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Sell your product or service in 30 seconds

What can you say in 30 seconds that will GET ATTENTION and pull people into the rest of your presentation, pitch, webinar, video sales letter or sales letter?  You want to sell your product or service, and today I show you how to do that pronto.


Marlon here.

Today I want to talk about the NEXT logical step.

When you’re dumping those ideas on paper, what is the FIRST thing you’re dumping ideas about?

There’s a concept called the elevator pitch. Which means that if you’re in an elevator with someone and you have 30 seconds to pitch your product and get them interested, what would you say?

The FUNNY and IRONIC thing is, it sounds so stupid simple, doesn’t it?

Yet, when you HEAR people doing their elevator pitches, you REALIZE it’s not quite as simple as it sounds!

The other day, Grant Cardone did a Youtube show on this where he had people call in with their elevator pitches. Grant is the one who turned me onto Meerkat and Periscope. He’s the author of the book you’ve heard me talk about The 10X Rule. He is also a sales person extraordinaire.

You can watch the show here. I LOVED hearing people call in with their elevator pitches. You do need to opt in to see it. But then you will also have access to his Meerkat live streams. The one on EXPANDING is about 20 minutes long and simply fantastic.

If you have an interest in real estate investing, he owns $300 million in multi-family properties and does occasional shows on how to buy real estate, etc.

Why Am I Talking About The First 30 Seconds And What Does This Have To Do With YOU?

After watching that show, I went back and looked over a new sales letter I’m working on.

I decided the opening COULD be much stronger.

When people FIRST come to your letter, you have 4 seconds to get their attention. That’s the job of your headline.

The NEXT PART of the letter, video, webinar or audio we call the LEAD. That’s your 30 second elevator pitch.

You BETTER be able to grab ‘em in 30 seconds, just like Grant demonstrated on that Youtube show.

Here is where LAST WEEK’s newsletter comes into play.

How do you IMPROVE your first 30 seconds?

Well, you grab your text pad, iPad, or pad of paper and you brainstorm different variations.

You might even take some of those and read ‘em to friends in the biz and see which grabs them most.

Or you run them by customers.

watch this show Again, it’s well worth the time to so you can HEAR the difference between lousy 30-second elevator pitches and great ones. I have no vested interest in telling you about that.

In fact, quite the opposite. Being a great sales person Grant is very aggressive about selling things! So you’ll probably spend money with him instead of me. But that’s OK but at least you’re getting things that will help you sell and make you money.

How To Get Attention In 30 Seconds

  1. What has CHANGED that people don’t know or realize?
  2. What’s the biggest benefit you can offer?
  3. How can you state things so they have MORE impact?

I can’t show you the whole headline for the sales letter because unfortunately people are too quick to copy things and try to steal your thunder.

I’ll just show you the most important PART that I changed that is really the 30 second elevator pitch, or a big chunk of it:



I’ll still probably test BOTH versions. What I like about the BEFORE is it’s simpler. BUT the AFTER does a better job of answering the question WHY NOW?

Why read this NOW?

Why pay attention to this NOW?

If we were on an elevator and I said the sentences in the BEFORE statement to you, I doubt you’d particularly insist on knowing more.

If I said the AFTER statement to you and handed you a business card with the URL of the video on it or a dvd with the video on it, it would be better.

From an elevator pitch perspective, it can still be better.

Maybe something like:

If you have a product or service you sell or get LEADS for, a cause you promote, a group you want to expand, the old methods aren’t working as well for you. Email open rates have plummeted. It’s harder to get attention than ever before and social media are taking over. However, I’ve discovered NEW METHODS most people don’t know about or use properly that are working gangbusters right now. Push notifications, Meerkat, Periscope, Medium, Instagram and even Pinterest. I’ve developed a 3-step system that COMBINES methods I used to sell 39,572 products WITH these brand new methods. Here’s a 60-second video that shows it IN ACTION.

That’s probably better than the other two I just showed you.

Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t. I need to test.

This shows you the IDEA though of how you create a 30-second pitch for what you have.

I’m sure I’ll work on this MORE and make improvements in it if I have time.

Just while I was writing this, Grant Cardone popped up on my Periscope with a little elevator pitch for an upcoming event.

Then, after that was over, I got a push notification that said:

Sandi Krakowski is live: Let’s have coffee together and talk about VIDEOS & FACEBOOK & GROWING YOUR BRAND.

That’s her 4-second pitch and a darned good one. Your 4-second pitch buys you 30 seconds to do your 30-second pitch.

My FIRST INSTINCT was, wow, I need to click and watch that!

Let’s say I did click. THEN she has 30 seconds to HOOK ME IN!

Do you see how that works?

4 seconds > 30 seconds > 1-2 minutes.

After you get your 30 seconds, you buy yourself 1-2 minutes and you SHOULD be off and running.

But unless you PLAN THIS OUT and think it through and brainstorm it on your pad of paper, it’s not going to work as well as it could.

Why Push Notifications Are Replacing Email

I’ve hardly read or seen an email from Grant Cardone. He sends me PUSH NOTIFICATIONS on my phone. I get notices from him on Twitter.

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