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Marketing Income Levels: 5 steps to the monthly income you want



The REASON this issue today is so critical to you is there is nothing WORSE than doing what you THOUGHT would get results and getting crap for it. You scratch your head. You feel confused.  But you know you need to increase your monthly marketing income levels.

You don’t know what to do next.

You research for solutions but nothing pans out.

Your spouse thinks you’re out of your head.

You have retirement coming. You WANT freedom but are frustrated you don’t have it. You know you’re missing a piece of the puzzle but don’t know which piece.

You see OTHER people have huge successes and it pisses you off to no end. Why them and not you?

You results are like a trickle and you want a freaking FLOOD.

You don’t know WHAT TO DO.

You don’t know WHO to believe.

You don’t know HOW to do it.

Today, I show you HOW TO BREAK THROUGH and get the income you want. You will learn WHO to listen to and trust. You will find out WHAT to do.

Alright, let’s walk through this.

  1. How much do you want to make per MONTH? 2. Subtract any existing income you want to include towards that number

Maybe you have money coming in consistently from investments or existing product sales.

  1. This gives you your NET amount needed each month
  2. Calculate your 30-day customer value

This is easy.

Take your sales for the month.

Divide it by the # of sales.

That gives you $ sales per customer.

To be MORE accurate, it’s best to do it with NEW CUSTOMERS, not existing ones. But start with whatever data you have.

If you have NO SALES or data, then GUESS. Take your best educated guess of what you CAN do. Then when you get hard data, you can change your projections. You can ask any friends in the biz what THEY do to get a more accurate idea.

  1. Divide your $ needed for the month by your 30-day customer value. This gives you the number of NEW SALES needed.

This tells you how many additional FE or Front End sales you need. It’s BEST to calculate this as sales to NEW first-time customers.

  1. Now, take your 30-day customer value and multiply it by 10. THIS is the number you want to PLAN FOR.

By doing this trick courtesy of Grant Cardone, it forces you to think bigger. See the book Magic of Thinking Big and 10X Rule by Grant Cardone.

  1. Plan your activities

Brainstorm WHAT activities could help you reach the 10X goal. You may NOT know for sure. You probably don’t. It’s quantity over quality to start. And take as much massive action as you can fit in your schedule.

If you’re DOING things vs. AVOIDING things or taking action vs. more and more thinking, analyzing and planning it’s surprising how much you can do.

  1. COMMIT 100% to doing those activities

Don’t do it half way. Do it all out. NO HOLDING BACK. Stick a list of those activities on your mirror. Carry them around with you. Stick ‘em on your screen saver or notes in ipad.

Do whatever you GOT to do.

Most importantly, do the plan REGARDLESS of the results you get. This is true commitment. It’s also not as easy as it sounds. It’s so easy to get discouraged if they first 2 or 3 things you do flop.

You do NOT need self confidence. You DO need to do your activities you plan no matter the results.

If you need MOTIVATION, I recommend event by Grant Cardone. I get no money on that. BUT it’s cheap AND 4 hours of Grant live PLUS an ebook!

Grant will light a fire under you to think 10X.

Now, he will LIKELY be selling something else more expensive during that paid event. If you are so short sighted you can’t deal with that, and you don’t see the value in hearing world-class pitches, then honestly, don’t sign up.

Wait, that sounded harsh. It is a little. It’s also true. I don’t really understand people who want to SELL things for a living having this attitude about one time offers, upsells or sales pitches.

They are OFTEN the most VALUABLE part of the purchase you make as they are what you COULD be doing but aren’t. lol.

Anyway, like no one I have ever heard in my life, Grant will inspire you to think and take actions 10X larger than you do right now.

By the way, if you took me up on my sensational offer to get the Secret Book, you will IMMEDIATELY see how everything in it applies 100%, full out, no-holds-barred to the above!

It dovetails 100% with Grant Cardone.

If you saw the offer and didn’t spend the $50 or somehow thought it was unfair of me to ask you to COMMIT before getting the book PDF, then let me explain.

If you have to fork over $50 to get a product in and of itself worth much more than $50 and you get an additional book AND an 18 ½ minute video I did and you somehow feel that would be a raw deal, I don’t get it.

By investing $50, you would take SERIOUSLY the book, read it and apply it. For free, you probably wouldn’t. It would sit on your hard drive next to a whole bunch of other free pdfs you haven’t read like some of my back newsletter issues.

It’s just a fact.

Now for those of you who TRUSTED my word enough, you made one of the best decisions EVER in your LIFE because that book will change your life.

Read it all the way through 2x like he recommends.

Take ACTION on it.

Read 1 chapter every morning.

COMMIT to doing it 100%.

Your life will change.

It will be one of the most watershed events in your life.

Now, if you have another $50 (or whatever the current price is), and you can swing it, join me on

The REASON I say that is mental game is 90% of success.

I can teach you the MARKETING.

I can teach you how to find out where the buyers are, often them something free as a hand raise or cheap to get them on your list, how to get affiliates to send you their traffic, how to do a webby or sales letter to sell something back end.

But that is a small part of success.

Taking the NECESSARY REQUIRED ACTIONS, committing, thinking 10X, taking 10Xactions you THOUGHT it would take, being omnipresent.

These are the OTHER parts of the puzzle.

Most people think the mental game is a waste of time or boring or whatever.

If you follow the crowd theory, then you’ll END UP like the crowd. Broke at age 65.

Is that the future you want? Or maybe you’re already there and you KNOW this is the truth.

I’m just trying to talk turkey here, tell you the truth, tell you the real way to have a better tomorrow.

Here Is Your Monthly Income Plan of CREATION And How To Make Your Future a LOT Brighter!

That word CREATION should really hit home if you got my secret book. If you didn’t, follow the steps anyways. It’ll still work.

Step one is just not to lie to yourself about the results you’re getting.

Step two is to stop chasing QUICK, FAST, EASY, SIMPLE results.

That is the BULK of offers today on Warrior+ and JVZoo BECAUSE it’s what people mistakenly want to buy. It’s largely a fantasy. And mostly a result of not wanting to commit or fear of committing.

Basically, it’s the exact opposite of what it really takes.

Step three is to run the numbers in today’s issue and figure out what you want to CREATE!

It’s an act of creation more than problem solving. Focus on what you’re creating.

Step four is to plan out how you’ll get your message to your potential responders, what the attractive message is, how you’ll sell them, how you’ll follow up, what the back end is. Step four

includes figuring out how you can improve and better your customer’s lives and how you can increase the reach of your message.

Step five is to do it and compare to the desired monthly income and results.

These are ALL THINGS no one else is teaching or focusing on. Everyone is teaching you fast, simple, quick, easy, no hassles, no problems, no learning, no experience.

And it’s tough. You pretty much HAVE to focus on those things if you want to sell on JV Zoo or Warrior+ in the IM market.

But it sucks. It sucks because my 5-step plan above is what it takes. I’m bringing it to you. I’m sharing what it takes MENTALLY. Who else is telling you the truth?

Who else is REALLY getting you to get your mental game together?

Who else is having you CREATE your monthly desired income using realistic ACTIONS?

Most people stick their toe in the water.

They don’t COMMIT to creating a product.

They don’t COMMIT to promoting it to affiliates.

They don’t COMMIT to what I teach.

They listen halfway.

Take action halfway.

Do halfway for just a bit.

They get no results or really piss poor results.

I want better for you.

Best wishes,


PS:  To take the next step, go here.

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