My bonuses for how to launch a product every 7 days

My bonuses for how to launch a product every 7 days

Here are the bonuses

Here are the pross and cons for "7 day products"


  • It shows you what's possible
  • You get practical tips from someone who did 52 products in a year
  • It's a quick read
  • You'll overcome fear of making products by doing a lot


  • Doesn't cover how to get traffic
  • Not clear how it ties into my MMM Formula


I think this is a great method to light a fire under your bottom part and get you actually creating.  Here are my bonuses:

Bonus 1:  How to get traffic from scratch.

I recorded a 12:55 second video showing exactly, precisely how to get traffic starting from absolut scratch. But this is also a BIG insight even if you already have traffic. I reveal a hidden gem I normally only teach in Fast Track or Milcers.

Creating a number of products will amp up your affiliate sales like a feedback loop. I break it all down for you.

Bonus 2:  How this fits into my Marlon's Marketing Method model

I do a quick walk through of a flow chart of my model and explain where and how this method fits in.

Bonus 3:  I do a walk through of the product and explain 1 thing that needs to be changed for this method to work today

Robert taught this in 2009.  This 1 change is very important to make it work.

My 3 bonuses above are automatically delivered in the bonus area of Warriorplus when you access the product.

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