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New Video Edition of Marlon’s Marketing Minute (your feedback needed)


Marlon here.

I need your feedback on this.

Tell me if you like it, love it, hate it or don't care.

I cover what's in the ezine and take you to url's and walk you
through extra, bonus stuff that's cool.

Hit me with your feedback.


P.S. In PART TWO delivered in a day or two I'll cover what I promised about SONIC MEMO.
Also, if you ladies and gents like this, I'll spruce up the look with some graphics and so forth.

  • Hi Marlon

    Everything you do is great. Love listening to you. Always giving us the best of everything. A winner…again.

    Many thanks


    [Hi Vivien, glad I'm of service to you and thanks so much for taking the time to comment.]

  • bobandkaye says:

    Geez, Marlin. Don't be so sentsitive! Threatening to disappear until you have another product launch is . . . well, it's unacceptable! We absolutely depend on your weekly ezine. But . . . uh . . . we nevertheless agree with Janice: we prefer reading text. We did look at a little of your video, but, like Janice, we consider videos just too time-consuming to be really helpful. So we say, please, Marlin: Write On!

    Bob and Kaye

    [Hey Bob, I was just stirrin' a little somethin' up. But actually, I DID wanna hear what my folks have to say. Some prefer a very intense burst of training vs. less in depth regular info. Don't worry…I'm not yanking the ezine.]

  • Janice says:

    Hi Marlon

    I didn't watch the video because I prefer to read than watch. The trend for Internet marketers to use video rather than text means processing my email would take 6 hours a day (rather than 1 hour it used to take) if I watched them. Suddenly Marlon's Marketing MINUTE that I loved becomes 10 or 20 minutes that I can't afford to spend. (Would be OK if it was just you but it's everyone these days).



    [Hi Janice, there's some VERY rare video footage in the 9-20 edition you're going to regret not seeing. This edition was 15 min. But I'm going to keep most of 'em under 10 minutes.]

  • John/Annette says:

    Hi Marlon:

    I liked the video concept and you did a great job on your presentation. Found it very intereting and and and I know you will like this so I will be quick! I got some good pointers from that video and am looking for more.

    Thank You


    [Hey John, thanks. I'll be spiffing the next one up some.]

  • Hi Marlon! thanks much. I enjoyed everything. It was long but still great. You've got a good demeanor! Have a great day! Love E

    [Hi Elaine….thanks so much! Nice to hear from you. Don't be a stranger.]

  • Zara says:

    Just an update regarding folks talking about the length of video, as I took this vid to be an introduction, just has you might have a longer indroduction on a first e-mail or podcast to say, Hi, this is what I'm doing, how I'm dong it and where it's at.

    I agree "generally" that most videos are better off <10 minute chunks, but a 20 minute intro. is not a problem for me, gave my eyeballs a rest.

    Don't think The Simon Cowell treatment was needed either! – I imagine Tia and Marlon in a boxing ring now, on the Titantic 😛

    [Hi Zara…you're funny! It's all in good spirits and fun. I enjoy a diversity of opinion. It means we aren't all robots! I appreciate the positive feedback. It's always nice when someone likes what you do!!]

  • Ken B says:


    Too long. I have enjoyed reading your newsletters, but not on video. I can read much faster than you can talk.

    If you are going to do this, put in the extra effort and do PowerPoint presentations. The added benefit is that you create valuable products.

    [Hey Ken, thanks for sharing your feelings. Glad you at least like the reading! I'll save the ppt's for products. But I understand your feelings on it. I WILL keep the videos shorter and you WILL see me spice them up significantly. They'll be much more interesting to watch 2-4 weeks from now. Appreciate your thoughts here.]

  • Hey Marlon.

    I LOVED this video and it really goes with my plans of expanding my marketing into more video. While I am always thinking of new ways to create content — you just showed the beauty of repurposing content which I have already written. I agree that it needs to be shorter, but loved the info anyway. I also like it vs. a podcast because I can listen to it while I'm checking an email and when I hear something that makes me say "aha!" then I can go look real quick. I like having both options.

    Great job as usual!


    [Lisa, wow ur switched on! I love that idea about listening to the audio then checking out the video. That is something I'd do! You think like me.]

  • Daniel Hall says:

    Howdy Marlon —

    I really appreciated the video! Because I'm chronic ADD, I get VERY distracted reading anyone's articles. By allowing me to start and stop the video at will I know I'm not missing any of the content when the distraction bug calls my name. Additionally, you added more content (like writing a subject line) that was not in the written article. IMHO keep the videos going…

    I appreciate your wisdom,

    Daniel Hall

    Author, Speak on Cruise Ships: 8 Easy Steps to a Lifetime of FREE Luxury Cruises

    [Daniel! What's up? Nice to hear from you again! Thanks for your insight here. You're not the only one who felt that way. I'm ADD too. I think most people who work at home are. So I'm right there with ya pal. I'm gonna try to improve the vids each week. So they'll only get better.]

  • Tia D says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I'm responding to your reply back to me (reposted below).

    1) As a former film/video producer of TV commercials, may I suggest < 10 minutes?

    2)Who is Frank? Send a link and I'll check out 1 of his vids.

    3)"spend substantial portion goofing around." Um, if I was a multi-billionaire (or even millionaire or perhaps even less financially well off than either of those) I could think of a zillion better ways to spend my time then giving my precious energy and attention to goof for goof's sake. (Sounds like yet another way for me to squander my earning potential…sorta like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.)

    Oh! Do you mean funny, provocative, compelling, enticing? Cool…then be that.

    But don't waste my time. I can't get it back.

    Sean D'Souza does this very well…and naturally. Even at his goofiest, he packs money-making info into every syllable.

    I'm all into that myself.

    Peace and profits,

    P.T. Barnum in a skirt producing intelligent creative to sell your stuff

    [Hey Tia, I'm with you. I'm gonna cut it down to 10 minutes and use an outline. Over the next 4 weeks you'll see me use spiffier video. Check me out again in 4 weeks…..:). So what do you think of Frank's videos? Are they too slow for you? Because he always spends a substantial portion kinda goofing around. Just curious.]

    [SECOND RESPONSE: Hey Tia, thanks for posting back. I hear you loud and clear. My vids may or may meet your standards in the future. We'll see. I'm not a high detail person and I'm not in the mood to hire someone to help with the vids. I'm a big picture person and rely on staff to fill in the details. But at the moment at least, I don't have anyone with the time to polish these up anymore. And I'm not in the mood to outsource it. I'll give the best value I have to give at a point in time. And that will resonate with those it's meant for. But I agree with you i spirit.]

  • Zara says:

    Hi Marlon, great show, I'm going to be making use of video for pre sales very soon, I've been using as keyword tracking tool get ideas, it's very handy 🙂

    [Hey Zara, cool! I love Mybloglog. Very cool tool. Glad you're on board. If you can, join me on the Ateam call this week. It's just a buck. Post to and Tim can get u on. But thanks for posting and keeping me in the loop. Good luck on your presales!]

  • david says:

    It was to long. I thinkyou should make it known that there is info on the vid that you WILL NOT get just reading the text version. Make them pay attention and look for the great little tips. Remember just because its common knowledge to you does not mean that it has no value to me. thanks.

    [David, points well taken. I agree on what you said about including extra content. I'm going to surf url's and SHOW things I talk about. I believe or hope this will add value.]

  • Hey Marlon,

    I like the video version and it looks like others did also.

    My honest feedback is 20mins is just too long, I would actually try to make the video less then 5mins to keep your audience interested.

    Good stuff, keep it up!


    [Brett! Nice to hear from you again. Hey, I'm gonna go for 10 minutes. We'll see how that does. I'm betting I can hold interest for 10 minute and provide value. Brett, if you aren't on the Ateam yet, join us this week!]

  • David Snape says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I'm the owner of your Cash Like Clockwork System – I bought it probably 5 years ago.

    I have to tell you that your video ezine is good. I learned far more from watching and hearing your side comments that don't make it to print than from just reading the text version.

    It might be a little more labor intensive for you – but I, as a reader, would probably pay more attention to this format than the written stuff.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Stay healthy and Well

    David Snape

    Author: What You Should Know about Gum Disease

    [David, what's up? Nice to have you giving your 2 pennies here. I appreciate your vote on this. Looks like most people like it and they want it shorter. That happens over time anyway. Like I'm excited about doing a video version right now. 3 months from now, I'm sure I won't be going over 10 minutes!]

  • Wayne Wymore says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I enjoyed the video version and it was better BECAUSE I had already read the text version. You added more info, and high lighted parts that gave the info a new twist.


    Wayne D.

    [Hey Wayne, thanks for saying that. Appreciate your comments.]

  • Dodger says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Great tips as per usual, but I want to start a little debate on the Pronunciation of the word ezine!

    I say ezeen, you say ezine, do you say magazeen or magazine, I believe the word in an abreviation for electronic magazine.

    Hope you don't mind!


    [Hi, yep. Good debate. I'm from Oklahoma…I also say battries instead of batteries and worshin' machine! I use ain't, gonna and gotta. So THERE you have it. Don't take your grammar from me! It's official.]

  • Hey Marlon.

    Excellent video. Great info, of course. I'm convinced I am an audio and visual learner. That means my learning style is optimized if I can see and hear what I'm learning at the same time.

    Here's what I really like: you are not slick. You talk from your heart. You are honest and straightforward. I mean you open up your stats and explain what is really going on.

    I don't think it would work as well for me if it was a slick production with expensive graphics and movie clips. I really like the fact you scribble on the page. Please keep these coming. And keep it simple and honest, as you always do.

    stay well…

    [Albert, I appreciate you saying that. I'm gonna add a few slick things. But if it ruins it for you, lemme know. I just have this vision of this cool little intro with a music clip. But the video will be the same, although I'm gonna follow an outline next time. I'm used to speaking so I get a little sloppy.]

  • John Mazzara says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Just wanted to say " I love it" I purchased Promo Dashboard and think it's great. In fact, I am going to buy a membership for a client after she closes on her new home as a closing gift. Thanks for putting forth the effort to put out a quality product.

    [John, thanks so much for sharing. I'm gonna make the next one even better thanks to you and others voicing your opinion. Your feedback gives me motivation.]

  • Trish Ryder says:

    I don't like it as well as the previous publication. Felt like I was being drug through a fast forward movie. Great reading as usual, but just wasn't comfortable. (could be my age too) LOL

    [Trish, well, gosh. The next one will be under 10 minutes and better organized. Maybe it'll flow better for you. It's a freebie for you so hey, no refunds! It's a joke..:) Appreciate you voicing your feedback.]

  • DeaconDavid says:

    I really appreciated being able to visually see what you were explaining to me. I'm sure you already know that some people learn better by seeing than reading. I'm one of those people. Thank you for making the extra effort.


    [Hello DeaconDavid. To be honest, I didn't expect this reaction! Makes me wanna do more video now. Thanks for your commments.]

  • I liked the video version alot. It adds another dimension to the info.

    btw, your ipod audio player needs a fast forward button or a scrubber/slider. Three times I had to stop in the middle, and could only start from the beginning. after 3 times, I gave up.



    [Hey Howard, mmmmm, I'll see if the Ipod player has that ability. Not sure. I see the problem you're talking about though. Thanks for bringing it up. Join me on the Ateam this week if u got a buck, assuming you're not already a part.]

  • As usual Marlon you stand at the top of the Guru mountain with great information AND an easy delivery vehicle.

    I think using video makes it much easier than trying to read a print ezine , especially for people with advanced ADD like myself. There just is too much print ezines that come in the inbox each week. I get the same comments from clients who I work with in an offline environment, they mostly delete or unsubscribe from lists that overwhelm their inbox. People will be much more responsive to watching a 10 minute highly useful video than reading another email.

    [Michael, the feedback us just CRAZY!! Honestly, I never anticipated this response. And I'm grateful for those of you who have taken the time to speak up!! Thanks Michael. And if you aren't on the Ateam, join me this week for a buck. Since you guys and gals are liking video, I'm gonna amp it up over the next 4 weeks.]

  • Katarina says:

    Direct marketing, not interested.

    Nice video Marlon 🙂

    Did you see his site?

    Conversion can't be 20-30% if Alexa is that high,go check it yourself:
    I could be wrong but he doesn't look popular, maybe because his site is new Creation Date: 2008-07-29 I don't know.It looks like a lot of work and no result.I love your products and recommendations Marlon but I will skip this one.

    Hi Katarina,

    Glad you're reading, listening and participating. How are you doing?

    You need to check on MARKETINGROCKETFUEL.COM. It's much more accurate. Listen, just watch the vids at He shows you INSIDE his adwords account. PLUS, I have WATCHED his ads in Adwords for 2 year. He's everywhere in the top 7. PLUS, you can extract all his kw using a service like keycompete or keywordspy or spyfu.

    PLUS, I've exchanged numerous emails and talked to him personally.

    Ben is 100% for real. If you search about any IM terms, he's there in the top of the ppc.

    And has been for at least 2 years. I would never speak so highly of Ben if I wasn't really

    confident in my research. You can't go by Alexa alone.

    Ben has gone to using a NUMBER of sites and domains for his ppc ads. I'm guessing but I

    think it's too prevent his keywords from being so easily extracted. But for a LONG time he

    ran under Only recently did he start switching up the domains.

    But join me on the Ateam call this next week and we can chat more about it! You can try

    out the call for a buck if you aren't on the calls yet. I'll go check Ning and see if you're

    in yet….]

  • Terri Shearer says:

    Great video, your usual entertaining self. But as a professional instructional designer and technologist, I think there are better ways to train people than the IMers are using. Just my thoughts, though.

    [Hey Terri, I've studied training methods a great deal and have a big interest in it. However, I haven't rolled out things mostly because people want quick, simple, ez. All the things I know of that are highly effective in terms of learning require work and effort and smack a little too much of school or college. I agree that from a learning standpoint most everything sucks. Truly.]

  • Tia D says:

    Hated it because it's SLOOOOOOWWWWWWW.

    Stayed with it out of love for Marlon and there were some mojo tricks (i.e. hunting for ace subject lines in chat rooms) not mentioned in the static text e-zine.

    Nonetheless….don't have time.

    [Hey Tia, I'm with you. I'm gonna cut it down to 10 minutes and use an outline. Over the next 4 weeks you'll see me use spiffier video. Check me out again in 4 weeks…..:). So what do you think of Frank's videos? Are they too slow for you? Because he always spends a substantial portion kinda goofing around. Just curious.]

  • George says:

    Marlon, I really like it a lot.Videos help to visualise and understand the message

    [Hey George, thank you so much for sharing. That gives me motivation. I'm gonna learn

    to add some spiffy video stuff to spice it up more and try to make it a little more entertaining.

    I'm going to use an outline and shorten it up some. But to me, the video adds an extra

    dimension when you can go to web sites and so forth.]

  • Dave says:

    Marlon, I liked it a lot.

    Part of what makes you so good (apart from your expertise) is your "presence" and that you are an outstanding and entertaining speaker.

    So, this multi-media approach should be perfect for you and extra-informative for us as the audio lets you emphasize things better than text allows.

    For those who have never heard Marlon speak, you've missed out on some great stuff.

    I will always remember Marlon's "dead duck" routine as a great way to show us when it is time to drop an idea that didn't work and move on. Hilarious… and outstanding advice. (Maybe you could recreate it for us as I heard it at Ted Ciuba's seminar at Opryland years ago)

    This is a great idea Marlon and I hope you continue to incorporate it.


    [DAVE! My friend! So awesome to hear from you. Wow, dog, you were at the Opryland

    gig? I STILL remember that. I was with Ginky. And we were so overwhelmed at the size

    of the hotel. Good times and memories. That was 1 wife ago for Frank Garon! Time

    flies. Hey, join me on the Ateam. Hit Tim at and he'll sends you

    a link for a buck trial. I really appreciate hearing from you!! And yeah, the dead duck

    thing is funny. It's on YOUTUBE. But I don't think it's my best rendition. I did it at

    Yanik's and that was right when my mom had alzheimers and my dad JUST had cancer

    surgery. My dad is still living and doing well, by the way.]

  • Jerry Reeder says:

    The vid wasn't too long. It was full of useful information and the examples are now in my swipe file.

    The subject line tip from the forum is priceless. I see myself creating some mouth watering BAIT just from the one tip alone.

    [Jerry, THANKS! It's always so nice when someone "gets" it. Hey, ru on my Ateam calls yet? Bro, if you're not, I want you on. Get on. Seriously. I'll send out a link tomorrow so u can try it for a buck. If you're already on, I'll give you a shout out on Ning this week. You can be my next success story! See, that's what you do….you find people who already get it then take credit….:)

    Funny story, Mizel and I used to do this trick back in the AOL pre-www days. You could see how many times articles were read there. You adapt BULLETS from there as well as subject lines.]

  • John W says:

    Hey Marlon

    I like it anytime you speak.

    I know I'm going to get Quality


    I notice,I get more understanding of the subject,

    when I hear & see my instructors. I'm auditory.

    I'm sure more people will like the new format than not.

    I archive your emails, I percieve them as A Treasure,

    For Reference Material.

    Let's face it Marlon, sometime you seem to get a little impulsive, this works for & against some people.

    (Usually Slow Movers)

    You might pull an offer, or may not make available the material.

    I'll be clicking the link to the video format,and watching these archives often.

    Sometimes the material hits me Differently,I get a New Undersatanding.

    I've watched this post before,But This Time The LightBulb Went On, In Numerous Parts Of The Video.

    Hey Man I Love It John W.

    [YO JOHN!! How are you? Who me? Impulsive? Are you serial? 🙂 Yeah, I'm that way. It's

    why I employ people. I'm easily excited but after I innovate something I have to pass it off or

    I go onto the next thing. I'm LIKING the video though. I appreciate your feedback genuinely.

    Because it's SO hard to tell what people do and don't like if they stay quiet. And frankly, it's

    more work to do the video. So I have to know people want and appreciate it to spend the time

    to do it. So THANKS for your post! And do join me on the Ateam call this next week if you

    haven't already]

  • Hi Marlon,

    We think you are onto something here as we know it will go down well.

    This allows your listens to get inside your thinking and will highlight the important parts of your ezine that otherwise might be missed.

    We agree shorter would be better.

    Sandra & Ted

    [HEY! What's up Sandra and Ted? You guys gonna join me on the Ateam calls? You can try 'em

    out for a buck. So you like shorter? I'm gonna try under 10 minutes. Thank you so much for

    posting here and participating.]

  • Jerry Reeder says:

    Marlon, you nailed it. Now I feel like a little kid counting sleeps until Christmas, while I wait for your next vid

    [JERRY!! What's up? Hey, so you liked it? A few others thought it was too long. Next time I'll use

    a more structured outline. Was it too long for you?]

  • I like the Idea…the extra info and walk throughs are a plus…I would think it needs to be faster 20 minutes is too long…I'm thinking 5 minutes or less per episode only hit the highlights

    Just my $.02

    [Hey Austin, THANKS for your feedback. You know, I think I may agree with you. I need UNDER

    10 minutes so I can upload it to all the video sites, which is one of the reasons I wanna try doing

    it. Hey, ru in the Ateam? If you're not, you can get in for a buck trial.]

  • John Clark says:


    Another winner! This is the way I like to "Read" an ezine. Great information and very useful.

    I may start to use this for my ezine format.

    Keep up the great work!

    Here's to Your LifetoSuccess,

    John Clark

    [Hey John, it was probably too long. And I need to add some spiffy graphics

    and follow an outline next time.]

  • >