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Memo From: Marlon Sanders
Re: Sat. Marketing Minute


I'm in at the Hasting's coffee shop and bookstore in Kerrville,
Texas typing this on my laptop.

I have big hands for a small keyboard, so if there are typos,
I apologize.

Well, my knee is doing better.  I actually have it bent right now.
That's good!


1.  Next Milcer's issue will be double sized.  I'm behind as usual.

2.  I still owe an interview with Mike Filsaime to our Affiliate
Dashboard 6-week folks.

3. Our blog header survey was fascinating.  You may recall it from
3 or 4 weeks ago.  A whole bunch ‘o you guys ‘n gals liked me in
a 3-piece suit.  I DO wear it at seminars.  But make no mistake..
at home or when I visit the office, I'm doing good to have a jacket on.

But you know what?  If you all like suits, I'll be happy to give
ya suits!  Up to you.

4.  The survey we did last week was interesting also.

You told me you have a high interest in learning to get traffic.
OK.  Nothing new there.  But you had a LOW interest in learning
to operate your own affiliate program.

THAT is the fly in the ointment!  What is the best way to
advertise your product?  Word of mouth, right? Referrals, right?
All an affiliate program does is accelerate what happens in

What better way to get traffic than to NOT have to pay upfront
for it?  Now, in my Affiliate Dashboard class,someone asked if
you can get traffic via an affiliate program if you don't have
an Internet marketing product?

HUGE MYTH that affiliate programs only work for IM'ers.  HUGE!
I don't have time to peck out the secret today.  But all you
gotta do is give people a PDF they wanna pass on to their
friends.  And stick your affiliate ID in it.

Piece ‘o cake, baby!

You've GOTTA have an affiliate program with the “right” tools, the
“right” promotion and all this. I laid out my system in the
Affiliate Dashboard 6-week class.

One of those vital tools are banners.  You can easily outsource
banners.  Another is articles.  You should be doing those anyway.
Another is PDF reports.  If you don't know how to compile viral
PDF's, that's something you need to learn.

It is SO easy to create PDF's today.  Many neat tools.

Of course, you need software.  I recommend most people get started

Snag the 30-day trial.

However, Mike's Butterfly Marketing, JV Manager Pro and others
should be considered if you're NOT a newbie, you're well-funded or
you have access to technical skills to do custom programming.

You also have to innovate.

In our affiliate program:

1.  I have more and better promo TOOLS than anyone else in the
IM market.  If you don't believe me, COUNT the tools.  And I got
a fresh batch of new tools coming soon.  Even better than the
existing ones.

2.  I JUST innovated the “roll your own bonus” system that allows
you to double your email response by offering a 72-hour deadline
with a bonus I provide.

3.  We were the FIRST in the IM market to my knowledge to offer
contests for our affiliates.  We got a nice contest running right
now where ANYONE can win any of the prizes.

4.  We were one of the FIRST in the Internet marketing arena to
PAY DAILY.  I'm not saying we were “the” first.  But we were one
of the first.

You need an OFFER to your affiliates.  My offer is:

* Tools
* Roll your own bonus
* Contests
* Daily pay

You can INNOVATE or create your own offer.  There are no rules
other than the law.

The other thing I'll say about traffic is you start with ONE
method.  Get it going really great.  Implement systems.  Then
you go to the next and the next.  But you start with ONE.

If you're broke, start with article marketing.  But do NOT stay
there long. Move ON to setting up your affiliate program asap.
Then turn EVERY buyers into an affiliate.

Finally, I'm happy to report a good number of you are interested
in a “How to go from $50,000 to $500,000” program.  More details
to come.  At 5 g's,it isn't cheapo.  But really, if I do it again,
I think I'll raise the price to $7500 or $10,000 .  Yanik just
finished a seminar for $10,000.

The thing is, you run into obstacles like, “How do I find the
NEXT hot product?”  How do I find virtual assistants?  Do I hire
in house or outsource?  How do I expand hosting correctly with
costing myself a fortune?”

There's really a lot to know that you only gain from having done

Best wishes,


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