Internet marketing training — If you’re NOT seeing opt-ins, opens, clicks and sales, here’s the problem and the unexpected solution - Online and Info Product Marketing

Internet marketing training — If you’re NOT seeing opt-ins, opens, clicks and sales, here’s the problem and the unexpected solution

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If you're putting in the hours and grind but not seeing RESULTS, watch the video below

If your Internet marketing training isn't paying off for you yet me tell you a little personal story that may shed some light on why …

My SOLUTION to this problem is in the video below, so after you skim through this post, you'll definitely want to spend just a couple minutes to watch it.

If you've been following my blog, you can see that I've been making changes to it. I'm trying out different header graphics and opt-in mechanisms within my blog, and more frequent email notifications, including using html emails.

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Why Is It That You Buy New Online Marketing Training and Sincerely Try to Get Results But Those Hot Dog Online Marketing Courses Sometimes Fall Flat — Really Flat…Until You Feel Frustrated Or Like Quitting?

What's more, I bought some seo training. I'm using onpage seo to make sure the search engines understand WHAT my posts are even about. I'm trying to NOT go crazy with this. But what I realized is that if I don't do this, the search engines don't even understand what my posts are about. It's a great question.

Video: Internet marketing training
— If your Internet marketing strategies are NOT seeing results, watch this video for the explanation and the SOLUTION!

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You can view the video on Youtube here.

Here's my experience. Right now my blog posts like this one are taking WAY LONGER to write than I wish. I worked with my webmaster the last few nights on revamping a few things. For example, I wanted to use longer headlines but found that the font we were using on this, my Internet marketing training blog, weren't that readable. Then I'm learning to write posts that are more engaging, adding pictures and video.

Here's a good example: My Internet marketing training videos weren't showing up properly. That was very frustrating! My webmaster didn't know why either. So I had to figure it out. Come to find out, I needed a space before and after the Amazon S3 video url. Who woulda thunk it? I mean, seriously!

I also had a problem with the blog caching plugin I wanted to use to speed up the load time of my online marketing training blog here.

What are the top 3 reasons people's Online marketing system isn't seeing super fast results?

I put some thought into this based on my own experience, here are the top 3 reasons I personally see for  training not paying off with super fast results.

1. There's the learning curve in technical issues.

I gave several examples above.

2. There's the speed factor. Right now, it's taking me quite a bit of time to slog through the learning curve.

3. The frustration of trying new things that seem to not be working.

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders
The King of Step-By-Step Internet Marketing


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PS: One of the things I'm considering doing is starting an Internet marketing training podcast! In order to do that, I bought some training and obtained the rights to offer it to you also. I won't have it at this steep low price long, so check it out.

  • @ReneBentz says:

    RT @TrevGreenfield: Check this out if you aren’t seeing the results you expect.

  • Tom Bice says:

    To be considered an expert it takes approximately 10,000 hours of learning a subject. Internet marketing is no different in learning new skills. Be willing to put in the time learning new skills. It does take a certain mindset and determination to become an expert in internet marketing and earn six figures or more a year in income. I am still learning new skills in the IM industry. Thanks, Marlon!

  • John Antaya says:

    This video was well put. I just wish it was that easy for me.


    • marlon says:

      John, I tell you the TRUTH….just do it a lot and it WILL be. Honestly, that is 100% fact. I also was a member of Toastmsters for 2 years…I recommend that organization very much and it costs almost nothing. Nearly every city in the world I think has one or many Toastmasters’s groups. It really just comes down to repetition.

  • @tyronne78 says:

    If you’re NOT seeing opt-ins, opens, clicks and sales, here’s the problem and the solution! via @marlonsanders

  • Solid content Marlon! Mindset is extremely important when you’re first starting out as an internet marketer. The people that have the right mindset at the beginning will have an advantage over those who don’t.

    I know one thing, it’s a great feeling when you’re highly skilled at what you do. I can literally crank out content in my sleep and setting up wordpress blogs and doing a lot of the technical stuff is a breeze. Of course ,it has taken years and years of beating at my craft (and beating my head against the wall,lol) to get to this point,but it was well worth it. Have a good one!

  • @AlSmith2003 says:

    If you’re NOT seeing opt-ins, opens, clicks and sales, here’s the problem and then the solution via @marlonsanders

  • Great advice persistence and practice is the key I have found this out when I played sports. The elite put hours in to get to where they are at.

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