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New MMM: The Revenge of Old School Internet Marketing Starts Now


Marlon here.

The new issues has landed:

This issue:

How to Underwrite Your Tomorrows By Building Your Internet
Marketing On A Solid Foundation

….Plus The REVENGE of Old School IM Begins Today
….and would YOU pay $394 for a 76-page book?

This issue is FREE only for 7 days.  After that I may institute a charge. So I urge you to read it today.

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

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  • Andre Vas says:

    It appears Marlon Sanders is the last remaining true king of internet marketing alive. And the only guy who can be trusted for building a solid business. I also wish Corey was alive as he too was a true king with honest intentions. And yes… Old school marketing is the foundation of all modern marketing.

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  • Keith deBolt says:

    Hello, my friend-

    I love who you are, man. You absolutely practice what you preach and seem to have done well with it!

    I am NOT a fan of over-automation. I am so glad you address it in your Old School concept… Too many people search for instant results, which are a pipe dream, and automation always pushes their hot buttons. I believe that if you want to establish yourself as the real deal, you DEFINITELY need to stay away from content spinners and timed tweets and all the garbage that doesn't really show the person behind it.

    I.M. has become way too incestuous these days, with all the internet marketers selling PLR products about internet marketing to internet marketer wannabes and steering all newcomers right into the IM niche… I believing in specializing and finding a way to sell your own passion online.

    That is going to be the easiest sell for you, and give the greatest personal rewards, right? Being true to who you really are and what you are really about… if marketing is your passion, then jump in and improve on what somebody else is doing- if it is not your passion, learn the trade and apply it to something you love!

    You are the man, as always… more important than your products, I put your PRINCIPLES into my business and get great results from it.

    Thanks for being Marlon!


  • Sue says:


    I totally agree with your internet marketing methods. You are spot on with the fact that without a basic foundation for building your internet marketing business you will inevitably fail. I especially like learning from you because everything you teach makes perfect sense and there is good reasoning for doing it a specific way. I don't see this thinking applied anywhere else. Thank you for steering me in the right direction so I don't get off to a bad start.

  • Lani says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I know you aren't against using different methods for getting ranked. I guess I wasn't very clear in my statement about Squidoo, EzineArticles and the Google slap. When I read how some "experts" tell you how to put up a Squidoo lens it just isn't correct. Their lens isn't going to last in Squidoo. I'm not an expert but, I have received several Purple Stars for my lenses.

    I just read an article written by Chris Knight about derivative content and article spinning. What some of the "experts" teach regarding this may not work well with what EzineArticles wants.

    What I was trying to say is learning the basics in whatever you do is always best. Some "experts" teach gaming the system before the student understands what the system is. It may seem like it is going to take longer. But, if you do the job correctly from the start you wouldn't have to start over and do it again. Getting rich over night without any work or knowledge sounds good but, I don't think it is going to happen.

    Thanks, Marlon I always learn something from your articles and videos.

    [Lani, we are exactly in agreement on those points. I don't get doing things that Game the system because they strictly short term and that effort COULD have been expended on something that would last for the long term.]

  • Marlon has snapped me back into reality. I learned some of the marketing fundamentals he has been teaching for years…Yet, I was seduced by Google into believing that only PPC, Quality Scores, and Page Results mattered. Now my job is to figure out how to best serve my clients with the basics that will survive any technological changes on the internet. Because human nature does not change.

    Thanks Marlon

  • Tom Justin says:

    Marlon, you are the "new school" of Internet marketing in that you have realized what the "Get-Rich-Quick" scammers are trying to sell us. It's just that it wasn't so quick.

    Your "secret" is obviously that you did it with the old school methods while continually updating your tactics with the latest tools and techniques.

    I continually admire your approach with the highest respect for your integrity and clarity.

    All the best,

    Tom Justin

    [Tom, that was very well said. You DO have to stay up-to-date with METHODS to implement

    old-school basics. For example, testing and tracking is the basis of direct response. But the

    technology you use to test and track changes.]

  • Wayne says:


    Thanks for sticking to the "Old School" fundamentals – that is what has worked and always will work. People think that just because there are new things out there – twitter, facebook, etc., then somehow selling and marketing have changed. I have started reading some work by Claude Hopkins and it is amazing that it was written so long ago (nothing has changed!).

    I look forward to your newsletter each Saturday – I actually read it more than once most weeks. You always have great info but some issues are just CLASSICS – thank you. Sometimes I wonder if everybody reading it is actually getting how great the info is!

    Great to see that another person I trust online is commenting here (Jim Cockrum).

    [Hey Wayne, yeah, Jim is great. You know, the thing is, the mindset today is that credibility = social proof = large launch. I don't do large launches because I don't like the model. It's a fine model. I just prefer systems, steady, consistent. But you don't get the big bang of social proof for the new people.]

  • Nezrul says:

    Hey there King!

    Ahh…I smell it, and like they said, "Success is the sweetest revenge!" I see that you are working up to that, and you have my support all the way man.

    About being the 'last' thingy, I probably still see some IMers still doing it the 'old school way' but no one make it so clear, like you, that they represent what they believe thus far.

    In that sense, you Marlon, are not only the last Ambassador but the King of The Old School Internet Marketing…

    And you have all the proof to boot! You have gone to the war zone and live to tell the stories, with scars you can be proud of.

    I'm new to all this King, but I too, am currently referring to an old Science of Getting Rich program, which was written back in 1912. I see some similarities between this book and the one that Dr. Maxwell 'Psycho-Cybernetics' wrote, but with one glaring difference…

    …Wally who wrote Science of Getting Rich, taught 'gratitude' directly as a lesson in his book.

    And that's rare King, like 'you' rare…

    And I am grateful that I was introduced to you. Even if you have to walk this road less traveled, you will do great King. I have faith in you because you are doing this on 'purpose'.

    And be grateful…

    You take care now King 🙂

    [Hi, how are you? So you have your mental aspects in place. That is 80% of the Game. The remaining 20% is to learn to find good help and talent, learn to identify demand, learn to build your list, learn to create and supply products and learn to promote. But most importantly, as soon as you can, create a product (in under 1 week) and begin promoting it.]

  • Lisa Suttora says:


    You were first the mentor I found online when I started my business back in 2001 and I still read faithfully everything you write each week.

    I still have notes from that first summer course I took from you in 2004 – and use everything I learned from you back then, today in my business.

    I've noticed a big change over the past several years in the amount of hand holding people want you to do for them when it comes to their starting a business.

    Back in the "old days" I could say "Go to this resource, here's what to look for." And they were off and running. People would think things through and work at it before coming back for more questions.

    Today classes must be "easy" and all laid out step-by-step, and often that's not enough – people practically want you to do it for them.

    I've had new students complain about investing $100 TOTAL and 10 hours a week to build a business to replace their full time job?!?!

    Your report addresses this well!

    And then of course there are the "gurus" that advise other gurus "Don't use the word "work" in your marketing because people don't want to work."

    Well after almost 9 years of supporting myself and my kids with an online business, I'm here to blow the lid off that one!

    For a large percentage of these 3070 days as an entrepreneur, I have been at my desk WORKING my business.

    And that's why I have achieved success. My students who are successful… they work.

    I love what I do. I wouldn't do anything else. Next to being a mom, it's the most rewarding thing I've ever done.

    But I dedicate a lot of time, thought, and effort to my customers and my business. – Consistently -.

    I'm thrilled to join the revival of old school marketing with you!

    It's time we push the reset button on all this 'fast food riches' stuff and get back to good, solid, marketing basics.


    [Lisa!! How are you? So great to hear from you. Yeah, you and Jeanette have both thrived! There are a couple others from that program you were in I wonder how they are doing. You're right about people's expectations. It's a function of supply/demand. The greater the supply, the more demanding customers are! The solution is to offer something perceived as being in rare supply.]

  • My bad Marlon. I was reading your blog on IE which, for some MS reason, centers the content.

    I've here now on a google Chrome browser. Content's not centered. Another reminder to check our sites with different browsers.

    BTW. Me? Bugged?

    Please…The last thing that 'bugged' me was "Guns & Roses" splitting up. Thank God for "Jet"!

    [Hey bro, I had no idea about IE. Wow. We have to fix that. Yeah, I don't use IE. Guess I should at least check my blog in it.]

  • Marlon,

    I appreciate your newsletters. You have shocked me with the truth.

    I will wake up and keep an eye on fake promises.

    Thanks, Steve.

  • Han says:

    "Old School" is nothing more than the voice of the adults, as opposed to the voice of the children. Just because something is dusty and even rusty doesn't mean it's not as good good as something shiny and new. Yes, so what adults end up saying things like "drugs can ruin your life" that kids think means "be as stiff as me" and that kids wholeheartedly ignore. In their weakness.

    It takes, unfortunately, a wise person to recognise wisdom. Fools cannot be taught wisdom, because they actively reject it.

    Please note it's not just in marketing. It's eveywhere. It's funny how the next generation, after a long stretch of fumbling ends up coming to the same conclusion as that which you tried to tell them for 20 years! What happened was, they became an adult.

    It is important to embrace and expand on the old, dusty stuff. To start over is dumb, as you'll slowly, very slowly find out that what you're building ends up looking remarkably like that dusty thing you rejected a decade earlier.

    [Han, I couldn't agree more and thanks for sharing.]

  • Great post. You shine the light of reality on an important issue. In my opinion, far too many self-appointed 'goo-roos' paint a completely unrealistic picture of how to make money on the Net. Much of what they claim is completely unattainable… it's a recipe for failure. People are desperately seeking independence and financial freedom… more so now than ever before. What they need is honesty, not fairytales. They need to know how to build a business online… a real business that can become profitable and that will last. You've always given your readers that reality along with a fair dose of optimism mixed in. In fact, when I started out online, you're one of the guys that helped me. You helped boost my courage and gave me the confidence to step out there and try. I trusted you because what you said made sense. It's why I've remained one of your fans for over a decade now. Your voice is an important one – I'm so glad you're speaking out , Marlon. Thanks!

    [Hi Kerri, I hope others read what you wrote! Very nice Kerri. I appreciate your wonderful post and sharing with others.]

  • Lani says:


    Thank you,for telling it like it is.

    I think the better I understand the basics the easier it is to see through the smoke and mirrors.

    Now, after reading and looking at some of these get rich over night systems I can see that it is not going to work. If it does work for some it will not last. It is better to learn and do something correctly that will stand the test of time. You won't have to worry about Squidoo, EzineArticles or the Google slap taking you out of the game.

    I am glad you are here to stand up for truth and justice in Old School Marketing.

    [Hi Lani, to be clear, I'm not opposed to using Google and strategies to get ranked there like ezine articles and Squidoo. But first, I want people to understand the nature of playing the seo Game. Before you play a Game, know the Game, the players and the rules. That's a given. But more importantly, old school means you track the results and repeat what works. It means you have a front end and back end plan when people get into your funnel. And you have a clear map for what happens once someone enters your funnel. Seo is an ok Game for beginners if you choose highly targeted niche words and don't expect fast results. You can get things ranked fast but typically to get clicks that convert takes time. imho the best traffic is affiliate traffic but it doesn't work in all markets, at least not the way it's commonly taught.]

  • Rod Cook says:

    Marlon The Magnificent!

    Thanks for keeping 1,000's of people out of the hands of Internet Charltans and crooks. Keep it up Big Boy!

    Rod Cook

  • Gramps says:

    Hi Marlon,

    You remind me of the TV Show where the bosses go in and work among the workers to see what is really going happening. Liked your story about the retaining wall. As your article brings out everybody is in for the quick buck. No Honor or respect for their workmanship.

    By the comments of others, I am newbie on the block to IM. How can anything help a person when it is only $8-$27. Don't you love the drop down boxes on the prices. It is totally a "JOKE."

    I will continue to follow because you are honest and bring clarity to each and everyone of us who want to succeed.

    To your continued "Success."

  • Allen says:

    Cracking email … you know when your parents say "You'll understand when you're older ……"?

    That email was one of them where you think I wished I'd listened sooner.

  • Marlon you write like you talk. That's one of the many things I like that about you.

    I remember you talking about getting website traffic at some IM 'pitch fest' or other.

    You repeatedly pointed out the differences of traffic counts between site's having affiliates selling their stuff, and sites without the same.

    This was awhile ago. But I still recall sitting there thinking "now that's something I can understand and perhaps use as a stepping stone to figure out other traffic basics…"

    Well, maybe I didn't think THAT exactly, but your blatantly obvious, but brillant, traffic observation has effected my thinking all these years later.

    Back to your latest post. Long, long time overdue.

    The current IM circle of 'good ole boys' won't heed & desist, though. Once you've fished with dynamite, it's hard to go back to a cane pole with a worm for bait.

    Anyways, while you're digging out the trench before pouring your foundation, why in the heck-fire don't you have one of your techies set this blog up to not all the info on it?

    Reading the comments herein make my eyes bug out and cause my nostrils to vibrate injudiously. I usually hate that.

    On the other hand, if you're implying we have to suffer for our art, never mind…

    [Edward, you're funny. Thanks for your comments as always. Much appreciated that you share with people young in the biz. I don't understand what your recommendation is on the blog. We do plan an overhaul sometime. What's bugging you so much?]

  • It's a great idea to look at original works and start from there. I knew about internet marketing long ago and because I live less than 3 miles from the raceway where he died, I heard about it before it hit the internet.

    It seemed like a mysterious old boys club. It did not seem like an organized business. I understand now why people have such a hard time duplicating the success of their mentors.

    [Hey Letitia, while it's true some struggle, it's also true a lot of people don't attempt that much! A lot of people try a few things and quit. There are also tons of successes. Yeah, reading Corey's old writings is a good thing. I think he still has a core message that applies today, even though the software and technical implementation details have changed. The thing is, one time I talked to Corey about some other dangerous race car driving stuff he was doing. He knew and accepted the risk. On the boy's club thing, it doesn't matter as long as you speak the language of your target market!]

  • Jim Cockrum says:

    True words Marlon. I think there is a bit of an awakening happening…as more online entrepreneurs are realizing that "big and shiny" doesn't equal noteworthy. The Internet is still "real business" and the rules of the business universe still apply. The basics still work and always will. There really is nothing new under the sun. Your influence has helped me greatly as I've avoided "hype" and done my best to learn and teach the foundational basics. The success of those I teach, and my own success can be traced back to that simple idea that you've ALWAYS held strongly to. Truth spoken deserves recognition. {applause}

    [Jim, thanks. And you've done a good job of adjusting to the winds of change while keeping a core intact.]

  • Cheap SEO says:

    Two facts come to mind after reading your article. One, most people who buy IM books or software, rarely read or use them.

    Second, most people dream about the "IM lifestyle" but aren't willing to invest the time and work to get it.

    There isn't a single self-made wealthy person on this planet who didn't work 16 hour days to get there. There's no such thing as instant success.

    My favorite example is Bob Seger. People think he exploded on the scene with his "Silver Bullet Band." Actually, I remember when he gave guitar lessons at the Grinnells music store in Livonia, MI. I remember him playing at my junior high school dances. I remember the two bands he had that I knew of before the Silver Bullet Band. And I still remember the concert he and his band gave at Central Michigan University in 1975 that absolutely rocked the house.

    His "explosion" took ten years of humping his stuff to happen. everyone who "jumps" into Internet Marketing needs to find an inspirational story like that to remind them that "the big money" doesn't happen without a lot of work.

    [Hi, the GOOD thing about IM is that imho it's far easier to run than a traditional business since you have much better metrics, lower investment and so forth, the learning curve is shorter. And ONCE you get your systems in place, you really can work 30 minutes a day. I have had many years where I did that. At the same time you are absolutely right. When you are STARTING UP, doing the learning curve, finding your market and all that, yep. It takes a lot of focused energy.]

  • Marlon

    The newsletter is sobering. Just completed my 1st course of yours, Higher Response Marketing'. Thought provoking; sorting and incubating those thoughts and your ideas.Have already made some thinking changes.

    Your sale letters are among the most compelling I've seen and I spent 8 years as Director of Development for a school. Your talent of combining the soft sell with the slick but without the normal hype and making sure you stamp your own tone is worth studying as much as those old books!

    Curious: did you start out with that tone or was it purposefully developed?

    Highest regards,

    Ruthan Brodsky

    [Ruthan, you know, that is GREAT, awesome experience you have. Once you have defined your group of folks who buy and you know what they buy and respond to, just like I taught you, then really, you should have the skills in place to make things happen.]

  • Hi Marlon,

    Loving your work!

    Its so refreshing to see someone talk about building a sustainable online business rather than a wham bam thank you mam kinda set up. I am sure people do make a shed load of money with todays special product or system but how many people do you hear about and then they drift off into obscurity?! Plenty.

    My online journey is 2 years in now and due to shiny object syndrome (up until recently) I have only made $1800 so far. But now I am building a sustainable business it is growing exponentially so watch this space.

    Love you man – keep it coming


    [Hi Jonathan, sounds like you're on track. The good news is when you get your pieces in place it won't take long to demolish that $1800!]

  • Jay Jennings says:

    Dude, you're so right on. What's sad is that so many people say they want "the plain truth" and yet they continue to leap at every shiny thing that crosses their path.

    I'm in the middle of writing a 5-part series that breaks down the basics of what you *need* for an online business — maybe if enough of us keep beating the drums the message will get through.

    Keep it up!

    Jay Jennings

    [Hey Jay, nice to hear from you. Cool!]

  • Marusja says:

    I couldn't agree more! So refreshing to hear from someone with true knowledge of the subject. Yes, your advice is evergreen and stands the test of time. When building a house, proper foundations are vital, otherwise it will fall down and before that, a blueprint is needed for all the materials and mechanics of the building work. And traditionally, in business, one has to invest first in order to make a return.

    Time, effort, planning and purchase are key ingredients, which are sadly often overlooked, as many these days do not adhere to such principles, rather to the 'chasing of the tail' syndrome and 'get rich quick scheming'. I welcome this commonsense from 'an old timer', (not referring to age here) but to the wisdom of experience.

  • Corinne says:

    I do so enjoy a good read that encourages action! As I was reading a certain quote came to mind, "If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them."

    Henry David Thoreau.

    We all need foundations, now bring on the "Old School". I have read and followed you now for three years and will continue to do so.

    Thank you for your spirit.


    [Hi Corinne, glad to hear it and thanks for taking the time to share with others here.]

  • Kat says:

    Great stuff as always Marlon. You dashboards are the best thing ever.They help me to understand basics and how it's done.Thank you for telling the way it is.Not many marketers do that.

  • Roxie Boyd says:


    I am in the process of publishing your article on my website. It sure is long though. Taken me a couple of hours already, had to take a break, then of course my computer likes to freeze up on me.

    Gotta run over and pick up my reseller IDs. I will let you know when it is published.

    Over the past year, reading your work, I see a lot of comparison to verses in the Bible. So I take it that you have read this great work – the greatest Book ever written. The source.


    [Hi Roxie, I have a Word Doc I could send Monday if that would help you vs. the PDF.]

  • Faye Owens says:

    I enjoyed your newsletter today. I still remember when I came online before we lost Corey. His writing was so very useful.

    I still use the internet to promote as I did then. I like the "Old School Marketing" and still use it.

    I read your newsletters because you are such a good writer. So full of useful information. Thank you for what you share through your newsletters. Things that help make the internet easier for me to work with.

    [Hi Faye, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and feelings. Dangit. I'm still pissed at Corey for leaving us like that. But his memory lives on.]

  • Great info, as always, Marlon. I believe in old school Internet marketing so much I bought the domain a while back. You tell it like it is, and that's why I will continue to tell my students about you. We are all tired of the 'get rich quick' schemes. A good work ethic and taking responsibility for what we do and what we promote build lasting relationships.

    Connie Ragen Green

    [Connie, you're a great example of someone taking the basics and just going to town with them in a big way. Your story inspires ALL.]

  • Judith says:

    Thank you so much for reinforcing my belief in the necessity of solid foundations for any enterprise.

    I was beginning to doubt my path because of the huge quantities of light-weight dross appearing in my in-box.

    [Judith, don't ever let anyone invalidate what you know to be the basic truths.]

  • Ron Barrett says:


    I read MMM this morning when it came out… had to go back and reread it.

    Instant Gratification man… that's what newbies want and that's what a lot of money hungry wannabe marketers are coming up with.

    Whatever happened to KAR (knowledge, application, results)? Gotta gain that knowledge, apply it, analyze the results and then tweak.

    When it works, rinse and repeat.

    I loved the mention of John Carlton (stay frosty)…

    Thanks for putting this out there. It should be mandatory reading for everyone who thinks they can just buy the next business in a box that is the next email they open.


    [Ron, thanks for your post because maybe some of the newbies will listen to you! Hee hee. Yeah, you know Halbert, Carlton. You can never say enough about the role they played to get us where we are today. If Halbert hadn't of worked with Ben Suarez years ago I may not even be IN the business.]

  • Marlon, you are indeed an old Dog. I've been following you following you for at least 7years now. Guess I bought first product from you about same period.

    What you say about 'basics' is very important and right too. I can remember how I made my first income online. I only followed the basics.

    Years after that I tried doing it other way. And I failed. So I quickly revert.

    Most of what motivational speakers and the attraction factor propaganda's today talk about were summarized and well explained in a simple basic step by wallace wattles in the book 'science of getting rich'.

    Same thing with scientific advertising.

    Marlon. I never regret following you. I never regret following the basics. It's all about the foundation. No solid foundation – No Building. No matter how the blocks are laid.

    Thumbs up Old Dog.

    [Hi Lateef, thanks for taking the time to write here. And very well said. Hey, I always liked that Wallace Wattles book. Joe Vitale discovered some really old writings and I've read those also.]

  • Hello again!

    I forgot to thank you for the way your wrote about Corey. His techniques and what he wrote about were the first I encountered when I internet marketing kept whispering to me. Like you, still feel the weight of this loss. I spent a few hours this afternoon Googling him and reconnecting with his body of work. So thank you too for that.


    [Cheryl, there are so many things I wish I could say about Corey. He was an awesome person.]

  • Marlon!

    I loved today's newsletter. Were you inside my head and viewing my history when you wrote this?

    It was a chilly December day in 1996. Lunch included a burger with fries and the bonus was the natural fireplace ten feet from my booth. I'd been doing some marketing research for a client and was reading a ton of books. That day I was reading "Wealth of Nations" by Adam Smith when it hit me. The revelation changed the direction of my business and my career, and the launch of and Known Books.

    I realized then 'that we were such suckers for the publishing industry, everything was "known," it was just a matter of putting it in front of our faces." Everything I was reading was just a thread of an original work. I kept thinking that if people would just read the original source documents they would have everything they needed without having to buy 100 books to learn what Adam Smith was trying to convey.

    The same thing holds true today. That's why I was glued word for word to what you wrote and I fully endorse your message.

    I maintained a bricks-and-mortar bookstore, Known Books, on main street for over ten years. (Now only online) My customers demonstrated these nuances to me repeatedly. They didn't want to read scripture, but they wanted the words to quiet their souls. They didn't want to read Taylor or Deming, but they wanted the latest business management books. Luckily for booksellers they are like this! Unfortunately for them it's not necessary if they first read the "known books" and original bodies of work. So, Kudos to you for your newsletter. You have a wider audience than I do so I'm glad your message will go far and wide.

    Another fun revelation I'll share with you has to do with information products and how the entire internet marketing community is redefining what was. Information products? Duh, they're books. Books have always been information products! The utter surprise while reading my most recent book was when the good parts came up (full of information) the answer was on the page, and I realized how conditioned I've become to expecting a sales pitch every time I was within the grasp of an answer to my question. Imagine how I laughed when I realized there was not a sales letter on the next page, the answer was there!

    Marlon, I salute your efforts – let me know what I can do to become involved in this.

    Continued success to you!

    Cheryl C. Cigan

    [Cheryl, GREAT concept in I hope people check it out. Very nice post. Thanks for sharing your soul with us.]

  • Lee Cusano says:

    Dear Marlon,

    You are my favorite writer. You are so right about building solid foundations. Gimmicks come and go but the true fundamentals of mail order and Internet salesmanship cannot be moved.

    Love your articles,


    [Lee, thanks for sharing here. I appreciate your being a loyal reader. And yes, it's the fundamentals that are solid. A lot of people don't get that. Hopefully MY readers do!!]

  • Marlon, what an incredible article. I've already passed it on to several of my friends. I love this kind of article. I've had a thousand ideas on how to use this thought pattern in my own writing. As always great content.

    PS. I don't imagine you remember me but I met and sat by you at Johnathon Mizel's weekend in Boulder, CO about 9 or 10 years ago. Been a loyal subscriber ever since. I enjoy your work and attitude. Keep it.


    [Mick, oh my gosh, THAT's going back! Hee hee. I can hardly remember that many Internet years back. Glad to have you as a loyal reader.]

  • Jeff Palmer says:

    I agree that we should pay attention to the "old school" originators of ideas and concepts. If you want to learn about history start with Herodotus, if you want to learn about internet marketing start and end with Marlon Sanders.

    [Corey, Michael Enlow, Sheila Danzig, Jonathan Mizel came before me. And others. But I do feel I have an original message.]

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