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New Marketing Minute: My momma said, “I’m Just Gonna Go Eat Weeds”


Marlon here.

==> The article this week:

“I'm Just Gonna Go Eat Weeds”

Subtitle: How to use the “magic question” to turn can'ts into
cans, boost those click through rates, ramp up in spite of any
economic woes and find your inner power

If you ever wanted to go out and eat weeds, if your ads aren't
getting clicks, your Squeeze isn't working or anything ELSE
is going wrong or not like you WANT, then read this article now!

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Marlon's Marketing Minute
Electronic Newsletter
Vol. 3, #30, September 13, 2008

This issue contains:

A. Sponsor Advertisement: I got 500,000,000 REASONS that
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your world green

B. Announcements from Marlon (Important)

C. Main Article: I'm Just Gonna Go Eat Weeds

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C. “I'm Just Gonna Go Eat Weeds”

How to use the “magic question” to turn cannots into
cans, boost those click through rates, ramp up in spite of any
economic woes and find your inner power

By Marlon Sanders


My mom used to have a saying when she was feelin' a little

She'd say, “I'm just gonna go eat weeds!”

I'm from a state in the U.S. called Oklahoma. And my mom was
a farm girl. That's an old saying steeped in farmer tradition.
But I think it has something to do with going out to pasture
where the cows are.

Here are some things that may make you feel like eatin' weeds”

Here are some examples:

* Well, click through rates are down. It's just too bad.

* I wish I could do a jv with that person. But I sent them
an email and they didn't return it. Darn it.

* I tried runnin' some ads. But hardly anyone responded. So
I'm just gonna go out and eat weeds.

* I wrote a sales letter but it's not converting well enough.

* I'm sending out emails but no one is responding.

* I'm making blog posts but Google isn't sending me any love.

If you feel like eatin' weeds, then I have an insight that
will help you.

In life, business and marketing, it's easy to get bogged down
by what happens TO you instead of making what you want HAPPEN.

I'm going to share a magic question that literally changes

“What CAN I do to GET the response I want?”

You'll notice the word CAN is capitalized. There are many things
you do NOT control. So there's no power in focusing on those

What DO you control?

That's step one. What things CAN you control or change? These
are your LEVERS for change.

You can control what you say, how you say it, who you say it
to. Those are just a few of the variables you control as a

Then the second thing is to focus on what you CAN do to GET the
response you want.

People aren't reading your emails? OK. What CAN you say or do
to GET them to read your emails?

The difference is active vs. passive.

When you're passive, things happen TO you. When you're active,
you focus on what actions you can TAKE to make what you want

You're the one doing the acting vs. being the one acted upon
by forces you can't control.

People aren't joining your email list? What CAN you control?
What are your levers?

You control who you get to your Squeeze page. You control
the message on the page when they get there. You control
the graphics.

The main thing is the message. What message WOULD get attention
and compel people to join your list?

That question is the starting point of taking control.

Anthony Robbins has a great CD called “The Power of Questions” or
something along those lines. It's simply about solving problems
by asking better questions.

The questions you ask yourself determine your focus.

There's no question that in the U.S. things are in a downturn.
You can sink into a passive “things-are-happening-to-me” mindset
and feel you have no control.

Or you can control the things you can:

1. Get more people to your web site or Squeeze page.

You control your marketing. Run some ezine ads. Do pay per click.
Buy banner ads. Ramp up promotions to your affiliates.

2. Split test your marketing message

The greatest point of leverage you have in your business is your
marketing message.

3. Be more compelling

You're competing for attention. So turn it up a notch or two.

What DO you control? This next week I want you to think about
that. Instead of looking at things you can't control like the
economy, focus on the things you CAN control.

That little shift changes everything.

You can either go out and eat weeds like my momma used to talk

Or you can ask yourself the “magic question”: What DO I control
and what CAN I do to get the response I want?

Marlon Sanders

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