Online Marketing Promotion: Laugh At My Dumb Mistake!

Online Marketing Promotion: Laugh At My Dumb Mistake!



Marlon here.

I admit it.

Sometimes I do dumb, stupid things.

Here is one.

For as long as I've been IN this business, I've been making
this mistake. Let's see that's been since 1996 or 1997.

Actually, I've been selling online since 1994 since I was on

Anyway, go search THIS in Google:

Sales Letters

The last link on page one will be MINE. And here is what it
will say:

Push Button Letters
Now some people who use the software to create their sales letters
may have removed or ….. I purchased Push Button Sales Letters
about an hour ago. …

The BLUE LINK in Google reads …

“Push Button Letters”


Because that is the TITLE of my stupid web page. But how many
people are SEARCHING for “Push Button Letters”?

It's dumb. Stupid. Idiotic.

What you put as the TITLE of your web page in the header tag
of your html is what Google prints in your BLUE LINK. This
is what people will SEE in Google!

You want your Blue Link to have your keyword at the BEGINNING.
And you want it to INVITE a click.


Read the one dollar report that opened my eyes to my stupidity.
Actually, Evergreen System talks about this but I forget. And
this report explains it all so well for a BUCK. Plus, he shows
you why he has squeeze pages with only 300 words #1 in Google,
how to get rankings in 8 hours, how to get 15,000 backlinks
for .006 cents each with NO black hat.

So I SHOULD have something like this:

“Push Button Sales Letters: Fill in the blanks, click a button
and get a sales letter that works!”

You have 65 characters in the title. I'm not going ot count
that. I need to suck down more coffee this morning before I
do that.

Quick personal note: With this hernia, till I get it fixed, I
can't work out…. and then I don't sleep good….but yesterday
the doc said I can do the treadmill. So I'll try that.

But get this, the “reassuring” note from the doctor is that only
1 time out of 100 in this surgery do you GO STERILE! And only
1 time out of 100 do you get an infection! Great. Simply

Anyway, now read THIS from my Google listing:

“Now some people who use the software to create their sales
letters may have removed or ….. I purchased Push Button Sales
Letters about an hour ago.”

THAT text was made by GOOGLE since I didn't have a meta
description in my header on my page.

Here is what Yanik has on his Instant Sales Letters:



Note the TITLE makes you want to click. And he includes the
term “business letters” which is one of the high-search terms
in Google.

And then look at that description. THAT is what will appear in
Google. If you search sales letters again in Google and scroll
down to his listing, you'll see that is EXACTLY what Google

Action point: Check the TITLE of your web page and make sure
it has your keyword at the beginning and then something else that
will make people want to CLICK.

Check your meta description and make sure it makes people want
to click.

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

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