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New Jam Packed MMM: 7 Steps To Making Bank Today & Overcome Overwhelm




Marlon’s Marketing Minute


Marlon here.

This week’s ARTICLE:

7 Steps To Make Bank Online — Even If You’ve Been
At It For Years, Even If You’re Overwhelmed, Even If
You’re a Newbie, Even If You’ve Tried Before

Subtitle: How To Get Money In The Door Today!

— The real cause of overwhelm
— What you aren’t doing that is why you don’t make bank
— The one thing you gotta do everyday to make bank
— The real reason people don’t make bank online
— What if you tried and “it didn’t work”?
— What if you’re a newbie?
— What about promoting affiliate products?
— How to get UNSTUCK

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Marlon’s Marketing Minute
Electronic Newsletter
Vol. 4, #13, April 4, 2009

This issue contains:

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B. Announcements from Marlon (Important)

C. Main Article: “7 Steps To Make Bank Online — Now!”

D. Services You Can Use

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7 Steps To Make Bank Online — Even If You’ve Been
At It For Years, Even If You’re Overwhelmed, Even If
You’re a Newbie, Even If You’ve Tried Before

Subtitle: What You Ain’t Makin’ Bank (If You Aren’t)
And What You Gotta Do Today To Make Bank Deposits

By Marlon Sanders


This past week I asked people to post on my blog
their “stuck points.”

Where are they stuck in the process of making bank online?

Let’s work through the basics one more time:

1.  The reason you aren’t making bank or stacking
paper in your bank account is you aren’t selling

This is the root cause.

So let’s cut through part of the b.s. right now.
You’re overwhelmed and don’t know what to do?

Let’s START with this:

Sell something to somebodody.

You can do that TODAY.

You should do it EVERYDAY.

2.  The solution to your money woes is to sell
something to somebody everyday.

I “got” that you may not have money or all the money
you feel you want or need to “do” Internet marketing
and buy all the fancy products, software and stuff.

How do you GET the money?

You get your tail end out there and sell something to

How do you do THAT?

Step One:

First you find the affiliate program you want to promote.
I recommend Paydotcom,,
or another program NOT on Clickbank.

This will dramatically lower the competition.

Step Two:  Find a category of products you either know
somethin’ about or you find really interesting or fascinating.
Or that you COULD be interested or fascinated with.

Step Three: Sign up as an affiliate.

Step Four:  Create your own UNIQUE bonus for buying the product.

How do you do THAT if you don’t know anything about the field?

a.  Find the forums in the niche.

Just type the name of your niche in Google and the word “forum”.
And really, if you can’t find a forum choose another niche.

You can also type in “forum directory” and find directories of

b. Read through the posts and find the problems or issues that
come up the most and copy all the answers and solutions given
in the forum or forums into a text file.

c. Now get CamStudio software or Camtasia or Screen Flow for
the Mac.  CamStudio is a freebie.  The others you have to pay
for.  No choice there.

d. Rewrite the solutions you found into your own little outline.

e. Record a video of the solution.

You can either do Power Point slides in Power Point or using the
Open Office program.  Open Office has a slide creation program
in it that is plenty good.

You can even just list out your points in Microsoft Paint and
use those. Or list ’em in the Open Office word processor.

Read through each point in your solution and record the video.

f. Save the video as flash.  All of the programs will do that.

g. Upload to your site.

You can get an account with cheap. Or if you’re
broke as a tree limb after an ice storm, stick it on or

No one will know it’s there so you don’t gotta sweat it.

Step Five:  Create a sig line for the forum or forums you’re
posting in.

“Get my 7 step system for eliminating puppy barking when
you snag Secrets of Dog Training. Exclusive bonus only
available from me.”

All you gotta do is keep your eyes peeled in forums to see
good “sig lines.”  It won’t take you long to learn how to
do this.

Step Six:  Post 3 times to 5-10 forums a day.

Hopefully your niche has 5-10 forums you can post in daily.
If you post in 10 forums 3X daily, that’s 30 posts a day.

Your posts need to be HELPFUL as possible.  You do NOT
promote in your posts.  Only in your sig line.

Step Seven:  If you have, then you can
read in there how you can also offer freebie reports as bait.

The idea there is you build your list by creating a freebie
report and sending people there from your sig line.

Step Eight:  Automate

Later, at a more advanced level, you can have your outsource
person post in forums for you (  Or you
can hire a forum posting company.

There are companies that will post in forums for you. Some
are better than others.  Try to use someone who adds to forums
and don’t just post junk.

3.  Understand WHY you haven’t been making bank to date

Some people are further along in the process than others.
You may have a web site and sales letter and even a product.

But you STILL aren’t making sales.

If you have Ockham’s Razor, I recommend you go through that
product 10X more carefully and thoroughly. I explain
everything there.

I also recommend you follow the steps in Promo Dashboard
to promote, especially rows 5 and 6.

But let me say this:  Typically, in these cases the problem
is the SALES COPY is woefully lacking.

If you’re getting a lot of targeted visitors to your site
and no one is buying, your sales letter or offer needs revamped.

Here’s what you do:

Step one:  Go find sales letters in your niche that ARE
working.  If you see ads in Google over an extended period
of time, they likely ARE working.

You can also look at the sales letters of products in
Clickbank with high gravity. And Commission Junction
reports actual numbers.

Step two:  Print out the sales letters that you know work.

Step three:  Print out your sales letter.

Step four: Lay them on the floor side by side and compare.

In short, you need to REALLY study what’s working for others.
And why yours isn’t.  What’s the DIFFERENCE?

That’s your key right there.

4.  Learn to get more products out the door

If you spend 3 years creating a product and FINALLY launch
it only to find it won’t sell, you feel like your efforts
are in vain.

If you use VIDEO to create a new product every WEEK and
in 3 months launch 12 products, one of them will sell.

There’s nothing wrong with creating $27 and $37 or even $17
products by taking PLR (private label rights) info, adding
your own research to it and making videos.

You say it can’t be done?

There are people DOING it.

One guy reported recently that he sometimes makes 52 videos
in one DAY and posts them in a year long membership site,
featuring one new video a week.

Let’s take 52 videos x 10 minutes each. That is 520 minutes.
520 divided by 60 = 8 – 9 hours.

Would you be willing to work HARD for 9 or 10 hours to have
a membership site with a year’s worth of content already
loaded in it?

Think about it.

5.  Learn to model success

I see some sales letters and web sites that are just woefully
lacking.  Seriously.

Go to and LOOK at the sales letters, even if they
aren’t on your exact topic.

PRINT them out. Study them.  THAT is the bar.  LOOK at the
graphics.  LOOK at the headlines and subheads.  LOOK at the

You don’t need the fanciest process in the world to sell.
What you need is something that looks pretty decent.

Even if you’are a raw newbie, you can STILL produce what you
can, even if it’s amateurish.  You learn by DOING.

You do NOT learn by reading.

You learn by DOING.

If you haven’t DONE IT, you haven’t LEARNED IT.

You’ve only studied it.

Don’t tell me you’ve LEARNED something you haven’t done.
“Yeah, I’ve been learnin’ Internet marketing for the past
20 years.”

You haven’t learned JACK if you haven’t done.  All you’ve
been doing is filling your mind full of stuff.

Even as a newbie, DO.  The WORST that will happen is you’ll
learn something.

Sure, you’ll make mistakes.

And your point is?

THAT is HOW you learn.

You learn by doing.

You make bank by producing and selling.

If you aren’t making bank, chances are you’re producing
precious little.

Precious little product.

Precious little promotion.

6.  Use video more

You can take the basic formula I give in and

You can take that formula and use ONE or two slides for each step.

You end up with 12-20 slides.  You have a headline,
subhead, story, features, benefits (a number of slides
there), price, guarantee, bonuses.

Create slides out of those and TALK your sales letter.

I give a pretty good summary of how to write copy in Or if you have Gimme Secrets or Amazing
Formula, read what I wrote there.

Anyway, you can create a video sales letter in an

7.  Build your email list

Finally, let’s say you’ve done ALL the above and still
can’t get ONE PERSON to buy what you’re sellin’.

Should you just go out and eat weeds with your momma?


If you get people on a list, just send out emails for
AFFILIATE products.  And use what I call “The Full Arsenal”
in rows 5 and 6 of to get those people
to buy your affiliate offers.

And, use those ninja video creation powers of yours to
create a little 5 or 10 minute video bonus they get ONLY
if they buy from you.

So let’s talk about this.

“Marlon, I’m OVERWHELMED.  And I’ve been at this a year
and haven’t made a wooden nickel!”

Let me tell you how to do things differently the NEXT

Create a new product at LEAST once a month if not

If you can’t write sales letters, do video sales letters.

Promote with your sig line in a LOT of forums.
You can even hire a forum poster company to help out.

Or better yet, do it yourself.

Create some freebie videos or reports you can use
to get people onto your email list.

In short, spend 1/2 your time CREATING PRODUCTS and
promoting them.

Spend the other 1/2 of your time learning and improving
your skills.

You gotta PRODUCE.

The REASON you don’t make BANK, the REASON IM hasn’t
worked for you, is because you are spending 100% of your
time learning trying to “feel certain” instead of


That is how you make things happen.

PRODUCE products.

PRODUCE promotions.

PRODUCE articles and submit them to sites.

PRODUCE video bonuses.

PRODUCE video sale letters.

PRODUCE sales letters.

PRODUCE reports.

PRODUCE ebooks.

And if something doesn’t work, you try the NEXT thing.  They
key thing is that by doing and learning, doing and learning,
you WILL make progress and get somewhere.

You learn by doing.

The game is played on the field.

Marlon Sanders is the author of “The Amazing Formula That
Sells Products Like Crazy.”

Check out all my products here:

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