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If you can create interest and turn it into sales, the world is your oyster


Marlon here.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to this:

If you can create INTEREST and turn it into SALES, the world is your oyster.

That’s the whole shebang when you think about it.

See, people fail for one of two reasons most of the time:

  1. They can’t generate enough interest in what they’re selling
  2. They can’t get people who have interest to buy

Now, included in #2 is being able to do that for higher dollar products that have margin. I mean, most anyone can make a $3 sale. Or $10.

But you need to be able to ASCEND those people to higher dollar amounts of purchases in exchange for greater value delivered to them by your product or service.

The question then becomes, “How do you create interest?”

And it’s maybe a bad question. Because people ALREADY have interest. You just have to tap into the things they’re ALREADY interested in.

Then bridge the gap from THAT to what it is you’re offering. And get them to buy it.

If you can do that, the world is your oyster.


Because you can ALWAYS buy ads to get your ads in front of people that create INTEREST. You can always do that.

And if you can get them to BUY once they indicate interest, and you can do it over and over with higher margin, higher value products and services, you’re truly GOLDEN.

It sounds so simple. And it is, really.

And yet, when you read online the comments by people who are struggling, you’ll find they struggle with one of these two things:

They can’t get enough INTEREST.

Or they can’t get them to BUY once they’re interested.

The Key To Creating Interest

The oldest advertising or sales formula in the book is called AIDA. Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. That formula traces back to pre 1900 as I recall.

So how do you create INTEREST?

You tap into EXISTING interest, right?

So what are people ALREADY freaking interested in that you can tap into?

It’s the SAME for virtually EVERY SINGLE PERSON on the entire planet?

Bank on it.

The ONE THING everyone is interested in is THEMSELVES.

If you want to MEET someone else, all you have to do ask about THEM and listen. That’s Dale Carnegie 101: Talk in terms of the other person’s interests.

And their #1 interest is always themselves, and by extension, their family.

Here’s an experiment: You’re talking to someone you just met. You say, “I’m curious, which hand do you write with? Let me see. (You look at their palm.) You say, oh that’s interesting. And you say no more.

The person will always say, “what?”

You say, “See your head line doesn’t intersect with your heart line so you make your decisions by your heart when push comes to shove.”

Or whatever.

But all of a sudden the person is fascinated. Because you’re talking about THEM. And they’re learning about themselves.

So in SALES, you want to talk in terms of the OTHER PERSON’S interest.

See, unfortunately, they don’t CARE about our PRODUCT.

They only care about themselves.

Your job as sa marketing and sales person is to create a bridge from their interest in themselves to your product. Because your product can help them get rid of pains they have or results they want.

Once you can do that, you have mastered INTEREST.

But let me caution you. While it’s SIMPLE to explain, doing it requires skill. You have to know HOW to do this with skill. The next step is to turn that INTEREST into SALES.

And even when you have the skill, it’s very easy to fall back into the trap of talking about your product before you’ve nailed INTEREST.

The Key to Making Sales

Once you have interest, you have to turn that interest into a sale.

Zig Ziglar in Secrets of Closing the Sale explains it this way.

In one hand they have their stack of money.

In the other hand they have your stack of value in the form of the product or service you’re selling.

Your stack of VALUE has to OUTWEIGH substantially their stack of money.

Another way to state is you know where they currently ARE. And where they WANT to be. And you have to prove your product or service is the BRIDGE that takes them from where they ARE to where they WANT to be.

There’s an art and a bit of science to doing this. It mostly involves understanding how people’s Psychology works. How their brain works. What creates desire and action.

Once you learn this, you can’t UNLEARN it. You have it for life. So that’s why I teach it. Because I know I create LIFE LONG value when I do so.

Once you “get” this, you can do it the rest of your life.

Some people do it intuitively.

Maybe we all do. But we forget HOW to do it. And learning to do this is quite possibly just about learning how to do what we already know how to do but forgot.

Once you can get INTEREST anytime you want. And you can turn that interest into a SALE, you control your own destiny no matter the economy.

You control your own destiny because you know you can find the people with interest and you can get them to buy. Which is another word for making the sale.

There’s a feeling of POWER when you can do this.

A feeling of SECURITY. Because you have the CONFIDENCE that no matter what you can create interest and make a sale.

It’s Easy To Analyze Where You’re Stuck

Where are you stuck?

Can you not generate INTEREST?

Or can you not get interested people to BUY at a high enough margin that you can afford to pay to find more of ’em.

Of course, if you know how to generate INTEREST, you don’t even have to pay because you can generate interest for FREE using social media.

And you KNOW that once you have the interest, you’ll snag the sales.

This gives you CONFIDENCE in your FUTURE prosperity and abundance.

Because no matter what you can get interest and make a sale.

Get interest and make a sale.

Then get interest and make higher margin, higher value sales.

Everyone makes this Game out to be so complicated.

It’s laughingly simple.

You get interest.

You make a sale.

Over and over.


If you’d like to know how to do this, I teach it and a lot more in my course at SalesCopy.com. It’s not real cheap. Unless you compare it to the value it creates for a lifetime. In which case it costs a penny or two.

Best wishes,


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