Let me hear from YOU about your wants and needs…

Let me hear from YOU about your wants and needs…

….There I was on the “other” side of town….and….

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What's up?

Marlon here.

Earlier this morning, I was in the restroom at a non-fancy medical
clinic on the not-so-great side of town in a non-fancy office.

In the restroom, these 2 guys are talking. One of 'em said,
“Yeah, I used to do heroin and pop pills too.”

I knew this wasn't the rich side of town.

Before long, the dude in the white jacket grilled me with
questions. Did I sleep well? Had I gained weight? How was my

He identified himself as an intern.

I was in the not-so-nice part of town in a non-descript medical
office. A small parking lot not even full. One story building.
No elevators.

…No fancy pictures on the walls. Just newspaper articles,
some quite yellow, explaining the world class merits of the

The questions were very thorough. Soon the doc showed up and we
had a very thorough discussion about my hernia. This ain't your
normal hernia doc. He speaks at conferences around the world.

Yet his diminutive clinic would fool many. No fancy cars. Plain
Jane office. Bare bones, actually.

When I sen

But he treats people who appreciate his help on the “other” side
of town far away from the fancy buildings and parking lots with
the Mercedes and Lexus.

But he KNEW things no other doctor I conferred with knew. Exact
numbers on relapses. And the thing about THAT is I questioned him
on one because one of the doctors I talked to quoted a much lower

He said he was personal friends with the doc in Italy who INVENTED
that procedure. And HIS relapse late was higher than what the
local doc had quoted.

So I appreciated his expertise.

The thing I appreciated most was that the intern asked a lot of
questions and was thorough. Just a touch of professionalism. His
name was Chris. He's gonna make a top notch doc some day.

When I left the clinic I told the MD, “You really are one of the
best doctors in America, just like the book said.” I'd found him
through a book on the best doctors in America.

Anyway, marketing is kinda like this. Maybe a lot like this.

I can't help you if I don't know what the challenge or problem is.
So you start by listening, just like the intern did to me.

I want to hear from you.

You know, I've endorsed a lot more products this year than I
believe I ever have. But these are good products. Some are great.

John Jonas' outsource method is gold. We're hiring a webmaster
this week on the other side of the world using John's method.
$350 a MONTH. And very talented.

I endorsed SEO lies, the buck report by Justin Brooke's. It's
kinda like street seo. Not necessarily the #1 strategy. But one
you can easily understand and outsource. It gets the job done.

Then I endorsed a Yahoo ebook. Not my favorite but a lot of you
had an interest in it. I thought it was pretty decent. Certainly
eye opening.

I endorsed Adwords Blackbook. The listbuilding mindset and
approach of Mr. X is awesome. I really believe that list building
was and is where it's at.

I put out a small promo for PPC Ninja by Christian. I spent 3
hours on the phone with him last night. His stuff is ALL street.
You know, it's not polished and all neat around the edges. But
the guy really, really knows his stuff. He IS Ninja.

But he's just learning list building. Still, there's so much to
learn from him.

I endorsed PPC Classroom. It's a very top notch product. Going
through it RIGHT now! Very top notch. It's so hard to explain
the different among these products. This is a very good product
for beginners but also has stuff for more advanced people.

I endorsed Gauher's ppc course yesterday. I see the value in it
as getting to learn from someone who has SCALED massively. Been
there. Done it. Willing to teach it. Not a cheap course. But
there's value in having someone expand your mind about the

To me, Gauher is if you want a 1 weekend “get-up-to-speed” NOW
boot camp. Or if you just want someone to show you how the Game
is played at some of the highest levels.

In terms of my own products, in the not too distant past, I had
Product Dashboard to walk you through creating your own info
product. I think it's a pretty darned good product. Not flawless.
But very good.

There is Promo Dashboard. Really a great product. So much is in

I had Push Button Target Market to help you choose a target market
since a lot of folks were stuck on that.

Then we have Ockham's Razor. It's about simplifying and focusing.
I have thought about doing more on that.

My question is, where are you now?

What's up in your world?

Are you going forward?

Are you stuck?

I know the answer from some of you will be that you're overwhelmed.
Have you read my ezine post on that? It's on marlonsnews.com.

Do you want MORE help simplifying things and getting over the

Did you need more help in an area where I already have a Dashboard
like Product Creation? Or getting people onto your list and
getting them to buy (the topic of Promo Dashboard).

Do you want a workshop specifically focusing on product creation,
promoting and getting people to buy or that sort of thing?

* I have some great info on project management, if you have an
in person or virtual team. The drawback on this is it isn't
something that immediately puts greens in your pocket. But it's
life saving if you manage even 2 people or plan to.

* I've never taught my stuff on systems. I have a level of
understanding beyond most on this. But it isn't directly tied to
bucks in your bank account. Still, important to know.

* I have a lot of secrets about the direct response business in
general. Not so much just internet marketing but direct response
as a whole.

* I could do a little ebook about my experiences in outsourcing,
hiring employees, having an office, managing a team. But that's
kinda over the head of most newbies.

* Of course, I can talk all day and night about product creation,
sales copy, and the bread and butter stuff.

Where are you now?

Do you have a stuck point? What is it and why are you stuck?

Are you moving forward and excited?

Is the dough rolling in?

What do YOU FEEL you could use help with? And would you prefer
that help in an ebook? Workshop? Seminar? Teleseminar? Webinar?
DVD with Camtasia videos on it?

You tell me what you feel. How things are going. Where you're at.

I'm here.

I'm listening.

In 1978 this ad changed my life. But what is “the thing”
that caused me to buy it? What about the other ads I show?
What secret allowed me to get paid 70,000+ times for info products?
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