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Marketing Comes First Every Day

Everything gets in the way.

You wake up.

The cat. The dog. The kids. The spouse.

Everything needs your attention.

And your marketing dries up.

It gets no attention.

One day the flow of new customers dries up.

It's like Coach Burt says on his Youtube channel. There comes a time when WINTER asks what you did all summer and fall.

You've got to get your head straight.

And priorities right.

Maybe you DO have to take care of your kids or other obligations.

But first thing you CAN in the morning is to carve out time for your MONEY. Your business. And that time is your MARKETING time.

What I do is wake up a couple hours before my spouse does, so I can get my marketing done.


I write this blog post in the morning.

I plan my promotions using what I call The Strange Ritual.

I do my content marketing.

There's a REASON I say do it first thing in the morning.

Because when the WHIRLWIND of the day hits, it probably won't get done. It seems like some days are just a blur of urgent and important activities OTHER than marketing.

You have a doctor appointment.

You have to do accounting.

You've got meetings.

Your website has a problem.

Customer support needs attention.

The trash needs taken out.

I mean, 1,001 things often DEMAND your attention OTHER THAN your marketing, the freaking LIFEBLOOD of your business. Heck, Facebook, Instagram, TV and phone notifications SCREAM for your attention on trivial stuff.

You're in a battle between all the things that
want you to NOT make money or sales

And making sales. Your family probably won't understand this. Your spouse won't. Facebook sure won't.

The ONLY person who can protect your time and your marketing IS YOU.

You are the only one who gives a flying flip.

No one else will care UNTIL you can't pay bills or there's not money to buy something they want. Then the criticism ensues.

I got this idea of doing my marketing FIRST from one of Katrina Ruth's Kindle books. She has like 50. And the reason is she made a commitment to write 25 minutes in the morning every day.


And those books feed her lead flow.

Now, there's one other BIG THING here.


When you get momentum going and your lead flow is abundant, the temptation is to STOP. To let all those other pressures and things slowly creep into your time.

Just because you have a lot of blog posts, videos on Youtube or books on Kindle, or a big Linked In or Twitter following, you can't stop. You can never stop your MARKETING FLOW.

If the marketing flow stops, the business eventually STOPS. Because bringing in new people to your audience is an absolute necessity, not just something that's nice to do.

Not just something to do when it's convenient.

Not just something to do when you're excited about it.

Now, if you transition to doing paid ads, then you don't have to do content marketing, although it's still smart. Your morning marketing time is spent reviewing your paid ads for the day. And making tweaks.

Linked In, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Paid ads, Pinterest, Snapchat, Youtube channels are all great lead generation channels or options. But they take daiily energy and focus.

Your Marketing Flow Is Really Energy Translated Into Action

In Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill talked about transmutation.

And the ultimate transmutation is turning your energy into getting your message out and pulling in or attracting your ideal clients and customers.

Everything starts with your message, your energy, your intiative.

If you lose your energy, you lose focus. The marketing doesn't get done. The creativity and innovation wanes. And the business declines.

You're the ONLY ONE who will prioritize the daily marketing activities.