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Night Time Cash Plan Whips The Blues ($39.95 value)


Marlon here.

The article this week:

“Night Time Cash Plan Whips The Blues”

My in-depth free system that could easily be sold for
$39.95 to help you whip these hard times and start singing
rock and roll again

Other marketers ONLY send you good content during their
product launch.  I'm with you every week, motivating, inspiring,

Support the person who feeds you. That's what I got to say.

Look at your email this past week from those big million dollars
in a day or 10 million in a week product launches. Where are
they NOW that they got nothing to pimp to you this week?


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Marlon's Marketing Minute
Electronic Newsletter
Vol. 3, #34, October 11, 2008

This issue contains:

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B. Announcements from Marlon (Important)

C. Main Article: Night Time Cash Plan Whips The Blues

D. Services You Can Use

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C.  “Night Time Cash Plan Whips The Blues”

My in-depth free system that could easily be sold for
$39.95 to help you whip these hard times and start singing
rock and roll again

By Marlon Sanders

Some people nowadays are singin' the Hard Times Blues.

And understandably so.

With all the negative news on TV, it's enough to make
you go bonkers.

So that's why I'm going “old school” again in today's
ezine issue with my “Night Time Cash Plan” to whip
those hard times blues.

Nothing wrong with blues music.  If you want to hear
great blues music, go to BB Kings in Memphis.

But it's one thing to listen to 'em and another to sing
'em.  This issue is about making sure you're on the
listening side not the living side.

When I got started in this business, I was eating
minute thirty second microwaved corn dogs and $1.98
burger, coke fries specials.

So if you have a computer and desire, you don't need a
fortune to get started.

Let's say you're selling a $50 product.  Not so hard
for even a new person to do.

If you sell one a day, that is $350 a week or $1400 a
month.  That's several car payments or a mortgage
payment (or part of it).

If you get 1% of the people who come to your web site
to buy, you need 100 visitors a day.

With no further ado, here is my night time cash plan:

Step one:  Create your totally awesome freebie

Whatever you're going to sell, you gotta lead with a
an awesome freebie that gets people to join your
email list.

What you're going to do is get people on your list,
then send out emails selling different things.

Step one is to exercise that brainpower of yours and
come up with a free report or idea that will get
15% or 20% of people to join your email list.

This can be a teleseminar, webinar, report, audio,
transcript, newsletter, video or ebook.

The KEY is to have a smoking hot, drop dead, no doubt
about it hot title.

That's the big secret.

Step two:  Create your ad

Let's say we realize that people who use computers a LOT
like online marketers do get tendinitis in their elbows.

We write our ad for our freebie:

Attention grabber:  How I Solved My Elbow Tendinitis

“Free report reveals how I got rid of my knee pain using
safe, inexpensive injections that cause your joints to
heal naturally.”

I might also try an attention grabber like:

“New Treatment Causes Elbow Pain To Disappear”

Side note:  This is actual true.  I have a knee problem
and I just found out about this treatment.  It also works
for tendinitis in elbows that heavy computer users get.

Find Regenerative Medicine Doctors

I could find an ebook on Clickbank or contact experts in
this and interview them over the phone to create the
ebook to sell as well as the front-end free report.

Step two:  Create ads to merchandise your freebie

Once you get that hot freebie, you need banner and
text ads to merchandise it.

For the banner ads, you can just search Google for
“banner ad design.”  You'll find plenty of people
who can do it for you.

Or, if you have Design Dashboard, you can do it

Your banner needs:

1.  A hot headline
2.  Text that explains the freebie
3.  A call to action

You can see one of my banner ads here:

Step three:  Promote your freebie

a.  Buy solo ezine ads

These are a low-cost way to test your freebie.
8 or 9 out of 10 won't work out.  But the one that
does will be a cash cow.

You keep running that ad once a month or once every
few weeks for the next year.

b.  Create a video offering your freebie and upload.

Create a video that explains the problem your freebie
report solves then gives a URL where it can be obtained.
Upload the video to video sharing sites like Youtube.

The BIG secret here is to use a service that will
automatically submit to all the sites for you.

Doing it manually is a waste of time.

The good services cost nothing to use and will give you
stats on how many times your video is viewed.

The one I use is at:

c.  Write articles and submit to the article sites

Offer your freebie in the resource box (author's bio)
at the end of the article.

You need to write and upload 3 or 4 articles a day to
get results.  It's work but it does work.

You can use to submit your articles.

d. Buy text ads

Google Adwords is one game but they aren't particularly
newbie friendly.  For some reason, they like to make it
really complicated to give them money.

It almost seems like Google feels it's above ad dollars
from small businesses anymore and they want to make it
so complicated, only big businesses can advertise with

I remember in the old days the reason everyone started
advertising with Google was because Overture was difficult
run ads with.  They made it hard.

And Google wanted your money and actually made it easy to
run ads.

Well, that was the old days.

Fortunately, there are SOME places you can spend your
money without having to become a certified expert.

Please spread this article around and let all your friends know
Google isn't the only game in town anymore. And there are lots of
companies that WANT the small business ad dollar and are willing to
make it easy to advertise with them.

Facebook actually wants your money, they have tons of
inventory and it's easy to run ads with them. Go figure.

The good news about Adbrite is they have massive inventory
and it's easy to run ads with them.

A service where you can advertise on many social networks
at once.

They make it easy to give them money.

Those are just the starting point.

This service looks promising and even gives you a bonus
starting advertising credit.

A few more:

Spread this article around on blogs, forums, by email, to your list.

Let others like us know that there are other places you
can advertise other than Google. Places that WANT our money
and make it easy for us to spend it.

e.  Forums

One of the BEST places for the newbie to run banner ads is
online forums.

They're highly targeted and usually within your budget.

The downside is you will need to spend a few bucks to get
that banner ad created.

For my example of the elbow pain report, I'd advertise in
forums where people who use computers a TON go.

f.  Blogs

Blogs that reach your target audience are a wonderful place
to buy targeted ads.

g.  High traffic web sites

You can often buy ads on web sites you know your target
audience goes to.

h. Banner ads

The DIRTY LAUNDRY about banner advertising is this:

Name brand web sites want to charge you $10 or $15 for every
1,000 impressions if you try to get the impressions directly from
them.  But no one knows they only sell 30% of their impressions at
that price.

It's a FACT.

They're addicted like crack to being able to say they get $12 per
1,000 for impressions.

The rest of their impressions, they can't sell at those ridiculous
rates because only companies that don't track sales can afford
those rates.

So they sell off 70% of their inventory for $1.00 to $1.20 per
thousand impressions to banner ad networks.  Problem is, these
banner networks won't sell to the small guy.

They want you to spend $5,000 or $10,000 minimum to test them.

The people who are “in the know” and have money NEVER buy banner
ads directly on brand name web sites.

They go to the big Ad Networks like,, and buy the same impressions for a fraction of
the price.

If these brand name web sites had half a brain, they'd create self-
serve banner advertising at $2, $3 and $4 for small business people
and cut out the ad networks. Getting $12 cpm (cost per 1,000
impressions) is all an illusion anyway because they don't get that
for 70% of their inventory.

Having said that, banner advertising is huge.  Just huge.  The
volume of banner impressions available absolutely DWARFS the volume
you can get from Google Adwords.

The bad news is a lot of the banner advertising companies
don't get it.

Google Adwords was built on the backs of SMALL businesses
who advertised with them just as Ebay was built on the backs
of the small guy or gal wanting to make a living on Ebay.

IMHO both companies have forgotten their roots.

And unfortunately, the banner ad companies, in general, don't
get it either. They don't get that the MONEY is made from
the small businesses (guys and gals like us), NOT the
big companies.

The good news is that there ARE places you can buy banners


I'm on the lookout for high quality banner impressions that
don't require $5,000 or $10,000 to place your ad.  If you know
of any, post to my blog please at

The idea is that you TEST your banners on these other networks.
And when you get banners that work, then you buy advertising
at the more expensive places because you know you'll make money.

The SECRET is to negotiate a 24-hour out clause so that if you
aren't making money, you bail out without spending your
$5,000 or $10,000.

You ONLY spend the 5 or 10 g's if you're making money.

Step four:  Track your results using tracking id's

The URL in the video needs to be a tracking link, so
you can track the sales that come from the video.

If you use a service like Clickbank, Commission Junction
or cost per action networks, you can pass through a
code (usually called a SID (sub ID) or something like that.

This tracking code lets you track not just clicks but
also sales back to the actual video you uploaded or ad
you ran.

This is critical.  You must be able to track results back
to the exact ads you buy or marketing you do.

Step five:  Make new offers to your list

Once people have joined your list, sign up at, and other affiliate networks.

Promote offers frequently to your list.

Make sure you only promote quality products and not junk,
or you'll lose the trust of your list.

Use the “full arsenal” I teach in Promo Dashboard to sell
these affiliate offers.

Step six:  Check your mail daily and go to the bank

If you promote lots of offers to your list, you'll be
getting lots of checks.

Marlon Sanders is the author of “The Amazing Formula That
Sells Products Like Crazy.”

I'm starting a new MasterMind so to speak.  You gotta get
Promo Dashboard first to be a member.

But you can watch the video on it here:


REPRINT RIGHTS: You have permission to use the above
article without omission and including the resource box.
You have the right to insert your reseller URL for any
products I mention

D. “Services You Can Use”^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

If you do PPC, you gotta have Speed PPC.  I, Marlon Sanders,
100% endorse it:


Many people have copied my software.  But there really and
truly is only ONE original.



If you do ANY pay-per-click in Google, or if you are thinking
about it, there is ONLY one tool you absolutely, positively
must know about, live with, sleep with, and use.

Even PRO ppc people don't always use this tool. It gives you
the single biggest boost in quality score, lower click prices
and results I know of.

Instead of getting that next Adwords Ebook that tells you WHAT
to do, get a tool that DOES IT for you. This software has my
full endorsement.  I'm using it myself on my new ppc campaigns.

Marlon Sanders

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