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Info Product Checklist: How To Crush It With Your Info Product Sales (10-step checklist)



Marlon here.

Let’s look at a simple 10-step checklist you can use to CRUSH your info product sales.

  1. Get your personal MINDSET in order

It’s ironic that the most important things about marketing are the MOST BASIC!

Your own personal mindset is very important. Everyone has favorites. You might like Catherine Ponder, Ernest Holmes, Anthony Robbins, Grant Cardone or one of many, many other teachers.

Personally, I find Grant Cardone to give me a kick in the tail end when I need it!

The REASON your mindset is important comes in #2:

  1. Take actions that aren’t comfortable for you

GROWTH will make you feel UNCOMFORTABLE. No doubt about it.

We all like things that are comfortable to us emotionally. When you do anything new, it won’t always be easy and you’re prone to making mistakes. Oftentimes, you don’t even know what you’re doing. Or you only have it HALF figured out.

You’ve got to get your mindset to a place where the JOY of accomplishment means more to you than the pain of discomfort.

I won’t dwell on this here. But it can’t be understated. You will NOT feel comfortable doing new things.


  1. Be willing to invest in specialized knowledge

In Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill singled out specialized knowledge as one of the keys to success. I can tell you from personal experience that if you REALLY want to take action on something, you need to pay for it.

How many free things have you downloaded and never even bothered to seriously look at? Why? Because they were free, you didn’t take them seriously.

From day one of my career, I’ve invested aggressively in my own personal specialized knowledge. And my biggest breakthrough didn’t come until I spent $5,000 on specialized training.

That’s a fact. Many years I’ve spent more than most people make just on buying specialized knowledge.

  1. Realize that assembling a marketing and sales machine isn’t easy, but once the last piece of the puzzle falls in place, money can come in like you’ve hit the “big gusher”

I guess because of all the get-rich-quick, make money overnight things, we expect it to be easy, fast and simple.

Once all the pieces fall in place, it CAN happen REALLY freaking fast.

But if you’re missing ONE or more PIECES of the puzzle, it can be very frustrating. Are you missing just one piece? That ONE thing can be holding back the FLOODGATES from you!

I remember when I got my last piece of the puzzle in place, so much money started flooding in, it was intoxicating.

All the pain, the research, the reading, the buying, the crappy products I wasted money on – it was ALL worth it.

SHORTCUT: Understand the PRINCIPLES behind successful marketing processes instead of just copying them without an UNDERSTANDING. Once you really “get it” you can assemble your own machines at will.

  1. Get your lead machine humming CONSISTENTLY bringing in people with MONEY!

You MUST have a source of NEW CUSTOMERS.

This is absolutely essential. And you can NEVER relax on this, let it slide or take your foot off the pedal. If you do, you’ll pay the price.

Lead generation is the hard part of business. Finding new customers is THE most important part of business AND the most challenging to initially figure out.

You run ads that don’t get responded to, cost a fortune or take the risk of getting you banned. The people who respond are the WRONG people and don’t buy. The ones who buy want refunds!

There’s a whole host of things that can go wrong when you don’t have your formula working. More than that, things CHANGE. They don’t always stay the same.

If things CHANGE, your highest priority in business becomes FIXING IT. You must NEVER back off your getting new prospective buyers into your sales and marketing funnel, system, sequence or process.

When things get hard, it’s easy just to do the simple, comfortable things you’re used to and not put out the time, money, energy and effort to test new things that probably won’t work (until you unlock your new formula).

If you’re attracting BROKE PEOPLE into your funnel, there is no good lifetime value on the follow up purchases of broke people!

You MUST have a CONSISTENT prospecting and lead conversion machine.

Prospecting means you spend your own time to find potential buyers (prospects) via networking, chatting people up on Facebook, posting in online forums, writing blog posts or other methods.

Marketing means you attract the prospects largely without investing your own personal time to do so. You create systems, put them in place and the prospects come.

You might use affiliates to get leads and sales. Or Facebook or Twitter ads. Or some other method.

But whatever it is, it MUST be consistent.

FIRST you get it working. THEN you work on constancy.

If your lead flow is ANEMIC, it’ll cause you a lot of STRESS, anxiety and worry. You probably won’t sleep well at night. You’ll snap at your family all the time! Life is NOT good when your lead flow is anemic.

Just a general knowledge of lead generation won’t cut it for you. There is too much competition. You need SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE on how to generate leads consistently.

Let me give you an example. Some of my friends use Facebook ads to get new customers for their coaching business. Right now, to get a QUALIFIED person, they spend about $150 and sell 2 out of 5 at $4,000 each or more.

In other words, they spend $750 to get back $4000 up to $15,000.

Once you FIGURE OUT your FORMULA it’s pretty simple to repeat it over and over. Ironically, it’s often hard to figure out the formula. But once you get the code unlocked, it’s a simple thing you just repeat over and over with a good degree of predictability.

For example, in Facebook ads, some people just bid on people’s names as their interest. Others use a sophisticated method where they go from LIKE to AD FOR CONTENT ON BLOG to AD FOR WEBINAR SIGN UP or squeeze page.

That goes like this:

Like > Content > Sign up

There’s a whole specialized knowledge and art to that process. But more often than not, I see people just bidding on interests or people’s names and being done with it.

SHORTCUT: The shortcut here is to study how others in your field are generating THEIR leads successfully.

  1. Master the SALES process and assure your future security

Once you get a lead (also called a prospect), or someone who has raised their hand as a potential buyer, you need a way to get the SALE.

This can be a SALES LETTER, video sales letter, webinar, direct mail letter or 1-on-1 phone call.

There is a great deal of specialized knowledge that goes into this.

Once you have a SALES PROCESS that works, you basically have what you need to underwriter your futures because YOU CAN ALWAYS GET SALES!

For example, I have friends who have a process for selling BIG TICKETS. They can ALWAYS make money. If they’re in a bind, they hustle up some leads or potential buyers, sell a big ticket and BOOM! Money is in the da bank.

Or if you know HOW to drive traffic to an offer and get it to convert, you can ALWAYS make money. If you can get the SALES, you can always buy potential new customers via advertising.

So while your lead generation is absolutely crucial, it means NOTHING without the ability to turn leads into sales.

And again, the odd thing is, it’s HARD to figure out. I remember sending out letter after letter and running ad after ad that didn’t work!

Very costly and frustrating.

Worse than that, people will even insult you for your lackluster sales process! Totally sucks.

Here’s what no one gets:

The secret to CONVERSIONS and SALES is NOT a magical series of web pages or a magical webinar formula. Not even a sales letter formula.

Those things are like paint-by-number painting. Everyone starts that way. It’s a great first step on the way to learning to PAINT.

But the real magic is in UNDERSTANDING the PSYCHOLOGY OF THE SALE!

That’s what really works.



Because you KNOW what causes people to BUY. And armed with this knowledge you can sell about anything you really believe in.

Once you UNLOCK THE SALES CODE in retrospect, looking back, it’s all obvious and makes total sense.

When you haven’t figured it all out yet, it makes you want to pull your hair out. You KNOW you’re missing a piece of the puzzle, you KNOW it’s not as complicated as everyone makes it.

But you just can’t figure it out and you’re banging your head against the wall! NOT a lot of fun!

If you keep getting the same objections (like I want to think about) over and over, or you just can’t seem to unlock the sales code, you’ve GOT to solve this problem. Your FUTURE as an entrepreneur hinges on the ability to make sales.

If you aren’t able to make sales, then your UNDERSTANDING is lacking in some area.

  1. Always Be EXPANDING

I never used to believe this.

But it’s true. In business, the moment you decide to STOP EXPANDING, that’s when your sales go in reverse!

It’s so easy to back off and become comfortable. You can’t do it. Grow or die!

How are you going to grow your leads THIS MONTH and THIS YEAR? How are you going to expand?


  1. Know your GOALS and be FOCUSED on it, even to the point of writing them out morning and night, and make them CHALLENGING so they engage your attention

Grant Cardone writes his goals down every morning and night religiously. I don’t do that BUT I have posted mine on my mirror and microwave where I see and read them all the time!

If you aren’t goal focused, you’ll wonder from this to that and be a victim of bright and shiny object syndrome.

What are your goals? Where are you going? Don’t just write them in a notebook and stick it on a shelf and forget about them.

Your goals need to be EXCITING and challenging. The last two times I’ve met with Joe Vitale from the movie The Secret, the last thing Joe has asked me is “Marlon, what are you excited about?”


  1. Pinpoint the obstacles between where you are now, where you’re going and what you must do to overcome them

You may have heard of the theory of constraints. The idea is that at any one point in time, you only have one bottleneck. And you have to solve THAT to grow.

What’s between where you are RIGHT NOW and where you’re going?

What are the OBSTACLES?

If you don’t know HOW to overcome your current obstacles, you need to buy specialized knowledge or mentoring from someone else who has overcome those obstacles before and can help you unlock them.

How do you FEEL knowing those obstacles are between where you are and where you’re going? What’s the cost of NOT addressing those obstacles? How soon do you want to overcome those problems?

If you need help, and you have a budget or money to invest in a solution, contact me on my support desk here.

  1. Keep relaxed, optimistic and positive because when stress goes up, creativity goes down and productivity plummets

When stress goes up, it’s a fact. Your creativity and ability to solve problems goes down.

You experience the feeling of STRESS when your perceived knowledge, skills and experience are LESS than the CHALLENGE you face.

When your perceived ability equals your challenge, you’re energized.

The BEST WAY to raise your productivity is to have a CHALLENGING GOAL or goals but NOT ones that stress you out.

One way to lower stress is to remind yourself of the knowledge, skills and experience you have. The SIMPLIFY what you perceive as the task s you need to do in order to accomplish your goal.

Productive people are optimistic, relaxed and positive, YET engaged in an exciting, energizing challenge. If you’re too focused on your PROBLEMS, you’ll be stressed out, your creating will go down and your productivity will suffer.