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Marlon’s 21-Point Info Product Creation In A Flash Cheat Sheet


Marlon here.

I'm JUST out of the hospital after QUADRUPLE hernia surgery.
I had no idea there WAS such a thing. Fortunately, I had a world
class doc.

This week's ARTICLE:

“Marlon's 21-Point Product Creation In A Flash Cheat Sheet”

Subtitle: How To Get Your Product Out The Door And Avoid
Common Traps and Pitfalls

By Marlon Sanders

— My favorite way to create products fast
— How to record conference calls or interviews
— How to fulfill cd's and dvd's “on demand”
— Why you should timebox product creation
— Why dead ducks don't quack
— Why webinars rock for product creation
— The secret of perceived value vs. actual value
— Should you write a book?
— What if you just can't “do an audio”?

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Marlon's Marketing Minute
Electronic Newsletter
Vol. 4, #17, May 16, 2009

This issue contains:

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C. Main Article: “Marlon's 21-Point Product Creation In A Flash
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Marlon's 21-Point Product Creation In A Flash Cheat Sheet

Subtitle: How To Get Your Product Out The Door And Avoid
Common Traps and Pitfalls

By Marlon Sanders

Let's say that you've decided to take the plunge and do a big product launch.

You realize that you need a PRODUCT in order to do a product launch. So
how are you gonna create your product?

Here's my product creation in a flash cheat sheet:

1. My favorite way to create products fast is using audio interviews. Interview
someone else over the phone or have them interview you. Record and transcribe.
Just write out a list of 10-15 questions in advance, and you're good to go.

2. You can record your calls using But my favorite way is to use Skype and one of the applications that will record skype calls. There's one for the PC called “pamela.” The one I use on my Mac is called “instant call recorder.”

3. For transcription services, try,, and

4. Your first job in marketing is to find out if your product concept or idea will sell.
That's why you want to get a beta version of your product out into the market to
see if anyone will buy it. You can always go back and tweak it later.

5. Another great way to create info products fast is via screen capture video.
You can use Camtasia or Camstudio and record slides you create with Microsoft
Power Point or Open Office. is a freebie.

6. Another twist I've used is to get 3 or 4 of your buddies, friends or jv partners
together and do a product jointly. Typically, you all own rights to use the product as you desire.

7. If you hate the sound of your voice, then you have several options. You can
write your products or hire someone else to do the audio. I've seen people write
out scripts that go with Power Point slides and then have someone else record
the presentation. This is more trouble but it does work. Alternatively, you can
record your product then have it transcribed. And give the transcript to a writer
who can turn it into a polished report. You can find writers on

8. There's a balance between getting a product out the door and meeting a
minimum level of professionalism. You'll know if your product is subpar because your refunds will go through the roof. If you ummmm and ahhhhhh every other word, that's probably below the line of professionalism. If you're editing out every single ummmmm or ahhhhhhh, you're going overboard the other direction. Remember, no one at all may by the product. You may not sell one. So before you try to create the world's greatest product, first find out if anyone will even buy a beta version of it.

9. Webinars are a good way to create info products because they have high
perceived value and you can turn them into DVD products. A lot of people use for this purpose. My friend Lee Mcintyre from is a MASTER at turning webinars into dvd's.

10. You can sell DVD's online using This is print-on-demand fulfillment. You do NOT need to print multiple copies using Kunaki.

11. Timebox your product creation. If you're spending longer than 2-4 weeks to
create your first product, you're likely making a mistake. While my Product Dashboard is a 6-week program, the actual product creation part lasts only a day or two. The rest of the Dashboard helps you set up the product delivery, shopping cart and all the other elements of selling and delivering the product.

12. The disadvantage of Kunaki is that to my knowledge they don't print and ship
workbooks along with cd's or dvd's. This means that if you're looking to create a
full-blown home study course, you'll need to find a product fulfillment company.
Your expenses go up because you'll have to maintain at least a small inventory
with them. If you type “fulfillment” into Google, you'll see a number of options.
I dealt with the issues of creating bigger ticket info products in
If you're just starting out, I recommend, you stick to and work within their parameters.

13. People live under the illusion that all you have to do is create this incredibly
valuable product and customers will beat your door down. What you find out later is that it's the PERCEPTION of value more than ACTUAL value that determines purchases. And what customers perceive as having value is subject to change. This is what in the early stages of your business it's advisable to keep your product creation cycles SHORT. Why? Because you simply don't know what will or won't sell.

14. Dead ducks don't quack. What this means is that if you have a product that
no one wants to buy, it doesn't matter how perfect the product is, how flawless the proofreading is, how beautiful the cover is. You can put make up on it, dress it up, make it look pretty. But dead ducks don't quack.

15. I'm a huge advocate of taking your 12 best product ideas and doing a 12-product survey before you create your first product. Having said that, it seems everyone gets stuck at this point. And it's 100X better to get a product out and marketed than it is to delay things 2 years while you're trying to find 30 people to take a survey! To me, if you can't get 30-50 people in your target audience to take a survey, then you probably can't get them to BUY a product from you. Still, it's better to get a product out the door and test marketed than it is to do nothing because you can't figure out how to get anyone to take your survey.

16. Beware of writing books. It takes most people six months to write a book.
In that amount of time, you could've created and marketed 3 teleseminars, 3 webinars, and 2 to 4 short reports. You could've turned the teleseminars into CD's, the webinars into DVD's and had significant sales coming in. You could have test marketed your ideas to see if people would actually spend money for them. Books are great publicity vehicles but not good money vehicles.

17. Your biggest enemy in product creation is the paralysis of analysis. You'll find out that execution trumps great ideas. Someone with mediocre ideas and great execution ill make 100X more than the person with world class ideas and no execution. You can't sell air …. for long anyway.

18. Worry less about whether or not you have a great idea and more about whether or not you're going to execute your idea swiftly and efficiently.

19. Product creation gets easier. The hardest product you'll ever create is your first. I advocate that you look at your first few products as practice. This takes the pressure off coming up with “the perfect product” and removes the pressure to make it a huge hit.

20. Monitor the questions people ask in their customer service support tickets. You'll find good product ideas in the questions that come up over and over.

21. If you can't think of any good product ideas on your topic, go search You'll likely find a number of great ideas there. I often see books with great ideas but an author with no clue how to sell or market the book. You can either work out a deal with the author, or simply use the ideas to stimulate your thinking.

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  • Just wanted to give you a brief update… I've arranged to be interviewed by a top copywriter, someone for whom I have considerable admiration and respect. Due to our very busy schedules it will be in 3 weeks but that gives me time to plan my marketing and questions. And I now have a deadline and a commitment. Thanks for the encouraging nudge Marlon 🙂

    [Nicky, very nice! Great job.]

  • Alan says:

    Hi Marlon, please excuse my ignorance, but I would really like to sign up as an affiliate and then post this article on my blog but please can you let me know what the Resource Box is? Do I copy the whole article as is but just change the affiliate links or only part of it – please help, many thanks.

    [Hi Alan, GREAT question. You copy the article and then the little part at the end that is my bio…you know, gives my web sites. But yes, you can put your affiliate URL there and in any url's mentioned in the article itself. If you have any more questions on this, post to and Tim will help you on Tuesday. Monday is a holiday.]

  • Hey Marlon…

    I just figured out what other niche you should delve into… become a Comedian!

    I laughed until I cried today reading: '…Some people shouldn't do video.

    Really, if you're teeth are missing or rotten, or you look like

    you just got out of the hospital, or you haven't been in the sun

    for 20 years — maybe you should try the screen capture video.'

    Now I DON'T think you were trying to be funny, were you??

    But…it was hilarious!

    You talk about natural…you were just "communicating" but it came across as very humorous! (The sign of a natural gift in my opinion!)

    (And yes, I think you just confirmed I should be using screen capture…LOL)

    Have a super Memorial Day Week-end!


    [Hey Marge, I use a lot of humor when I speak. That's enough comedian for me. I might do an amateur night some day. NOT a good way to make a living though. I said those things actually out of a desire to help people.]

  • I can't believe I didn't include my get well wishes in my comment… that was remiss of me and I did mean to. Thanks for the very helpful info and hope you are well on the way to recovery. To send out your newsletter AND to comment personally on your blog after major surgery is beyond over-delivering. Thanks again.

    [Hey Nicky, appreciate your well wishes. Yes, doing great now. I was REALLY glad to be out of the hospital after only a few days. So I can't imagine what people go through who are there for extended periods of time.]

  • Dr Dave Hale says:

    Marlon, Good Stuff!

    I'm launching into the world of info products from my Internet Marketing business. I have always told my clients to monetize their information-based websites with an info product. Surveys are the best way to go to gather intelligence.

    Keep the good info coming

    Dr. Dave Hale

    The Internet Marketing Professor

    [Dr. Hale, you're making a very good decision. Welcome to the product world!]

  • Trapper says:


    Yes, Unseminar6 starts this Friday the 22nd.

    I'm flying in Thursday the 21st, fly out Mon the 24th.

    If you can make it, that would be so cool, if not, rest up brother!


    PS…I may be interviewed about my Sleep Product while I am there, that is going to be so cool!

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  • […] KeithNgu  2 days ago Let @MarlonSanders hear your comments on today’s Info Product Creation cheat sheet […]

  • Steve says:

    OUTSTANDING! I am about to create information products for the niche-LAND.

    This was most helpful. Thanks Again


    [Glad it helped Steve.]

  • Trapper says:

    My two cents worth on your customer support is AWESOME!

    I have received customer support replies to your customer service desk in a timely manner, and have also spoken to your folks on the phone live!

    I have also had great conversation with Marlon via Twitter.

    Bottom line, I TRUST Marlon, his products and his company.

    [Trapper, honestly, I do NOT think that was a legit post. I had one similar to it 6 months ago. We searched the person's name and email high and low and found no orders, emails or anything. Some people have "guru hate" and a weird way of expressing it. But not everyone realizes we have a support desk. And some people have the idea that you can just pick an email out of the air, send a support request to it and get a reply. Anyway, appreciate your comments because Tim works HARD to provide quality support.]

  • Trapper says:


    Glad to hear the surgery went well! Get feeling better as soon as possible!

    As always, great info and content. I'm heading to Unseminar6 that Pat O'Bryan's putting on, I'm sure this "cheat" sheet will be helpful with all the ideas that will be floating around there!

    Take care,


    [Trapper, is that next week? I don't know if I could make it that far by the weekend or not. I can ask my doc.]

  • Hi Marlon! Wow, a quadruple hernia? I thought my double last year was bad and I feel for you. Keep healing and get back to living life to its fullest!

    You said, "Dead ducks don’t quack." If your product is on a popular topic, but not selling as well as expected, it could need more content, a better sales letter and different price points that are adjusted to market demand.

    [Jim, you are correct on those things. You can muck with it some. But sometimes it's best to move on. Like losing a game in basketball. You just go play the next game. A double probably is about the same as what I had. Ijust got bigger patches!]

  • john says:

    Hi Marlon…like this article a lot…Got off my (a…s ) and sending out a survey monkey survey to my clients to get feedback on product ideas I have.

    Will also go through my existing surveys and see if there is not a nugget of gold sitting there.


    John C Spark

    [John, good point about going back to old surveys. I do this too. But you do need to redo them if you can. Things change over time.]

  • Muriel says:

    You know some of us just rant because we are frustrated with our own ignorance. We see all these offers for making money and it all sounds so easy. Over the last 3 years I have tried so many of those offers and read so many books, e-zine articles and newsletters, it's made my head spin. I've found many missing pieces in the instructions or broken links.

    Your instructions to go to are sooo clear however, it amazes me that anyone could miss it.

    I do appreciate all your free info. I like your bold faced honesty. 5-30 articles a day in a few hours sounds monumental to me and I sure wish I had $500 bucks right now to buy your kit and kabootal. I just dream about your push button system. I will try the ideas you gave the veteran. I don't quite understand how to submit articles to ezines. I've been writing on our web's blog. Not 5 a day but have at least started. I've only got 3 so far but think I could put out some more. Are there any used dashboards out there that I could get at a big discount:)

    [Muriel, if you need to market for free, then you either do article marketing or you create a product and recruit affiliates. For article marketing, just go to, join and search "article marketing." There's TONS of great stuff there free including how to write articles in 7 minutes or less. MUCH has been written on this. 5 articles a day is enough. I was responding to that man's woe is me post. You know, if you're disabled at home and desperate for money, then WRITE all day long. But if all you do is 5 articles per day, that's 150 articles in a month. Over 6 months, you'll get at least 1500 OPT INS from those 150 articles. So if you do that for 6 months, you have a list of 1500 x 6 or 9,000 people. At .50 per opt in per month, you have an income of $4500. In the warrior special offer forum (wso section) there are tons of offers on very inexpensive ebooks by people who do well with article marketing. My friend Jason Fladlien has an ebook about that too. It's very cheap. If you have 3 dashboards, do those. Don't buy more. Do what you have.]

  • michele says:


    Be VERY careful!

    Marlon promises 100% guarantee. NOT SO!

    He doesn't even RESPOND to email–repeated until MONTHS have gone by!

    [Folks, I do NOT believe this is a real post because it came 12 minutes after the post before it and the contact info is bogus. It's extremely rare for us to get something like this. But I'll respond as though this is a real post. Michele, all of our web sites link to I give that URL in every ezine every Saturday. You can:

    1. Call our office during business hours. We answer the phone. And yes, I have an office with a staff, customer service and phone system. 2. We have live chat during business hours except for the 1 hour when Tim takes lunch. 3. We have a 24 hour support desk that gives you a ticket number for tracking. We get 1,000 emails a day and try to find support issues amongst the spam. But seriously, when you need support from ANYONE go to their web site and click the link that says SUPPORT and use the support desk, phone or live chat. NEVER email for support. Now, I WOULD have just emailed you if you gave a REAL email address or name on your post, which you didn't. But if you have ANY kind of support issue or need a refund, we serve our customers. So just go to and talk to Tim. He's an AWARD WINNING customer service person. Michele, if you contact my support desk tomorrow we'll refund you if that's what ur looking for. I realize you say you emailed us. But realize that even MICROSOFT doesn't respond to email support requests. And they have billions of dollars. If none of the world's largest companies do this, and they don't, then it's unrealistic to ask entrepreneurs to do it. I DO offer live chat and that's something I don't believe most big companies do.]

  • Bob says:

    I bought some books over a year ago,and I've been trying to get ahold of you every since! I don't understand the books,I'm a disabled american veteran!,if it sounds to good to be true,then it's more than likley not to work,I needed someone to take me by the hand and show me how to make $97, 24 hours or less,do you hear me.disabled…veteran…american…can you still help me? how long has this site been up? My home is just falling apart..This is what I deserve,FAILURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…Help,or please give me back my un-meanfull money back to many veterans out there are lost like me?BOB….

    [Bob, I think you have us CONFUSED with another marketer. You subscribed to our email list in 2007 but according to a search on your email you have NEVER bought from us. Many people come to us for support on OTHER marketers products since we are available and other marketers aren't. But we only support our own products, obviously. In any event, I'm not God and I'm unfortunately not in the business of saving people. I empower but I can't save. Just go to and tell Tim to refund you if you perhaps bought under a different name or email address. As far as trying to get ahold of us, we answer our phone during business hours with live people. Tim is available business hours on live chat. We have a support desk that issues a ticket number to track your support request. We are EASY to reach. Now, if you're talking about sending us email, do NOT do it. We get 1,000 spams a day and request customers use our support desk JUST AS Microsoft and any company of any decent size in the world does. I'm terribly sorry about your plight. I never ever promise anywhere you'll make any money online. I do promise your money back if what I teach doesn't work for you. $100,000 in 24 hours is for pros. 100 g's in a year is accomplished by quite a few. But it's certainly not guaranteed and not even an average result. Here IS what advise: What you need to do is write 5-10 articles per day and submit them to Use your resource box to send people to a squeeze page. Then send out daily emails and promote affiliate products. For help on this plan that is free, search Google for "free article marketing ebook." You can also go to for a free course. Sean Mize has several outstanding ebooks on article marketing. He does exactly what I just suggested to you. Here is one of his freebies: You can go to, join for free and find very inexpensive help in the wso section. There are also tons of of help there in the free forum. You can also read my free ebook at But what you need is beyond the type of help I offer. I DO advise article marketing since all it takes is your time. Writing 5-10 articles a day should only take 1-2 hours. If you were REALLY serious, you could write 30 articles a day. That's 900 articles per month. At 1 opt in per article per month, that's 900 people added to your list in month one. By month 6, that's probably a list of 5,000 to 20,000. With good email marketing, SOME people make .50 to $1.00 per opt in per month. But again, there ARE no guarantees in business as in life. People do this though and you can MEET and talk to them on As for how many people are in your situation, I don't know. I do ask that people who are desperate for a miracle and not interested in reality buy products from someone other than me. I can't rescue people. I teach marketing. Not miracles.]

  • Michele says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Hope you are feeling better and recovering well.

    I really like your newsletter and often copy and paste articles to Word for future reference, and to build up a "Marlon Library'.

    I am interested in your new Design Dashboard but I cannot do Paypal (loooong story), is there another way to go about this?

    You are constantly telling your readers to take action and do something. It's so true – that's really the 'secret' to getting anywhere.

    Thanks and kind regards,


    [Michele, Tim can help you with payment. Just go to Glad to hear I am serving you well.]

  • Josh says:

    Good stuff Marlon,

    Short punchy information on a topic that I'm interested in.

    [Josh, appreciate the feedback. This helps me know if I'm on target with my articles or not.]

  • Ray Johnson says:


    Stunning post dude, seriously. I love the way you deliver your info, it's seriously refreshing to read.

    I thought I GAVE some of the most informative info on the net, but I was wrong!

    Hope your'e recovering well after the hernia – I have kidney stones so am kinda feeling ur pain 🙂

    Thanks for the great tips, keep them coming and follow me on Twitter – let's connect:

    Peace and to good health, without that – marketing is nothing.

    [Ray, your surgery sounds worse than mine! Hope you recover swiftly also. Thanks for your feedback. It does help me when people post because it lets me know if I'm on target with my articles and topics or not.]

  • JC says:

    Marlon, on another note, I hope you came well from your surgey. Speedy recovery my friend and thanks for the awesome information you share in your newsletters.


    [JC, glad you liked it. And I'm doing MUCH better after managing to get released from the hospital. Whew!]

  • Adrian Lee says:

    Marlon, I am bookmarking this great informative article as a step-by-step reference for what I am going to do very soon.

    Although I have not made any product yet, I approached some experts to ask if I can interview them on video.

    I always wonder how I can work with those who ask for some form of profit sharing or royalty-fee!

    Thanks Marlon, for the great article!

    Adrian Lee

    [Adrian, in Product Dashboard, I give you a great source to find experts to interview. But I can tell you that there are plenty of people who will do interviews because they have a product or service to promote. Therefore, they won't ask for a royalty. It's no different from celebrities appearing on tv shows to promote movies or book authors signing autographs at bookstores. This really does work.]

  • George Browne says:

    Hi ! Marlons. This is a great outline whith links for any "Marketer". I hope you are in good shape after your doc removed your Hernia.It means ….Lets go sucesss………God Bless

    [Hey George, appreciate the comments and I hope you got something from it. Yes, I am doing fine post surgery. I was very fortunate to have a great doctor.]

  • Vito says:

    Thank you for providing such valuable information from an expert in the field. I apreciate it.

  • Glenn Toler says:


    Thanks for the powerful info. As always you are giving the best "in your face" advice weekly. You are right….I know of no one who consistently gives as much as you do. I hope a lot of people will take you up on the challenge of creating a product. I have created the product[s], and currently working on website. The 21 point cheat sheet is awesome for the newbie as well as the experienced. It is my goal to have a site up and running by June 1, 2009. Also, am working on membership site to roll out July 2009.

    Keep coming at us, Marlon, we need you, and we do listen and take to heart your teachings.


    [Hey Glenn, glad you got something out of the cheat sheet and I very much appreciate you sharing here. Good luck to you.]

  • Marlon – I'm curious – Does the cheat sheet apply if you've purchased the infoproduct dashboard (which I just have)?

    I've actually produced an info product (special report) before which I gave away free as a lead generator and list builder. I did it all myself – including the landing page and it took me roughly 6-7 weeks. It's been very successful for me, however I plan on doing a paid product – based on my special report. I am finding it challenging finding time to get beyond mapping my new project and I want to use audio too so I am hoping the dashboard will "force" me to focus with the step by step. One of my goals is to get a couple of products up in the next month so I have to get a move on. If anyone is interested my special report is here:

    Thank you for the article by the way… as with your other artcicles it is full of very helpful and practical information. At the end of the day though it's about us taking action.

    [Hi Nicky, first of all, congratulations on creating your product. You're on the right track here. It does get faster. if you do audio or camtasia products, they shouldn't take you longer than a week. You can have someone interview you in person or over the phone in a few hours. Or you can interview someone else in a few hours. Camtasia videos take a bit more to lay out the power point slides. But still, you should be able to crank something out in a week or no longer than 2 weeks. The cheat sheet dovetails with product dashboard.]

  • Hi Marlon!

    Spending 30 minutes a day with you is so much more valuable than spending a month with some of the these self-proclimed others, all combined together. You give us great content day in and day out along with your real-world experiences to learn from and I just want to send you a personal "Thank You" for all that you do! I'm a member and follower for life! Keep the good stuff coming….

    [Hi Betina, thanks so much for sharing here. And I hope I serve you well.]

  • Mark Laurie says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Its Good, still don't grasp some of the simpler points. I have started with the product for e-commerce. Its a translation of the hero book. Just about prepared but frankly I am still unsure what is next. If you get a moment drop me a line.



    [Hi Mark, I recommend you download If you need help creating an info product, will walk you through it step by step.]

  • Phil Hughes says:

    Very nice stuff! I'm sticking with digital products within my membership sites at the moment but I've been looking at kunaki as a fulfillment solution.

    People do love the physical stuff!

    Thanks A Bunch for the Great Article!

    Phil Hughes

    [Hi Phil, how are you? Appreciate the comments. Kunaki is awesome. Go for it.]

  • I thought your email was fantastic! I said to myself, "Boy, that man is generous to give all that info." One thing you said in particular is liberating me today. I'm working on another info product, and I've been concerned because I have so many other things to do as well. You advised your readers to "execute" their productions swiftly and "efficiently" because you can't tell what product will sell or not, and you might as well not take years to produce it – just in case. That bit of wisdom was priceless! The rest of it was quality info also. Thanks – and get well soon.

    [Marilyn, yes that is VERY true. And I'm glad to be able to put you on the straight and narrow path to success. There's nothing worse than pouring 6 months or a year into a product that no one wants to buy.]

  • Eric says:

    Thanks Marlon.

    Once again there is so much cutting edge content packed into this short article and for those of us needing guidance, this is excellent stuff.

    [Hey Eric, thanks and I hope you got an idea out of it you can use.]

  • Elizabeth Smith says:


    This is a great Outline with links for any marketer of any product type.

    Kudos and Thank you.

    [Thanks Elizabeth, appreciate your comments.]

  • normz2 says:

    Good information. I have not tried to create my own product yet. At least now I have a cheat sheet. Thanks.

    [Normz2, I recommend creating a product. You can then get affiliates to market it for you.]

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