It’s Thursday. Did you get your sales page done this week? - Online and Info Product Marketing

It’s Thursday. Did you get your sales page done this week?


Marlon here again.

Did you get your sales page done this week?

Mine isn't done yet. So I have more to do today!

Here's the deal: As Creators, our motto is Always Be Launching!

Always be creating new info products and launching them. In order to do this, you have to master the art of the FAST SALES LETTER.

That way, you can spin up your products and launches super fast.

Here's the thing: If you launch early, often and hard, you aren't so dependent on one launch. But if you put all your eggs in one basket, a product that doesn't sell well can cause big problems in your cash flow.

There's a point of view in marketing that you need just one signature product. And the path to success is to make that the focus of everything.

It works for some people.

It's not for me.

I prefer to launch a lot of products. And I teach others to. Which I do fully realizing that it's only a certain type of person who is willing to put their FACE out there, their OPINIONS out there, their THOUGHTS out there, their VOICE out there, their WRITING out there, their AUDIO out there.

If that's YOU, you're in the right place at the right time on the right blog.

If that's NOT you, then I'm not sure how you'll become a product CREATOR.

Even software usually requires a PERSON, face and voice behind it to sell it. At least, until the company becomes a big one. At which point faces and people disappear behind a logo.

The Origins of the 12-Step Sales Letter Formula

To the best of my knowledge, Bob Serling was the firsts person to codify a sales letter into steps that went beyond the AIDA formula. He created a 16-step formula that was BRILLIANT.

But it was a few too many steps for me. And I had a few different ones. So I created my 12-step copywriting formula and taught it around the world in 120 seminars. That was 1995 or 1996 as I recall.

After that, various people created their own derivations of the 12-step formula. And today, a 12-step letter formulfa is standard. Although I can break it down to fewer steps and expand it upwards into many more.

Once you understand the PSYCHOLOGY of the sales letter, the formula is only a very rough outline.

It's like art. You learn to paint by numbers. But you grow beyond it.

With that said, I have letter templates I usually use to write my sales pages. They're HUGE time savers. I just pull up a template, replace the existing words with new ones for the new offer.


I have a new sales letter ready to roll in record time.

Now, you won't do this the first time out.

One, you get faster with practice.

It's slow at first.

Two, templates make things faster

But you need to understand the PSYCHOLOGY behind the template.

Three, with experimentation, you'll arrive at certain formats that sell well for YOUR audience.

This is why being PROLIFIC helps. You get to test a larger number of ideas and variations on a theme.

Four, SPICE UP your headline and opening paragraphs.

This is vital.

Don't bore people to death. I know for my audience, I can't put out a bland meat-and-potatoes headline. They won't buy. They just won't.

I have to SPICE them up.

It's Thursday (at the time I'm writing this). Did you get your sales letter written this week?

If not, NOW is the time to start.

Follow the Info Product Launchers Creed: Launch Early, Launch Hard, Launch Often

Best wishes,


PS: If you want to learn MY FORMULA for writing sales letters, go here.

This is the new, revised formula I taught in 120 seminars around the world. It's how I personally write my sales letters and pages. If you need to learn to write sales pages fast, I highly recommend you study this.