Marlon Sanders Releases “The Promo Dashboard”

Marlon Sanders Releases “The Promo Dashboard”

The Promo Dashboard has launched:

It is NOT about traffic. It picks up where traffic leaves off

In other words, once people hit your SQUEEZE page, this is what Promo Dashboard is about:

==> Getting people onto your email list

==> Creating a highly attractive freebie that will COMPEL people to join your email list

==> Exactly, specifically HOW to create screen capture videos, PDF’s, courses and other “freebies” that will GET people to join your list.

==> Getting people to CONFIRM their email (very important)

==> Sending out email promos to those folks

==> Taking them FROM emails to podcasts, videos, PDF’s and other tools to get ‘em to BUY!

==> How do you REALLY get people to buy? I remove all the b.s. and “guru speak.” It ain’t that complicated! I show you how you really do it.

==> I’m the ONE guy making things simple for you. Taking away the smoke and mirrors instead of creating endlessley complex charts, power points, systems. Sheez. No wonder you’re confused and overwhelmed!

==> How to pimp out your PDF’s, do the right lighting for videos, add cookie-based deadlines that vanish, add reflections to your PDF call-out qotes, get people on your list, troubleshoot.

Here's what is DIFFERENT about Promo Dashboard:

1. This is A to Z, step-by-step with screen captures, and videos as needed.

2. I cover both basic AND advanced methods

3. You get killer stuff no one else is teaching like

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