New Marlon’s Marketing Method ezine issue: To “Listize” You Got To “Monetize”


Marlon here.

This week’s issue:

You Can’t “Listize” Unless You Monetize, And You Can’t
Get Out Of Your Job, Or Find Freedom and Independence,
UNLESS You Listize AND Monetize!

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PS: There ain’t no listization without monetization.



5 thoughts on “New Marlon’s Marketing Method ezine issue: To “Listize” You Got To “Monetize””

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  3. Hi Marlon, thanks for an interesting article. It’s true many people set up their Facebook fan page but forget about how they can get ‘likes’ to convert to customers. Spending a little money and getting a custom design is often good – you can get great sign-up forms added and perhaps give something away in return for sign-up on your Facebook site. (Or if you’re good with HTML etc yourself perhaps you can set up your own custom design using the plug-ins available for Facebook).

  4. I blog also and I am crafting a little something related to this
    excellent article, “New Marlon’s Marketing Method ezine issue: To “Listize” You Got To “Monetize” | how to market on the internethow to market on the internet”. Do you care in cases where I personallyuse some of your concepts? Thank you -Stephaine

    1. Stephanie,

      I didn’t invent target marketing, list building or monetization. So use whatever concepts you want.

      But the best thing is if you can put your own examples to them and illustrations from your life, your own businesses or things you buy online.

      YOU are the U in USP


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