New Video PROVES You Can Add Handwritten Margin Notes To Your Web Sites & Increase Response — Without Being A Pro Webmaster!

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This is a video Lisa did that shows how to add handwritten notes to the margins of your sales letters.

These notes stand out and help pull people into your copy, and therefore increase response.  It’s the online version of margin notes on direct mail sales letters.  That’s a method people have been using successfully for 50 or 100 years.

The video doesn’t reveal everything but it shows how simple and easy it is to add these notes and lets you see Lisa do it LIVE to PROVE to you it’s within your ability to do.

8 thoughts on “New Video PROVES You Can Add Handwritten Margin Notes To Your Web Sites & Increase Response — Without Being A Pro Webmaster!”

  1. I would be happy to tell you how much I love Design Dashboard. When I got the course I was a total "newbie", but Design Dashboard takes you by the hand, step-by-step, and SHOWS you how to do everything. Lisa's videos were so clear and easy to understand, that I stopped being intimidated. When you're new, you have no idea of what you don't know. Design Dashboard takes you through each phase of setting-up a website, shows you where to get any necessary tools for free and(MOST IMPORTANTLY) SHOWS HOW TO USE THOSE TOOLS! I had never even heard about PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS, much less used it. All those intimidating buttons and icons become clear as day when someone shows you what they stand for and how to make them work. I finished my first website, with the classiest-looking header you can imagine. My husband was impressed, my sister (an artist) was impressed, my adult children and their spouses were impressed, and miracle-of-miracles, my grandchildren were impressed. They think I can do anything now! Thank you, Marlon, for a terrific program that set me on the right path to building my own websites, rather than paying lots of money to someone else. Just imagine, I'm a Webmaster, thanks to you!

    [Brennan, I really appreciate you sharing this.  I know so many newbies need a little encouragement that THEY too can do it.]

  2. Hi, I watched the video; good teaching, but what about old customers of design dashboard. do we also get it ????? best regards jens

    [Jens, LOG IN!  It's already in there where the bonuses are.]

  3. Hi Lisa, Marlon. Unfortunately I couldn't watch the video all the way through. It kept stopping about 1 minute in and refused to play any further… Nice Idea though.

    [Spencer, RATS!  I'm very appreciative of you pointing that out….hmmmffff……will check it in the morning.]

  4. Dear Marlon, Once again, Lisa is wonderful. I already own the Design Dashboard and it is terrific. I used it to build my very first website with a gorgeous header. Impressed the heck out of my family! How much is Action Grid? Thanks, Brennan <a href="” target=”_blank”>
    [Brennan, glad the Design Dashboard helped you.  Can you post a little more detailed testimonial here we could use?]

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