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Launch Early, Launch Hard, Launch Often — The Launch Manifesto

This is a transcript of today's live stream in my Facebook group called The Launch Manifesto.

This is it. Marlon Sanders. Here we are live, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. We are live. This is the Launch Manifesto. Here's the manifesto right here. Launch early, launch Hard, and Launch often. That's it. We have three steps here, folks. Number one is to launch early. Lunch early.

That means right now, like earlier than you probably think you're ready earlier than you think you're, going to maybe get everything done earlier than you were prepared for earlier than you thought you were gonna launch early. That's eea, R L y. Launch early. Here's the thing.

Every time that you put off profits, it ends up being a bad idea. Like just about every time that I think, no, I'm not gonna launch now. I'm gonna launch later. I'm not gonna launch now, I'm gonna launch later. You know what? It ends up being a bad freaking idea. I lose my, I look back later, I'm like that was.

That was stupid. I should have just gone ahead and launched early before I felt I was a hundred percent ready. Launch early before you think you're ready, right before the profit slips away. Like every time you I delay, I'll launch. I wanna be prepared. I wanna I'll launch this later. I'll blah. And then I look back later and I'm like that was dumb.

I just should have went ahead and launched it, right? Somebody else comes out with the same product, some huge, gigantic, freaking enormous launch comes along, or it snows in Maine. I don't know. Something comes along and steals your profit. So the solution is the manifesto. The manifesto says, what do you do?

Number what you launch early launch. Launch now takes three hours to spin up a launch. The three hour launch spin up takes three hours. Three hour launch. That's so good. I'm actually writing that now. So the three hour launch spin up, that's how long it takes to launch. So launch early. Now step number two is you gotta launch hard after you make the decision to launch.

To launch before you feel like you're prepared to launch. Before you figure, Phil, you figured out everything to launch avo. You got all your pages created to launch avo. You got everything neatly perfectionistic done launch early. Now step number two, if you want maximum profits. Now, do not do this. This is not for you.

Number one of you don't wanna launch. Marlon, good morning to you. I dunno, I don't wanna launch, because launching, I hear there might be problems or something and I wanted no pain, no, no problem. No anything. Way to make my, I really just wanna sit on the sofa, eat bond bonds, and watch TV and make money.

If I gotta work 20 minutes. All right. That's all right. , it's it takes three hours to spin up the launch. It's not 20 minutes. So if you wanna sit on I'm just saying I know that sounds judgmental or, so I'm making a little bit of a light of it. It's true. Some people are like that.

I don't know Marvin, it's gonna take 20 minutes. I, it's probably not for me. And I'm like, dog, I don't know what to tell you. So number one, launch Charlie. Number two, launch hard when you launch. When you launch, launch Marlon, what does that mean when you Launch? What the heck does that mean?

Let me tell you, there's a difference between launching and launching. What is man, I'm launching right now. I got a launch going. Ain't nobody's seen it. I ain't made no post. I made one post. I ain't done no live stream on it. I ain't got a sales page for the product.

I just put out a one two sentence thing on Facebook, but I'm launching. No, you got to launch early, then launch hard. Launch hard means you go all in, stick your toe in the I don't know, Mar, I'm just gonna stick my toe in the launch water. I'm not gonna launch, I'm just gonna stick my toe in there and kinda think and dream and pretend I'm launching, but I'm not actually gonna launch.

Oh, no, I'll launch. I'll put a tweet out on Twitter. If somebody buys, then the couple people buy. Maybe I'll go ahead and put a post out on Facebook. I didn't know why I used that voice. It's just I'm making fun of it. You do hearing these things sometimes really seriously. You do honest to God, lunch, Charlie, then lunch hard.

Lunch hard means you go all in. You don't hold back. That's what it really means. You just go all in on your launch, right? And sometimes that's tough to do. It's challenging to do, and sometimes you'll back out of the launch. There are occasions when if you just get no response or anything and you're like, no, this is not worth it.

You just go on, you have the right to just go on. You have the red, put the launch out there. Nobody buys it. Nobody responds, or it is just as a, it's like ice cold respon. You just, you can just go on if you want. That's up to you. But when you launch hard. When you do really decide, okay, I'm launching, then you launch hard, launch early.

Launch hard and launch often is step number three, launch. Often, what does launch often means? Launch often means. Let me check who's on now. Somebody commented, if you're on, gimme a shout out. Let me know you're on. Appreciate you. Good morning to you. Oh, Adrian, how are you doing? Good morning to you. I guess you're on.

Yes, I believe so. Glad you're on. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And let's see what else we've got. Rick is on. Okay, great. So you launch early, you launch hard and launch off. It means you're from launch to launch, right? That's what launch often means. Now, the more skill you do with this the more money you make, the better you can come up with product items that, that, that.

The better you can write your sales page, your headline, your lead, your sales page, the better you can execute the launch with skill, then the more money that you make. But. Be that as it may, you wanna launch early, launch hard, launch off it, and then increase your skill, increase your know-how, increase your knowledge, increase the skill.

That's why I'm here. That's why I exist. Otherwise, I wouldn't exist. I would just be like, go launch. Bye, see on livestream tomorrow, I'll tell you to go launch again. That's it. We're done. We're complete. Just launch. That's okay launching. If you do that, you'll make more money than not launching. I'm here to help you increase your knowledge, increase your know how, increase your wisdom, increase your skill, help do help you do things better, faster, simpler, easier, and make more money on your launches.

To know how to do 'em, to make more money. So that's why I'm here. That's why I exist. So this is the Launch Manifesto today, Adrian and Rick, thank you for joining me. I know we have others watching. If you're watching a replay type replay if you watch this on replay, watch the Bitter End type, bitter end and but this is the Launch Manifesto.

Launch Early Launch Hard. Launch often, and there's a couple corollaries, like best as you can. Don't doubt your launch like best as you can. Once you go in on it, just go ahead and launch it, right? You don't have to, but usually it's a good idea just to go ahead and commit. Commit to your launch, cuz that first day can be tough.

The first day of a launch. Sometimes people don't buy the ver, it's tough. You're like, oh God, nobody's gonna buy. It can be tough. That first day of a launch can be tough, right? So launch early, launch hard, launch often. Don't doubt your launch. Go all in when you do launch. Increase your skill, increase your knowledge, increase your know-how.

Because then you make more money and making more money is preferable to making less money and build your audience. You gotta build your audience every day. What are you doing today to build your audience? What are you launching today or this week? That's the manifesto. Launch Charlie, launch.

Charlie. Launch Offen. Build your audience, build your email list. How many g e add to your email list, right? I don't know. I can tell you on my list what we've added. . Let me see if I can, let me see if I can go over there real quick. See what we got going on over here at a Weber. Now a Weber's not my only list.

I have infusion list also, but let's see here. Let's see. Just what we've added over here on the A Webers, if I can get that to show up. All right, there we go. We'll put that up on the big screen here. There we. So we've done 333 in the last 60 days. We have today. We don't show much, but that. ? No, actually we do no.

Today we don't show much. But, the day's just beginning. So hopefully by the end of the day it'll be better than it is right now, right? I hope. Okay. So that's it. Launch early, launch hard launch off. And that's our manifesto. Build your audience daily. Build your list daily. Get the word out, promote hard, and that's it.

Listen, y'all have a great day. I'll see you all on the livestream tomorrow. Bye for.

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