Internet Marketing Perspective: Should You Upgrade Your Wordpress Blog to 2.5?

Internet Marketing Perspective: Should You Upgrade Your WordPress Blog to 2.5?




I just found the BEST, in-depth analysis on WordPress 2.5 vs. the prior version.

I kinda wish I read this before I upgraded.  To be honest, it’s a bit like XP vs. Vista.  Hang with XP till you don’t have a choice.  Then buy a Mac.  That’s what I did.

It’s not THAT drastic for the comparison.  But I really liked the features of the prior WordPress.  They’ve tried to simplify the interface.  But in doing so, they’ve made it more clunky to me.  I liked the expanded menus vs. the new simplified ones.

I assume they’re try to make it seem less intimidating to the new user.  I think there should be more control over what’s displayed on the menus and how they’re displayed.

You might disagree.

That’s why I refer you to this great article:

The reason I upgraded is that I’m a sucker for the latest.  And feel like upgrades are pretty much inevitable.  So I don’t fight them.  I’m sure I’ll get used to the new WordPress.  But if I were you, I wouldn’t be in any great rush to upgrade.

From an Internet marketing perspective, I believe they’ve made a few things better. The URL I referred you to above can probably give you a lot more detailed breakdowns on the implications for you as a marketer.

All that said, WordPress is still a fantastic tool for marketers.  If you aren’t using it for your blogging, I recommend it.




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