learn to play it), but I need help with list building, setting up an autoresponder, and the whole marketing stuff around it.

    But I'm not sure if I need to info-product dashboard or the promo dashboard for it. Both look interesting and promising.

    I already sent out a question to your support team but got no reply so far.

  • Anthony says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Obviously I did something wrong!I thought I had followed your instructions for sending a letter to you but I notice my e-mail address is there for everyone to see with no reply,ooops!

    Anyway………….. such is life.

    Have a nice one,


    [Anthony, if you're referring to another post of yours I published on the blog, post the link here and I'll remove it. Or tell tim at getyoursupport.com. But if you're talking about the blog, your email address is not seen by the public unless you put it in the BODY of your post.]

  • Anthony says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I'm an English teacher living in Milano, Italy and I wanted to know if I could use some of the stuff I have received from you in my lessons? Your language is sharp and direct and could show my students the way English is used in direct marketing style nowadays.Always willing to credit you and hope even to join your affiliate program some time. Anthony G.

    [Hi Anthony, post the specific content you want to use to Tim on our support desk at getyoursupport.com and I'll look at it.]

  • Gary Doyle says:

    Hello Marlon,

    I have been reading and buying many IM products since 2000 mostly using mlm websites to market without success. I have just purchased your dashboard and like your sincere teaching processes… I have been guided though life and enjoying the journey…

    What I like about your teaching is your doing what you love by helping others.

    Good health, prosperity and harmony to you…

  • fred says:

    sounds like you are busy.i know you dont have a magic wand i need help with a website i dont want to be rich just a litte a month. iam a disabled vet in a wheel chair i made 3 tours in nam i cant stay up to long my legs and lower back i have to get out of this wheel chair to lay down thank you fred

    [Hi Fred, I understand that life is difficult for you. I teach marketing. I think you'd be better served by going to warriorforum.com and looking at the "warrior special offers" section where people sell highly specific methods. I'm more about teaching people online marketing than online money making specifically.]

  • I've been looking at your blog entries. I guess I am not alone. I am overwhelmed by the possibilities, but I don't know THING ONE about getting started. How do I make my first dollar? How do I get paid?

  • Carolyn says:


    I have made several purchases this past week and am still trudging through it all. Good info, in line with, but more than all I have received in the past year.

    What I need help with is a Website…

    What is your recommendation for building, hosting, responder service, etc….

    I had a website I was building, but, it turned out to be an up sell deal which I did not realize for several months when there was no more help available for my monthly payment. I am learning – but, would respect your recommendation.



    [Carolyn, all that is covered in Writer's Secret in detail. How to set it all up is in the quickiestart.com videos]

  • Muhammed says:

    Hi Marlon

    Am a newbie. Subscribed to your newsletter. Checked out your products like Design Dashboard, Gimme my money now, Affiliate coaching, Marketing Dashboard, Action Grid, etc. Where do I begin? Can you please come up with something exclusive for newbies to get going in internet marketing, with your trademark step by step methodology? If it is already there, I haven't found it. Please help!



    [Hi, all the products above are for newbies. They are all step by step. Thewritersecret.com is a good place to start. And after it you can drill down into Dashboards.]

  • Muhammed says:


    What is the first step into internet business? Do you offer training for newbies? Where do I check in/


    [Hi, most all my products are for newbies. You start with my free ebook at bestofmarlonsanders.com and read through the articles. That'll get you in the right direction. My new product at thewritersecret.com is pretty decent for newbies.]

  • Marlon, I have recently written and published a book and need to know how to market it on the internet. This is why I bought your IT marketing course. I have not seen the course yet as I just bought it 10 minutes ago. I have read tons of info and this is the one that seems to fit me.

  • Hey Marlon, I was introduced to you by Doug Champigny and Mike Paetzold – and I'm very thankful to them. The first real contact with you is last month when you had the "3 Easy Steps" contest. I created a video for that but sadly did not win. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnncwMxmGLk

    Actually I did win because I did something that is out of my comfort zone. You do that for people – thanks.

    By the way I got my first Marlon Sanders sale the other day from a mailing I did to my small list.

    My biggest problem is lack of consistant focus. I need to work on that. What are your thoughts on how to focus and not get side tracked.

  • Hello, I am in the newbee's pickle. I have taken on so much that I get almost nothing done! I am a member of Aweber and can't seem to get in to make my webpage! I am with SFI, GDI's .ws, Fwebtraffic and many more. I send out many emails and get a few lookers, then I pass on the lies about all you need is a few,….I am disabled with no income. Can you help? I will do the work. I have been told by others, yes I will, than the same old emails telling me to do A than B than C ect… I have had 60 nerves burned for pain control in my spine, 32 surguries and 2 glued verts. Also have had 9 concussions. Construction and drunkdrivers can take a toll. Still interested? If so, I am willing and able! I have been doing this 3 months and have made a whopping $28!

    [Hi, how are you? Listen, I'm very, very sorry about your disabled state. But realize this, I teach people how to market and sell. I'm not God. I don't work miracles. I'm not a savior and don't even play one on TV. What I CAN tell you is that article writing costs you nothing other than your time. And there are a number of people who succeed by writing 10-15 articles per day in around 4 hours. Reference my old ezine articles about the posts for Xfactor on Warriors Forum or just go to warriorforum.com and search for Xfactor and find the thread that is about 15 pages long. He reveals his whole entire method there. IT takes about 4 hours a day and there are almost zero expenses to his method.]

  • Vivian Sigley says:

    I have taken about a dozen websites to promote. I am sort of confused about the marketing part. I get so many emails that I just get confused. I don't know anything about facebook, twitter, my space, or youtube. I am just trying to get started for free because The Tax Club took all my money to start up my business. Well enough of my whining. You asked for it

  • Julius Orias says:

    Hi Marlon, it is my first time to leave a comment from your blog today and it is good that you respond yourself about with your blog. Yeah, you are right about other people not responding about their blog if others have questions regarding what they need to understand. I'm with a successful affiliate program today and the only problem is the needing of traffic to it. It was a profitable one and I need to focus on this because the it is affordable to everyone to set up a new business online. You might to take a good look about this and let me know what you think. The business been their about 11 years now, they started year 1999.

    Here is a business program: http://website.ws/julius25usa

    Many thanks,

    Julius Orias

  • JOHN WRIGHT says:

    To tell you the truth I haven't made one cent on the internet.Only make one thousand

    a month on social security and that doesn't

    cover bills and hardly food.Am tired of be-

    ing a loser and getting no where at all.I am kind of like a little kid lost in the woods and can't find my way out.Some people

    make more in a month than I do in a year,it

    is pretty pathetic isn't it?

    [John, if you write 10-15 articles a day you can work your way out of your situation. Sean Mize has a free ebook on article writing. In the Warrior's Special Offer Forum there's plenty of really cheap how to's on article writing and making money with it. It should only take about 10 – 15 minutes per article.]

  • Randy Cox says:

    Hi Marlon, I really enjoy your writing and humor. I'm a pastor who has to supplement his income with other sources. I have been selling equipment for the last 11 years. I'm getting too old. My goal is to transition to selling something online. I need 10K per month to replace my current income sources. Which of your products would you recommend I start with? I build and maintain my own website, make videos, etc. I need a concrete plan or blueprint to follow.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Randy Cox

    [Randy, since you are verbal and can teach, this is a realistic objective. It helps you have a niche you want to sell to. I know someone who does pretty well creating sermons and selling them to other pastors. You need some kind of a niche. Then you start building your list for that niche using Promodashboard. Then you create your own product using productdashboard. But first you need a niche. If you are just really stuck there, the first row of Promo Dashboard covers it and I also have a product called pushbuttontargetmarket.com that is pretty good.]

  • steve says:


    Am just a newbie who do not know where 2 start exactly with online marketing.i ve bought a lot of stuff but ve not yet got the desired result.Could you pls to my aid.



  • Marlon,

    You and your information rock! I have your dashboard and download (and read) all of your reports and ebooks. Article marketing has worked well for me and I now have 1,266 articles over at EzineArticles. Article Marketer went out of business a few months ago.

    I am thinking of starting a free forum to build trust with my list. What do you think about this idea?

    Our mutual friend Jeanette Cates talks about you all of the time and says hello.

    Thanks for all you do.

    Connie Ragen Green

  • Patricia says:

    Hi Marlon…hope all is well with you. As for me, I'm so thankful to have you in my corner. Seriously, I wish I could give you a big hug for being who you are.

    Usually, I don't get very emotional but you are so caring and sharing that you have my undivided attention mainly because you mingle with us common folks which makes me want to let everyone who reads this know that they are getting something very special and well worth their time and/or money when they decide to tune in to anything you write, draw, say, show, or sell us.

    You are real I guess is what I'm trying to say. Yes, there are other Marketers who give and share, but you bend over backward to assist and be accessible for your customers and even those who are not yet your customers/students.

    I'm sure this is why many of your readers become your students. I know that's one of my main reasons for buying from you.

    I don't see how I should have any problem getting something going, but if I do, I know you will be here for me.

    I don't usually buy anything, but I know that with the Dashboard I just bought that I most probably will make some decent money because everything is layed out in a step-by-step, easy to follow, informative format so this time I'm sure I won't get overwhelmed,hung up, or side-tracked and give up the ship like I did awhile back.

    I'd like to make a few bucks daily and make some monthly residual on an idea I have for the offline world, then after I prove it to be a moneymaker, I'd like to sell it as a BIAB and just continue to add more money-making features to it for my customers as I learn more from you.

    I was completely lost when it came to creating audio or video but based on what I have gathered from the information provided from the Dashboard, I now know that I will have one or both on my site very soon which I believe will help to make my idea more successful as I make myself known and accessible to my customers as you are doing.

    Oh, I do have a question, if you will. I'd like to make my customers Members and pay them to promote my service but I don't know whether I should go thru my hosting company and use their affiliate software, or not.

    I use ThirdSphere which is what Terry Dean and the late, great Corey Rudl recommended a few years ago but my question is…What is the difference between one affiliate setup and another?

    With ThirdSphere it's free, but it offers so much that I probably won't need so what would you recommend just to be able to issue each Member their own i.d. and keep track of who sold how many?


    Marlon, of course, one of my goals is to make my idea work so I can make some money, but another one of my goals is to meet you in person.

    Thanks so much for everything…

    I'm Patricia down here in La Marque just south of the causeway from Galveston Island.


    We had to evacuate to get away from the big one otherwise known as Hurricane Ike awhile back so we went to San Marcos to stay. While we were there we visited the Riverwalk and a couple of other places in and around San Antonio. Too bad we didn't go to Starbucks or maybe I would have got to meet you sooner.

    But, until I do get to meet you and talk to you in person, THANK YOU for all that you do for us and for being real.

    Keep up the good work, and may God bless you.

  • Dennis says:

    Hello Marlon My friend 😎

    How's Life treating you today?

    As Always You Give Great advice And share your Know how With So Many.

    I would like to see if you can spare a little time?

    I am working on a product launch In the IM Field and would like to

    include some of your products into it.

    I know your Busy, I would Appreciate any

    input from you on advice for my site as

    well as what would be the best way to include some of your products (Upsell,Etc.)

    If you Have Time, I would Really appreciate It?

    Just drop me a quick note if you can and I will send all the details 😎

    P.S. This is very important to me, because I highly value your advice, because your real! and You are for me at least, a mentor to model after.

    You really Help People.

    P.P.S. Also I have an opportunity for Ewen To promote this if he approves of it! And I know You Worked With him Before.

    P.P.P.S. And If Your To busy, I understand 😎

    I still Think Your A Great marketer and person.

    thanks marlon!

    Dennis Howard

  • Mark says:


    About a million people would like to know how to make an extra $1,000…

    How can people achive small victories? The little wins that give people the confidence to grow and learn more, invest more and keep buying more?

    The challenge… What is your solution?

    Looking forward to your reply…

    [Mark, my answer is to read bestofmarlonsanders.com. It's free and contains some of my best ideas. If you read my ezine you'll find out I also have an outstanding ebook for newbies that is free. No one produces more free content for newbies than I do in my ezine. So if you are asking for YOU, then my advice is to read the back issues of the ezines on my blog.]

  • Mike Thein says:

    Hello Marlon,

    I'm a Psychiatrist, and I'm in training with Russell Brunson's Microcontinuity program, as it applies well to the product I'm creating. I'm also a newbie; been studying and loading up my hard drive with crap for months (sound familiar?). Done with that now. I basically delete all of my marketing email soliciations except for a few. You are one of them. I'm also subscribed to the LOEM training, but have had no time to watch the trainings yet as I focus on product development (should I quit LOEM or put it in the can for later?). Would appreciate your honest opinion on LOEM. It might make more sense to leave RB-MC program, use those basic techniques, and focus on learning good business building basics from the beginning with LOEM. I know it's a senstive thing to ask you this. RB seems to really have his act together, and Jay and Rich need no commentary of course. I work 50 hrs/wk in Psychiatry and 20 hrs in IM. My goal is retirement in IM at $1M/YR, which I expect by year 5. Rich Schefrens IB Manifesto (BIG IMPACT, SMALL EBook) has taught me to FOCUS and quit chasing stuff like a rabid dog going after prime rib, and to build my business as a business, capitalizing on my strengths. He feels (and I agree) that one does not build a business around the latest hot selling product, but instead focus on what you uniquely can give to the world. Below is my unique contribution.

    There is a critical need for quality, cut the crap nuts n bolts Psychiatric training for Family Doctors. I'm creating an online university targeting this audience. I'm starting with a 16 week webinar series (24 hrs training) on the treatment of depression and anxiety. My vision is to grow this really big with tons of courses and lots of Psychiatrist authors I will recruit as I build resources. I'm selling cheap up front; a free plus shipping CD describing my program via a dinner seminar I did on this, which enrolls the Doc in the Webinar Series. First two webinars are free, then 3 days after that I bill them $40 a month times four. I'm going cheap to build testimonials and get an early base of Docs to market to. Once I get their testimonials on my website the price will increase to $98 a month using the same timeline above.

    I like the microcontinuity model, I think first popularized by the one and only Jimmy D. Brown (love that guy, one of the few IM's that have real integrity!), because unlike membership programs there is a discrete beginning and end and less attrition. You can also throw your product in the can, hit go on your autoresponder and collect $ on autopilot (almost). I'll be offering 4 free weekly one hour group telecoaching sessions to all who finish the 16 weeks as the hook to keep them in. Sorry if this was long. Your thoughts would be priceless to me.

    My biggest concern will be that I need to generate free or almost free traffic (yeah, another one of those shoestring budget guys). I don't see a way I can JV this, since nobody else is doing exactly this. Related companies are direct competitors and are well financed (large universities, major CME companies) who can easily crush me like an ant under a combat boot. However, they are not offering this powerful teaching method, so I'm one up on them there. I'm thinking I should do article marketing submitted to FP ezines and blogs, and use this to drive them to my ezine (yet to be created), where I can discretely market my product. I want to do an ezine rather than a blog, as I don't have time to respond to posts right now. God bless you for doing so. I'll shut up now 🙂 With appreciation.


    Michael D. Thein, M.D.

    [Hi Dr. Thein, RB has a good program. You have money so I would hire out the article writing. Once you get some conversions and know your numbers you can hire someone to do ppc for you. The first thing you have to do is get a modicum of traffic and a sales process that works.]

  • Veena says:

    Hi Marlon:

    You are amazing. What you have achieved online is fab.

    You wanted to hear from me… so I am writing…

    Honestly…I do not expect you to reply and I do not expect you to help me.

    I want to earn $1000 online, every month, month after month.

    That is my story…I do not know how to get to that goal…have been trying since 3 years… no luck!



    [Hi Veena, have you downloaded bestofmarlonsanders.com? At a 1% conversion rate, you need 1,000 visitors a month. You need 10 orders at $100 each total, including upsells. So a better question is how can you get 1,000 visitors a month to your web site. Every article you write will generate about 10 visitors based on low averages. So that is 100 articles a month or 3 a day.]

  • Went says:

    you have to have a niche,(topic,niche,product,idea for a niche) before one starts the keyword search thing.

    In over a year I havn't been able to find anything,( that tells me how to come up with the original thought,(that works) of a niche.) Don't have money to spend, on all of the huff and fluff,so it seems, that I have read. I realize that money can, and is bing made on the internet.

    [I cover this topic well in productdashboard.com and also in pushbuttontargetmarket.com. But you have two basic choices. Choose something you're passionate about or highly interested in where a lot of people buy stuff over and over. Or just find a market where that is true if nothing interests you. You're looking for magic. There is no magic. You need a group of people who are very passionate about buying stuff. And it's nice if you're passionate about it because then you have more fun. But if not, just pick something where people spend a lot of money. If it's nichey and not something like weight loss or extremely competitive topics, that's a plus.]

  • Hi Marlon again,

    I have 25 articles. They are already translated and edited. I tried to put couple of them in articles banks and it is take lots of time. If i'll write 10 articles each day, how can I organize to put them out in the articles banks? Or may be I should use only one article bank?

    Best regards,


    [Hi, use ezinearticles.com and put some in goarticles.com. Or you can use an article submission service like submityourarticle.com or articlemarketer.com]

  • anne says:

    Hello Marlon'

    I need to change my life in a big way and I feel that the internet is the route. At present I am going through your course and even having a website has somewhat escaped me. However I intend to prevail. I have no lists and need to build one fast. I love the look of your design dashboard and the offer. However like everything the $1 is not a problem the $27 may be but I am going to take up your offer and hope to have made it back by then.

    On another note please could you extend your free offers a little longer. I missed the hitman because I was in hospital and as such I appreciate the sense of urgency but

    it was dissappointing to see that I had to purchase it. This i will not do as I want to get the dashboard. Just to show you how backward I am this is my first ever blog. Finally please thank Tim on your supoort desk. He helped me get your free publication which I have read and because of his help i now know that you are bona fide and I am now ready to start lesson 6 in the course which once finished that is when i launch.

    Best wishes and thank you Anne

    [Anne, Tim is an awesome support person and I'm proud to have him do support for me. I'll hook u up on da hitman.]

  • angelina says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I have tryed to begin but how hard life is with out money. I have only £520 monthly.£390 I every month spend on rent and bills. I better would not eat more and spend money on good helpful programs but my computer needs money too because I in firs time have to have updated piano then I could show people how I play.

    I do not cry I want you know about me and my problem. I am optimist so I am do not going to stop but slowly I will to rish my aim. All that I have got from you is very helpful and interesting for me. I have a lot of questions but I can't be action till I have my upgraded computer.

    My great thank you

    And regards

    [Hi Angelina. What I recommend is to get a book called Think and Grow Rich and read it 4 times and make sure you do everything in chapter 6. This race isn't a sprint. It's won over time. You eat an elephant a bite at a time. Start with article marketing. It's free and does work.]

  • Ernest here, super nubie, I'm having a new computer built because the old one croaked. So I'm starting from scratch, reading the PDF's, particularly "The Best Of Marlon Sanders" is very inspiring, though some of the concepts are still unclear, and others sound expensive to me. I can make my own graphics and music, and I'm a decent writer, so I'm looking at focusing on email list, products, affiliates, and designing the site or blog. That plus limited investment cash is my obstacle and learning curve. What I have is determination, and a little time, so I want to get a hungry list CHEAP , even if that means I have to do it by using some kinda tedious "the hard way" technique.

    I want a dashboard, perhaps the promo one, gonna havta wait a click or two for that. 'Til then, research, reading, & designing. I apreciat you letting me get to the ROOTS of this IM thang.


    [Hi, have you considered writing for cash? There are plenty of web sites you can advertise on for business. And as far as building your email list, if you write and submit 5-10 articles a day, you should build up a responsive list in 3-6 months. Refer to the post I wrote about John with the link to his thread on Warrior's forum. All he does is write articles and he's aat $300 a day ONLY from adsense. Of course, I prefer building a list and selling a number of products to that list.]

  • Jane Smart says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I need to know where I can advertise and get a bang for my bucks. I'm not good at using social sites. I can't seem to find the time. I seldom get to Twitter also. I am looking for ad swaps, free or paid ads that work. My business is in e-commerce. I have 4 websites. One of them I sell stuff on ebay. The others are where you can find bargains. I have looked for e-commerce ezines but haven't been able to find any??

    Thank you,


    [Hi Jane, I appreciate you telling me that. I'll see what we can do about this in the future.]

  • Susan says:


    I have just completed my first ebook:Margarita Mind: How to Avoid It; A Guide to Buying Mexico Real Estate Safely & Sanely".

    I sent it off with love to Killer Covers they have designed my covers and banners and are building my site, and will take me all the way through the ClickBank setup and approval.

    70,000,000 Baby Boomers are headed south of the border to retire and buy primary residences and vacation homes.

    After 22 years in the mortgage and real estate industry on both sides of the border, I have a wealth of info. I have seen it all, and can advise these folks so that they do not become chum in the great sea of Mexican real estate practices.

    I have 10 more books I want to write and plan on at least one more to be ready for market by December.In most markets of Mexico high season is gearing up. That means lots of tourists and lots of home buyers. They all need to have my book in their hands before they arrive.

    I have some joint marketing agreements with many Mexico portal sites, and will be placing ads on others.

    I want to make this big in a hurry.I need help in growing my list and in getting the book(s) in to the hands of the boomers coming to Mexico.

    It took me this long to respond to your email about writing my comments in your blog, because my full attention has been on meeting my deadline!

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    I also rent my guesthouse here in La Paz, Baja California Sur…it is full most of the time. And I want to sell my beach house, and would like to be able to get it in front of those same eyeballs that need my book.

    I like what you said about being comfortably set financially, no need for palatial manses and flashy cars, but money to be independent,secure and to travel.

    I am ready!



    [Susan, make sure that you have a link to your affiliate program on your web site. And invite every buyer to become an affiliate. Split test your copy to find out what converts. Another ACTION TAKER and 5%'er. Congratulations for bucking the trend.]

  • Kifayat says:

    Hi Marlon, thank you for the e-books and information you've sent the past couple of days. I have been reading some of your responses to previous comments and it seems I might have to start with article writing first of all and then progress to bigger things when I start making money.

    Thank you once again and I want to say that you are "real" and only wished I had come accross your materials before I fell into so much debt!

    [Hi, sorry about the debt. But you can get out it. Article writing is free. Do 10 articles a day. Create web 2.0 sites that also link to your money pages. Learn how to do some social bookmarking. That's one route to go. The other route is to create your own product and begin recruiting affiliates. Either path works. If you target kw phrases with under 30 SOC on MNF, you should get some decent rankings in 2 weeks to a month. See the post by John I've talked about on Warriors Forum where he's doing adsense via article writing.]

  • Munawar says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I have been following you for the past many years and have also subscribed to your newsletter.

    Recently (after wasting many years) I launched a membership website : http://www.penny-stock-winning-trades.devhub.com.

    Please I would like you to visit it and tell me how to improve on it.



    [Hi Munawar, congratulations on starting your own product. A few things. One is to get on the email lists of others in that industry who have Google ads that run week after week and even month after month. Use the tool I talk about in pushbuttontargetmarket.com to find lists of people of very successful offers in our arena. Learn from the sales copy, products, bonuses, offers and guarantees. And the last thing is to be very careful legally. Investment newsletters I believe are regulated (at least in the U.S.) by the Securities Exchange Commission. It looks like from your email you may be in another country. If you see to the U.S. you are required to abide by laws here. But as far as marketing, the single most important thing you can do is to study what others in your field are already doing to be successful.]

  • Narasimharao says:

    Hi Marlon, how are you?

    First things first….I am a newbie..

    I stumbled upon one of your sites and since I was impressed with your background I purchased your Ockham Razor Income System. I was even more impressed with what you said in there. I want to to set up my own info-product web site.

    I need your advice.

    Thank you and Regards.


  • Hay

    The thing I need to learn is ad copy writing, it will open doors that All the internet marketers say makes or brakes it in this market.

    I have one adsense web site going up. Just looking for google to ok it.

    My went is for me and my wife can stay at home and work together, that is my goal. You said first goal is to make the first dollar, then go on from that. I am learning from John Colton and TrafficSwarm Coaching Club, and what you have sent, it already helped, and is helping. Thanks

    [Good luck to you. Michael]

  • Janet Kwek says:

    Hello Marlon,

    This is the first time I'm visiting this page. It's nice to read some of the comments here.

    I'm new to internet marketing and I've just learned how to build my first website. I'm really happy about it though it needs lots of fine tuning.

    I understand that building one's list is by no means easy, it needs practice. I'm now trying to learn about writing articles and also blogging. I'm a terrible writer. I'm trying to pick up ideas from here and there and will see how it goes.

    Any advice from you would be appreciated.


  • Eric says:


  • Eric says:


    Thanks to Michael Clouse, I discovered Art Jonak. And he led me to you. Been following you for a while. Picked up a few of your amazing products. Building an MLM business that wasn't really built with the Internet in mind. However, a partnership has been forged where people can start a marketing business for free, which is going to be a sales funnel for the MLM product. My question is that with something that is free, which direction should I go? It is so big that I feel the market is so wide open and could use some direction. I don't know if PCC is efficient. Masses won't even know to search for it for a couple of months. Blogging? How do I build a list there and drive traffic? Article marketing? Voice Broadcast campaign? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    [Michael on building mlm I like the ideas of Daegan Smith, Joe Shroeder, Mike Dillard, Dal Calvert. They are pros.]

  • Natanael Torres says:

    What must I do to get started?

    I have just recently come across this industry and I'm truly amazed at its potential and the proof is out there! I am a Handyman by trade, ask me about any repair, I have done it in the last 17 years.

    I guess I project the amount of years it took for me to get to this level in my profession that it is difficult to fathom not really having to know everything in this industry to be successful. Yet, as in the construction industry I need guidance. My family depends on it. I depend on it.

    I want to be financially secure, and I'm willing to put the time, effort, and attention to accomplish this. I so desire to help others, but I must learn to be helped first in order to do so.

    What must I do to get started?

    I have read on Affiliate Marketing and different Marketing Strategies, but when you are strapped financially…

    What must I do to get started?

    I have no qualms about reinvesting any income back into this business, I have to as a Handyman, in order to grow. There is so much information out there I only want one mentor, and from all the e-mails received and proof that I have read, I would rather learn from you.

    What are the basics to start?

    What must I do to get started?

    Thank you so much for your attention and guidance,

    God Bless, Natanael

    [Hi Natanael, just like in Vegas, scared money doesn't usually win. I recommend you first establish your financial footing and get some stability. Read Dave Ramsey and listen to his Internet radio show for inspiration on this. Now, once you ARE stable, go to bestofmarlonsanders.com and read the back issues of my ezine. It's free. There are other articles on my site and many comments here. The short version is this: How do you make money on the web Marlon Sanders' style? You create and sell products. You trade products for dollars instead of your own time as you do as a handyman. So you find people already buying stuff and find something else they'll want to buy.]

  • Marlon, I had previously sold "The Amazing Formula" as an affiliate years ago. I have to say you are the only person whose products I affiliated with that I ever made any money with. Circumstances beyond my control has kept me out of the IM game for the past 8 years. I still have on one of my hard drives "Push buttom letters" and "Give me my money now". I have yet to look for them. Anyway I just purchased the "Promodashboard" because thing have changed a lot the past few years. I look forward to being associated with you and your products again.

    Thanks so much for all you do.


    [Nancy, welcome BACK to the game! Time to use Promo Dashboard to start building that list!]

  • Garry says:

    I would like to find a good tutorial about using CSS when setting up a website. I have the Web Design Dashboard.

    [Hi, the best play on that is just your local bookstore. I don't teach it because it's a little complex. We did our sites in html for years. But we use css now because if you outsource your design, most designers prefer it.]

  • Mary says:

    I never know what to write in these things, always sure I am saying the wrong thing or something. I am facing an overload on information, and getting nowhere, I am currently trying hard to get my life going after 42 years, I am currnetly attaining my assiciate degree under a grant that I am going to have to start paying back the moment I graduate, I am learning the travel and hospitality information through school but from here I am at a standing point. I amin a catch 22 situation, need a job to get money need money to get a job. I am on SSI so the start up costs to anything is out of reach for me. I know I have to come up with some business plan but I know nothing about business. And to top it off I have been having to deal with mental issues,(bipolar). What do I do from here? how much is it going to cost me is out of my league.

    [Mary, I recommend article marketing to start with no money. You write and submit 7-15 articles per day. You can write articles in 15-30 minutes with practice. Search Google for Sean Mize and you'll find some free ebooks by him to help you.]

  • Collins Owusu says:

    I have read alot of articles on internet marketing. but i am ghana i dont have access to international bank accounts and credit cards for my affiliate marketing am confined.

  • Terry Lawley says:

    really new to this, still trying to get my head around all this technical stuff, just wish ther were folks who would give more detailed info on exact process one needs to follow to implement these stratogies you folks talk about. such as squeeze pages and list building.

    Thanks for letting me rant, just very frustrated now.

    [Terry, I have exactly what you're looking for: http://www.promodashboard.com. That is for squeeze pages and list building. And also making sales.]

  • Ash says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Thanks for the email. To start with, I am not really in the business of IT and hence I won't be able to devote my to internet or PC, which I think would be required to start any business. Apart from that I not really literate in IT subjects but I am good at MS Office (I think so) and learnt Java language from internet tutorials and while working as Completions Engineer got the opportunity to work on WinPCS and PIMS completion databases.

    Having said the above, looking where am I now, I think I have the quality of adaptability and learning new things. I feel necessary to tell you that I am a fast learner.

    I have introduced myself to you the credibilities I have in brief and hope for some advise from you.


    Ash Bandy

    [Hi Ash, how are you? What I'd say is to download my ebook at bestofmarlonsanders.com and read the back free issues of my ezine on marlonsnews.com. Start with that. Learn how to target a market and build a list.]

  • Angela says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Ugh, OK – my sales page isn't converting as well as I hoped, so I took it down and am re-working it – so I bought your Push Button Sales Letters program and am almost ready.

    Just wanted to say thank-you for the tips and heads up. I've printed off your email to me and am going through and checking each item off as I do it, while at the same time working on my new sales letter.

    I started my blog after I had my SBI site up. But I couldn't figure out how to properly monetize the darned thing. Now that I've finally got my product complete with the Promo Dashboard I feel it in my bones that I'm on the right track with you.

    The best part is that my product integrates perfectly with my original website. My frustration is that my SBI site doesn't have enough allowable upload capacity for my pdf's and video, but my blog site does.

    My question is … will this create confusion with my readers if the web addresses are different for the product offered?

    Thank you,


    PS – just a note you might want to remind or share with your readers and maybe you have already somewhere … be VERY careful when buying RSR or MRSR rights – and public domain docs or books. Even though they might be in the public domain, doesn't mean 100% that you can use them – someone might own the copyright to the name of the title of the book … and you'll be SOL.

    PPS – To Ken L from Australia – my original website is: http://www.build-your-new-home.com where I have over 30 pages of free item specific content.

    My question is this – being from Australia and being 81 years young or going to be soon, you must know a little about real estate oriented things in your neck of the woods – maybe it's quirky real estate or something that really rocks you about where you live in Australia. It could be about retirement lifestyle living, green living …

    My point is – based on what Marlon's teaching me and what I'm in the process of doing – if you submit an article or two about real estate or a super builder or home style you love or whatever to me – I'll be happy to post your article in my mini blog there.

    Better yet if you have a report on Australia – specifically that neck of the woods you call home – and you'd like me to do the same with it, send it along too (don't forget your affiliate links).

    My motive is two fold. One – it gives my site a new perspective about a content related topic and Two – it gives you Ken (if you're interested) a place from which to start to spread the word. (Marlon let me know if I'm being too forward here or you don't approve) Funny I couldn't figure this out for myself…

    [Nice pot Angela. Now, Push Button Letters forces you to follow a formula. But you STILL need to understand the basics of the sales process. What I recommend is printing out sales letters in your field that you know convert and spending some time analyzing them and why you think they work. Do they tell a story? What are they selling at what price point? What's the guarantee? If you aren't in the ATeam, join us.]

  • jacqueline says:

    Hi Marlon,I have been working online for 3 years,bought and read lots of ebooks,tried to use as much as I could. I have a few blogs and squidoos. I am trying to provide free information for my readers so they can learn without spending much money, I also put some articles and products to sell. I do everything possible and everthing I have read to make money. My QUESTION FOR YOU: WHERE IS IT? How and when will I start making money. I am broke, frustrated and at the same time I keep working and hoping something will happen like magic and I start making money. I get lots of emails, they all tell me how to make money, but I kind of have LOST MY HOPE.

    [Jacqueline, did you read my article today? Go check your email. Read the article. I'll post it on my blog shortly. It's simple and spelled out in the article. Have you read my back bestofmarlonsanders.com issues? And my Newbie Report freebie? The other day I interviewed Sean Mize. Sean started from SCRATCH, spent almost no money, wrote and submitted 150 articles per month, used the resource box to link to his squeeze page and built up an income of $15,347 his 13th month online. You send people to a squeeze page. You offer a freebie to get on your list. You send out emails that sell stuff. So if you aren't making money, you're not getting enough people on your list or you aren't sending out emails selling stuff.]

  • Debbie Kirk says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I'm one of your coffee buddies on Twitter. Thanks loads for the encouragement through all of your comments above. I've been stuck in not knowing what to do first and be scared to take the first steps. Lots in the works, but nothing making money. I'm going to start writing more articles and doing some videos. Hopefully I'll get to start posting my optins, clicks, etc on Twitter soon. :). I tried to DM you but you weren't following. Continued blessings to you for your encouragement to all of us.

    BTW, I'm having Starbucks Breakfast Blend with chocolate syrup and butter pecan creamer blended with ice into a frap. Yum…..



    [Debbie, I just don't have time to take DM's from people. I hope you understand. Why don't you join Ateam where we hang out and chat? I love Starbucks.]

  • Chris says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I have a bad case of paralysis by analysis, which serves me well in my day job but is plain painful in Internet Marketing. I have been reading and researching for 2 years and have nothing to show except a fairly broad knowldege and a bunsh of stuff on my hard drive. But kids are getting bigger, college bills will be here before I know it, so I am now focussed on finding "the one" solution – and I think I have it. I would like your opinion on CPA and CPC and how best to pursue and build a specific business in this space. Seems so many are selling the processes that this may be saturated and may be too risky but I am hoping you can offer insight.

    Thanks very much!


    [Chris, it's a huge market with broad offers. I wouldn't worry about saturation. But I think the list building model is superior. That's my personal bias. In CPA you have to work as hard tomorrow as you do today. Unless u have your own product ur putting out via a cpa campaign, which can be lucrative but isn't for beginners.]

  • Angela says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Your stuff is great – really. Not saying that just for fluff. I'm ashamed to admit I allowed myself to get hi-jacked for about 9 months on other hype.

    Long story short. I'm going to be 44 in a few days and in spite of having my own small firm a few years ago, made an even bigger mistake to get married. Sold my office with a 5 year non-competition agreement to my competitor and well, let's just say I don't think my competitor could have done better. Should have sold the fiance and kept the business.

    Anyhow, I've learned many industry insider tips in my business over the years and since I'm now the sole caregiver and earner for a sick family member, the long hours 24/7 in sales is not physically do-able. I can't be in 3 places at once.

    This is why internet sales and marketing appealed to me. I learned from SBI some basic stuff, and know a bit of html and a little of a lot of other steps too – just enough to get me into trouble. Which is why I went back to your Promo Dashboard.

    Very key. Very basic. So basic a person keeps looking if they missed something.

    Today I posted my first banner ads for my product the Credit Crisis Survival Guide- basically how people who've been side-tracked by the currrent economy can get back on track with home ownership – but also how to make that purchase work for them and not against them.

    And yesterday I wrote a free small mini-ebook about the Queen of Frugalista – a true story about a woman I met when I was younger. What she taught me then, applies more than ever to people today. And if they can combine that with earning a living on the net …. even better.

    So please, a few prayers for me – and from the bottom of my heart, I wouldn't have completed that e-book I started 9 months ago if your Promo Dashboard hadn't of given me the kick I needed.

    Just have to wait and see what mistakes I've made. So worried I did it all wrong.

    Again, all the best,


    PS – I want to use the Credit Crisis Survival Guide as an opener for helping people become more self-reliant – and use your affiliate links and banners in a follow-up special resource review chapter I'll release in a few weeks. If you have any suggestions or would like to preview it first, please let me know.

    [Angela, first of all, you have writing TALENT. Your words were well stated. The main thing on the guide is making sure you have something that will sell it. I would split test a sales letter vs. a sales video you do in power point or open office and screen capture with Camtasia or Cam Studio. And first get them on your email list with a freebie on your squeeze page and follow up with all the stuff I teach in rows 5 and 6 of Promo Dash. Put at least 30 emails in the follow up sequence for your product and then also affilaite products. Make sure to put some top clickbank affiliate products in that sequence. For your traffic, run the banners in forums, blogs and also do solo ezine mailings. Set up an affiliate program.]

  • Ron Bryan says:

    Well you opened the flood gates my friend, I wish I knew the answers myself , or even how to ask the right questions. I just seem UN coach able My goals were to be a tree that produced fruit, Made money through my cyber business, and was able to duplicate it in others even if it meant going to their homes and working on their computers.

    I don't encourage laziness, but it seems a duplicated problem that marketers don't know how to focus and what they should be doing with their time.

    we also have a hard time drawing people to action, that has been my battle for months .

    I am now thinking of throwing in the towel so to speak, thinking I am just not a proper fit and better off just working for someone else.

    [Ron, get a book by Sam Carpenter called "Work The System." It's at your bookstore. That book and Ready, Fire, Aim by Michael Masterson are both cheap and will get you in a better mindset. Ron, I don't recommend being full time in a business that won't support you. You need a financial base to work from and build your business part time. Example: A friend of mine wrote 30 articles a day and sold them as an article writing service for $7 each. He made $8000 a month doing that and underwrote the time it took to build his business.]

  • Ken Langdon says:

    Thank you again Marlon. Yes it is a beautful part of Australia. We have been up here 2 years now.

    Kind Regards

    Ken Langdon

    [Ken, write 1 article every 30 minutes and submit a minimum of 150 a month. Study the free and cheap stuff from Sean Mize. I sent out the link in an email 2 days ago.]

  • Ken Langdon says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I hope you do not mind me asking waht may be a stupid question to you?

    The question relates to your advice below!

    What do youi mean by linking to an affiliate product?

    Does that mean writing articles about an affiliate product?

    Would linking to your products as an affiliate be an appropriate step?

    "You need to write 20-30 articles a day and submit them to ezinearticles.com and link to an affiliate product."

    Yours sincerely

    Soon to be 81 year old Ken Langdon

    A few kilometres north of the Coolum Hyatt Regency which you visited for a conference/seminar a few years ago

    [Hi Ken, this free ebook explains it: http://www.secrets-of-internet-success.com/ That's a beautiful area of australia you're in. What you do is select a clickbank product on any topic with decent gravity, and write 30 articles on keyword phrases then move on to the next.]]

  • Ana Victoria says:

    Hello, Marlon.

    I am subscribed to your newsletters. I think that biologists who work in tropical rainforest conservation can obtain valuable advice in your newsletters on how to obtain funds for conservation, because after all, we need to make some sort of sales letters.

    If you have more advice on this subject (sales letters for non-profits), please let me know. Thank you so much. Regards,


    [Hi, the basic procedures are the same. You offer something enticing for free to get people on your list…. and then you send out emails that update info on the cause and sometimes ask for donations. You also update people on what the donations are doing and how you are helping the cause. It's all basic email marketing. We can discuss this on Ateam calls if you want to get on them.]

  • Ken Langdon says:

    OK Marlon! Point taken! Thank you again!

  • Ken Langdon says:

    WOW Marlon! That was a MOST helpful reply!

    No I didn't get a refund for Design Dashboard becasue I thought that I would hang on to it until I could afford to move forward.

    Believe it or not I worked for an advertising agency in the late 50s with all those copywriters etc, but I only counted the cash and paid the staff!!!

    Then I got among the sales staff again in the car and life insurance industries, but not as a salesman, and while I got the prize for 'the most enthusiastic speaker' in a Dale Carnegie course, I was not a Frank Betger able to close the sale! I was a 'technical expert' training sales staff.

    I have also been commended as a good writer, but whether I can come up to scratch who knows. But I will take your advice as above.

    Thanks again for your advice Marlon

    Kind Regards

    Soon to be 81 year old Ken Langdon

    [Ken, relax. You ain't gotta get up to scratch on this. The quality of the articles isn't what makes it work. It's volume and keywords. Just do it. Get Sean Burns free ebooks on the topic. Dean Shanin is good. Bummarketingmethod.com is good.]

  • Mike says:

    Wow. I am impressed with you. I still wonder if it is really possible to find that golden niche – it seems to me more than not, making money on the internet always seems to be from those who sell "How To Make Money on the internet" lol.

    In fact all the pics of you with all those impressive and very wealthy people, was all made selling how to make money stuff; or get traffic.

    So – I have seen from Wealthy affiliate, the same thing. Push a product that is how to make money. Or affiliate how to

    make money products.

    I do know others are making money but – could we see something real world sell?

    [Hi Mike, how are you? Please go to freonlinemarketingebook.com and watch the video in it where I answer this in depth. Internet sales exceeded 6 BILLION dollars last year. Internet how to products are around 100 million of that. That leaves 5.9 BILLION dollars of OTHER products being sold for gosh sakes. I show you the actual statistics on this in the book. And I DO SHOW YOU millions of dollars of non IM products being sold. I think you're buying into someone's hype on this topic. The answer is BILLIONS are being sold that have ZERO to do with IM how to training.]

  • Ken Langdon says:

    What are your sticking points?

    My sticking point is not having enough cash to survive on let alone find spare cash to try and make a go of it on the net.

    I am a soon to be 81 year old bankrupt Aussie bum who scraped up enough to buy the Design Dasboard but could proceed no further because I could not afford Photoshop Elements. Mike Paetzold and others on Affiliate Funnel suggested downloading Gimp, which I did, but donot know how to use.

    My family would like me to give up wasting time on the internet in what has been a fruitless attempt to earn an income, mostly because, being Age Pensioners, we have no spare cash to buy the tools we need.

    Still, I take heart and plug on because of people like you Marlon.

    [Ken, didn't we refund you for Design dashboard? I'm pretty sure we did. IF we didn't just go to getyoursupport.com and tell Tim. Go to youtube and search "gimp" and "how to use gimp." But really, you do NOT need to learn graphic design in your position. YOu are too broke. You need to write 20-30 articles a day and submit them to ezinearticles.com and link to an affiliate product. There are plenty of free or really cheap ebooks on how to market with articles. Sean Burns has several good ones but there are tons and tons of them. You do NOT need money. You need to write lots and lots of articles. Now, you say you don't know how to write articles that fast. This is covered in the free and dirt cheap ebooks also. You can write an article in 7 minutes. 30 articles will take 210 minutes or about 3-4 hours of work per day. By the way Ken, before you buy READ the sales letters. I said 5X in Designdashboard.com that you had to buy a piece of software that was around $100. Also, you CAN buy it on Ebay for much cheaper than $100. But you don't need that. You need to write and submit 30 articles a day. After 3-6 months if you promote a good choice of ebooks you'll have a decent amount of money coming in. Just go to ezinearticles.com, search sean burns and you'll find his ebooks in the resource box of his articles.]

  • I have information for both the Amazing Formula and Ockham Razor Marketing System but I am hesitant to purchase because frankly I am not sure if either will help my particular situation. I self-published a book called Making Light of Being Heavy and did a virtual book tour in May. I am on Amazon and the book tour gave me a platform to promote myself but I am looking for ways to increase exposure of my book. The book will be a hit if I can just get it out there. I would really appreciate it if you could let me know if you honestly thing either of the above programs would work in my situation. Thank you in advanced for your time.

    Kandy Siahaya

    [Kandy, AF teaches the basics of online marketing. It's an introduction that is very good. Promo Dashboard shows you how to build your email list and make sales. IF you want to learn book publicity, go to amazon and search on "promote book" or "book publicity." If you want to build an email list, send out emails and make sales online, Promo Dash will help with that. If you want to understand the big picture of Internet marketing, AF will help with that. Good luck to you.]

  • Damon Nelson says:

    I am building my newsletter series for my new product "How to Build a MiniVideoSite" and the Bonus "101 Free Ways to Market Your New MiniVideoSite"

    I have 2 newsletters in the series where I write an article about you and your products. Would like your thoughts if you get a chance. http://minivideosites.com/newsletter/mvs-part2.hthttp://minivideosites.com/newsletter/mvs-part3.ht

    Keep up the great work


  • Rick says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I was among the many original Internet millionaires and the original eBay millionaires… back in '97 – 2000… I had about a dozen of my own dedicated servers, programmed them myself… programmed my own email sender written in C++… this was before they tightened up on bulk emailing…

    I used to send out about 300 million emails daily… hence, I really don't need much in the way of help… but I love your stuff and your personality type…

    I love to work, study, learn new things and I love the challenge of learning new aspects of the Internet… the possibilities are literally limitless! I am 53, look 35 and feel 24!

    It's been about seven years since I was involved in all of this… I pissed off the Secretary of the Treasury, Taxgate.com.. (they made me take it down then spread a bunch of lies around to discredit me) and the Secretary called out the dogs on me…. namely the DOJ and the IRS… then my marriage went to hell as a result also… yup, when the going gets rough… some people just get going…. huh?

    Anyway, it's all behind me… and I am finished licking my wounds… my tail is no longer tucked between my legs… I am gearing up again… and WOW, the scene is the same, but there are a few significant differences in how to reach the masses! You can wind up in jail! Geeezzz!

    It is hard as heck to get clean IPs and servers to send with… and even if I get them, the spam traps require real expertise to get through… even for legitimate double optins email addresses! Where there is a will, there are relatives… no, that's not it… "there is a WAY".. that's it!

    Anyway, when I read through your stuff, it helps me to tweak my viewpoints on how to structure my new procedural and organizational flowchart… I am staying clear of getting too involved in 'working my ass off' and being resolute in letting the 'PRODUCT' & 1AUTOMATION' work it's ass off FOR ME!!

    Your concepts and the way you conduct business align with what I learned and practiced in the 70's from Mr. Harvey Brody… 'let your property work for you'.. which is what YOU do Marlon… and I used to do before the government 'rained on my parade' so to speak. Here is a link to the very concept that you are trying to get into your fan club's too often 'thick heads'… http://www.infomarketingblog.com/toll-postion-sec

    Soooo… to make a long blog post short… I simply love watching your videos and listening to your audios etc… I am getting back into the scene and it is even more fun than ever…

    You know why it is more fun than ever Marlon? Because, it is more difficult than ever with all the regulations and the many other procedural obstacles… NO ONE THINKS THEY CAN OVERCOME THEM!!!

    Most people are afraid to learn… afraid to study… afraid to work… afraid that it's too hard… they listen to their alleged friends and peers and them saying that, 'It can't be done… otherwise EVERYONE WOULD BE DOING IT'…. BS, BS, BS, BS!!!

    That leaves all the room at the top… for people like us……. we aren't afraid.. it's a CHALLENGE!


    And because there MUST BE A WAY hiding in some niche or some corner… people with our way of looking at life and live KNOW that WE CAN FIND IT! It's like a giant Easter Egg Hunt! The eggs ARE THERE… but WHERE?

    Simple huh?

    You bet it is!

    Thank you for everything Marlon… you are doing a great job…



  • Rick says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I was among the many original Internet millionaires and the original eBay millionaires… back in ‘97 – 2000… I had about a dozen of my own dedicated servers, programmed them myself… programmed my own email sender written in C++… this was before they tightened up on bulk emailing… I used to send out about 300 million emails daily… hence, I really don’t need much in the way of help… but I love your stuff and your personality type…

    I love to work, study, learn new things and I love the challenge of learning new aspects of the Internet… the possibilities are literally limitless! I am 53, look 35 and feel 24!

    It’s been about seven years since I was involved in all of this… I pissed off the Secretary of the Treasury, Taxgate.com… (they made me take it down then spread a bunch of lies around to discredit me, you can see it at http://www.archive.org) and the Secretary called out the dogs on me…. namely the DOJ and the IRS… then my marriage went to hell as a result also… yup, when the going gets rough… some people just get going…. huh?

    Anyway, it’s all behind me… and I am finished licking my wounds… my tail is no longer tucked between my legs…

    I am gearing up again… and WOW, the scene is the same, but there are a few significant differences in how to reach the masses! You can wind up in jail! Geeezzz!

    It is hard as heck to get clean IPs and servers to send with… and even if I get them, the spam traps require real expertise to get through… even for legitimate double optins email addresses! Where there is a will, there are relatives… no, that’s not it… “there is a WAY”.. that’s it!

    Anyway, when I read through your stuff, it helps me to tweak my viewpoints on how to structure my new procedural and organizational flowchart… I am staying clear of getting too involved in ‘working my ass off’ and being resolute in letting the ‘PRODUCT’ & 1AUTOMATION’ work it’s ass off FOR ME!!

    Your concepts and the way you conduct business align with what I learned and practiced in the 70’s from Mr. Harvey Brody… ‘let your property work for you’.. which is what YOU do Marlon… and I used to do before the government ‘rained on my parade’ so to speak. Here is a link to the very concept that you are trying to get into your fan club’s too often ‘thick heads’… http://www.infomarketingblog.com/toll-postion-sec

    Soooo… to make a long blog post short… I simply love watching your videos and listening to your audios etc… I am getting back into the scene and it is even more fun than ever…

    Do you know why it is more fun than ever Marlon? Because, it is more difficult than ever with all the regulations and the many other procedural obstacles… NO ONE THINKS THEY CAN OVERCOME THEM!!!

    Most people are afraid to learn… afraid to study… afraid to work… afraid that it’s too hard… they listen to their alleged friends and peers and them saying that, ‘It can’t be done… otherwise EVERYONE WOULD BE DOING IT’…. BS, BS, BS, BS!!!

    That leaves all the room at the top… for people like us……. we aren’t afraid.. it’s a CHALLENGE!


    And because there MUST BE A WAY hiding in some niche or some corner… people with our way of looking at life and live KNOW that WE CAN FIND IT! It’s like a giant Easter Egg Hunt! The eggs ARE THERE… but WHERE?

    Simple huh?

    You bet it is!

    Thank you for everything Marlon… you are doing a great job…



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