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How does this blog look on YOUR Smart Phone, Smart Pad or iPad?

Let me know.  Post in comments below.

This particular theme is “responsive” which means it SHOULD look good on your mobile device and re-size properly.  Of course, that's all good in theory. But it's BEST to hear from you lookin' at it on a mobile device and saying, “Yeah man, with or without my glasses on it looks pretty good!”

  • marlon says:

    Hey Brent,

    How are you? Well, I have concerns about our own site speed on WordPress. Today it seemed to load slow but then our webhost went down so I think they were just having problems.

    Pure CSS sites in my experience load faster than WordPress but neither do they have plugins.

    In any event, building and selling rare Corvettes sounds like a great business. And the late, great Corey Rudl would've loved it. I understand Jay Abraham also loves buying and selling classic cars…I imagine as a hobby. Or he used to do that.

    Best wishes,


    • marlon says:

      By the way, you can target those buyers pretty easy on Facebook. Just search Corvettes for your interest or other similar high end vehicles.


  • Brent says:

    Hey Marlane. Great start. Yea…that's what I need to work on is the speed of my sites. Bout bought a new laptop today. Going to get itbe soon and jump back on with a better plan of approach. Builden some very rare corvettes with the crew and seller a few on craigslist. Looking for a great sales funnel to see if I can round up some traffic. Marland thanks for help….Brent

  • Darrel Hawes says:

    Marlon, it looks good to me. Checked on my Droid Razr also.

    I'm on the responsive website bandwagon now too.

    For a while I thought it was better to create separate HTML sites for mobile, but for the type of sites we build, responsive makes more sense, in my opinion.

    Thanks for all you do.

    Darrel Hawes

    • marlon says:

      Hey Darrel,

      One thing I like about CSS sites is they load faster than WordPress in general. A great CSS site is a lean machine. However, these new breeds of responsive WordPress sites amaze me also!


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