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Marlon Sanders Predicts Your Life On December 31, 2009


Marlon here.

Crazy as it sounds, I can predict what your life will be like on December 31, 2009.
I to it here…

Let me hear your comments.

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

  • Marlon

    I thank you for such a great report. I didn't realize being a master marketer could give you psychic powers. But then again I think that's what makes the marketing work.

    So I created a little story and put it on my blog, directing people to your report. I hope you dont mind that I didn't use your name. Although I did refer to you as some powerful character.

    You and your readers can get a good laugh about it by visiting my blog at

    Thanks again for the predictions

    Gary McElwain

  • Gwenn Lund says:


    It is true then? You really are the wizard. In that case, I'll be Dorothy.

    Here is my prediction about Marlon's Life Destiny Predication Whie Paper. People who take the time to read/print out this report and then reflect on it will realize that it is true, sadly true. (I know I have done it myself).

    Those of us who have HAD IT, will hear the truths and wisdom spoken in the report and take the necessary action to understand that desire turned into action brings prosperity. Not only financial but emotional abundance as well-just think of what you will learn, the people you will meet,and the confidence gained as you keep moving closer to your on-line goals.

    But you must take action. You need a plan. How do I know? Because I have courses, ebooks, emails, etc. collected over the past four years (maybe five) that I have studied and read.-In college terms, I have a MBA. I am carefully watching myself, to make sure that I do not get a PHD. I am so frustrated with myself, while I have had some on-line success, I am no where near what I am capable of, because I did not take the necessary action. How stupid is that? The time I wasted, the money I have lost… If I had done what Marlon and some others told me to do when I first started "collecting" their brains, I would have my financial freedom. I have read, practiced, got all dressed up for the game and then sat on the bench.

    Are you going to sit on the bench?

    One other thing, if you decide to purchase this system yes it is a system, not just an ebook. Commit to only doing this course for the next 39 days. While there is so much, (OK a ton) of great information available for on-line marketing, it will distract you from your focus. Just do this one thing!

    Read the report. Decide if your are ready for Ockham's Razor Income Success meaning you have the CCF Factor: Curiosity, Commitment, Focus.

    If yes, you know what to do-buy it.

    I wish you much prosperity in your own terms.

    Gwenn Lund

    my twitter id: glund


    You may think I wrote this post because I am an affiliate of Marlon's, and I am an affiliate. I just never have really done anything as an affiliate for Marlon, even though I have most of his dashboard products and ebooks. (Remember I told ya I have an MBA). Should you decide to

    1. Purchase Ockham's Razor Income System and 2.Decide to use my link to

    purchase it, I invite you join me on the Ning social site for Ockham's Razor Income System that Marlon has put together, he really is committed to this system and helping people. I am one of the Discussion Hosts. You will see the Host Discussion Column in the middle of the Main Page. The link to my discussion group is Gwenn Lund of WebucationEducation. Over a six week period, every Wednesday (i may add additional) evening, we will watch a 25 min video from Marlon explaining the 37 Secrets in the Ockham's Razor Income System. I will hold a teleseminar for those in my group to discuss the video and using the system for online business successes. This is a structured group, where you may even be asked to do some homework (the fun kind) and report back. The cost for the six week course is $60 Should you decide that you have the CCF Factor and purchase the system through my link, I will waive the $60 discussion group fee. You will need to email me at [email protected], put "I got ORIS" in the subject line and "voilà" you are in the group Welcome. Thank you for taking the time to read this long post. No matter what you decide to do I wish you the best.

    Oh one more thing,if you are reading these posts to see if you really should take the time to read Marlon's report.

    The answer is YES, read the report-you're worth it and stop skippin around.

    [Very nice. Marlon]

  • Trevor says:


    Just wanted to write and tell you how much I'm liking the ORIS ebook. Great job! I'm already starting to put some things in action. I'll let you know how it goes.

    Quick question or request. Would you talk about this in one of your future emails or answer to me this question:

    When is it appropriate, if ever, to change your name when creating an online business and selling online? Eben Pagen has done it. Michael Masterson has done it (he says for privacy reasons).

    I'm in a specific niche/profession and am building a reputation in my profession on the Internet, and my "real name" is all over the Internet for that profession/niche.

    But I also want to branch out of my profession and start selling information products in other niches/industries.

    I also have a last name that is hard to pronounce. People get my last name wrong all the time. So I don't know if that's a good thing or not.

    Is it better to just do everything with one name and have full complete transparency on the Internet, regardless of if my last name is difficult or not, or do what Eben and M. Masterson have done and create a new name?

    I respect you a lot and was hoping to get some feedback either by replying to this post or including the subject in a future email. If you are not able to answer, I understand.



    [For the purpose of clarity among niches, I might would do it. I think you can just use a pen name. You may need a dba. Not sure. But especially the last name if it's hard to pronounce. Might not be a bad idea.]

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