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Let me hear from YOU about your wants and needs…

….There I was on the “other” side of town….and….

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Re: I want to hear from YOU! Yeah, dog, YOU!


What’s up?

Marlon here.

Earlier this morning, I was in the restroom at a non-fancy medical
clinic on the not-so-great side of town in a non-fancy office.

In the restroom, these 2 guys are talking. One of ’em said,
“Yeah, I used to do heroin and pop pills too.”

I knew this wasn’t the rich side of town.

Before long, the dude in the white jacket grilled me with
questions. Did I sleep well? Had I gained weight? How was my

He identified himself as an intern.

I was in the not-so-nice part of town in a non-descript medical
office. A small parking lot not even full. One story building.
No elevators.

…No fancy pictures on the walls. Just newspaper articles,
some quite yellow, explaining the world class merits of the

The questions were very thorough. Soon the doc showed up and we
had a very thorough discussion about my hernia. This ain’t your
normal hernia doc. He speaks at conferences around the world.

Yet his diminutive clinic would fool many. No fancy cars. Plain
Jane office. Bare bones, actually.

When I sen

But he treats people who appreciate his help on the “other” side
of town far away from the fancy buildings and parking lots with
the Mercedes and Lexus.

But he KNEW things no other doctor I conferred with knew. Exact
numbers on relapses. And the thing about THAT is I questioned him
on one because one of the doctors I talked to quoted a much lower

He said he was personal friends with the doc in Italy who INVENTED
that procedure. And HIS relapse late was higher than what the
local doc had quoted.

So I appreciated his expertise.

The thing I appreciated most was that the intern asked a lot of
questions and was thorough. Just a touch of professionalism. His
name was Chris. He’s gonna make a top notch doc some day.

When I left the clinic I told the MD, “You really are one of the
best doctors in America, just like the book said.” I’d found him
through a book on the best doctors in America.

Anyway, marketing is kinda like this. Maybe a lot like this.

I can’t help you if I don’t know what the challenge or problem is.
So you start by listening, just like the intern did to me.

I want to hear from you.

You know, I’ve endorsed a lot more products this year than I
believe I ever have. But these are good products. Some are great.

John Jonas’ outsource method is gold. We’re hiring a webmaster
this week on the other side of the world using John’s method.
$350 a MONTH. And very talented.

I endorsed SEO lies, the buck report by Justin Brooke’s. It’s
kinda like street seo. Not necessarily the #1 strategy. But one
you can easily understand and outsource. It gets the job done.

Then I endorsed a Yahoo ebook. Not my favorite but a lot of you
had an interest in it. I thought it was pretty decent. Certainly
eye opening.

I endorsed Adwords Blackbook. The listbuilding mindset and
approach of Mr. X is awesome. I really believe that list building
was and is where it’s at.

I put out a small promo for PPC Ninja by Christian. I spent 3
hours on the phone with him last night. His stuff is ALL street.
You know, it’s not polished and all neat around the edges. But
the guy really, really knows his stuff. He IS Ninja.

But he’s just learning list building. Still, there’s so much to
learn from him.

I endorsed PPC Classroom. It’s a very top notch product. Going
through it RIGHT now! Very top notch. It’s so hard to explain
the different among these products. This is a very good product
for beginners but also has stuff for more advanced people.

I endorsed Gauher’s ppc course yesterday. I see the value in it
as getting to learn from someone who has SCALED massively. Been
there. Done it. Willing to teach it. Not a cheap course. But
there’s value in having someone expand your mind about the

To me, Gauher is if you want a 1 weekend “get-up-to-speed” NOW
boot camp. Or if you just want someone to show you how the Game
is played at some of the highest levels.

In terms of my own products, in the not too distant past, I had
Product Dashboard to walk you through creating your own info
product. I think it’s a pretty darned good product. Not flawless.
But very good.

There is Promo Dashboard. Really a great product. So much is in

I had Push Button Target Market to help you choose a target market
since a lot of folks were stuck on that.

Then we have Ockham’s Razor. It’s about simplifying and focusing.
I have thought about doing more on that.

My question is, where are you now?

What’s up in your world?

Are you going forward?

Are you stuck?

I know the answer from some of you will be that you’re overwhelmed.
Have you read my ezine post on that? It’s on marlonsnews.com.

Do you want MORE help simplifying things and getting over the

Did you need more help in an area where I already have a Dashboard
like Product Creation? Or getting people onto your list and
getting them to buy (the topic of Promo Dashboard).

Do you want a workshop specifically focusing on product creation,
promoting and getting people to buy or that sort of thing?

* I have some great info on project management, if you have an
in person or virtual team. The drawback on this is it isn’t
something that immediately puts greens in your pocket. But it’s
life saving if you manage even 2 people or plan to.

* I’ve never taught my stuff on systems. I have a level of
understanding beyond most on this. But it isn’t directly tied to
bucks in your bank account. Still, important to know.

* I have a lot of secrets about the direct response business in
general. Not so much just internet marketing but direct response
as a whole.

* I could do a little ebook about my experiences in outsourcing,
hiring employees, having an office, managing a team. But that’s
kinda over the head of most newbies.

* Of course, I can talk all day and night about product creation,
sales copy, and the bread and butter stuff.

Where are you now?

Do you have a stuck point? What is it and why are you stuck?

Are you moving forward and excited?

Is the dough rolling in?

What do YOU FEEL you could use help with? And would you prefer
that help in an ebook? Workshop? Seminar? Teleseminar? Webinar?
DVD with Camtasia videos on it?

You tell me what you feel. How things are going. Where you’re at.

I’m here.

I’m listening.

  • So Ok, I am answering you. Boy am I stuck. I have a website that I spent quite a bit of money on. I have reached the 30 page mark there and have been able to start adding web 2.0 to the website. I just renewed it for the second year, in Feb. I also have a wordpress blog and a bloggers blog. I belong to paypal and clickbank. I joined facebook and my space. I am a 56 year old woman carpenter and I was hoping to start earning a living through the internet as a business. I am working on the simpleology course action maps and a couple of Bob Proctors courses and a Silva course to try and make a break-through somewhere. Where I keep getting stuck is the tech-no words. It takes me so long to understand what it is that I am being asked to do, that I lose all my creative writing thoughts. I feel that my website is un-focused. The website host has specific requirements that have to be fulfilled and it has been a hit and miss process. They tell me to do 'X' thing and I don't understand the jargon so I just keep trying until it sort of works. But by that time, I lose all creative writing and focus. At this point, I feel my website has really nothing to offer anyone directly as products. My original thinking was this:

    I (channel)-paint energy angels that come to earth to help mankind and me. These paintings are unique. I did not plan this – they just naturally occured on the canvas.

    So what does this have to do with sales, products and websites?

    Now – if your thinking this is bogus, I suggest you keep your mind open for a minute or two. This is how they all tie together in my viewpoint.

    Since ancient times, people have believed that angels are sent here by God to help them. Over centuries, artists have been commissioned at great cost to depict angels and their presence shows up in every culture. Today, even in the world of the internet, people are still looking for guidance from above. Over 70% of North America believe in their existence. They search everyday for angels names, angel information, angel pictures, angel quotes. It's called a niche.

    When these paintings developed in my life, I was given the strong impression that I was to "get them out in the world". In doing so, I would also be able to earn a living from doing so.

    Through the various courses I have been studying, I came across information that the angels told me years ago. Sometimes word for word. For example, Bob Proctors 11 forgotten laws course, each law actually fits in with what a specific angel of mine came here to teach mankind. I was so happy that people got the message even before my website or public spreading of their pictures. I am not trying to "sell" the angels as the be-all, end all kind of idea. where I think they fit is the way I was trying to design my site. That here is this angel and that angel, and each one presents their info and then leads up to a sales page to sell the course or product of someone else's. Cause i personally haven't got any major products.

    However, I jkeep getting stuck with the computer technical jargon of loading and writing to match the requirements technically so lose the point I 'm trying tomake and get off track on the overall shape and design focus of the website. Ergo, the only sales I have made have actually been trough attaching product info to the signature line of my own emails and some through writing info about other people's products directly into facebook. I even wrote a tiny booklet for a few of my folks on some simple instructions for earning income online. I already have about 15 peple who want desparately to earn an income online. We just don't know how.

    nough said?

    • support says:

      Hi Daisy, how are you? I recommend you set up and use a blog. This makes life a lot easier for someone in your shoes. Just go to: http://www.odesk.com and sign up for a free account. Make a post: "I need a WordPress blog set up. I need the Akismet plugin activated and all in one seo. I also need the theme I have chosen from wpskins.org installed." Now, go to http://www.wpskins.org and find a template you like. Ask them to install that as the template on your blog. Tell them the name of the template from wpskins you want installed. You should get back a very cheap quote. Now, if you have any other technical problems just post them on Odesk.com for solving.

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  • trevor says:

    Marlon: Do you think using the Free

    classified ad sites is a good way to

    promote affiliate products,using classified ads,and if so,which are the

    best sites too use? Also do you think

    Blogger.com is a good platform to use for

    your online business activities,or do you

    think it's better to use wordpress.com?

    Thanks for this opportunity to find out

    more about these topics.

    [Hi Trevor, I tried USA Free Ads once but that is more an seo method. I've read one or two people who have tried classifieds. I think you just have to try it and track it carefully. In general, the Game on free classifieds, free ffa and so forth is for the person RUNNING them. When you submit your ad, you agree to receive emails from them. Often a LOT of emails. So use a throw away email account you don't mind getting hammered with emails. It's probably a better idea to START your own classified site than to submit to one. I like WordPress because Blogger deleted one of my blogs once without any reason far as I was concerned.]

  • Randy says:

    Can you send me the link to download your book the best of marlon sanders. I have subscribe to your email.


    [Hi, customer support is at:  http://www.getyoursupport.com.  Tim will be happy to help you.]

  • Nicole says:

    Marlon: Thank you for all your e-mails and advice. I really appreciate all your information. But, at this time, I am not following with Internet business for personal reasons. Thanks again. Nicole

    [Hi Nicole, I understand.  if you no longer want to receive emails, you can just click the unsubscribe link. But you're welcome to read my emails for as long as you wish.  Good luck to you.]

  • Steve says:

    My stuck point is not really a stuck point, yet! I am working on a concept for the "Land" business. A e-book to start. Website to introduce my business w/ a consulting side and eventually a unique membership site that teaches people about land, land types, land location, etc. etc. I have followed some of the best for three years and I have settled on the one and only, the great Marlon. Your doing a great job with quality everything. I would like to have a great outline for breaking down subject matter into a e-book. At times its seems overwhelming. Thanks a Bunch, Steve

    [Hi Steven, next week I'll get to something that can help you.  No room to fit it in emails this week.]

  • John says:

    How do I build an email list.I have some good product ideas (I think) but I dont know how to get them out to people. Any help will be welcome Thanks John

    [Hi John, I cover that issue in great depth in promodashboard.com.  Good luck ot you.]

  • Colin C says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I am stopped at blind turns on most sites I visit. The results of my choices do not match what I thought I would find. It is either those or the cost is more than I can afford leaving me very discouraged. These are my stumping points.

    [Hi Colin, I gotcha. You aren't finding what you're looking for.]

  • Javi says:

    Events leading to confusion and frustration.

    1. New whiz bang product comes out

    2. Purchase product.

    3. Product is not complete or marketing costs eat up your budget before you can make any money.

    4. You're offered the upsell or you search for the next guy with a solution you fall for.

    5. Rinse, Repeat, Broke and more broke…

    [Javi, here is the solution. Target a market. Create a video product in 2 or 3 hours using free camstudio. Write sales letter in 60 minutes. Sell product. Get money. Put in bank.]

  • Ferdinand says:

    Hi Marlon!

    Since you asked, my stuck point is money. I need to start investing, I know. But I'm the real zero start guy so I'm quite slow.

    Your messages are always a delight to read. I now know how to do things once I have the means.

    I hope your messages keep coming.


    [Ferdinand, focus on article marketing. And create products/ebooks that you can promote using article marketing and forum marketing, two free methods.]

  • Hello Marlon, appreciate your emails i have supplied my gmail address for quicker responses as my mail email is jam packed.

    This is the point and I relate to other comments regarding the distracting mix of emails to my inbox. I have written an article on this issue called Email mania is this good or bad?

    Any way yeah too much distraction causes one to lose direction that is my problem.

    I signed on as your affiliate and I do intend to promote Design Dashboard to my list. Design Dashboard is very comprehensive in its delivery of functions. I apologize for leaving Design Dashboard on the table I have been distracted as I say. This shows you the message of the Email Mania article I referred earlier. If your interested I posted on my blogger at webcashdak.blogspot.com

    Thanks for now.

  • George says:

    Marlon, thanks for all the info that you deliver I am dazzled. As an absolute newbie I'm also amazed at what's available on the web.

    Unfortunately, It all appears confusing and fragmented.I have found consistancy

    in your offers of help and that encourages me,but.

    What I need is step by step clear, concise chronological help, that will get me up and running, perhaps a flow chart or page of steps to be taken with your reccomended products at each step or box. e.g."autoresponders"(a)http etc,

    (b)http etc and so on.

    [Hi George, that IS what my Dashboards are. Step by step every step of the way. You should start with ProductDashboard.com if you want to create your own product. Or promodashboard.com if you are going to promote affiliate products.]

  • Dolly L. says:

    Dolly here; You wanted to know what my sticking point is. alot of emails flooding my 3 e-mail accounts like 22,000
    in one account alone I started to surf on just about every group there is at one time or another. Had surgery on both hands for carpul tunnel and left elbow since September 2008 in therapy for left shoulder all due to a fall at work.not sure what my sticking point is I will send you an e-mail in a few daysthanks I did buy yur dash board but lost it when my computer when down lost everything on it.thanks for letting me vent

  • tom w says:

    Hi marlon

    well I have lost focus of my website,which is my fault. the one thing I have learned in advertising is that safelist are a total wast of time,due to the fact that everyone is using the safelist and there is no leads to get from these list, and that goes for the so called free submit your ad websites. what is the best place to advertise.

    [Hi Tom, if you follow the steps in PromoDashboard.com you'll get where you want to go.]

  • For me, Project Management isn’t the issue since I’ve been one for over 20 years!! for me it’s just going from knowledge to implementation. I seem to have Analysis Paralysis!!!!

    [Hey Ross, fair enough. I think I have something that can help you.]

  • Toni says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Thanks a lot for your regular tips and emails. A couple of years ago I bought BFM for the full price also a few other packages. One of them was the Pro version of Traffic Hurricane. I am currently doing an online course that has hundreds of videos showing all the steps to get through.

    However, there is still a hiccup in that it appears absolutely necessary to do all this Keyword research stuff. Frankly, even with the help of Google's KeywordDiscovery tool it is still very tedious for me to find a particular niche in whatever I am researching. I am sure that with all the stuff at my finger tips, I should have something up by now; but that is one area that I would love to see to be more automated.

    In your candid opinion are any of the packages that are sold on a monthly subscription basis any good? The idea of having the Keyword Research already accomplished is so much more appealing because I am in retirement, have very little left of either patience or time and do not want to spend excessive time with that part of the equation.

    Thankyou kindly


    [Toni, how are you? What I'd say is to outsource your keyword research for $100-$200 a month you can have someone full time doing keyword research and helping you with other things you need done. http://www.outsourceplan.com can help you]

  • Joel says:

    Hi Marlon, thanks a lot for your stimulating emails, I read over the emails you send that apply to my business every day. I would also like to express appreciation from my clients, as they use your marketing expertise also. The most important tip I have gained from you is the importance of listening to your clients/potential clients. If you are ever in New Zealand, feel free to contact the team at Advertising New Zealand, Palmerston North.



    [Hey Joel, New Zealand is such a beautiful place. Allan Gardyne lives there. I only saw the pix in the airport but it looked really awesome.]

  • Al Kirke says:

    Stuck because i am stuck no one elses responsibility but mine.

    Need to move and keep moving with little rewards and milestones for measuement.

    Your a Champion Marlon.

    [Al, at least you have clarity. That counts for a lot. Are you setting objectives with a 2 week clear-cut time frame? That works. Say here is the outcome I want in 2 weeks and work for THAT specific outcome. Something that is practical and doable but moves you forward. If 2 weeks is too long then make it a week. But move forward.]

  • tom says:

    dear marlon:

    thanks sooo much for all your advice!!!

    i’m a complete newbie, live in colombia and i have no startup capital, that is, i have a very low budget, which is why i’m very interested to start my IM career as an affiliate. i have investigated quite a lot about this and would love to use clickbank, but here in colombia, were i live, clickbank is not functioning. so i opened an account in a bank in germany and tried to open a clickbank account from colombia as if i were in germany, but clickbank does not accept it. so i’m stuck there. i know i could be an affiliate of many other programs, but i like clickbank very much and would be very interested if you could help me, answering here on the blog. thanks a lot!!!

    [Hi, sounds like you’re in a pickle. I don’t know that you have a lot of easy options. Look at paydotcom, shareasale.com and CommissionJunction.com]

  • John says:

    hey marlon,

    i didnt hear about your okhams razor project but if it opens up again i would like to be a part of it.

    i still say alot of us would sign up for a program that helps us newbies cut through all the analysis by paralysis, and stop spending money on all the bull out here.

    please let me know..things are getting desperate out here.

    [John, scared money never wins. So I think do what you need to do in order to get money coming in. Now, focus on what you DO know that will work and bring some money in. If you do something that brings in $5 a day and then replicate it 100X, you have something going. You get something that makes you money then you duplicate it over and over. But if you feel desperate you first need to take care of that with a job or freelancing or source of income. Freelancing on elance.com can bring in money. So can working part or full time if you don't already. Why don't you look at the stuff you've bought already and pick out the one that seems to resonate with you and you're pretty sure you can make $5, $10 or more a day doing it. Then spend 2 weeks ONLY focusing on that one thing. Then come back 2 weeks from now and tell me how that went.]

  • ernest says:

    i marlon ,I do have a web site but not doing well, need to change hosting. I am doing affiliate marketing.just wanted to build a website ,domain , hosting, auto follow up traffic, for affiliate products for now.easy to build website which suports affiliate links, banner ads and paypal with unlimited space and traffic

    [Hi, hostgator is what most people use for hosting. It’s inexpensive and has cpanel.]

  • frederick says:

    Hi Marlon, Your emails started coming in at a point where i did not know where to turn. I had purchased reproduction license to information products and online ebook marketing. I did got stuck and discouraged as i was not making any sales but google was taking my money on PPC etc. Your emails are very honest and truthful, however since i got my fingers burned so to speak i did not follow your instructions at all, pardon and forgive me. I will like to go back and start all over again.

    [Hi Fred, OK, so you’re beginning and having some problems. I do understand. The thing onn PPC is that you need to have at least of 10% of the people opt in to your list. If you aren’t getting that, then there’s an issue with the quality of your keywords. If you’re getting 10% or more to opt in, then you send emails for affiliate products to see if they’ll BUY. You want to look at the ads in Google and see what others are selling to these people. And make sure the same ads are appearing in Google for longer than 2 weeks. So if you’re getting 10% or more on your email list, you send out content mixed in with affiliate offers and see if people buy. If they do, you move forward. If they don’t, you go onto the next product. For example, I talked to a very well known ppc marketer who TRIED to sell the Clickbank products about learning to play guitar. He tried and couldn’t get them to sell. So he just went onto the next product. Not every product is a good match for ppc.]

  • Mark Addington says:

    I dont have a web site yet. I am interested in doing affiliate marketing. My hang up is which ever affiliate program i choose. What am i going write up about it if i know nothing about the program? Also where do i get the info to do an article? If you can answer these questions then i will have a good start.

    [Hi Mark, how are you? Welcome to the world of Internet marketing. Alright, I understand. You’re a total beginner and need help. Got it. For now, go download and read bestofmarlonsanders.com and freeonlinemarketingebook.com]

  • Michele A. says:

    Hi Marlon:

    What program would you recommend for a newbie? I'm very interested in Clickbank, and also mini-sites, and would like to have your recommendations for a step by step plan/program (geared towards beginners). I appreciate your assitance, and I LOVE your newsletter and emails. Thank you sooooo much, you're the best!!

    Michele A.

    [Hi Michele, how are you? You can START with the program I endorsed by Joel Peterson. The post is on my blog about how to make $3 a day 700X. The only drawback is that it doesn't focus on list building. But part about the videos is good. I'm not sure what I'd recommend for you. I'm looking around for something I think is right.]

  • Doris says:

    Hi, All of the above you discuss about stuck points, I am stuck everywhere. I have studied & so committed to learning this stuff for a year, ended up with analysis paralysis & tried some much & didn’t get to far it seems, I have had a mental break after nearly losing my lolly over the overload after a year & now I’ve got know idea where to start again & don’t have a product.
    Regrads Doris
    [email protected]

    [Hi Doris, OK. Find something you CAN do that will make you $5 or $10 a day. Now do that 10 times. Forget trying to make a million. What do you KNOW how to do that will bring in 5 or 10 bucks a day? Now go do that 10X and post back here when you’re done. If you haven’t read bestofmarlonsanders.com and freeonlinemarketingebook.com, I recommend both of those.]

  • Doug says:

    Marlon, it seems lots of us are getting stuck. Too many offers. Too many experts. Too many emails. Too many distractions. Too many possible niches.

    Then we start working in one direction. Taking baby steps. Lots to learn. Oh crap, another week with nothing to show. Maybe there’s a better way?

    It’s tough to put the blinders on and stay on track and build an information business from the ground up. A step by step plan from having the desire to creating an empire would be a killer product in my opinion.

    [Doug, I hear ya man. And you’re right. You’re in the same boat as lots of people. I would START by planning 2 week time periods with a clear outcome defined for that 2 week time span. Put that outcome on the mirror and the fridge and FOCUS on it. Then in 2 weeks you won’t go “crap, I didn’t get anything done.” You’ll say “this is what I got done and WHY I got it done.” Start with doing that. I wrote an article on this back a few ezine issues ago. You can find it on my blog.]

  • Don says:


    I've been following your posts for a while now and even purchased your design dashboard though haven't used it much. I have a bad habit of getting spread too thin, trying to take everything in and, as you say, get stuck. I've been studying this IM game for about 3-4 years now and, I hate to say it, still don't have anything going. I'm currently working with "a coach" but, to be honest, I think he's already written me off in the first 3 months. I admire your professionalism a great deal and I'll keep watching and trying to learn. Thanks for all of your resources you offer to everyone.

    [Hi Don, how are you? I'd say hang in there with your coach to start with. And try doing what he or she says. What you've BEEN doing hasn't worked for you, so maybe you need a new game plan. You're making this harder than it is. Select a niche. Create product. Write sales letter. Have affiliate program. Those are some good basic steps. Where in that chain have you been stuck for 3 years? The target market? Creating the product? Writing the sales letter? Or getting traffic?]

  • Emmanuel Mauga says:

    Dear Marlon,

    I confess, your products are great and excellent trouble-shooters on the Internet. However, for quite a while I will not be able to purchase any because my PayPal account is $0! This is so because PayPal does not recognize my Credit Card although it's genuine.

    So long as your products are linked to payment only through PayPay, some of us are shut out of your great products. I can ony remain a spectator until when I have some (sufficient) money in my PayPal account.

    I wish all the best those lucky ones who have their PayPal accounts with sufficient funds.



    [Hi Emmanuel, you CAN mail in checks. No worries. On Tuesday Tim is back in the office off of vacation, so on Tuesday go to: http://www.getyoursupport.com and Tim can help you.]

  • Mr Sanders, Marlon if I may, my problem is I find it hard to commit to a single program. I know my followup sucks which I know is because I spend so much time checking out new opportunities. It irritates me when I get involved for free but then when it comes to making money or being able to email to members I have to commit to paying monthly fees, joining other peoples programs etc. etc. So I keep looking and looking. I'm involved in so many things I don't know where to begin and then when I do begin I don't have extra money to invest to keep going. It seems that I can never invest enough to get anything going before I end up overcharged on my cards. Which is where I'm at now. I guess I'm getting so discouraged that I'm about ready to call it quits before the wife divorces me and we're out of a home. I'm almost thinking it would be better to work the 9-5 just so I at least have some money coming in. I have a part time job about 30hrs a week, Home-school my two youngest ones, pick the one in high school up everyday because she doesn't like to ride the bus because she feels out of place and get teased or ignored because of her weight and her bus ride is about a hour long. My oldest is in college and that's another story. I take care of the farm animals, run the kids to dance and church, do the grocery shopping get meals ready and when the end of the day comes after I get mome from my evening job I work on my networking. I find at night nobody is able to help till the next day. It's hard to get back to them all and the mood is already gone you know. So where does that leave me, I've lost so much on opportunities which at first sounded great, but when you get into it you either pay to get ahead or you jump through hoops trying to get something going all the while those who can afford to, get so much further ahead by then and I'm left trying to pick up the pieces. I don't understand campaigns or how to set them up in an auto-responder, getting a site set up and linked, getting traffic, getting opt-ins, following up. I don't understand why I can't make money, yet in the same respect I can because I'm not focused and I have no set patterns to my actions. I don't know how to utilize what I have before I have to spend anymore. How do you turn a chaotic life around so one can actually enjoy living. Thanks for listening but you asked for it.

    [Hi William, you probably should get a part or full time job while you get your cash flow together. Or, if you have skills you can sell on elance.com, try that. Marketing is a learning process. Now, after you do that, find something you know how to do that can make you 5 or 10 bucks a day online. Now do that 10X and you have $50 a day coming in. Do it 700X and you have a really nice income. My friend Joel Peterson found a way to make $3 a day with youtube videos. Then he did it 700X. Now he has a nice $2100 a day income. You need to chunk down and focus on something you CAN do. I recommend you go download and read bestofmarlonsanders.com and freeonlinemarketingebook.com]

  • Duane says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I just started receiving your emails. They are informative. I have been in the web dev business for years working with digital products. I have made other people a lot of money, doing joint ventures, email campaigns, banner ads etc. I have seen the internet from the back side and do know for a fact that there is so much money on the web it is unbelievable, even when people are competing in the very same markets. Now I have been on this journey to make some for myself. The problem I am having is believing that I can create a product that will sell. I have all the tools the skills and understanding but not the belief. What do you suggest?



    [Duane, get and follow all the steps in Product Dashboard at productdashboard.com. Stop doubting yourself and realize your first product probably won't sell all that great. It's a learning process. But get 10 products out there competently and effectively and 3 should sell really well and 2 or 3 more fairly well.]

  • Freda Hill says:

    Hello Marlon,

    Thank you for asking but I'm not stuck!

    I am just filling up dead space,

    Check out my list of unsold sales pages.

    Have a good day,

    Cheers, Freda

  • Lisa says:

    Hi Marlon, I have a huge folder on my computer to hold all your e-mails as they are very informative,and you do know what you are talking about!! I'm wanting to become an affilate for some people,I know joinging them is for free,but I need to know what sites I can promote on for free,I do have Facebook now,but need other websites as well,we are very strapped financially and are a 1 income family of 4,I have been looking to work an online business for over 2 years now to find out that they were scams after scams,so I think becomming an affiliate is my best bet,I need to make a side income to pull us out debt,among alot of other things,any suggestions would be Greatly appreciated! Thank you,God Bless,Lisa

    [Hi Lisa, yes I understand. A lot of people are cash strapped. Search "bum marketing" on Google and do that system. It's article marketing. Costs little and DOES indeed work. Every day you write 1 article on keywords and submit to article directories.]

  • Geremy says:

    Hi Marlon,

    How are you!

    Here's my situation.

    I discovered you through Daniel Wagner and I like your eccentric attitude and energies.

    I've been in the music business since 1989
    is my day job

    I attended a work shop with Daniel which was great and was recommended a JV with someone established doing music.

    He is reluctant to JV with others because he's "managed to do quite well on his own building lists"

    which I respect, but that appears to go against the grain of what Daniel & you're preaching.

    I created http://www.MoneyFromYourMusic.com
    as I thought I'd start with an area I'm familiar with

    but there isn't a suitable Click Bank product to experiment with

    I've got a Google Adwords campaign going with 6,000+ impressions & 5 clicks – very early days I know

    What would you recommend please!



  • Marvin says:

    I'm undecided about my website design and having problems putting putting text in a sensible, logical, reading order for people to make sense of it …

    I am a retired casino dice dealer; I only have one product to sell; it's only for serious gamblers who want to learn why they fail at the game of craps …

    But, my product is NOT for every dice player — I don't want every Tom, Dick and Harry to have my knowledge —

    So my product is costly; when and how I market my product is not a quickie solution; especially when it comes to selling my knowledge (writing text) …



    [Marvin, i understand. You have a viable product and market here. If you have a big ticket, you can do webinars and pay 50% to the host. You can also do a product launch if it sells for $1000 to $2000 or more. I would study people in that market who ARE successful selling these products and do what they do.]

  • Michele says:

    Hello Marlon,

    If I had a penny for every get rich quick scheme in my mail box, I WILL be rich by now….

    Sadly, that's not the case.

    My big sticking point is knowing WHICH system to follow but I think I have (finally) narrowed it down to a few things.

    Now I have to navigate through the maze.

    It's a big 'connect the dots' puzzle which can all go horribly wrong if I connect the wrong dots. Even once.

    I need someone with experience, knowledge and a great teacher to guide me through these dots, without charging an arm and a leg. And without going off in all different directions.

    Right now, I am following a program that weekly, gives out a lesson for newbies.

    Here's the thing: It is in bite size chunks and I have a week to figure it out. I know also that I HAVE to figure it out by the end of the week or else I will fall behind.

    So I do it. It makes me do it. I can't afford not to do it because I pay a monthly fee. It's also pretty straight forward and manageable so there is no excuse.

    It gets you to stay FOCUSED which is a huge problem (especially for me – I think I have a secret IM ADD) as there is just too much "you have to do this" out there.

    One step at a time. And yes, if you had a program that showed how to do a product/set up a mini site/ write great sales copy/ get traffic etc… but in a weekly step by step format, I am sure you will have lots of takers.

    There are little perks and bonuses to keep you going which are quite attractive too. It lasts for a year, then (hopefully), I will have hatched and I will be able to fly.

    It's also the sense of achievement, however small, that motivates you and makes the end goal that little bit closer.

    And that can only be a good thing! 🙂

    My two pennies worth.

    Thank you.


  • Joe Kozak says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I'm just getting started with Carbon Copy Pro. There's a ton of support and systems and I just got to dig in. But now, I'm a bit overwhelmed with all the information. Have spent too much on PPC to generate leads. So now i want to move to less expensive methods…but where to start is driving me crazy.


    [Hi Joe, I do understand. I personally feel that marketing an mlm isn't easy because of the law of supply and demand. Daegan Smith at recruitlikecrazy.com and Mike Dillard have some of the best systems for this. Of course, my pal Joe Shroeder is awesome, Dale Calvert, Big Al and others. As far as the overwhelm though and how to handle it, I do have a process for that that works. Joe, if you haven't read bestofmarlonsanders.com I recommend it.]

  • Jimmy Dee says:

    Thanks Marlon!

    Really doing very well, mostly offline standard business, but yes, we all can use more traffic for our online site! Been following you for quite a long time, and really appreciate the tips, your great work, etc. Thanks for what you can do. Jimmy Dee

    [Hi Jimmy, very glad to hear things are going well. I know this gives encouragement to others who are struggling.]

  • Chuck says:

    I chase bright shiny objects. Sounds like many people do that. I get an email, the product sounds great, I buy it, I look at it. The next day, I get another email . . .

    I've (almost) stopped buying products, but I still have trouble pulling myself away from distractions around the house and online.

    [Hi Chuck, if it makes you feel any better, you aren't the only one. I do this and I think anyone in this business does. It's very easy to get distracted. I have a system for dealing with distractions, but there is no magic cure. I do have a pretty effective system though.]

  • jay says:

    We have been selling on the internet for 10 years and are making a good living selling physical products (in the women's beauty market). The repeat business is excellent and the profit margins are good.

    However, the customer service is driving us crazy. We have tried outsourcing, but the "learning curve" to get someone trained is very high. After we fired our outsourced customer service and started handling it ourselves, the sales increased by 20%. Now we have very little time to relax or do anything else.

    If I was able to just focus on marketing, we could do even more business. However, more business means more problems and more stress.

    I need a way to handle the customer service effectively without doing it ourselves. I'm all for trying to simplify things, but our business is not simple one. Is is possible to clone myself to handle what needs to be done?

  • Tim says:

    I just need to change my affiliate email for your affiliate program I sent an email yesterday to your support emaill address:)

    Thanks, Tim

    [Tim, my customer service person Tim is out until Tuesday. He'll get it fixed on Tuesday. He DOES get vacation days on occasion. Also, please do NOT send emails for support. PLEASE. Go to http://www.getyoursupport.com and post and get a ticket number. When Tim is working which is almost every day we offer live chat there also.]

  • Keith says:

    I have been at this for 9+ years.

    I started with Amazing Formula and Gimme Money Now.

    I must be missing something in every marketing system I buy …

    I have squeeze pages. I have lists (34,000 unresponsive subscribers).

    I have my own products …

    And I am still making piddly.

    For ex. I emailed a new offer to about 13,000 of my people … less than 10 orders.



    PS One of your friends was even my personal coach for 7-8 months. Ugh. I worked 12 hours a day most days to fulfill his assignements. Double Ugh on the results.

    [Hi, as far as my friends, I don't know any of my friends asking people to do 12 hour a day assignments. But here's the thing — you are in charge of your brain and your decisions, not me. I can recommend people I trust. That's all. You have the ability to make decisions. If a mentor isn't serving you well, then you can decide what you want to do about that.

    Now, in terms of your folks not buying, let's look at your sites: http://kerwinpublishing.com/ That site … you know…. it's not your best effort. But kerwinbenson is ok. I like some things about punchharder.com. You are selling to a market that buys. I would compare YOUR sales letters to mattfurey.com. I would literally print BOTH out and compare side by side. I would COMPARE your emails to the ones Matt sends out side by side. Having a lot of opt ins doesn't mean much. What matters is the quality. Are they REALLY in the MARKET for what you sell?

    If they ARE then you aren't selling them what they want to buy. If they aren't, you have people in your list that aren't in your target audience. I recommend you do surveys to find out WHAT they want to buy EXACTLY the way I teach in Gimmesecrets.com. You can also ask people to post where they're at on YOUR blog just like I'm doing here. YOu can also get people on your TWITTER and talk to 'em to find out why they aren't buying. I would suggest you write a weekly, content rich ezine and that you send out daily emaills with offeres and content just as Matt does. On your site I see this link: http://www.punchharder.com/articles/speed_punchin… I think that sales coy could use the Matt Furey type treatment.

    When you opt in you go to THIS sales letter: http://www.punchharder.com/thankyou.html Again, I would go to mattfurey.com, opt in and COMPARE his sales process to yours. I would ALSO go to the sites in Black Belt magazine and opt in to those and compare their sales process to yours. The long and short of it is your sales copy needs to be a lot better. And you do that by doing your research. Keith, you are NOT that far away. You just need to really focus in on your sales copy and also make sure the people you're getting on your list are high quality. I would ALSO say that if the people on your list aren't buying what you are selling, send them to sales letters by Matt and others you KNOW sell really well. If your list doesn't buy THOSE offers, then you have an issue with getting the right people on your list. Because I NOW those sales letters convert. I would ALSO follow what I teach in rows 5 and 6 of Promo Dashboard about how to create videos, ustream events, podcasts and multi media things that get people to buy. But FIRST I'd REALLY zero in on your sales copy.]

  • Alejandra says:

    I want help in staying focused. Thanks

    [Hi, Alejandra, I have a great system to help with that. Thanks for sharing here.]

  • Ken Langdon says:

    Web Design Dashboard

    Regardless of whether or not you already own a copy of Photoshop Elements, you'll want to go to http://www.adobe.com where you can download a 30 day fully functioning trial of the Photoshop Elements version 5.0

    Oops! Having spent $286 AUD yesterday on Design Dashboard, Ockham's Razor, and Promo Dashboard, I have been immediately brought to a halt!

    I was under the impression that Design Dasboard was a complete program, but obviously I was wrong?

    As I cannot afford to buy Photoshop Elements, I presume that I will not be able to use Desgin Dashboard until I can afford to buy Photoshop Elements, which may be months away!

    [Bro, it says in the sales letter 5 times you have to buy a separate software program….once IMMEDIATELY above the order link. Just go to getyoursupport.com and tell tim you need a refund on it. But yeah man, you gotta read the sales letter. However, you might wanna check on ebay first. You can often pick it up there really cheap. Or check your local craigs list. Ken, Tim is out until Tuesday so if you post for a refund, it probably won't get issued until Tuesday. He needed to take a couple vacation days.]

  • Hi Marlon, it is really nice that you are actually responding to the comments – that's a huge care factor to me. Well I've read Ockham's Razor and was very impressed by it. It totally applies to me and the fact that I've bought heaps of courses over the last 15 months and the only internet money I've made is $100 when I put together a simple site for someone for free and they gave me money. I've made $2 from adwords. I've become a sort of opt-in junkie and spend virtually all my time going through the inbox and looking at the next greatest offer. I used to do graphic design so I'm sort of thinking of just going back to that as a sort of more nuts and bolts sort of approach. I need a set of blinkers so I don't look at anything else and just do one thing for a bit. So that it actually starts.

    [Bro, you probably should go back to doing graphic design at least part time for cash. Peter, have you tried getting people on your list using a free offer the way I teach in Promo Dashboard? Did you look at all the opt in sites I reviewed there? It sounds like you've opted in enough you KNOW what makes a good page from a bad one. Do you have a strong page built like that for your OWN offers? Are at least ten percent of your visitors opting in? Are you following up with an ezine and frequent if not daily emails? Are you using the conversion methods in rows 5 and 6 of Promo Dashboard to get people to buy? I've had problems getting adwords traffic to convert in the Internet marketing niche. So don't feel bad. Some niches seem to convert well with adwords traffic. Others don't. If what you have been trying to market is athomecashsystem, compare YOUR page to recruitlikecrazy.com. And compare YOUR sales process to what happens at Daegan's site after you opt in. You gotta find a successful model and follow it. MLM is not an easy niche. What I recommend is targeting a niche and creating your own info product for it.]

  • Dog Mason says:

    My number one problem is working on just one thing until it's done. I get sidetracked by pursuing traffic and networking to the point of having offers & websites undone.

    [Hi, there IS a solution to this. You aren't alone.]

  • Kal Gutman says:

    Hey Marlon,

    It’s Kal again I haven’t unsubscribed yet That’s why I’m here.
    I’ve been trying to get started for one year now.

    [Hey, so do you want traffic to your rug repair site? Go to joepolish.com and buy the dvd’s of his past seminars for carpet cleaners. He also has stuff from Lisa who specifically does rug cleaning and repair as I recall and has marketing systems.]

  • Scarlett says:

    Hi, Marlon. I have admired your straight shooter approach for years. My problem seems to be focus.

    I am a three time cancer survivor trying to get back to an income level that I enjoyed before my diagnosis.

    I put a site up at http://www.lovesexlaughs.com (a lingerie store) and stocked it with well priced items that exceed the quality of the lion's share of my competitors. The site is tasteful, attractive and easy to navigate. I wrote an article 10 Steps to a Better Sex Life and Relationship that I sent out to some article directories then decided to give away if folks sign up for my newsletter. My traffic varies widely from 300++ per day to 49 – 60 per day. Very few signups to my newsletter and very few sales. I bought adwords which increased traffic but not sales. My site is down now as I am switching from godaddy to hostgator but my question remains – Where do I go from here? More articles? List in more directories? I have a blog that supports my site but it is my life stories and is pretty racy (read – very adult) and doesn't help with store sales that I can see. I hoped folks would get hooked on the blog and wander over to the store. I know there are lots of options but how do I know which ones pay off. My email is full of "offers" to tell me exactly how to do it – they all turn out to be a little bit of info with a come on for a more expensive product. Who can I trust? Exactly what steps do I take next? I have ideas for a few more sites but do not want to abandon this one I put so much work into… Your insights greatly appreciated. Kind Regards, Scarlett

    [Hi Scarlett, congratulations on overcoming cancer! Wow, what a story. On your store, I think you drive people to a name squeeze or opt in form to get a FREEBIE. Then you follow up with offers for your products and those from others. Write a weekly ezine and send daily or every other day emails as I teach in Promo Dashboard. Most of what you need to do is in Promo Dashboard.]

  • Reeder Lyons says:

    Thanks for your response.

    Finally figured out how to make the image work.

    will consider your suggestions.



    [If you are stuck on anything concerning it, ask Tim at getyoursupport.com. We'll try our best to help given the scope of the product. We don't promise step-by-step training or support for that price, of course. But if there is something that just flat out isn't clear, we'll do our best to clear it up.]

  • John says:

    Hey Marlon,

    how about a pay it forward program where newbies who come in get teamed up with a person who is doing well and learns in a small group enviroment…

    i personally would give a percentage of my sales to a teacher who helps get me up and running, then in turn I would help someone coming up behind me..

    this would keep the community growing, commited, as well as prosperous.

    [Hi John, I tried a small group concept just last month with our Ockham's Razor system. It wasn't exactly what you're saying but I had some very fine teachers. People really didn't respond to the concept. So I'm not sure what to say on this one. I personally think small groups have a lot of value.]

  • Ken Langdon says:

    "Where are you now? What's up in your world? Are you going forward? Are you stuck? I want to hear from you!"

    Well thank you Marlon!

    I am an 80 year old Aussie from 'the horse and buggy days' of the 1930s and mid 40s. My entire working life was in the years BC (Before Computers), and I actually worked for Australia's leading bank in a country town without electricity, in 1952.

    In 1994 I got my first computer, an IBM Aptiva with a hard drive of less than 1 gigabyte. In 1998 when I was 70 years of age I connected to the internet, and 'reasoned' there must be some way to 'earn a living' on the internet.

    Well, 10 years later, after spending countless dollars, and masses of time, to the irritation of my retired university lecturer wife and family, I have made little or no progress.

    My wife and I went bankrupt for $500,000 when we closed down our private college, and we do not own a house or a car, and live on an Australian Age Pension. We have gone backwards after our income peaked at $70,000 back in 1983 after sending 4 kids to private schools.

    In In 2000 (when I was 72)I got a job as a cleaner by saying that I was 52, and was working 60 hours a week at age 77 when I nearly died from pneumonia, with clots in both lungs.

    We are reliant on our youngest son (a commercil and industrial property developer), our youngest daughter, and their spouses, to make the $400 weekly mortgage payments on the 2BR unit we live in.

    In spite of all this, believe it or not, I am an optimist! I may not be as bright as some others my age, but I do know that I am brighter than many others, and have not yet given up hope.

    The problem is, irrespective of age, many of us allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by information overload, and the wide choices of persons or markets to follow.

    Fellow members of Affiliate Funnel, in particular, Mike Paetzold, have advised that Design Dashboard is a must, and I have been 'overwhelmed' by my 'inability' to be able to afford to make that purchase.

    On Wednesday night, my wife and I only had $14.31 in our bank account, but then a remarkable thing happened. We received an extra payment of $163 AUD in our Age Pension payment, and then I received a refund of $112 AUD from IM Toolkit. This allowed me to purchase Design Dashboard, Ockham's Razor and Promo Dashboard. A Ruddy Miracle!

    Having reached this far, I would now like to join the 'A Team' and get help to try and move forward, at last.

    I have heard it often enough that we need to focus, and close our ears and eyes to other distractions that would divert us from pursuing our goals.

    I am looking forward to 'getting on board', learning, and applying.

    Kind Regards

    Ken Langdon

    Noosaville, Queensland, Australia

    [Hi Ken, I'm sorry to hear that you've been struggling. I hate to see you spend money you don't have. I will privately email you a recommendation. Gold Coast is beautiful.]

  • Josh says:

    I can see the value in outsourcing, but often I feel like I spend so much time just telling my workers what to do.

    I feel overwhelmed when trying to tell someone how to do a more complicated task. There's so many small things that go into doing some tasks that I have to keep coming back and telling them to do it differently. It takes me so much effort to train someone. Then I have a job of following up with them constantly to check they are doing the work correctly. Sometimes it feels like doing it myself is easier, but not enough leverage. Having this constant follow up is like having a job!

    Here's another example, let's say I join the latest program on advertising affiliate programs with PPC. It would be great if I could just get someone to do all the work. I don't know how to get them wokring on this. Do I just give them the course and say do it? Or get them to do parts of it? Maybe they would just go off and do it themselves. I'd love to be able just give people the course and they figure it out but it seems hard. This is another major sticking point for me.

    [Hi Josh, did you get John's course at http://www.outsourceplan.com? It covers at least part of this. But I do hear what you're saying.]

  • Need traffic,

    need conversions to sales from lists

    Need to build bigger lists

    splash pages not converting

    [Hi William, how are you? Hang in there. Most of those items are covered pretty well in Promo Dashboard. Have you been through all of it? Just curious.]

  • Reeder Lyons says:

    So many questions not sure where to start let alone finish.

    1st I appreciate you tech support they actually answer the phone. Imagine that! 🙂

    Have been a self-employed carpenter since the early 70's; do custom mirrors, custom trim, custom furniture etc have no retirement body hurts and continuing my type work may not be practical.

    I've just purchased the Web Design Dashboard in hopes of placing my own web site showing and advertising my work.

    Like many of the other's there is so much (confusing) information on the web and so many hucksters trying to take your money it is virtually impossible to know where to turn. Because I've seen you on the web for many years it seemed logical that I would be able to at least say he's probably doing something right and no one is leaving negative reviews about you or your enterprise.

    Due to the present economy money is really tight at present so trying to make a wise and discernable decision is difficult at best and disastrous at worst.

    If you wanted me to build a custom mirror frame or remodel you existing bathroom or kitchen I’d know where to start and how to plan the execution of those project. I’ve spent much time learning from others who’ve gone before me, others who knew what they were doing, thus I learned the progression and other intricacies pertaining to the field of remodeling. I can look at a project and see if from the “outside in”. In other words it is part of my capacity to visualize from the existing amenities what the finished product is supposed to look like.

    It seems from many of the comments, mine included that the “lack” is a clear understanding of how all this is supposed to fit together.

    An example that is frustrating pertaining to the “Web Dashboard”. While this product is great for its depth it is lacking in continuity. When going to the “product button” in row one your very adept lady teacher assumes the “product shot” has already been discussed. Perhaps I just missed it but can find no example in the beginning of the program where a “product shot” is ever discussed or shown.

    For the most part the first two rows of buttons seem quite instructive.

    I use this example not because of anger but because it serves as an example of my frustration – it is hard to follow a step by step guide when the steps refer to items that don’t seem to exist. The picture of the banana is spoken of at the “product” but the explanation is well I’ve already shown you how to do a product shot in an earlier video, but I can’t find that video anywhere. So I am stuck to try and figure out how to put my cabinet on top of a white back ground.

    The point of this small frustration is if there were something definitive out there that would of “true truth” and not perceived truth take one by the hand and say if you want an internet business here is how a complete novice starts and here are the steps needed to go to the finish line.

    It would also be nice if there we no “hidden” costs. Tell me upfront that I’m going to need this widget or that widget and how much that item cost, however here are the free tools to get you started until you’re making some money and then you can go purchase the additional $1000 dollars in other stuff.

    Probably this sounds like a “rant” which I don’t mean it to be, I’m just a little frustrated because I need to find a decent way to make $1000.00 – $2000.00 per month without spending $3000 per month to do that.

    Part of the problem is my own – unless I seriously work the product it will not of its own accord make me or anyone else a dime. I’ve spent more money than I care to admit on programs and not done anything with them due to lack of understanding. I’ve got an ebay program that still resides in its unopened box lying on my office floor.   Anyway, I’ve tried to interact with your question and appreciate your efforts at trying to find what it is that your next great product will work toward solving.

    I do have a question though, once I build a website and get it on line what would be the next logical step. If I want to advertise to my local area how do I go about doing that? And the list of question just gets larger. 

    I’d like to try and sell something other than my own product but don’t really know how to go about all that process.

    Okay I am going to quite because all this does is create more questions. 

    Thanks for the opportunity to speak (almost) directly to the problem, if only I could figure out what it really was.


    Reeder Lyons

    [email protected]

    [Hi Reeder, on icon one of Design Dashboard is a 25 minute video that you need to watch. It gives an overview of the whole thing. Just that one video shows you most of what you need to know. THEN go through the videos on the individual icons. But Reeder, if you are really a newbie at this, then outsource your web design. I give you some relatively inexpensive and very skilled designers in the Design Dashboard. You can start with Design Guru Ryan. You STILL need to know how to open a PSD the way we teach in Design Dashboard, change fonts, words and so forth. Reeder, I understand your frustration. If there's a specific thing on Design you can't do after watching that 25 minute video, go to getyoursupport.com and ask Tim if he can help you a bit. We can't offer in depth for the price we charge ($50 of the price goes to the affiliate so I only make $20 ro $30 net. But we'll do what we can to help. Reeder have you read bestofmarlonsanders.com? It's really a GREAT place to start. I'll try to write an ezine article that will help people in your shoes more. For $37 a month you can be on 2 calls per month with me where I give little more personalized help. That is called the A Team. You can ask Tim about it too.]

  • minnie says:

    thank you for your interest,i really do not know how to get started, internet

    marketing, iam confused about what i should do to get started, most people tell me they help me,but after they get my money,they do not live up to their word

    [Minnie, I'm NOT personally going to help you unless you pay me monthly for my Ateam. So now you know I'm NOT promising that. Most others charge $250 to $1,000 a month to "help you.' That is why you aren't getting help from them. You gotta pay them more money. Now, I DO have great products that can help you. For some reason on the Internet people feel like that if they buy a book they should get free help from then on. But let's say you buy the book Emyth by Michael Gerber. That doesn't entitle you to ANY help from Michael. It entitles you to read his book. Same on the Net. NO different. I recommend you go download Bestofmarlonanders.com. It's FREE and has tons of good stuff. Then read all the articles on my blog. They are free also.]

  • Shane Kruger says:

    Hi Marlon

    What I am finding out is that my problem is sticking to my plan and being consistent. I bought the Promo Dashboard and made some great progress but recently have let other things get in the way. Your emails are so refreshing and help me get back on track and I want to thank you for that.

    For me it was overwhelm so I just cleared my emails account (unsubscribed) from every list except for yours, Justin Brooke's, and Paul Myers.

    Now that I am back on track what I think would help me and other people who allow themselves to get off track is a product (video, ecourse, etc) on Converstions and how to convert customers.

    I think that is part of the reason some of us get off track is becuase we don't see converstions right away and then get lost in chasing the golden egg when reading other sales letters.

    So a product on converstions, or a product on how to make sure we stick with our plan.



    [Shane, let's talk about those conversions. Are you getting 100 visitors a day? Or even 50? Are you getting 10% of them on a LIST? If you have them on a LIST, then send out DAILY email the way I teach in Promo Dashboard. And use what I call "The Full Arsenal" in rows 5 and 6. If you do "The Full Arsenal" you WILL get conversions. You will. You can also send out emails for affiliate products that are proven converters. Now, if you aren't getting at least 10% of visitors onto your list, rows 2 and 3 will help you with that. If you aren't getting 50-100 visitors a day see rows 1 and 2. Shane, I would add John Jonas to your emails if you're interested in oursourcing]

  • <!–more–>Hey Marlon…

    You are one of the few mentors I have had for more than 10 years.

    You have a gift for making the more complex appear simple.

    I think you could assist aspiring entrepreneurs by arranging your products in a step by step fashion. (KEY * DON"T give us the option to skip in the education and completion of projects, though!)

    By this I mean, start from scratch and make it mandatory for every one to take progressive steps.

    We can probably hear folks screaming out in protest as they are reading this, but honestly, sometimes we don't know what we don't know, AND we can't truly appreciate *bigger ticket* items until we are ready for them.

    Review wouldn't kill us either.

    If we get each item WHEN we need it and our education has matured to that point, trust will have been built, customers will see the value (and the necessity) in the products you have produced, so it will be a no brainer to buy and proceed.

    If you test this format, I think you will maximize YOUR bottom line, because most serious business creators will follow you all the way thru to the top.

    (ie buy ALL your products as you introduce them and finally even ask for coaching if you ever decide to do that, 1 on 1.)

    Sometimes your sales letters are so good, we buy things out of sequence and don't have the immediate need at the time and then there's no money left for us to set up or purchase the needed product or service in order to progress to the next (necessary)step in our biz!

    Also…it appears sometimes you've felt we didn't *appreciate* a product you came out with.

    I just want to say that often for me, it was just that I didn't have the funds at the precise time you were promoting it.

    It wasn't that I didn't like it or didn't see the value.

    Maybe you can routinely circulate your product specials, so we don't feel like it's buy now or we've lost our only opportunity to get a great deal.

    I am probably your oldest student, but you WILL get my testimony one of these days 🙂

    (Hopefully before the next Amazing Formula book anniversary!)

    Best Regards,


    [Marge, those are awesome comments and I couldn't agree more. The thing is, customers will do what customers will do. People resist the idea of going in sequence. However, I think maybe advanced training that is sequential would be great.]

  • Damon Nelson says:

    Marlon, I truly enjoy reading your articles every week and value your product and service endorsements. I use several of your dashboard products along with the pushbutton salesletter. I even try to post your Saturday articles in my own blog http://8weekstoprofit.com

    Thanks for your recommendation to replacemyself.com My partner and I have taken Jonas advice to heart. We spend our time now creating training videos, interviewing applicants on Skype, automating the traffic building processes and creating/managing PPC ad campaigns. As we build our main site AffiliateCashMonkey, "We are making it so easy to make money online, that even a monkey can do it".

    We've hired 4 Fillipino workers, which includes 2 copywriters which started this month, a web developer and a videographer. We use Jing and camtasia to build training videos as we teach them their job and answer their questions.

    We've had a few false starts with hiring these workers. Most of them want to know how to do there job perfectly before they will start. So that leads to alot of questions and gives us a chance to turn on jing and copy our onscreen answers. We use to be disappointed when they quit before even getting started. But now we look at it as a chance to get all the training videos and screen capture answers done before we find just the right employees that fit our business model. I am happy to report they actually do the site design and video production faster and better than I could ever hope to do myself. That is satisfaction in itself.

    Our business model is simple, we make a mini video landing page that runs a 30 second commercial and takes the visitor straight over to the affiliate product at the end of the video. We give the wandering mouse and the attention deficit video visitor at least 5 things to do while the video is playing. With all of these tied to an affiliate product. We even are building a bonus page for after an affiliate sale to recapture that visitor as a future buyer.

    We are currently building these mini video sites for ourselves now and getting the traffic, stats and cash flow documented, showing how to make money with these sites.

    Our traffic sources are both organic through multiple profile video submissions on Traffic Geyser, blog posts, forum sigs, link cross-overs from all our related sites and article writing. The second and most direct is our traffic through PPC campaigns. We are using Google, Yahoo and a little known super traffic source which is the cheapest source of Clicks I've ever found (which I will tell all when we publish our new site http://affiliatecashmonkey.com due out in 6/1/09. God willing)

    To make site creation in less than 4 hours per site, we've standardized the mini video sites templates and are now cranking out 20 "Mini Video Sites" and 20 Youtube videos every month. We hope to get it to at least 50 mini video sites per month by June.

    We are also using traffic geyser for our viral video submits. When any of our employees completed their weekly tasks, they switch over and create profiles on traffic geyser on 20-30 social & video network sites. So each month we are increasing Traffic Geyser submissions by adding 3 to 5 new profiles with at least 25 social video sites per profile.

    Our goal is to sell instructional videos on How to create both the mini-video-sites and how to get traffic and sales from day one of the sites being live. I already have the videos made on the site creation and our videographer is adding theme music, action scenes, and some animation. Makes me feel like a Steven Spielberg just waiting on the recent release of a new Star Wars movie. Plus it's fun to see them do the work instead of ME.

    But, my ultimate goal with Affiliatecashmonkey.com is to sell the actual mini video sites that we are currently creating, along with the marketing campaign and our viral videos that we are using for that site. Thus giving someone a way to make money online with everything already done and cranking cash. All they have to do is use their credit card to buy the mini video site and transfer the working adwords and Yahoo campaigns to there own account. No web design, no video creation, no seo knowledge, no PPC skills are going to be needed. They just buy a money making mini-video-site that is already producing cash with a proven track record. We have some of the sites already making money and can be seen at http://affiliatecashmonkey.com

    Since I have given away my entire business plan to you with this blog comment. Hopefully, you can help me with what I am most overwhelmed on in this process; keyword selection AND finding an easy way to track the conversion down to the keyword level across multiple PPC campaigns and across different ad services. And how to best put together this sales site design so that it will be able to sell both the mini-video-sites and the training to build them yourself. Plus I am looking for a few super affiliates that will JV with the design and promotion of this site. So in the meantime its back to adding PPC campaigns to our newly created Mini-Video-Sites.

    Thanks for your time in reviewing this blog response.

    Damon Nelson
    blogging on http://8weekstoprofit.com

    "dunrented" on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube

    [Hi Damon, ppc really isn't my specialty. I refer people to Mr. X, PPC Ninja, and Perry Marshall. On the mini site concept, that is more or less what Joel Peterson's product was about. You might find help in it. You should see the url and my endorsement for it in one of my back ezine issues. Tracking conversions down to the keyword level is something that a number of ppc products teach you how to do. I think you are getting close to what you want. It's just the persistence to hang in there and problem solve on the final 10%.]

  • Bob Marconi says:

    I need my own product but am not a writer.

    Also, how to decide what market that product should address?

    [Bob, I have THE solution for "I'm not a writer" at ProductDashboard.com. For deciding on your market, I recommend pushbuttontargetmarket.com and promodashboard.com. These are solutions I already have. Good luck to you Bob.]

  • Virginia Lazidis says:

    That's my problem. I need to create a website. I don't have the money to pay someone to do it.

    Also, I am in San Antonio. In fact, not far from you. I'm at Blanco and 1604. Do you still have people working for you with no pay but lots of experience. I'm a quick learner and determined to become a successful affiliate marketer after I retire June 12, 2009.

    [Hi Virginia, our office is off of Dezavala. If you're interested in working for us, go to getyoursupport.com and post your contact info and ask Tim to pass it along to me. Tell me how many hours you can work a week and what skills you have. What would you enjoy doing or be good at?]

  • Tautua Leau says:

    just launch my site last friday, been working on it for 1 year. now, I need some help on marketing it, any suggestions.

    [Hi, yes this is an EASY one! http://www.promodashboard.com Enjoy!]

  • Nancy Boyd says:

    Hi Marlon,

    One of the reasons I like reading your stuff so much is that you get right to the nitty-gritty of things. I like direct 🙂

    Right now I'm in product development mode. In fact, I have several products being developed at the same time (which I do understand is not the greatest idea.)

    My worst problems are project management, and also overwhelm. It's hard to pick the priorities when it all has to get done — AND the rest of my business is calling me. (I have to create time for the product development stuff outside my regular business activities. Kind of like moonlighting with this.)

    But I do have a concern about getting things to convert, too. I've had a newsletter for more than 10 years and it seems like if I get one sale every 6 months I'm lucky. (The newsletter is about small, daily actions and attitude adjustments.) I don't really push the sales but I don't know what would work better than what I'm doing now. Any tips here?

    Thanks for the tremendous value you offer, consistently. Awesome 🙂

    [Hey Nancy, this IS something I have a killer solution for.]

  • I need help in all of your categories, the main one being FOCUSED, next ORGANIZING my e-mail groups to save time and know exactly where something is, how to get as much done as possible every day as if you get behind, you never catch up.

    Again, ALL of your suggestions are what I need and need NOW.

    [Hi, ok Corinne, appreciate u sharing.]

  • Allene Deen says:

    I’m am so OVERWHELMED! I signed up for PPC class but having to read and re-read segments. Love your letters though and do get some ah-ha moments about something I did not understand before. So keep them coming. Later I will have some more specific questions like how do you upload an ad to your webpage, how do you make a URL out of a block of html code?… Newbie has taken on a whole new meaning with me, but I WILL get it. Just to much information overload and too many questions?

    [Hi, yes, there is a lot to learn. The ppc stuff is great. But yes, some of it goes by fast!]

  • Randy Weaver says:

    Okay, you asked for it!

    Just as I gain confidence in an “internet guru”, they end up sending me to another web site for someone else they are endorsing. That’s what makes this whole thing so confusing and frustrating as to who has a program that will work for me.

    I have a web site in a niche market but don’t know how to get the theme monetized. After 1 year, I haven’t made a dime for my efforts but spent thousands in “training”. (though met some great people who are on the web site!)

    How are you different?

    [Randy, I’m answering your blog post with some helpful advice. I don’t know if that makes me different or not. You have to figure out your stuck point. Are you getting at least 100 unique visitors a day? If not, you need to work on traffic. If you have 100 TRUE unique visitors a day, then are you getting at least 10% of those people to join your email list? If not, work on that. Once they are on your list, send out emails and ask them to buy. If they won’t buy YOUR product then sell them someone else’s. At the extreme, you could give your product away for free if they join your email list and confirm, then you present a series of 1 time offers for affiliate products or some Camtasia videos you create and stick on Kunaki or a member’s area. You gotta know your stuck point. Step a: Get 100 visitors a day. Step b: Get 10% or more on your email list. Step c: Send offers. This is ALL explained pretty well in detail in PromoDashboard.com Good luck to you.]

  • Paul Perry says:

    Hey Marlon

    Its going OK, I've been online about a year now. Its been tough with my wife being disabled with trips to the hospital 2 or 3 times a week for her treatment. But I have had time to read a lot of books so I know a lot more now than when I first started. I was a ceiling contractor for over 25 years. I had my own business that was doing great until I snapped my Achilles tendon. So that's the reason I came on line in the beginning. I was Bord with watching TV and doing the house work on one leg. I have about 10 sites up and 3 squidoo lenses.And working on my list building,next I am going into setting up some mini sites, using key word research and hot markets.But its the time in need to focus that's what I need the most.Thanks for a great post and a great read I wish a could put things in to words like you do.

    [Perry, you seem to have no problems putting things into words. It's just practice. Send out emails DAILY. Tell lots of stories Matt Furey style. You sound unfocused. You can focus on ONE thing at at a time. List building and sending daily emails is a great strategy.]

  • Chris Dawkins says:


    I broke my leg trying to skip a rung on the ladder of success! When you try to skip steps and think you know a lot, this is what happens.

    You have done a tremendous job in mentoring everyone and keeping up up-to-date and informed. I truly appreciate that. And for that, I will be purchasing more of your products because of the tremendous access you give to all of us!

    Having said all of that, I think I've learned all of this fairly well but, I haven't put it into practice. Ya know, paralysis of analysis? I don't have the "right name" for my website, I don't have the website with the squeeze page as it should be and I haven't completed my ebook which I've worked on for three months. My focus is SHOT! And I'm starving in the meantime.

    But, I'm about to change all of that! I'm going to take everything STEP-BY-STEP (so as, not to break a leg again) and I'm going to do all of this in record amount of time.

    I feel with you Marlon that it's People first, money second. You must know the value of having someone down the block singing your praises and referring others to you vs someone saying you're only out for the money. NO ONE can EVER say that ABOUT YOU!

    Thanks Man!

    [Hey Chris, appreciate the comments. I think you have FOCUS. Do the 2 week goals like I explained in that one article. Then re-evealuate and plan the next 2 weeks. If you're ADD then maybe plan 1 week at a time. FOCUS!]

  • Mayur says:

    Hi Marlon!

    Good info as usual.

    Each of your emails that have a pitch also have content sprinkled in it, that separates you from the other marketers.

    Also, the info you provide is much appreciated. Sometimes I think you reveal too much hence creating competition for the small guys like us 🙂


    [Hi, well even if you are small, you can still get an audience. Have you read Lee McIntyre's story? LeeMcIntyre.com. He is awesome and started very small.]

  • Martin says:

    Hi Marlon,

    How are you doing? I am overwhelmed with stuff…..and i suppose its a blessing but the credit cards have been maxed out and i have some immediate payments to make.

    To be honest my problem is old, bad habits of looking for the quick fix and

    not sticking to stuff.

    I really don't care about what i work on…..i just want a paint by numbers system that works…..i have built downlines before so i kam not afraid of work.

    I would like a process that i can do for 10 hours a week that i know will almost certainly reault in an income of $1000 per month initially.

    I am reviewing everything and selecting stuff that is low/no cost to promote and where i can get very quick return.


    Best Regards


    Ps. I love your 2 week project plan…i shall review your other musings….Thanks

    [Hi, I have a product in mind. Not guaranteed but very step-by-step and very practical for a newbie. Overall, though, I recommend you go through my Dashboards and create and build lists. Have you read Ockham's Razor? It REALLY lays things out well although it isn't step by step.]

  • Nancy R says:

    Ockham's Razor is one of the best products you have put out there. I have all of your dashboards and several other products that have helped us focus on our business. I purchased Formula Five a few months ago and sent it back due to the cost of the product among other things. Formula Five is a great product but I also was reading Ockham's Razor at the same time. I believe that Ockham's Razor does what Formula Five does without spending thousands of dollars. People need to purchase this product. Marlon, you're great. I will be looking forward to your next product that will rival PPC classroom.

    [Nancy, I'm sure Formula Five is a great product. But yes, I really think a number of my customers missed the boat by NOT getting Ockham's Razor! Nancy, I'm not a ppc pro so I won't even try to approach ppc classroom. I really like the training they are doing.]

  • Justin says:

    Hey Marlon,

    Now that you mention it, I'm going through a coaching course right now and am about to finish my sales letter but I'm not sure still who my audience is? My product is 'how to motivate your employees,' but I'm not sure if it's managers or business owners who are searching for these keywords? how do i find out?

    thanks for your help


    [Justin, pushbuttontargetmarket.com is your answer.]

  • Hi Marlon,

    I regret that people didn't sign up for your Ockham Razor System groups. I've signed up as a group leader. Anyway, you cannot win them all. I still believe you shouldn't abandon the idea of turning the ebook into a multi-media product with videos, interviews ect

    My needs are in the project management and systems building. What resources would you recommend? Thanks bro.

    [Hey, I'm as disappointed in that as you are! It really surprised me. I have tons of stuff I can teach on project management and systems building. Maybe the BEST info you can find anywhere.]

  • Can you teach us how you outsource your website building plz?

    [Hey, go to http://www.outsourceplan.com That is all you need.]

  • Please let me take just a brief moment to introduce myself. My name is Albert Freed I am married to a wonderful women for 42 years, have 3 fantastic kids; that are handicapped. I live in Florida, USA.

    I have been online for 9 years now and have taken a beating in the network marketing industry, now I am looking for a mentor. I think I have found a product and a marketing system that will change my life forever.

    Could use a great mentor; are you that person?


    [Albert, if it's mlm, I recommend: Big Al, Joe Shroeder, Deagan Smith, Mike Dillard, Dale Calvert in no particular order.

  • Kim Burney says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I loved your post, really made me ask the question – where am I stuck?

    I have most if not all of your dashboards. I use them and I have hired people and told them to learn from the dashboards. They have great stuff in them, I even used your general design idea to create my banner for http://www.computermaintenanceguide.com – where I get stuck is the systems. I would have loved to have someone offer me a package a year ago to take my product (an ebook, with potential for several other products) set up the website, set up an affiliate program, sales pages, paypal integration, etc. and just tell me what the price would be. I have taken a year since I had my product complete and ready to go, to learn from the best (seminars, ebooks, dashboards or more)how to sell it. I own an IT consulting company, so I have a pretty good set of tech skills – but I get stuck on putting the systems and the processes in place.

    I would love to see you create a product (seminar, workshop, online class, mentoring or whatever) that offers different packages based on where you are and where you want to be. Packages could be based on what a person wants to end up with and maybe there could even be phases, so that a person could get their product online and selling with maybe a clickbank class (start to finish) prerequisite being that the product is complete, maybe sales page draft written and domain name purchased. Phase two could be setting up an affiliate program using jrox or something. I think that if I could have had someone tell me here is what we can do for you (and charge me to do it, you hire the guys in India and save me the time to learn it all) and here is what it will cost. I think I would be better off and further down the road.

    You see, Marlon – I make $95 – $130 per hour as a consultant. I want to sell my products, but currently I make more consulting, than I do learning all this stuff. I know info products make money and that is what I would like to do – but at this point I would rather hire someone to set up my systems for me. I know that I would have to be involved somewhat, but why not offer a program that will take a product from start to finish in a certain length of time?

    I meant to tell you my sticking point and seems like I moved pass that to ask you to create a product.

    I have hired a company in India to help me move forward quicker, but it seems like every time I figure one thing out, there are two more that I need to do as well. I really think that systems are the key to getting unstuck.


  • Stephen Voight says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Thanks for all you do, I have a number of your products and I love them. I have been stuck on one thing though and maybe you could put a bit of thought to it,(especially if you put on some red first),anyway, I have been trying to figure out a way to bring the online affiliate marketing model to the offline mom and pop type shops in my local area. The yellow pages are dead, the local print products are horrible and the local business community is silently screaming for a new "system" or "invention". I want it to be an unheard of program that offers a refund or guarantee of some sorts and delivers traffic to local businesses that owners are going to line up for at my desk top.

    Am I insane? Maybe a little. I would love your input and maybe a formula.

    Thanks. Stephen Voight

    Maple Lake, Minnesota

    [Hi, go to the Warriors Special Offers forum. There's tons of stuff on how to do it there.]

  • Carol West says:

    My book, "NO TEARS FOR CAROL" – The discovery & day to day recovery of a multiple personality by Carol Vaughn West, will be out this month and my site will be finished soon. Then I am going to advertize like mad. I have no list but I am going to hit Facebook, Myspace and maybe write some articles and put them on forums. Do you have any advice for me?

    I plan to email everyone I know and ask them to put an add to their list. I was severely abused, had MPD, integrated in Oct of 2006, worte my book and plan to travel to churches, womens groups, as many as possible to tell people what God brought me through.

    I know my book will give courage and strength to others and if it stops one person from killing themselves then it is worth the pain of writing it.

    Any advice you can giveme would be appriciated.


    [Carol, go to Bob Bly's site and he's got ton's of stuff on how to promote books. Great guy too. Great book. Marlon, Bill and Alice ALL say that! :)]

  • Brad Spencer says:

    Hey Marlon,

    I'm an intermediate marketer and I'd love to know your secrets about Direct Marketing as a whole and also your "outsourcing, managing an office, etc" tips.

    I'm going to be doing this in the near future and it'd be great to learn this stuff!


    Brad Spencer

    [Brad, I'd love to do some more advanced topics like that if others are interested.]

  • Captain-Rob says:

    Marlon said, "I've very happy to hear about your product. Are you going to do a launch? SEO? Adwords? How do you plan to get traffic?"

    Thanks for the kind words. I do not do Adwords right now. I have used them in the past. Regarding a launch, I have announced everywhere I can think. I generate most of my traffic by posting on forums and blogs, generating backlinks and building my list.

    I'm looking forward to JV deals. Know anyone interested??

    Captain Rob

    [Captain Rob, I have a line a mile long of close friends who keep emailing me to launch for them. Some I owe favors to. That's the business. The JV thing is tough unless ur in a niche.]

  • john says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Keep up the excellent work. I have bought 4 of your products. What I appreciate about your emails and products is that you are straight forward and seem very real. No hype or BS. I feel like you care about people first, and making money second. Too many internet marketers do it in reverse. I have bought other peoples products. I would have bought them through you if you had advertised them. Your word is good. If you endorse, people will buy. In fact, if you endorsed more, we might have a better idea of what to buy and why/how it could help us. So, keep providing value, keep caring, and you will create a list that trusts and buys from you.

  • Bri says:

    I am new to all of this. Overwhelmed yes. To many ideas. What I need help is this. Add value. How do I dd so much value that people will buy from me. Its the building of a package that has a high perceived value.I have to many unprofitable hobbies. Curious about to much. I see the offers and bunuses offered and cant believe people think a report is a 299.00 value. Maybe I am making this more difficult than it really is? But then we would all be online millionaires.



    [Hi, yeah, ur making it more difficult than it is probably. But value is also important.]

  • sylvia says:

    I always like your content and videos and your marketing is inspirational. I have you in my head when I'm tempted by shiny objects pulling me away & from my core product creation + site building tasks.

    Take care of that hernia Marlon! Wishing you the best speedy and easy recovery.

    [Hi Sylvia, you're the best. Thanks. And yeah, focus is where it's at.]

  • Dennis says:

    You are one of the few people that I actually look at you emails, I really feel that you and few others touch me on a more personal level.

    I appreciate your info.

    I really miss the video letters you did before, It gave me a more personal feeling.

    I like how you promote and present things and how you seem somehow more real and down to earth.

    I am in honduras now, but next time i'm in kerrville, I will try to see if you would be interested in having dinner with me or maybe spending some time on lake medina with me(got a lake house and boat there).

    maybe I could cook you a good steak.

    And of course you would always be welcome to visit here(Roatan island is wonderful if you like tropical beautifull beach and water)

    I really respect your talent and personality and would like to meet you sometime.

    Not to try to get you to promote or business!

    Just to get to know you.

    The offer is genuine.

    and so are my words.

    You are the man marlon!


    Dennis Howard

    [Dennis, so you liked the video ezine? So if I held a $2,000 workshop that was a 2 day deal where I taught some cool stuff, would you wanna attend? OR is it too pricey?]

  • Norberto says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Get my banner. I hope that you succeed.

  • Rhen says:

    Marlon, I've known about you ever since I started IM 5 years ago and it seems you cater to a more newbie IM niche. But I wish you could talk about more intermediate to advanced strategies. Things like project management, and systems. I've got work way over my head and I need some help. That would really get my attention.

    [Rhen, if someone other than you wants it, I have the BEST info on project management I believe of anyone in the industry.]

  • Youpele says:

    Hey Marlon I like reading your emails have useful content as you recommended Mr.X. Man what a guy he's over-delivered with great content.

    I'm in the stages of creating a landing page for an affiliate program and getting paid to build my list. I really appreciate what you're(Marlon)sharing with us. Keep the content coming bruv!

    [Hi, glad Mr. X is helping you. Did you get Ockham's Razor? Did it help you? If not, what do you need help with now or how can I serve you? I'm looking for ideas for the next product I'm going to produce.]

  • Captain-Rob says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Nice post. I'm doing well, thanks for asking. Haven't seen you on Twitter lately.

    I just released my NEW book – Living a Pirate Lifestyle. It is about living life to the fullest, having the freedom to do what you what when you what to do it! Arrrr..

    It is isn't about being Jack Sparrow in a fantasy world, it is about controlling your own destiny in the "real" world.

    Living a pirate lifestyle really is a state of mind.

    Your Pirate Friend,

    Captain Rob

    [Bro, I've been in research mode on all this ppc and adwords stuff….and getting ready to go into product creation mode. Except I got sucked into the ppc classroom videos tonight! They are very good on using spreadsheets….a weakness of mine. I've very happy to hear about your product. Are you going to do a launch? SEO? Adwords? How do you plan to get traffic?]

  • Terry says:

    Hi Marlon

    From a complete but determined novice>>

    I have been reading your e-mails with great interest. We have recently started to employ an on-line marketing strategy. We are in Golf at the high performance level which is a niche market, particularly being based on the Gold Coast and also with regards to the expertise we have through our MD Lawrie Montague.

    We have employed a we person through best jobs who we are very happy with and just wanted to thank you for the awesome advice that you deliver. We purchased a license for IContact before we came across your material and it seems to be working ok but I think it may be a liminting factor. We are reworking our sales page with our Best Jobs champion and look forward to hearing from you in your posts. Regards Terry Burgan

    [Hi Terry, it does sound like you are making FANTASTIC progress! Glad to hear it. Let me know what else we can help you with.]

  • Marlon,

    I bought promo-dashboard and followed the tips to create my first downloadable ebook! I make a full-time income from my blog, but now I'm building a list as well.

    I even used the graphic designers you recommended in the course. I'm putting the stuff I'm learning from you to use.

    Thanks buddy!

    [Hey Rusty, if you have a testimonial I can use, with a photo and stuff, post it here. Is there anything you need help with at this point? Are you hiring outsourcers, assistants or employees yet?]


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