Marlon’s Monday Morning Marketing Method - Online and Info Product Marketing

Marlon’s Monday Morning Marketing Method

Marlon's Monday Morning Marketing Method
— Revealed For The First Time

You WILL get something out of this issue so read the whole thing A to Z.

What I've noticed from my conference calls is that it's easy to
overlook important details by skimming.

Read the WHOLE thing when I write these ezines and you'll get all the critical details.

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Marlon's Marketing Minute Electronic Newsletter
Vol. 5, #13, March 20, 2010

This issue contains:

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B. Announcements from Marlon

C. Main Article:  Marlon's Monday Morning Marketing Method

D. Resources

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B. Announcements from Marlon

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C. Main Article: Marlon's ABC Monday Morning
Marketing Method


Every Monday morning I have a new ritual
where I do a planning session for the week.

The idea is that only a few things really bring in the money.

1.  What will you do for a customer promotion?

If you have an email list, you need to do a promotion to it.

I like to send out new promos on Tuesday or Wednesday.
But really, any day will work.

If you're creating a new bonus, you need to plan that out.

If you have a promotion from the prior week with a
deadline, remove the deadline.

2.  What will you do for traffic?

In my case, right now I have seo going and promos
with my affiliates.  I plan to add in a ppc banner campaign soon.

I've made the mistake in the past of NOT saying anything!  This is dumb.

One of your priorities has to be communicating to your affiliates.

3.  What's broken that needs fixed?

For example, this past week, I found out that for
various reasons we left off our email collection
devices from our web pages.

This means not only do I have to fix that I have to
create a system to detect if this breaks again in the future.

I'll add that to our regular systems.

4.  What's the big picture?

I have certain early warning indicators I follow to
identify if any trends are out of alignment. These
indicators are extremely important to pay attention to.

And if you do it correctly and stick to the discipline
of it, you'll save your bacon many times over a long career.

These are the MOST important things.  The lifeblood
of your business is your traffic. So you have to make
sure every week you're paying attention to it.

You've gotta do customer promotions because those
are your bread and butter.  Now, you can promote
affiliate products.  Or your own.

You can promote with stand alone emails, ads inserted
into content emails or ads next to your blog posts.

But ABC — Always Be Promoting.

I'll repeat it.  The ABC of business is Always Be Promoting.

A business is a machine that outputs sales.  Stated
differently, it's a set of processes, a System, that
follows a repeatable formula for making sales and
netting out a percent of those sales into bank
deposits in your personal account.

You've always got to be making sales or promoting.
Because that's what a business is and does.  That's the function of it.

The function of a business isn't to change the world
although that might be a side effect of it.

The function of a business is to make sales. Pure and
simple.  And, of course, to net out a percentage of
those sales into bank deposits for the business owner.

This does NOT mean you only promote to your list
and avoid giving good content.

It DOES mean that you always want to promote something.

For example, I'm ramping up production of a new product
on traffic.  So I subtly or not-so-subtly will send
out emails about traffic over the next few weeks.

If your list is the lifeblood of your business, then
your systems are the lifeblood of your lifeblood.

A system is a set of repeatable processes.

The speed of business is FAST.

Trying to create from scratch everytime doesn't work.
When you find something that works, codify it and re-use it.

If problems crop up, implement a system or a system
tweak to prevent that from happening.  This is where
your Early Warning System comes into play.

If you have proper indicators in place, you'll be
aware if something goes astray.

Then just as important as your systems are the people
who implement them.

You can have the greatest process in the world but if
there's no one to operate the process, why bother?

In the beginning, that person is you. But with all the
outsourcing opportunities available via,
my affiliate link for John Jonas' system, you can easily
afford to have basic outsourcing in place.

I think a lot of people get confused about business.
But really it's simple.

You either have a group of people who are passionate
about buying stuff or you don't.

You either get sell stuff to 'em or you don't.

You either net out a percentage of those sales or you don't.

If your sales exceed your overhead, you put something
in your bank account.

You either have repeatable processes or you don't.

You either have a formula for selling or you don't.

People on rare occasion post on the blog, “I've been
in IM X time but haven't put money in my bank account.
How come?”

Because they don't get what a business.  A business
is a sales machine.  If they “got that” they'd AT LEAST
know where their machine was breaking down.

Are you able to target your market with a message of
a benefit they want?

Are you able to get them to join your email list?

Are you able to to send them emails?  And do you?

When you send emails, do they open them?

When they open your emails, do they click?

When they click, do they read?

When they read, do they click order?

When they click order, do they input credit card
info and click submit?

But just to go, “I tried and it didn't work.” That's total crap.

A business is a System, a set of processes. And you
CAN track to see where your processes are breaking down, if they are.

Conversely, if things are going swimmingly well,
you CAN find out WHY that is happening also so
you can do more of that!

You do a number of things others have found to work.

Some will work for you. Some won't.

You do the ones that work and create a repeatable system for them.

You tweak the ones that don't work and try again.

So let's say you have a product but can't sell it.
Do you know ONE target audience who has already proven
they'll buy a similar product?

Do you know HOW to reach them with a benefit-rich message?

When you do, do they join your email list?

See, you just take it step-by-step until you find out where
you're breaking down, if you are.  Or if your system is working,
you look for areas you can improve.

Now, in my business, I like to keep things simple.  So my
core formula is simple:

Affiliate traffic > sales letter > order > commission

Affiliates send traffic to my sales letters that result in orders
and a commission back to affiliates.

This is the basic system I outlined years ago at
and STILL works as written.

Now, to build your list, you use a sidebar email capture form and
also a dhtml slide in.  How to do all that stuff is covered in and also the video training available as a
separate purchase at

My good friend Kirt Christensen who is a ppc magician does this
formula for a client of his:

ppc > email capture >  webinar > $3,000 sale

One or two webinars per month = $500,000 banked

But the market is extremely rabid.  The pitch is great.  And
the ppc budget is substantial.

I could go on and on with examples.

Keep Ockham's Razor in mind:  All things being equal, the simpler
process is better.

I wrote a whole ebook about that principle and how to apply it to
your business.  I took down the sales letter because of the new
FTC rules but you might still be able to snag a copy direct from
the order form:

The more complex a process, the less I'm impressed by it.  The
more it has all these moving parts and you need to spend tons on
a coaching program just to try to implement it, the less impressed I am.

The more you say, “OK, that's simple. I can do that.”  The more
you're on THAT side of the equation, the better of you are.


Marlon Sanders helps people with hopes and dreams figure
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the Internet.


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D.  Resources you can use

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1. The Marketing Dashboard: Amazing Formula and Gimme
boiled down to icons and step-by-step. Doesn't replace AF
and Gimme but useful. Basically, it spoon feeds all the
things in AF and Gimme.

2. The Marketing Diary: Me teaching Matt daily all the
details of the Amazing Formula and Gimme system. This
contains additional insights into The Amazing Formula and
Gimme that you won't find in those products. It's
literally what I taught to Matt in his first 90 days with

This is an EVERGREEN product and if you're new to this business
you'll learn tons.

3. After 8 years, thousands of customer emails, thousands of
buyers in virtually every major city in the world (and
many you haven't heard of), 13 web site designs, 4 product
designs, after ebook and CD versions, after endorsements
from major marketers the world over, after hundreds of
marketers and products have come and gone, after attacks
by the world's most notorious criminals, after attempts to
put it under, there is ONE product that remains and stands
tall. There is one product that is stable.

4. Are You Paying Over $10.00 For Hosting?

If you are, you may be getting ripped off.  Design Dashboard
shows you not only the basics of doing your own design but really
walks you step by step through setting up your hosting,
autoresponders and shopping cart.

5. Promote your own products made easy

Grab the brilliant video by Adeel Chowdhry on how to mash
together stock video, stock sounds and stock music to create
an attention-grabbing, compelling video you can put on your
sales page, Facebook, Squidoo lenses, Hub Pages, or even
Twitter out to your list.

6.  Your Own Products?

It's the only step-by-step, A to Z system not JUST for
creating info products …. but that shows you HOW to select
product ideas using my “flanking move” I've built my business
on, HOW to do 12-product surveys with an actual example, that
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E. Get the Evergreen Traffic System

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