New Video Reveals Shocking Blog Stats, Proves That Comments Get You Traffic and Shows Where My Visitors Come From! - Online and Info Product Marketing

New Video Reveals Shocking Blog Stats, Proves That Comments Get You Traffic and Shows Where My Visitors Come From!


If there's a proble on this playing, post in comments so I can fix it.  My first version stopped playing after 5 minutes.  This one should work fine.  Also, POST what u thought of Twitterfeed!  And the traffic from the comments.

  • […] MyBlogLog to Get Website Visitors Here’s a video from Marlon Sanders explaining how you can use MyBlogLog to Get Website Visitors. I’ve been personally using MyBlogLog for quite a while to check the traffic coming to my blog. It’s a great service to use to track visitor traffic to your website and determine where most of your traffic is coming from. Knowing where your blog traffic is coming from is an excellent way to find out which sites are most effective for creating website traffic. Watch the MyBlogLog Website Traffic Visitor Video: Marlon’s Marketing Minute ยป Blog Archive ยป New Video Reveals Shocking Blog Stats, Proves That … […]

  • hi marlon I know I can learn from many people, when you first started at wembley in 2000 and have us standing on our chairs I was kinda baffled, but todayI put yourself up with the best. And yes many people can learn from lots people, its just that if I did a product about promoting squidoo id make sure that some of my lenses were able to be found , it just makes me more accountable, blogging to the banks good … [omitted]

    [Yes, I do understand David.   Glad you're here and learning.]

  • Tidders says:

    Still sticking for the part about twitter. Others seem to be viewing all so I don't know, may be my PC.

    [I intended to get the thing on Youtube but it's too long.  Max is 10 minutes unless I change my classification there.  I'll see if Gylon has time next week to split the video and stick 2 parts on Youtube.  I'm just now training the new staff, so it'll take a bit before my manpower is back up to speed.]

  • marlon your blog is great read it every week however I have to ask why do products like XXXXmake so much noise , when searching for [omitted] blogs you cant find any, I also bought [omitted] book about squidoo profits and couldnt find a single lens by her its funny the real greats like you , derek gehl etc , and james madduk are easy to find yet these others you cant trace anywhere. integrity is i think a major part doing marketing i think

    [Hey David, I omitted names 'cause I don't wanna bash anyone here.  You know, the teachers you mentioned have helped a lot of people.  I do know what you're saying though.  I'm not sure what the answer is.  But you can learn from many teachers in this business.]

  • Marcel says:

    Hi Marlon, what a terrific video! We all know that traffic and PR of our websites can be increased with own blogs and blog comments, however I did not really expect such a huge effect. Your video is very informative and a real "eye opener". Thanks for that!


    [I'm gonna try to keep good content coming.  Thanks.]


  • hi marlon–

    i thoroughly enjoyed this and also want to thank you for mentioning my website as you were breezing through the tutorial:

    this is no small gift–and i appreciate it.

    kate loving shenk

  • Oren says:

    Hey Marlon Just watched your latest vid post, I've been acutaly using this technique for the last few weeks without ever really paying attention to how successful it is… Guess I was on the right track! Thanks! Now let's see how it works here. I run a network called Seovice (comments ommitted)

  • Stopped at 9:01 for me.

    IE6 on W2K Pro.

    Was doing fine up until then.

    I'd let it load all the way before starting the video

  • Titilayo says:

    I clicked on the link but the video did not paly i got this message "do but error on page"

  • Kim says:

    Always good to hear your voice first thing in the morning – puts a smile on our dials! Great info, easy to follow – thanks for taking the time to keep us up to date. Cheers from DownUnder

    [Hey Kim, how are you?  Thanks for the positive feedback.  Love the Gold coast!]

  • Dear Marlon,

    Once again you prove what a great teacher you are.

    I've been on for a month or so and it never occurred to me to upgrade to Pro until I saw your video. I was happy with the info I was getting, but there's SO MUCH MORE! They should pay you for explaining their site better than they do.

    Well, I'm back to my Affiliate Dashboard to learn how to be your #1 affiliate.

    Thanks for more good info.


  • Hi Marlon Very good at motivating people. You do run a bit to and fro, but I like the conversational style. I use the same in Danish podcasts and thoroughly enjoyed the show. Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

    [Hey Henrik, yeah, I'm right brained.  Glad you got something out of it though.  Keep up those Danish podasts!]

  • After reading the other comments, I had to go back and play it again to get the thing on twitter…very brief mention at about 6 minutes point. I think the pictures you see on Dr. Mani's site are from MyBlogLog…you can have the same thing on any of your blogs ๐Ÿ™‚ I don't have anything on twitter, so wasn't sure what blog posts are automatic to where?

    [Cheryl, I'll have to do more on it…but just go to

    You'll see it…I showed it but not for long enough.  You can also go to but I don't have a lot there yet.]

  • On my first try the video played for 3 minutes and then stopped. I hit refresh and put the video on stop to let the green bar load all the way and then it played perfectly. You will see the bar and if you don't let it go all the way across, you'll only get what it loads. Just takes a few seconds if your on cable ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, for Marlon, MyBlogLog also has a plug-in for WordPress so you can see the people who have pictures up and it lets your audience see who else is reading your Blog. Didn't know about that stats page…and I didn't quite get where to find it. BTW, I love your accent 

    [Cheryl, ummmm, I can't get the plugin to work on my wordpress yet.  My template it a little jacked!  We're working on it. The plugin is very cool.]

  • Ray Edwards says:

    Great video. I went over to MyBlogLog and realized I've had an account for a while but never used it. Oops. I'll get right on that, sir! Anyone who's not familiar with this service should watch your video — does a better job explaining the service than even the actual MyBlogLog site!

    [Hey Ray, the TwitterFeed thing works good too.  Nice to see your post here!  You can use Google stats on your blog.  But you gotta admit, the mybloglog is pretty slick.]

  • great video marlon im a member of my blog log for 2 days, when u next in london uk, and is twitter good ive heard about it

    [David, I will be at the Frank Garon event at the end of Sept.]

  • Rey Ybarra says:

    Marlon, I enjoyed your video about blogging. Especially the part about setting a blog up and the ways you can edit the comments. Very informative.

    [Rey, thanks.  Not sure if all of it played.  It seems to be stopping in the middle for no known reason!]

  • Tidders says:

    Video stuck after about 5 mins. In that time though I didn't see any info that I can't get from my own website stats package. Maybe there was more info to come.

    [Hi, I changed the video link.  Should play OK.  I'm uploading a version to youtube.  At the end of the video, I show how you can see the number of clicks on the comments.  For people who don't have blogs, this is very interesting info.  I also showed Twitter and a way to have your blog posts AUTOMATICALLY feed into Twitter.  Most people don't know this.]

  • Steve Fisher says:

    Hi Marlan, The video did not play, I refreshed the page and still nothing. Steve

    [Steve, try Firefox if you're on IE or if you're on IE, try firefox.  It takes 10-20 secons for the video to load. Leave your browser open for a minute or two and see if it starts playing.  Maybe it's REALLY slow where you are at.

    Here is the direct link

    Back up link

    <a rel="nofollow" href="; rel="nofollow"&gt <a href="http://;” target=”_blank”>;

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