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Memo From: Marlon Sanders
Re: Marlon's Marketing Madman Ezine


It's Sat. again.  And I'm testing a new title for this ezine.

Someone who heard me speak recently at a seminar called me a
“Marketing Madman.”  So I'm testing it out as the title of this ezine.

We'll see who reads and who doesn't!

Today's article is called:  “The Marketing Madman Spouts Off About
The #1 Best Way To Get Traffic To Your Web Site.”


“Push Button Letters — The original fill-in-the-blanks and click
a button to create your sales letter software.  If you don't have
a sales letter or need a new one, this will FORCE you to follow
the 12-step sales letter formula I developed.  You STILL need to
learn the Formula to get the best results.  It works in tandem with
understanding WHAT you're doing. PLUS

Those together get you started doing your own super power copy.


1. Gold Milcers — I want to hold your call this coming
Thursday at 11 a.m. CST.  12 EST.  9 Pacific.  I'll have Matt
send you the details Monday or Tuesday.

2. Tim has been working VERY hard to give great support.  If you
need support on a product, lost password, etc. contact support at:  Or click the support link on any
of our web sites.  Tim does NOT work weekends.  But you can post
support tickes 24/7.

3. New Milcers issue is in the can. And Matt is getting it
typeset and ready for mailing.  It's a jam-packed issue.

4. How to go from $50,000 to $500,000 — I've got to get the sales
letter together on this and announce a date.  You will be invited
in the order you filled out the indication of interest.

Here is the nature of competetion. TWO DAYS after I announced I
was going to do something with this title or was thinking about it,
I got an email by someone doing how to go to 1 million.

One upmanship lives on!  I've got to hire more staff to do 1
million per year.  I really like Starbucks and reading too much
to make those numbers personally.  I told you in the last issue
that to work the 4-hour work week, I'd have to INCREASE my hours
2 or 3 a week!

5.  Red Factor members?  We're upgrading our version of Amember.
After this is done, I'm re-sending you a login in to the version
where we have all the nice tabs and pretty interface.  I think
some of you were just accessing the information on the 1-page
format, which was ….  errrrr ….. ugly.  And not nearly as
wel organized as the spiffy version.

6.  Blog SNEAK PREVIEW:  My picture looks a little jacked up to
me. And we need some text on the right side of the header graphic.
But it's at least taking shape:  Lisa
isn't working a lot of hours right now….so it's coming along SLOW
as molasses.  But at least I got somethin' up!


“The Marketing Madman Spouts Off About The #1 Best Way To Get
Traffic To Your Web Site.”


What is it you have to sell?  A product?  A service?  An idea?
A concept?

The problem with getting traffic to your site is you really have
to stay on top of pay-per-click ads to make 'em work.  And those
costs can add up fast.  You're probably beter off outsourcing to
someone like my friend Kirt who eats and breathes that sort of  thing.

Unless it just happens to be your deal.  I mean, if you want to
eat it, breathe it, live it — then go for it.

Search engine optimization is great but getting a VOLUME of
traffic can be a challenge.  And Google can pull the rug out from
under you by changing the rules.

Yet, when I do surveys asking for topics of interest, most people
are a lot more interested in the concept of getting a top 10 Google
ranking vs. selling via an affiliate program.

“The Lone Voice In The Wilderness Will NOT
Stop Teaching And Preaching The Superiority
Of Affiliate Programs For Traffic”

If you haven't noticed, I'm pretty much the lone voice in the
wilderness on this topic.  For some reason, the latest black hat
seo, or the latest viral whatever are perceived as hotter and
sexier than an affiliate program.

Which, actually, is fine be me in that it means less competition.
People are herd driven. So they do what they see EVERYONE ELSE
doing, assuming it must be right.

Well, the crowd is often wrong.

Sometimes you have to use your brain.  How is it that methods which
will NOT be working 6 months or a year from now are more potent
than one that will?

Another approach to traffic is the “grab bag” method — do it ALL
some people say.  But honestly, for each method you use, there's a
BIG learning curve, software to buy and so forth.

You can NOT do it all unless you have a team that is substantial.
Most solopreneurs don't have a team. So you have to focus on
ONE or two things that will get you the most bang for the buck.

I'm really the lone voice out there (and have been for 7+ years)
saying the #1 best way to get traffic is via an affiliate program.
There are others who see things my way. But if you notice, most
new products are about other methods, at conferences everyone asks
about other methods and so forth.

The fly in that ointment is if you do NOT have an Internet
marketing product.  My detractors would say that if you don't sell
to Internet marketers, an affiliate program won't work for you.

I disagree 100%.

“How To Get Traffic If You Do NOT
Sell To Internet Marketers”

Here's what you do:  Put together a PDF report on a hot topic
anyone involved in your area of interest WOULD want to read.
When people buy your product on the thank you page, give 'em the
PDF.  Remind them to pass it along to their friends.

And, along with that, give them an affiliate URL they can use to
send their friends to the report.

The secret is pass along tools.  Problem solving articles, reports,

The other thing you can do is identify people in your field who
have LISTS and sell to the SAME folks  you do.  Then make friends
and eventually work your jv (joint venture) magic.

This requires making friends and good networking.  Don't just
approach people for jv's cold.  Well, you can but it isn't optimal.
Your best results come from nurturing your contacts.

You can use: to send little postcards
with gift certificates to Starbucks, Amazon and the like.  That's
a U.S. resource.  Don't know if it'll work for you UK'ers,
Aussies, and asia marketers.

There ARE many things you can do to promote an affiliate program.
I covered a number of those in my 6-week tele-class I did on the
Affiliate Dashboard.

It isn't for sale right now.  It won't be cheap.  It'll be $1,000
or so for those who want the Dashboard and the calls, transcripts
and other goodies.

People always ask me about the best software for an affiliate
program.  And that depends on the level you're at in this business.
I don't have one blanket solution for everyone.

If you're a beginner though, you can get your own affiliate program
in an hour along with a shopping cart, autoresponders and digital
delivery, sign up for the free 30-day trial at:

Why Not Just Use Clickbank?

A lot of people wonder about using Clickbank for their affiliate
program.  You CAN do that.  It's not a bad option. The thing I
don't like, in general, about it is you don't have control over
your affiliates and your affiliate list.

People see themselves as an affiliate for CLICKBANK, NOT for you!
You want to have your own affiliate list. So that if you need
money, you just pop out an email to that list.

There are some positives to Clickbank.  So I don't want to rule
it out categorically.  But as a rule of thumb, I'd look at setting
up your own program.

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

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