Internet marketing freedom

Internet marketing freedom

What do you think of the view from my office where I capture words on paper that get money, change lives, sell things and persuade others?


Marlon here.

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In front of you right now, you’re feasting your eyes on the most powerful marketing tool in the world.

That’s right.

It’s a glass of tea, normally full, legal pads and a pen. The tea is optional and sometimes swapped out with bottled water or a cappuccino.

Technology rocks.

I love webinar software, videos, page makers – and all the cool, great stuff that technology allows us as aggressive, sales-hungry marketers to do.

However, nothing replaces the brain and ideas.

A yellow pad and pen enables you to DUMP OUT the IDEAS in your head ONTO PAPER, That way you can add to them, cross ‘em out, move ‘em around.
Ideas are the things that get people to contribute money to a Kickstarter campaign, a cause or a purpose.

Ideas are the raw tools that make it possible for you to GROW or EXPAND your business, your group, your church, your organization, the audience for your music, your art, your sculptures.

Ideas make it possible for you to promote and grow your Toastmasters group, your Lion’s Club, your Rotary group.
Ideas possess ENERGY.
Ideas possess the power to move BRAINS and FEET into action.
Ideas are the thing that get people off their sofa into a voting booth to elect leaders.
Ideas alone are OMNIPOTENT.

The Big Secret of HOW You Dump Your Ideas Onto Paper

For the record, I’m NOT the one who came up with the idea about dumping ideas onto paper!

My friend T.J. Rohleder, the crazy brain behind one of the best marketing books ever written (which you may not believe from the title) is the first one I ever read to describe it this way.


By the way, if you’re corporate, don’t prejudge the book by the cover. Give it a chance.

There are ideas in this book you won’t find anywhere else. Written in simple language that drives them home. The section on writing sales copy or copy to persuade people to do anything is one of the very best you’ll read anywhere.
Here’s the BIG IDEA:


That may sound too simple, stupid or something you “already knew.” But I can almost guarantee you’re NOT doing it right!

I’m a darned experienced writer. And I catch myself doing this ALL the time. As I’m writing copy, ideas for bonuses or other things, I start trying to think through the LOGISTICS of HOW I’m going to deliver it.

In a jiffy, my energy plummets, I lose excitement and I’m mired down in the MUD of how the heck am I going to do THAT.


Just this ONE SHIFT makes a huge difference.

When you’re really excited do you write NEAT or MESSY? You probably write messy, right?

Well, if you’re trying to write a highly energized, exciting letter and you’re focused on staying between the lines and perfect writing, your excitement will get BLUNTED.


Get into it.

Have plenty of legal pads on hand. Burn up those pages!

Think about it.

If nobody EVERY got excited, would we have babies in the world? Would you be here?

Ideas are your babies. Words are your babies.

The odd thing is, you’re going to feel the temptation to SAVE PAPER! LOL. All I know is that it’s harder to FEEL EXCITED and have that flow going when I’m typing on the computer vs. writing on a pad. But like I say, maybe that’s because I didn’t have an iPad in my lap at age 2.


As you can see, I don’t exactly write between the lines! But this is how you generate EXCITEMENT in your words. You GET excited!

Why Is Excitement Important?

People buy emotionally and justify things logically.

You want that EXCITEMENT to be transferred via your words. Zig Ziglar said selling is transference of emotion.

I don’t care if you’re coming up with an ad, text, brochure, website, video sales letter, webinar or ideas to grow, expand or build your group, business, church, organization, band, art following or anything else.

People take ACTION when they’re what?

EXCITED, right?

People who are in a PASSIVE, non-excited, OBSERVING, DETACHED state of MIND and emotions, do NOT ACT!

Think about yourself.

When you’re bored, feeling passive, not excited, do you FLY INTO ACTION?
Or are you more likely to take action, take charge, get things done when you’re excited?

And remember…


Can I Write On My IPAD or Computer?

Yes. TJ developed a problem with his hand where I think he has to type out his sales copy now.

For me personally, I find ideas flow more EASILY on paper. But I grew up that way.

It doesn’t matter what you use.

The thing that matters is, can you CONVEY your excitement. Does the process you’re using FEED EXCITEMENT?

Ideas MUTATE When You’re Excited

Here’s something else you may not be aware of. When you’re super excited and you’re dumping ideas on paper, ideas MUTATE.
I can’t explain why.

But just this morning, I was writing out a sales letter and I got to the bonuses. I found myself slipping into logistics thinking and my energy going down.

I went back into CREATION mode and started dumping all my bonus ideas onto paper.

All of a sudden NEW IDEAS starting flying off my pen. I don’t know how. It’s almost a MAGICAL PROCESS the way ideas just pop into your head when you’re doing this.

Write (or Brainstorm) Daily At the Same Time

Every prolific writer you meet will write at the same time daily for the same amount of time.

Writing is a muscle that grows when exercised.

You may need IDEAS instead of the literal articulation of those ideas into words. In that case, you’ll have a set time daily when you brainstorm.

Let’s say you want to EXPAND SOMETHING.

It could be ANYTHING.

Spend 15 or 30 minutes DAILY brainstorming ideas on how to expand it.
TJ points out that you dump all the ideas out then….

You can EXPAND ANYTHING by breathing life into it via MARKETING! And the key to marketing is ideas.

You Go Back Later and EDIT and PICK Your Winners

TJ comes from the quantity leads to quality school of thinking about creativity. Different people have different theories.

I can tell you in practice that it works.

Like I say, ideas mutate.

After you dump out your ideas, then LATER you go back and edit, move, change, expand, delete, subtract or make practical things that need to be toned down.
This is a separate process from the act of CREATION.

Imagine having monthly income like this. As a reminder, this is what I’ve done but isn’t indicative of average results. You may do more, less or nothing at all.

Best wishes,
Marlon Sanders

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