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Marlon’s Marketing Minute — Live Update from Colorado



Memo From: Marlon Sanders
Re: Marlon's Marketing Minute


Marlon here.

I'm at the Joel Comm event in Colorado.  It's the filming of
“Who wants to be the next Internet millionaire.  It's a reality
show that will be broadcast over the web.

The only thing I can say is:


Actually, that is ALL I'm allowed to say.  But I can't wait to
tell you more.  Without one iota of hype, I CAN tell you this
will make Internet history.  Nuff said.

I gave a presentation somewhat typical of my zany style.  But
amongst all the flash and dash was great information.  And I was
QUITE impressed with what the participants DID with my info.

Sheez.  I wish I could tell you more.

While here, I got to spend substantial time with Barry Goss
who is Heather Vale's partner.  Heather does all the interviews
with “gurus.”  She comes from a TV and radio background.

Barry and Heather had their first 6 bagger — a classic Jeff
Walker style launch that made 6 figures in 1 day.

Barry uses a software program for his teleseminars I was totally
impressed with.  After I give it a trial with my Gold Milcers,
I'll give you a report.

Barry can do the basics in Photoshop. He can do some html and
video editing.  He can do teleseminar stuff.  In short, he's
acquired BASIC skills that are needed in this business.

Some people think I'm totally off base by trying to get people
to learn some Photoshop elements, basic graphic principles,
basics of html and so forth.

I beg to differ.  Not all but MOST of the people who are
extremely successful in this business can do the basics.  They
can do at least some graphics.  They can do html.  They can create

I spoke to one of Joel's employees who does some of the copy for
Joel.  He writes a draft and then Joel critiques it.  I use that
process in my business also.

Notice that Joel is good enough at copy to critique and tweak it.

Now, Barry doesn't write his own copy yet.  He outsources it. But
on one project, he paid $7,000 to the copywriter.  Most people
don't have the $7,000.

I STILL think the Design Dashboard is a must buy for anyone.  I
heard one marketer basically say he didn't think people needed it
because you can outsource graphics for $200.

Which IS true.  Yet, this person CAN and DOES do his own html and
graphics at times.  And did it all in the beginning.

That's the pattern I see.  At first, you're a jack of all trades.
And as you grow successful, you outsource more and more.

If you use the Design Dashboard and maybe a book or two on
Photoshop Elements, in 1-4 weeks, you'll be shocked at what you
can do.  That is, if you really work at it.

I'm NOT saying there won't be a learning curve.  Someone once
complained the videos were too fast.  OK.  So be it.  Not everyone
learns at the same rate.  But you CAN watch the videos more than

The bottom line is some people aren't willing to expend EFFORT.
That is GREAT news for you.  Lazy people are easy to compete

My preference is to compete against lazy people who won't spend
anything on learning or self education.

People say really, really stupid things like, “I can't imagine
ever spending $XXX dollars just for information.”

THAT is the kind of person I want to compete against.  A little
know how, a little superior strategy and a little work and you
can blow them out of the water.

Anyway, I digress from the Design Dashboard.  It is more than
just graphic design.  It covers ftp, autoresponders and shopping

If you pair it with Affiliate Dashboard, you have a good basis.

You don't have to buy that to set up your affiliate program.  But
it will not only make it easier but also give you the same methods
I use.  And YES, we do talk about how to get new affiliates.

And there's a lot more in it than just setting up the software.
It's how I MARKET to my affiliates.  It isn't a “secrets” type
product.  It's an action product.

But it's more than just basics.  It's about CLONING or duplicating
the same successful actions I use in my own program.

I try to teach what I actually DO.

What I'm trying to say here is the people I meet who are really
doing well, they've taken the time to acquire basic skills:

1.  html
2.  Photoshop or Elements
3.  Audio or video skills

Then they learn the basics of:

1.  Copywriting
2.  Membership site software like Amember or the Butterfly script
3.  Hosting
4.  Affiliate software

You can have all the fancy techniques in the world.  But if you
don't master the “tools of the trade” I really feel you are
seriously handicapped.

Of course, software programs, copywriting, graphics all have
learning curves.   And they aren't all easy to learn.  That
KEEPS others from competing with you!  It's a good thing.

It weeds out lazy people who don't want to learn or do anything
remotely hard.  THOSE are the people who honestly should keep
their day jobs.

The flip side is that if you get the basic skills in place,
you are preparing yourself for success.

The most challenging of all the skills to learn is copywriting.
My new friend Barry is still hiring it out.  You can do that.  But
good copywriters aren't cheap.

I recommend you buy Push Button Letters, my Sales Copy ebook,
John Caples and John Carlton.  Oh, read the Gary Halbert Boron
letters if you can find them.

I realize all this is a lot more than just click a button and
money rolls in.  But it IS the truth.

I mentioned the Butterfly marketing script.  Barry set it up with
the same hosting Mike Filsaime uses.  I think it's called Kiosk
or something like that.

And he hired these people to set it up who are experts in the
script and have a lot of tweaks for it.

If you use the script, I recommend it.  He also uses Amember as
I do for his membership sites.

OK.  Gotta get ready to go to the airport.  Just wanted to give
you a quick report from the scene.

No time to do my full, regular ezine.  Hope this email helped
you though.

Best wishes,


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