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New FREE Ebook From Marlon: How I Got 199,540 Opt Ins And Sold My First Million Online




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Marlon here.

I have a new freebie ebook for you.

It reveals how I SOLD my first million online and has GREAT PIX
in it also!

It's 78 pages and has some valuable content.

Best wishes,


PS: The above is a SQUEEZE page. I want you to SEE it!

You can bypass the squeeze but you might want to update your email
with your LATEST so you don't miss my emails.

PPS: There is ONE change I plan to make to the video before I roll
it out. I want to say “How I SOLD” 1 million not MADE. I've sold
millions. But MADE implies net in the bank.

I'm not THAT good a saver!

  • Marlon, your videos always make me smile.

    Can not see enough of them, you are so funny!

    Just ordered the book, have to check my email to see if it has arrived.

    [Hey Hermann, glad to hear that my brother. If you didn't get your ebook, I have a support desk at But you SHOULD get it.]

  • Marlon,

    Dude … killer squeeze page.

    Now let's see if you if you can continue to walk the walk and send out those big commissions.

    It's not going to be easy but Gary Halbert will haunt you from the grave if you fail …:)


    [Hey, you're funny. I think Gary has quite enough to deal with in the grave! My ultimate goal is to get it to the cpa networks if I can monetize broad based traffic at a buck a click. I still have miles to go before I sleep on it.]

  • Tony says:

    Hey Marlon,

    Will take a chew on the book later today – but (and this is your fault – lol) you taught me graphics dude… and now I am a graphics nut!

    I use a 1900 widescreen monitor and your background image runs out 2 inches short either side!

    Otherwise – LOVE the video – you ROCK!

    Keep up the awesome work… and your personality is just amazing!

    …I nickname you 'magnet Marlon' to my students and workshop attendees!



    [Tony, you're funny. Thanks bro. Appreciate you.]

  • Jim Fortune says:

    You said "[Jim, we didn't get good sign ups on the groups. So I need to go to plan B with my leaders…]"

    Can I get the videos and the keys and try to market the Ockham’s Razor group concept on my own?


  • Ken says:

    Thanks for the book! Nothing like a good story that reads easy. I now know much more about "The Man"


    [Ken, hope you got value out of it. Thanks for sharing here.]

  • Graham in UK says:

    Hi Marlon

    Great Video….woke me up!!

    I looked up, went UGH! (I thought it was either a painter or decorater- or a perv in a raincoat!!), turned the sound down a bit, and then paid attention.

    Zany, great sense of humour – that's Marlon.

    Thanks for the book – I'm sure it will be very useful and I'll read it soon.

    I've just put up my very first website (not finished yet).

    Gurus come and go – but Marlon still giving it out.

    Thanks Marlon

    Graham in UK

    [Hey Graham, you're funny! Well, the clothes didn't turn out quite as I envisioned. Camera does weird things. But overall I thought it was good. Appreciate your post.]

  • Jim Fortune says:

    I have been going through Ockham's Razor and see right from the start on Page 1 or 2 that you and I have had similar beginnings. I too have Robert Collier material. And Joe Karbo was an early inspiration – I bought two copies. One for work and one for home. I got a personal letter from Gary Halbert which was full of words $@#!*&# that I can not put into a blog. He passed on too soon. But John Carlton and Clayton Makepeace are a close second for writing examples. Thanks for the plug about "Jim's Event" two times on your video about the Ockham Conference Calls. 🙂

    Keep up the good work. I'm right behind you.


    [Jim, we didn't get good sign ups on the groups. So I need to go to plan B with my leaders. Gary was always crazy. But insightful.]

  • Chris says:

    Thanks Marlon. You're one internet marketer I have no doubts recommending to anyone.

    [Chris, thanks and I hope u get value from the ebook. Inspiration if nothing else.]

  • Marlon,

    I'm dying to know who made that squeeze page for you! That is as cool as I've ever seen. I'm finally going to begin building my list…I'm just a slight procrastinator (my site gets 3,500-5,000 uniques per day organic traffic). I plan on offering a free report and need a butt kickin' squeeze page like that.

    Love it!


    [Rusty, Darren at did a lot of it. But Danny is my very talented in house designer and he tweaked it and did the video.]

  • Thanks Marlon, I am going to read it and I'm sure I will find some gems.

    I am just getting started with affiliates.

    I am an affiliate who create his own product now, and it's good to know that others are doing the hard work for you…


    [Hi Franck, glad to have you here. Let us know how things go.]

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