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Let’s hear your comments about the Push Button WordPress issue!


I published this ezine some time back.  BUT the shortcodes it talks about still 100% apply.  You'll notice the comments are a bit old BUT there are good comments!  Why don't you add YOUR updated comment and make this post 100% current to THIS year.  I could have archived this but I think it's an excellent ezine issue that is still relevant and helpful.


If you're following my TLO formula, then you know you gotta target buyers, get them on a list, then extend regular offers for them to buy from you.  You can use WordPress to create email capture (also known as squeeze) pages. And you can use it to write up product reviews or extend written or video offers to the folks on your list.  That's WHY I feel this is still needed and relevant.

What are your comments or thoughts?

Just type in comments below.

Best wishes,


  • Brian says:

    Ages ago I got a Shortcodes plugin and love it. Anything for an easier life though I would like more options than I have at present so always on the lookout for a plugin with more shortcodes.

    I took up your offer on the cPanel videos. Some I have seen before but there were some that I learned from and anything on backing up or security is worth paying for.


    • marlon says:

      Hey Brian,

      Yeah, there are some COOL things about shortcodes
      I think very few people know. And a new array of
      plugins that offer quite an impressive range of

      Best wishes,


  • Brian says:

    Hi again, Marlon

    My 10 cents on the weekend $7 offers… I do like those (in fact, even up to $17 or $19 I look at)…

    I do like the offers with sizzle, though, rather than more pedestrian fare. For me, that means offerings in the areas of affiliate marketing, traffic generation, niche finding, and system generation rather than cpanel or such. Hope this helps. Thanks.

    • marlon says:

      Oh come on Brian,

      Admit it. You WANT cPanel but are just embarrassed
      to admit it to yourself.


      Actually, it IS boring UNTIL you need it. Rock
      solid hosting helps.

      I appreciate you posting an honest comment and feedback
      without venom. That's a rare talent although I must say
      must customers are quite polite today!

      Thanks for sharing your insights on price. That's one
      thing that's quite important to get right.


      • Brian says:

        Hi, Marlon

        Thanks for the reply. It's like the broccoli restaurant and steakhouse that you once mentioned are just down the block. I really NEED to go to the broccoli joint… and I'll kick myself for not going there… right after I finish my steak!

    • marlon says:

      Oh, if you didn't snag marlonsanders.com/affiliatearmy, it's a very good buy.
      Launch domination is a good value too. Marlon

  • Evan says:

    I thought the info was good and useful.

    I'm happy with how my blog is at the moment so I didn't read it properly.

  • PV says:

    Dear Marlon:

    Sorry, but I'm not with you on this ….

    The info provided is too complex with no clear guide on how to implement short codes practically on a wp site.

    What is needed is a video walk through with various examples.

    In fact, there should be a short code recipe for affiliate marketers, one for selling your own product on your wp site(s) and perhaps a separate one for selling Amazon products as an affiliate.

    Oh, and Marlon….don't shoot the messenger even though you're a Texan.



    Yokohama, Japan

    • marlon says:


      Yeah, those are good points. And I'm guessing I might do those things in a paid product. I'm still learning how to use it myself. I just discovered them and some of the powerful ways to use them. Thanks for posting your thoughts. I appreciate the feedback. Marlon

  • Hugh Busey says:


    Good information. Had no knowledge of it until you published it. Thanks. Will use it on the next WP site.


  • Greg Gudson says:

    Marlon everything you do is quality. You don't skimp or send out stuff just to send it out. It is clear you respect your list and we respect your leadership.

  • Larry says:

    This was very interesting information. I had been concentrating on creating articles for my own product, but this makes me want to try out affiliate marketing. It looks like it would be a lot of fun to try and master. Thanks for all your great information Marlon.

  • Stuart says:

    New to me.

  • Gail says:

    Marlon, I did really enjoy your helpful information on short codes. I hadn't known they existed like this before. I also picked up your WordPress offer. Your video did open and play just fine and I do like you having a video on your newsletter along with all the text. I'm a person who likes to read the info but if a video clarifies things, I'm all for that as well. Thank-you for all your helpful programs!

  • Marlon,


    YOU, especially you, can teach an OLD dog like me a few new tricks.

    I'm far from a newb, but I'm embarrassed to say I've used a small percent of CP and WP power…it's like having a bright red 7 speed Ferrari and only driving it at night in first gear.

    So much more POWER to use. You have saved me TIME, which translate into more money. Thnx.

    Can't wait for new product.

    Gordon J. Alexander (Really OLD Dog)

    PS. The info on how to backup files is worth 100 times the cost, especially if one has ever lost their data…and for us old timers…once is enough.

  • Linda says:

    Hi Marlon – that was a tour de force marketing minute, you packed in at least a half-four in the one….I actually did just recently get the cPanel video course, and it is really empowering not to be totally intimidated by the thing. Why doesn't godaddy have cPanel? That is annoying and unfortunately I have most of my hosting with them.

    As for the shortcodes – wow, that is a bit overwhelming – like, do I need all those buttons? what will I do with them?

    But yes, it looks to be easier than the old way, which I would NEVER be able to do myself.

    I don't know what OLM even means, I have been on the internet only a million years, not a billion, so I am sure it is Old School and here's my thanks for hanging in there with the rest of us Dinosaurs on Desktop and attempting to keep us in line. 🙂

    • marlon says:

      Hey Linda!

      Wow, so you are already cPanel literate! That's awesome. Yes! It IS very empowering. OLM is simply the name of my webhost just like HostGator is the name of a webhost.

      Oh, on the shortcodes, you can pick and choose which buttons you want on your menu, to keep it from being overwhelming. There is also a drop down menu item I didn't show where you simply select the category like "colored boxes" or "headline fonts". It's actually SIMPLE as pie.


  • Seng Sotharith says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Thank you so much for this good news.


  • Kamil says:


    even though I have a few WP blogs, I did not use shortcodes so far.

    Thank you, this is valuable information for me.

    It is really worth to read every MM.

    All the best,


  • John says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Thanks for your behind the scenes hard work, trial and error. And thanks for sharing the insights and tools you picked up along the way.

    I am not a technical person, and you are the firsy person to let me know about cPanel and shortcodes.



    • marlon says:


      The shortcodes are REALLY easy to use! You'll love them.
      The basic cPanel videos explain things really well.

      I think you could track them.

  • Hugh Collin says:

    Marlon – Thanks – it's all new – I am an out of the box x-cart selling Vietnamese coffee on line in Australia at http://www.viet-coffee.com.au and have developed my own SOE by cross checking with Google on it's search terms for my product. Then since November last year using Google adwords to push traffic. I can't really ship out of Australia as the postage kills but your ideas are in the back of my mind as to how to increase traffic- been going since Nov 2009 as zero start up and now nearly grossing $3k a month. A lot of it goes over my head but I am getting better. It's not my real job it's an after hours thing but your stuff has really helped

  • Guy says:

    Thanks for the info. In this complexity of IM, Ie. blogging, cPanel, WordPress, PHP, HTML, and much more, we need these simple addons to make life a little simpler. Anything that can help shorten our tasks will allow us to focus in other areas.

    Again, thanks for the info.

  • Stefan says:

    Thx Marlon.

    Shortcodes are very valuable to use. You don't have to do a lot of trial and error with codes and such.

    A short code and the stuff is there. 🙂

    Love the way you put this together and I really could use some nice directory of shortcodes. I use some in both PT and OP.

  • Bruce says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I love the ease of shortcodes. On the sites where I use OptimizePress, they are quite handy.

    But even though I've used them for about a year, I didn't know about some of the shortcode resources you mention in the PDF. Thanks!


  • Hi Marlon

    I have HostGator hosting & also have a collection of videos on cPanel.

    (Sorry, won't be purchasing yours however I do highly recommend them to anyone wavering about purchasing – BUT thanks for the opp to promote as Affiliate and your generous 100% payment).

    I delved into cPanel some time ago because I was looking for more security and found that cPanel offered WAY more than I had anticipated (from memory, I think it was Bill McRae who first alerted me to cPanel).

    HOWEVER, this is the first time I have encountered SHORTCODES – so thank you for THAT, too.

    And no, I have not yet purchased OptimizePress, although I have been following you promo of this over the past several issues, especially TINYMCE.

    I am relocating within a few days, so am in some disarray BUT will revisit after I have resettled.

    Meanwhile, many thanks for your interesting and informative Newsletters – I invariably learn something!

    Best wishes to you & Lisa

    from Australia


    • marlon says:

      Hey Nadine,

      Glad you're already on cpanel! Hey, you may have discovered a WHOLE new world
      with shortcodes BECAUSE you can have them created and SELL 'EM as a product!

      Plugins and shortcodes sell well!

      Good luck with relocating…been there, done that! Whew!


  • Fran says:

    I don't know anything about short codes. I do pick up some of the offers. $7 is a great price for products.

    • marlon says:

      Hey Fran,

      If you use WordPress, you'll love shortcodes. Look at the pix in the PDF today. I updated several. Thanks for posting by the way.

  • Brian says:

    Hi, Marlon

    I had not heard of WP Shortcodes before. They look to be a great way to spice up sales pages, and otherwise add design elements to WP pages.

    I'm curious, though… do WP Shortcodes and your Design Dashboard mix? That is, can DD be used to good effect here or is it primarily for use with non WP sites? Thanks.

    • marlon says:


      Great question.

      And yes, they mix. Exactly HOW will become apparent when we get the new product out in a month or so. Right now I can tell you that blogs NEED graphics. Even if you use Optimize Press, you still need a header graphic. Shortcodes put in images but don't CREATE the images! See?

  • marvin says:

    I think I would like to use them to simplify my wp. what is the best program for these short codes?

    • marlon says:


      I put one of the programs in the PDF at the end. I am testing out multiple products and will likely hold off on revealing the best one till I put out our product. But the one in the ezine today looks good. I think though that before I can use it on this blog I have to get a more modern theme. The existing theme I like but it's an older one without modern features.

  • Hey Marlan as usual your pdf today was great. I do use shortcodes in my wordpress sites all the time, but I can never have too much info on this subject as it a great time saver. You also gave us some fantastic insight into some of the best shortcodes available.

    Please don't stop sending these pdf's as each one of them is filled with knowledge and I'm all about becoming the best I can be.

    I've been studying IM for almost 2 years and for most of that time, I was only learning. (big mistake) I should have started implementing as soon as I knew more than most people, but that's ok, lesson learned.

    Thanks for this great info today as I learned a lot.

    Morris Murphy (Murph)

    • marlon says:


      You know, you learn BEST by doing and by teaching! So sometimes teaching and doing is good because the teaching motivates you to do. Maybe you should be teaching?

  • Hey Marlon,

    I had to work all day today and just got home. I saw your email on my iPhone so I rushed home and read the marketing minute. I never heard of short codes before. Is it mainly for building web pages or can you use them in posts or on pages? I'd like to promote the $7.00 deal. Sounds good.

    Good stuff as usual. Thanks Marlon


  • Lynda says:

    This information was all new to me and most helpful. I can see how it will make my site a lot easier to maintain. Cpanel can be very confusing for someone new to this.

    I also am going to pick up the 7 dollar offer as it gives me a lot more detailed information on what I should be doing with my site in order to monetize it eventually. For now I am basically trying to get information out there and get traffic to my site.

    And yes I realize from everything you tell us that I need to start a list so this will give me much-needed options.

    I also love your "How to get Focused, Really for Real" article and now spend a lot less time on email(a real time waster) and got off of many many lists.

    Thanks Marlon

    Hi Lynda,

    Thanks for posting and have fun with cPanel. It's really not bad once you

    learn a bit about it. Setting up a blog is EASY after you do it a few



  • Gary says:

    I thought the WP Shortcut info was brilliant. And for that matter Marlon, all your stuff is spot on.

    Small $$ amount offers a great, as long as they don't have too many upsells.

    The video was insightful and the cPanel content was very relevant to me.

    Would love to get my hands on Swagbox7.

    Thanks for all you do and enjoy the rest of your weekend.



    Hey Gary,

    Thanks for posting. There are some cool things about

    cpanel when you dig into it.

    Best wishes,


  • Kenneth says:

    I thought it was a great info on setting up a bog and be able to navagate people to what you may want them to see.

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