Marketing Book Review: New addition to my top 10 best list of all time best marketing books — “How to Be a Power Connector”

Marketing Book Review: New addition to my top 10 best list of all time best marketing books — “How to Be a Power Connector”


Wow, I'm really excited.

It's VERY rare that I stumble across a new marketing book that deserves to be in my top 10 list of all time best marketing books.  And even fewer get their own Marketing Book Review here on my blog or in my ezine. So I feel darned lucky and excited today to have found a new one.  This book can very literally change your entire future in Internet marketing and business. And do it at virtually zero cost.  If you think I know anything at all about business or marketing, then buy this book, read it, then do it.  By the way, I have millions in sales and approximately 4,000 books in my libraries to back up that statement.  Not that I'm boasting…but some people discount everything they read on the Internet unless you slap  them over the head with it!  lol.

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Video:  Marketing Book Review — How to Be a Power Connector

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Of course, one of your questions might be, “But will it REALLY pay off in money you can pay your bills with?”

Well, on page 156 Judy quotes a study by Lewis Schiff, executive director of the Inc. Business Owners Council. They surveyed 800 business owners and found that 96 percent of business owners with companies worth $30 million or more believed “knowing the right people' mattered in their success!  Plus, I can tell you from personal experience, staying in the pipeline of information flow in Internet marketing is very important.

Here's a breakdown of the chapters in the book:

1:   The power of high-value, strategic connections
2.  Friends, allies, and power connectors
3.  Make your network wide, deep and robust
4.  The right ecosystems will determine your success
5.   The Power Connector mindset
6.   Prepare to Power Connect
7.  Target, connect and engage — maximize your time with every connection
8.  Reconnect, assess and activate, and multiply value
9.  Connect your connections for added success
10.  Power Connecting Strategies for social media and conferences
11.  Connected women:  Building success one relationship at a time
12.  Power Connections are connections first
Afterword:  Top 10 tips from the Titanium Rolodex

The subtitle of the book is:  The 5+50+100 Rule for turning your business network into profits

That's a GREAT headline or subtitle.

The author, Judy Robinett, is known as “the woman with the titanium digital Rolodex.”  Forbes and the New York Times labeled her as “a new breed of Power Connector.”

Here's Why I Think How To Be a Power Connector Is A Total Game Changer That Doesn't Cost You a Penny To Implement

Whether you are an old crusty veteran OR you're brand new, the strategies in this book will have some of the biggest payoffs of anything you can do bar none.  And they don't cost you anything to implement other than your time. And really, you ALREADY spend the time but don't do it deliberately with a plan and intention.  That's why I decided to do a marketing book review on it.  I've only done a few of these.  If I see a lot of positive comments, likes and shares on this post, I'll do more of them.

Here are a few highlights:

Page 151:  A cool mindmap that shows you how to map out “power circles.”  That is really darned cool.  Normally, I see stuff like that as gimmicks….but in this case. NO!  This is neat stuff.

Page 136:  Shows you how to do a little spreadsheet where you list the person's name, role (banker, teacher, supplier, etc) in a spreadsheet, location, ecosystem (friend, business, community, etc), Power Circle (key 5, 50 or 100), resources they have access to and their influence score.

THAT is an awesome idea….

Instead of teasing you with content in this marketing book review, I'll share a few SPECIFIC IDEAS I got for myself from How to Be a Power Connector.

1.  Within 7 days of making a new power connection, send something of value in the mail or via email or Facebook. 

That is a fantastic habit to get into. And it puts you in the category of a GIVER not a taker in that person's mindset.  Maybe you send an article or article link, an idea or something else that would be of value to them.  Value is defined as something the OTHER PERSON wants or needs, NOT what YOU think is valuable!  It's for them, not for you.

I caution you to do this WITHOUT an expectation of return.  I've had people get pissed at me because they sent me something of value and I didn't respond or gush over it.  You're POSITIONING yourself as a giver. That's all.  In the book on page 142 she says Secret 6 is to “Give without expecting a return.”  This is the BIGGEST mistake I'e seen people do with me over the years.

They give some small or substantial thing ONE freaking time and expect it to open the floodgates!  It's CONSISTENCY that counts.  I can tell you right now, in 20+ years in business, I've not really seen one person do this that I can recall.

2.  Every month send something of value to your top 100.

I love that idea also.  It reminds me of how real estate agents work a “people farm.”  That's what this actually is.  In real estate the term “farming” refers to taking a geographical area and sending something to or making contact with every hom in that geographical area monthly.  You typically get a 10 to 1 return on any funds spent on farming.

However, the strategies in How to Be a Power Connector don't require you to spend any money at all unless you want to.

Here's another EXTREMELY IMPORTANT point.  You're “people farming” 50 people weekly and 100 monthly.  What I've observed over the years is that someone saw me as their people farm.  ONE PERSON. I was it!  And they sent me 1 or 2 cards or postcards.  Or one small gift certificate.  I didn't immediately jump on the phone with them, they got either discouraged or pissed and stopped!

That's NOT how you do it!  OMG.  That's why this book is so absolutely critical. It's the first time I've ever seen someone really spell it out.

3.   Every 3 months send something of value to everyone in your people farm (everyone in your Rolodex).

Again, that is a fantastic reminder.  And I love the way Judy really spells it out clearly.

4.  Map out what you NEED to reach your goals and then plug in Power Connections to fill in the gaps.

This is a real game changer.  Instead of lamenting that you don't know what you need to know, don't have the  resources, don't have whatever, you DELIBERATELY plan out making new Power Connections to fill in the gaps!  Sheer brilliance.

5.  Make a list of folks you want to add to your Power Circles

This is a logical extension of #4.

What I found is that my mindset TOTALLY CHANGED.  All of a sudden when I had a roadmap to take my connections to an entirely new level, I started thinking of tons of people I could add to my top 50 and top 100!

When you're starting out, the people you add will be those you meet in forums, on Facebook, via other social media.  You don't need to have Dan Kennedy, me or Jay freaking Abraham in your Power Circles to take your success to levels beyond where it is now!

6.  Learn to ask appropriately with the right timing and in the right way

This is another EXTREMELY important thing.  On page 201 she explains how to do this.  If you want to learn how to be a Power Connector, this is absolutely essential. I can't understate the importance of it because so many people get it wrong!

There's an art to asking. I'm a person that virtually never asks things from my friends, except a few very, very close ones.  But I can see from reading this that the key is to learn to ask in the right way.  That opens up doors of opportunities! Very exciting concept.

On the flip side, some people are great at asking but there are strings attached.  Judy discusses that blunder also. Some people GIVE but with strings attached.  That's another very common blunder.

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Marlon Sanders

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