Nothing Replaces Public Speaking - Online and Info Product Marketing

Nothing Replaces Public Speaking

Nothing replaces public speaking.

If you have the opportunity to do public speaking in your niche, it's one of the top things you can do to grow your business.

The reason is, speakers are perceived in a vastly different light.

Much of my early success came from speaking at seminars. You attract affiliates. People have a connection with you that's VERY different from just seeing you on a Zoom training. They feel like they know you.

Thos people will be loyal customers for years and years.

Now, air travel is no fun. It's a challenging experience. No wonder people buy jet airplanes who travel and speak a lot.

But there's nothing that replaces that in-person connection.

I think the A.I. trend is quite interesting.

It facilitates content production. Which means content will become even more commoditized than it already is.

But what A.I. can't do (at least not yet) is connect on a personal basis.

I mean, when they get A.I. robots to the point they can shake hands and interact AND remember the interaction, it'll be crazy. A robot will have perfet memory of faces, names and details about the person stored in a database.

A person can't mimmick that.

But thank God we aren't there yet. So human, personal interaction still matters. I believe as content production becomes more commoditized, the PRESENTATION of content becomes more important for it to stand out.

And personal connections become more important.

So the theme is go human and go hard.

In your info products, bring the element of personal personal connection. Your stories. The things you talk about that separate you from A.I. produced content are your edge as a human being.

If you can't talk at live events, the second best thing is virtual summits, interviews, podcasts and live streams. Anything you can do to make personal contact, tell your stories, share your passion and your beliefs — these are your EDGE.

A.I. is upon us.

It's NOT a fad.

It's NOT going away.

If you've seend the human-like a.i. bots being developed, you can foresee the future. They're getting incredibly articulate and life like.

As it stands in the near future, bots will have problems expressing EMOTIONS. They will be able to do it. But that's going to take more time to ddevelop.

Bots don't have stories.

They don't have personal relationships, friends, parents, family.

You'll notice that all top speakers tell lots of personal stories. Grant Cardone in every speech talks about his dad and mom when he was growing up.

These are the things that make you relate to him as a person. Or perhaps in some cases NOT relate. But they are difference makers.

For me personally, travelling and speaking at tons of seminars, meeting lots and lots of people and customers, this made a huge difference.

It sets you apart from the masses.

It used to be that books did that.

But today, everyone and their dog has a book. They used to have ebooks. Now they have Kindle books and printed books.

So books aren't what they used to be.

But speaking on a stage is still a differentiator.

It'll be quite some time before a.i. bots can speak from stages as engagingly as humans. Who knows what the future brings.

But right now, it's your edge.

In terms of your info products, while you can use A.I. as a tool, you want to put YOU into your products. If your product could just as easily been produced by A.I., it's not very good.

Because the A.I. tools now are cheap or free. Everyone will use them. People who previously were unable to produce content will now churn it out in massive amounts.

So we'll have a proliferation of content. Some of it will be decent to good quality.

This means YOU have to put YOU into your products.

That's one thing A.I. can't do.

There is no YOU to put into A.I. produced products currently.

If you look two years into the future and extrapolate where we're going, content will become saturated 100x what it is now.

Even Google is in trouble. As A.I. tools produce better answers than Google.

But robots can't act like humans yet, thankfully.

So YOUR FACE is an advantage.

The reason I say that is A.I. voice technology sounds pretty darned human now. It's amazing.

But A.I. facial technology isn't there yet. It's coming along quickly. But not there.

So YOU need to show up as a person. YOU need to show up as YOU.

I believe writing will be diminished in value over time. Because how do you differentiate between A.I. written content and human-generated content?

The only way I can think of is the human stories you tell. The emotions. The personal connections. But the advantage will diminish.

You still have a HUGE advantage with your face.

Anyway, speaking on stages is huge. Just huge.

A group like Toastmasters will help you to be comfortable speaking live before groups. Although with people doing so many live streams, this isn't the problem it was in the past.

Still, there's a lot to learn about speaking live before groups. It's an art and a skill.

The message here is simple: Know what your ADVANTAGES are and take advantage of them. This goes for every area of your business, your coaching, your info products and your marketing.