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  • Mary Simpson says:

    Always PDFs for me! I like to have them to refer back to when I want. Also, I
    go to sleep during videos. I am not involved and they take a lot longer to listen to than read. A lot of times I get tired of listening and just leave. When I read, I remember. When I try to listen, I tend to miss some things while trying to file away in my memory other things. Trying to locate something in a video that you want to review is usually pretty much a lost cause! And because the video takes longer than reading (which I can quickly scan for my takeaways), I don’t have time to go back and try to find something in videos. PDFs get my vote, definitely! Thanks,

  • Great Marlon, unfortunately for me I’m what I’d probably term a “gatherer of information” and this is usually just to get through things quickly and move on. With PDF versions of your newsletter I am sure I have them ALL as I’ve been an affiliate of yours since day dot when I also started making the elusive “passive income” – 1997 I think, but one thing I can say I have read (most of) them and some I re-read and then realize I have read them already. Sadly what a gatherer is, is a person who accumulates massive amounts of digital information and software on their hardware, as well as a ton of resellable products, ie: MRR PLR etc. and almost never gets to use them, let alone sell them and make a good living as you do with your own products. I found the video to be great, I did NOT speed it up as I do most other marketers videos, it was informative as usual, and something I will download if I possibly can (as it may disappear some time). You went off the rails a bit at the end and it had me laughing out loud… wondered where it was going and then it stopped – guess you realized you were ranting LOL Cheers mate, love your work AS ALWAYS. David ( ) :8^)

  • William says:

    Hey Marlon, loved the video edition of MMM.
    I do disagree with Rainer Hertig, my mind does visualize the concepts and idea’s that you write about.
    About the video, I think you shouldn’t have edited it simply because you were in the zone by the end and I always love stories about your copywriting and marketing career. I love the FREAKING stories, Marlon.

    Whether in written form or on video. Leave the story in next time.

    Just my opinion.

  • Rainer Hertig says:

    I think a lot of people will prefer videos over pdfs, because their memory takes visual content probably better than written content. But for me, I prefer written text. I was working already 30 years ago with speed reading courses and I am just accustomed for text in pdf as the ideal form to learn things better and faster.

  • Jeff Walters says:

    Hi Marlon

    Enjoyed the video, but PDF is more useful – due to the ability to quickly review later / find specific points far quicker than video.

  • Sophie says:

    Hi Marlon,

    English is not my mother language, so although I love to listen and see you, your PDF is for me a much, much easier way to absorb your useful information.

    So, for me, PDF wins.

    I wish you all the best,
    Kind regards from France

  • Roger A Revell says:

    Great info as always. Video is good but PDF let’s me save/refer/re-read much more easily. Could you add the PDF? thanks

    • marlon says:

      Yup, there’s no PDF. On a Saturday morning, I have time to do either a PDF or a video but not both. That’s why I was asking the question.

  • Shlomo says:

    Hi Marlon:
    I prefer a PDF that I can read at my own pace.

  • Piotr says:

    Och and another thing(s):
    the video ends rather abruptly at 12 minutes 35 secs when you mentioned your first copycat job at 18 yo
    And your videos are a really good training material for me, as a video sales letters to use as a template/ case studies/ training material

    But for the MMM the written version is the best, please!
    Kind regards,

  • Piotr says:

    Hi Marlon,
    It’s vary difficult to use the video training as a reference material, find specific information, index information and use it not in whole without specialized and i.e. really expensive infrastructure.
    So from the main goal and main usage perspective, pdf/any other printed media/
    is hands down winner for delivery.
    Thank you very much Marlon for your MMM in pdf format!
    All the best,

  • Suzanne says:

    Hey Marlon,

    Great information as usual. I liked the video, and I’m glad it wasn’t just an mp3. Audio is my least favorite form of learning. I do prefer your PDFs, as I can go back to them again and again, no matter where I am or whether I have s good connection or not. This is, of course, assuming I don’t miss your MMM!

    The nice thing about the video on the blog is that I have access to it even if the weekend was busy and I didn’t get into email in time to download the PDF.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. I always enjoy your newsletters and learn so much from them.

  • John Racine says:

    Hey Marlon,

    I like the video but LOVE the pdf’s. Allows me to refer back to the material earier later on.

  • Marlon,
    Though I love the way you express yourself verbally, I generally prefer a PDF over a video for two principal reasons: 1) I can read faster than I can listen and 2) it is easier to locate material I want to consider again in a PDF file than in a video.

  • David Frey says:

    When I was doing my telesummits, we would get steady 30% – 40% conversions on our bumps and upsells. That’s a valid stat.Thanks Marlon!

  • OnTheRoadNow says:

    Hi Marlon, Thanks for the new info. Always interesting. That said, I really prefer your newsletters in PDF format. I absorb material a lot better when I can see it rather than hear it. The audio and video stuff seems to go in one ear and out the other. Plus, with the PDF I can more easily reread something that wasn’t clear the first time through.

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