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Marlon here.

This week's ARTICLE:

Old School Marketing Secrets: How To Get Out Of The Rate Race
And Into The Chips

Subtitle: Today I go “old school” and tell you straight up
how to line your pockets with bills and stack those nice
smellin' green ones in your bank account

By Marlon Sanders

— Why some people make bank in this business and some don't
— The heart of “old school” Internet marketing
— Who was the father of the modern day info product business?
— What H.K. Simon taught me 'bout gettin' out of the rat race
— What you can do NEXT WEEK to make bank
— Why you may have your tables turn round all wrong
— How to get your head straight about what this business is about
— Where do you find customers?
— How you make things happen

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Marlon's Marketing Minute
Electronic Newsletter
Vol. 4, #16, May 2, 2009

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C. Main Article: How to Get Our Of The Rate Race And Into
The Chips

D. Services You Can Use

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Old School Marketing Secrets: How To Get Out Of The Rate Race
And Into The Chips

Subtitle: Today I go “old school” and tell you straight up
how to line your pockets with bills and stack those nice
smellin' green ones in your bank account

By Marlon Sanders

Out Of The Rat Race and Into The Chips

So you're getting lots of emails I bet.

And not that I'm psychic or anything but I'm pretty
sure they all have a common theme…

“Buy something from XYZ person.”

And there are probably screen caps with dollar amounts
that make your eyes pop out and your emotions soar to
Saturn just anticipating buying that mansion the new
Jag and a hot tub the size of a swimming pool.

Let's apply some logic here to see how we CAN get you
in the chips and out of the rat race.

Some of you NEWBIES who aren't used to my style or
ezine, let me explain. I sometimes write colloquially
on purpose. I feel it gets a point across.

This issue is written deliberately with very casual
language and spelling BECAUSE I have a VERY simple
message than I'm really passionate about. If you want more
detailed info, see the “cheat sheets” on my blog at:

Many years ago I was in your shoes. I was buying all
the information products and books I could find. Of
course, at the time, that wasn't many because the
Internet didn't exist.

I had Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples, the
one with the red and white cover.

I had How to Write a Good Advertisement by Vic Schwab (the
ugly blue and black cover one).

And I had a whole lot of dinky little reports I bought
from hokey ad sheets that made the rounds back then.

One day I spotted this ad by a guy out of New York named
H. K. Simon “How to Get Out Of The Rate Race And Into
The Chips.” Now, coming from Oklahoma where they raise
pigs and cows, I wasn't quite sure why anyone would WANT
“cow chips.”

But I bought the book anyways since I didn't have many
books to choose from or buy.

So this dude H.K. Simon put together info products and sold
him. It was the same kinda thing Jerry Buchanan, the father
of the modern day info product business (or arguably so),
recommended people do.

Actually, Jerry Buchanan once told me R.A. Torrey was the
Father of the modern day info product business. But not
many people know 'bout R.A.Torrey. I got some of his old
products and sales letters round here but that goes WAAAAY
old school.

My mentor Lew Williams knew one of the proteges of R.A.
Torrey and worked with him back in the day. Back then,
they'd test 300 pieces of direct mail 'cause 2,000 was
too expensive.

Anyway, I read this thin book my H.K. Simon and it told
how he put together a little booklet about getting freebie
ads on radio stations called “per inquiry” where you could
sell your products without paying money upfront.

And he sold that report. In came a bundle of bucks he
stuck in his bank account. Sounded good to me.

Twas a lot better than working at the Dairy Queen or
selling shoes.

I thought I'd share couple old school ideas with you about
how you can do a little better and make a little more
online and line your own pockets with bills instead of only
someone elses.

These days everyone wants to reach into your pocket and take
some bills out.

And you got bills showin' up in the mail. But not the kind
you can put IN your bank. The kind that take OUT of your

I wanna turn the tables on that for ya.

Now listen up closely 'cause I'm goin' “old school” here
on ya.

“The secret of stuffing your pockets with bills is sellin'
stuff to others.”

Now buyin' info products that teach you HOW to do that is all
good and everything. I spend $35,000 a year and am happy to
do so.

But here's the thing:

You gotta SELL more than you BUY!

And I talk to a lotta folks who ain't figured that one out
yet. They are buyin', buyin', buyin' but there ain't no sellin'
goin' on.

Here is how you turn the tables:

Step one: Find folks who are buyin' today in this economy

You want people who are STILL spending money.

Look at the forums. See what people are talking about. See if
they are buyin' or not.

Step two: Find out WHAT they're buyin' and where they're goin'
to buy it.

What blogs, web sites and forums do they trounce around on?

Step three: See if you can buy ads there.

Step four: Create a product for 'em in under one week.

Step five: Create a sales letter to SELL the product in under
one week.

Step six: Go hustle it

How do you hustle it?

Man, you get creative. This is old school thinkin' here.

You know, you need bills in your pocket, you just FIND a way.
You find out who has a list and will SELL your product to THEIR


I dunno. You FIND a way. You pick up the phone. You tweet.
You email. You make friends. You participate in forums.

Now see, what you gotta realize is you got your tables turned
round all WRONG.

That's right. I said your TABLES are all turned around WRONG.

Cause you are in someone else's pond and YOU are the one THEY'RE
sellin' to, sellin' to and sellin' to some MORE!

Which is all fine and good IF you're turnin' around and usin' what
you learned to sell MORE to others.

See, you got your IN BUCKET and your OUT BUCKET.

And if that in bucket got less in it than the OUT bucket, the
bank account goes DOWN, the significant other, spouse or kids
complain 'cause they can't buy stuff, the car company gets
upset cause you didn't pay them money….and so forth.

This ain't new school.

This is old school.

You find out what people buy.

You find out who they are.

You find out where they are.

And you make some stuff they wanna buy.

And you figure out how you sell it to 'em.

You just figure it out.


I dunno.

You figure it out.

Yout try some stuff.

Then you try some more stuff.

Some of my folks in my family here on my list…they been buyin'
and buyin' and buyin' for YEARS and there ain't no product
creatin' and product sellin' goin' on.

Lemme tell you something.

That's agin EVERYTHANG I believe in…ever THANG I teach.

Ain't nothin' right bout THAT.

I'm talkin' old school here. I'm not talkin' new school.
I'm sayin' you do what you gotta do to get money in the door.
And you spend LESS than that.

Not more.

You don't spend more.

You spend less.

Some of you write me and say “Marlon, I ain't makin' money online.
How come?”

And I say “Dude, you got to go OLD SCHOOL man.” You got to find
people BUYIN' stuff. Then create stuff for em that they WANT.
Then you gotta SELL it to 'em.

And the reason you ain't got money is you been buyin' but NOT
creatin' and sellin'.

I did NOT say create perfectly.

I did NOT say sell with the 1 click upsell, forced continuity,
triple bypass SPILLOVER.

I said just sell dangit.

Just sell it.

You can add on the magical whiz bang upsell, downsell, insell,
outsell, forced this and that….AFTER you got money in the door.
You're lining your pockets and stacking greens in your bank

My friend, you make bank by SELLIN' stuff more than buyin'.

See, now you knew this fer you read this, right? You know the
truth about this. And you know you know that you know. And
now all I'm sayin' is who you gonna listen to?

Who you gonna put your faith and trust in?

Someone reachin' in your pockets all the time but not helpin' you
line em?

It's your choice.

Now, I'm ALL FOR selling. Don't get me wrong. Do NOT learn selling
from people who can't sell.

And I'm all FOR buying info products and learning.

I'm saying if you're learning and buying and learning and buying
and never creating and selling, you got your tables wrong and
you need to turn things round.

Get off your buts, get off your assets, create some products
and some sales letters, sales videos, sales something or the
other and go other there and get someone to give you money.

This isn't new school folks.

It's old school.

You make bank by sellin' to people who are buyin'.

End of sermon.

Marlon Sanders is the author of “The Amazing Formula That
Sells Products Like Crazy.”

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  • Mr Sanders,

    This is in response to your email "Using Classified Ads In Conjunction with an Affiliate Program"

    I am sure you will not have time to read this yourself, and I am not expecting an answer.

    But hope someone from your staff reads it and will bring it to your attention.

    I have been a fan of yours for years. Even bought your dashboard back when I had to pay monthly to use it (in the 90's). Keep it until I could no longer afford to pay for it.

    But the fact is, at that time I was not knowledgeable enough (nor had the time) to actually put it to use. I was an accountant for over 35 years.

    I am 70 years old now, of course no longer in the work force and have put all of my years experience and education, into trying to learning to make a living on line. (It is vertically impossible to live on SS alone (less than 700 a month), though I

    have been existing in that manor for the last 5+ years.

    I had lost my entire life savings in Enron stock, in excess of 350,000.

    I am still on your mailing list, am a twitter fan, and am an affiliate for your products (though have not sold anything as yet).

    And I definitely cannot afford to purchase any of your products now.

    All that being said, it the email I received named above, you stated that you could advertise on craigslist, you said "Additionally, you can do this on each of the craigslist sites for the

    metropolitan areas in the United States."

    While not correcting you (I would not dare) I would like to clarify that statement, by telling you that, if fact will be banned from advertising on craigslist ever again if you place an ad even SIMILAR in more than one craigslist city.

    I use craigslist on a regular basis (have more that one account with them) and was banned from advertising on craigslist completely for advertising in more than one city.

    Finally managed to get the ban lifted, and still use CL on a regular basis.

    Wishing you all the best and thanking you as an affiliate and a former customer for your wealth of knowledge.

    I remain a faithful fan,

    Joyce Christopher

    [email protected]

    http://[email protected]

    "Have a Blessed & Profitable Day!"

    [Hi Joyce, I have a full time customer support person named Tim. You don't need to post support issues to our blog. We have a phone, live chat and a support desk available 24/7. http://www.getyoursupport.com. But I will pass your blog post along to Tim on Tuesday and have Tim and have him respond. Monday is a holiday.]

  • J. Anne says:

    Hey Marlon,

    To sum it all up I think what yer sayin' is that you gotta be hungry for it. You gotta want it. You gotta eat, sleep, and dream it.

    You know what they always say when people are trying to break into show biz – if you want it real bad, real bad – you'll make it.

    What MOST people don't understand is what that "wanting it real bad" actaully means.

    It means work.

  • reggie says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I read all your article. Primo material as usual. I want to say thank you, thank you. I took your challenge and I'm about to go live with my first product. I have a feeling you will be hearing about me. Be on the look out for my JV email. Lol

    I know. I know. Slow my roll. Peace I consider you the Internet Marketing God.


    [Reggie, I'm no Marketing God. But I'm very happy to hear you're about to roll with your first product. Let us know how it goes. That's awesome. And you're correct. Work your jv's. There's nothing wrong with doing a product launch if you want. Or contact potential affiliates and jv partners.]

  • Wow, Brother, Marlon,

    For an 'old timer' this was a trip down memory lane for me. I thought you were going to also be mentioning Melvin Power's "Mail Order" and Joe Karbo's "Lazy Man's Way to Riches" as I was taken back to the 1970's and 80's with your post. Maybe also throw in Oral Roberts "If you'll send $ this week, we will send you this nice…" and some others.

    As a fellow FOLW (friend of Lew Williams)and rockabilly music, I really liked "…Into the Chips" and got my start in direct response when Mark Skousen and I scraped together $1000 for our full-page roll out ad in Capitalist Reporter…you speak the truth my friend.

    I have too often been my own worst enemy in thinking "This guru says it, it will work for me." And use that as an (expensive) excuse for leaving something as simple as "sell more stuff than you buy" behind.

    And speaking of new acquisitions, I've got to get my sales to pay for your Promo abd Design dashboards!

    You are inspiring, Brother Marlon!

    [Hi Steve, so you know a lot about the newsletter business, right? There really are only a few books about starting newsletters and the inside of that business. If you're still friends with Mark, I know he knows that biz inside and out. It could be a nice product or line of products. I'm sending you an email. You can have anything I publish. I remember you from times past.]

  • Glenn Toler says:

    Hi Marlon, What a sermon you preach! You can't get any mo' plainer. Simple, but effective…. j'est do it !! "Inbucket" and "Outbucket"…what a concept! Dang it all..I bea hang'n 'round wid dem fellers a long time. Iza hab tew sey, me "outbucket" is hebier dan me "inbucket", but dat shudda be ah changin' purdy soon, me hopes. Ya see, I tuuks ye up on dat dere challenge, post'nd back ah couple weeks ago on dis here ezine. You noze, de wunz 'bout creatin' dat product, and me sales lutter. Dat Done ! I jest did it, anz it twazn't dat badda thang tew do. Man, I jest focused inna on itz, shutta everythang outta me noggin, dat didn't 'tain tew me project at hand. Wid awl dat "thinkin'" anz "focusin'" befer I newz it, me done did complete two products anz anutter sells lutter. Whew!, I wuz onna "role" don'tcha noze! BTW, dey both bea e—-booooks, 66 page and 128 page. Nowza I gotta "gitem" on me website, dat Iza be ah werkin" on disa week anz hopes to complete inna ah dey or tu. Marlon, thanks for your ezine articles. They are most effective, if people will put them into use, and not leav'em taking up space. I have been lurking around the internet a long time. Back in the mid 90's, I had a site called "professional trade development"…www. professional-trade development.com. It was for the electrical trade. I had a really good newsletter, "tricks of the trade" and electrical books for sale, tools, etc. What I didn't know … was how to monetize it to the point to get really good traffic. I also was an Electrical Contractor. Respectively, I closed the site down in 1999, as it was not producing any income. Since, then my focus in life has changed, as I grew deeper in my "FAITH" and spiritual, religious issues. Today, I work as a freelance author/writer on various "Faith", spiritual, and religious issues. The two products that I have created are in the "religious arena" for lack of a better word at this writng. I believe that my 30 plus years of Biblical research of the Scriptures through many Bible Concordances, and Religion Historians, biblical writings, and actively searching for "TRUTH" through studying the Bible qualifies me to write about what's in the Bible as opposed to writing about the Bible or Scripture. Now, I am undecided as to whether, I should include them on the same website, or put them on seperate websites as they are not on the same subject. I suppose one could be used as an upsell. Not totally sure. Your thoughts on this would be most appreciative. Once, the website [s] are live, or I should say before they are LIVE, I need to figure the best method for traffic [not to include ppc] at this time for lack of monetary funds. That "thang" about …. "money is the root of all evil"….has been so mis-interpreted…..cause GOD knows , if you don't got any, you ain't gunna be existin' fer tew long in this present society. But, I won't get into that issue…..hey, that's…. a new ebook product right there. God's best to you always Marlon, and thanks for being here, offering advice found no where else like you give it. Keep the sermons coming. I enjoy them. A friend, Glenn


    [Hi Glenn, I vote for separate web sites, article marketing, ppc for traffic.  Also an affiliate program.]

  • Hey Marlon,

    As usual you lay it out like it really is.

    I don't comment often enough about your "straight shooter" style, which I adopt in the dental coaching market. Of course it only works if you can shoot straight in the first place! The response has been and still is awesome, in a profession where arrogance can creep in among those who claim they can help other dentists.

    All my best,


    Dr. Chris Bowman

    [Dr. Bowman, thanks for your kind words. And nice to hear from you.]

  • Kyle says:

    You're truly old school if you're looking at boxing not MMA.Great article about simple,basic selling.It was well put in language anyone can understand which is important.Find what people want,find how or where they're getting it,find a way to sell it to them.I'm one of those buying more than I'm selling.Thanks for bringing this to my attention.I have to change the order of things. P.S.-I'm new to your list but with this kind of info I'll stick around for nine years too!

  • Frank Gorka says:

    Hey Marlon Frank Gorka here I just wanted you to know your advice worked for me. You told me to sell my SEO skills off line, and that's what I did man….YOU ROCK Marlon.

    And Marlon I owe you one brother anything I can ever do for you, just let me know…

    Your Friend

    Frank Gorka

    [Hi Frank, that's so awesome to hear. Thanks for taking the time to share.]

  • Great article again Marlon you gave me a headache.

    I think it is fine to buy info if in fact you act on that info. Althou if everybody did that they may stop selling because all the secrets would beconme standard action. Mybe not who knows.

    [Hi, buying info is totally awesome IF you act on it. But when you have people spending thousands of dollars and NOT doing anything, this concerns me. The point of this business is to MAKE money and in my opinion you should be making at least SOMETHING within a reasonable time frame.]

  • Hi Marlon,

    great article.. and you what is funny?

    you don`t a fancy blog with fancy SEO stuff (permalinks…) but you get more comments than I get on my blog 😉

    have a great week,

    Jorge Delgado

    P.S How was the fight?

    [The fight ended in a few minutes with one of the most dramatic knockouts in a big fight in the history of boxing. I was truly scared the Hatton wouldn't wake up. Fortunately for him and everyone involved, he did.]

  • Doug Olson says:

    Hey Marlon ,it's always fun and interesting to read your blogs and helpful as well,. If I created a product would there be a possibility to sell it through you?

  • Vicki says:

    What are some of the book titles by Torrey? I googled the name but only turned up some public domain works by a theologian of the same name? Is it the same guy?

    [Hi, no it's not the theologian. Most of his things were business opportunity things he resold. He has one booklet he did on making money with info products. But it's deep in my archives….somewhere. His thing was to take an info product idea, create a report and test it with 300 pieces of direct mail. I may have got his initials wrong. The last name was Torrey. Maybe R. A. are the wrong opening initials…I'm pretty sure it was R. Torrey though. Not sure on the A.]

  • Marlon,

    THANKS. Some would think your "gang testing" on aol and CompuServe is OLD SCHOOL…HA!

    For the record, I spoke to both Hubert Simon and Joe Karbo…HK came first with his book, Simon was already publishing newsletters.

    The "timing" was such, that several "gurus" hit the market about the same time. It was no coincidence that the early 70's gave us Karbo, Buchannan, Simon, Du Vall, Straw, Halbert, Abraham, Suarez, Sugarman…etc.

    As a Student of the Masters (and Marlon, you are a MASTESR, the OLD School warrior who has conquered the Net), I give your tip of the hat to days gone bye a two thumbs up.

    Thanks for a great article.

    Gordon Jay Alexander

    PS. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that many of those "gurus" were mentored by Harvey Brody, the "TOLL POSITION" expert.

    [Gordon, I'm interested in promoting the Harvey Brody product. I'll send you an email. I BOUGHT the Brody product from his direct mail years ago.]

  • Mike says:

    Hello Marlon,

    I consider this a wakeup call. I should re-read it every day instead of combing through my daily e-mail offerings of new tricks, tactics, tools and tutelage.

    Like success guru Mike Litman says, "you don't have to get it right. You just have to get it going".

    Thanks for rattling my cage.

  • Shelby says:

    Amen brother,

    Love the concept of the in bucket and out bucket, very very true…

    [Hi Shelby, well it's not exactly to my benefit to tell my subscribers some of these things but I feel if I help my people to do what's in their best interest, in the end it pays off. I believe people should spend more time selling and less time buying overall.]

  • Hello Marlon,

    This was a good read.

    Some people (I have been guilty of this as well) feel they need to have the perfect One Time Offer (OTO) or a huge mailing list or the latest script installed before their product is ready to be sold.

    Yes these things MIGHT help, they are NOT required for the sale to take place.

    If everything needed to be perfect before trying to sell your product, Microsoft might not have sold as many products as they have over the years.

    No offense to the great people at Microsoft, they are just confirming your point. Even if your product is not perfect, sell, sell, sell!!

    We can work on the 'perfection' part as the money is rolling into the bank.

    Old School, New School or No School…

    A.B.C. = Always Be Closing

    Thanks again for the Article Marlon. Looking forward to the next.


    Steve Dougherty

  • Myfunatwork says:

    Great info. I do feel overwhelmed at times and your 'Old School' ways is just what I needed to hear. Thanks.

  • Michele says:

    Hi Marlon,

    It's like the Nike advert : "Just Do It!".

    I fell into the trap of trying to understand everything, perfect this and that, searching for the perfect product/market/opportunity that it's getting tiring. Plus I am getting poorer.

    So yes, you are right – just get your head down, take that darn first step, and worry about everything else later.

    Just Do It.



  • Dave says:

    May be obvious but needed to be said. Its all about action, & jus' doin it!

  • Ken Langdon says:

    WOW Marlon!

    What a mouthful!

    I wonder how long your sermons would have been if you had been a 'real' preacher?

    I am an 80 year old sceptical Aussie; in fact I suggest that most Aussies are sceptical about marketing in general and internet mArketing in particular, but then I did work for an advertsing agency back in the 1950s and subsequuently for motor car dealerships and life insurance.

    As a consequence I was and have been ever since, imbued with the simple reality that nothing happens until someone sells something!

    That was a long sermon Marlon, but like a good preacher, you repeated yourself, driving home the salient features of 'the old school', bit like Frank Bettger for example.

    I myself am from the horse and buggy days of the 1930s and mid 40s, having spent all my working days in the years BC (Before Computers), and even worked for Australia's leading bank in a country town without electricity in 1952, so my biggest problem is coping with all the 'techie stuff' of the 21st century.

    For example, how do I add my my ID to the URLs, and just where is that 'resource box' at the end of 'the article'?

    And, can I really earn enough dollars from referring you to enable me to BUY the tools that I need to SELL?

    Just an 'old guy' willing to learn from the younger and smarter peole of this world before I run out of steam in the next decade or two!

    [Hey Ken, how are you? Use Odesk.com. Also, there's an inexpensive product at outsourceplan.com that will show you how to hire someone full time to help you for $250 a month….from Philippines. But to start, use Odesk.]

  • Marlon …

    Classic article, loved it.

    One question; how come I ain't on the list … lol.

    Tell me next time you're in the UK, stay with me, lets go for a dinner and a crazy evening.


    [Alan, we based the list on sales. You had to sell X to make the list. A lot of what you sold was when we were on Assoctrac. We don't have those stats anymore since we changed systems. UK would be great sometime. You're always a delight to hang out with.]

  • jagmohan says:

    I am terrible short of money. I wanted to be your affiliate I viewed your design board, but could not locate how to get affiliate ID. I did not get any support from my website provider as aresult of which I donot have squeeze page to collect the mailing address moreover google has not approved me for adsense.

    I shall like to have a support where I donot have to spend money, more over I donot have any. I am a senior citizen in need of a helping hand from a person like you. I am prepared to share with you my earnings, bu initial help has to be unilateral. Thanking you

  • carlvic says:

    The gist of the article as I see it is to advise people(like me) to pause and see where they are with their internet business. Is it a drain on their resources, and if so can the situation be corrected quickly? Was it built on sound(old fashioned) foundations?

    It is a timely reminder to get back to some of the basics

  • Mae says:

    Dear Marlon,

    I am not worried a "twit" about selling me product. I know, when I make it, it will sell. I have friends that will by the product when I am ready to sell it. WHAT I NEED TO KNOW is…HOW do I set up the accounting? The tax reporting? the everything you gotta do because you sold something. THATS WHAT I DO NOT KNOW……I know some but I am not solid on it and scared to %^*&^*^&* about that….

    [Hi Mae, OK fair enough. That is an important issue.]

  • Gary says:

    Great article Marlon. Sometimes it is easy to become overwhelmed and get distracted from all the things involved in marketing. The "Old School Method" is tried and true. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Lisa says:

    I don't much cotton to folks talkin' in print like some redneck would if ya met 'em in the flesh, it kinda annoys the bejesus outta me and is just as much of a gosh-darned affectation as if you were to pretend you talked like the Queen of England. Educated folks actin' like they caint talk write or never lairnt spellin' or grammer jest sound fishy to me, I don't trust 'em.

    T'would be a darn shame if a person who wuz actually smart and sincere blew it by communicatin' in some faux-dumb cornpone way. In my humble opinion, yer style is overidin' yer substance like a blonde wig on a mule.

    [Lisa, you're funny.]

  • Dave Mumme says:

    It's plain and simple… find a market with money to spend, find out what they want and give it to them…well, okay, sell it to them.

    Way too many of us starting out think that everything has to be perfect, it doesn't have to be, that's why you have version 2, 2.1 etc. The thing is that you need to get your product out there and make money so you can keep improving.

    You reap what you sow, if you never make the effort to make money, you ain't ever gonna make any. So get off your rear and do something to make your life something.

    When I take off from my work, my bottom line suffers. So will yours, that's the way it works, but once you make it, you have the knowledge to make it over and over.

    Good stuff Marlon, keep up the good stuff!


  • dale says:

    somewhat woke me up thanks

  • I get the point. You hit the nail on the head with this article. It does seem that even the people that are supposed to be helping you sell your products are trying to reach deeper into your pocket to do so.

    Thanks for the wake up call.

    Bright Blessings


    [That's not bad in that if they can't sell, they can't help you. But there IS a position of balance….and are they REALLY helping you? Or are they just taking your money? But more importantly, are YOU buying and taking action and selling, THEN learning more? Or just buying and buying and buying? It's more about what you do than what marketers do.]

  • Brad West says:

    Thanks for the post Marlon.

    There is a ton of information links up the wazoo I guess I have done this too long. I know there are a lot of people out there that all this is new and should be important to them, Great stuff. Taking action is another story. for me I am looking for something different that is why I have read so much it is all becoming redundant.

    I have actually put myself in a little different position and am having a bit of a challenge with it. Don't actually know what to do about it at this point. Still working day and night to figure it out.

    Any one especially newer people should never pass this stuff up. This post contains some of the best solid information you will ever find.

    Thanks Again.

    Brad West ~ onomoney

    [Brad, if you're on my Ateam thing, hop on a call and we can chat.]

  • Hi Marlon,

    Great article (as usual) – thanks.

    I also would like to comment on what you said, "Other marketers ONLY send you good content during their product launch. I’m with you every week, motivating, inspiring, educating." – for those who is "fresh" on your list.

    I have been on your list for almost 9 years now and really enjoy each and every email from you. There is always something to learn and/or think about.

    Thank you for being such a great teacher.

  • Jim says:

    Marlon, in the recent past I wrote to you here & still cannot find where it went. I am retired & a newbie at all this internet marketing stuff. Some I understand & some not. Above lets us take an article & re-do it. ???? What article, where is it & how do we change it to our own? Thanks.

    Where do I find the comments people write?


    [Jim just click on COMMENTS below the articles to read comments. I'll try to talk about article marketing sometime.]

  • Eric says:

    Thanks Marlon for such great content and at zero cost. No other marketer does this.

    I must say that the very first Internet marketing seminar I ever attended was in London,September 2007, hosted by Frank Garon, and the very first speaker was Marlon Sanders. When he started to speak, I thought to myself – did I make a mistake coming here, but as I listened I knew this was the business to be in. Marlon always delivers great content.

    Okay, I have rambled on enough – Thank you Marlon – you are the best in the business.

  • Stephen says:


    You're really dating yourself — Hubert came out with that book in the 1070s.

    I was living in NY at the time and saw his small ad, so I ordered it too. Still have it to this day — came across it just last week — copyright 1973.

    I always believed that he decided to jump in with his own book just after Joe Karbo launched "Lazy Man's Way to Riches" which came out just before that and was a raging success.

    Torrey was a good teacher. in many ways better than Buchanan.

    [Hey Stephen, like I said…old school man. I'm surprised anyone else remembers the H.K. Simon book. It was never a huge seller. I just happened to like it. I spoke to him once on the phone."

    Thanks for bringing back the memories, plus for your current analysis.

    Much more success, Steve

  • Carolyn says:

    Hi Marlon

    Yes, you hit the nail upon the head.

    In one of your future posts, I would like to know how I can actually TEST or PROVE that people are spending money.

    You take about finding markets where people are spending money. I can't see that so easily as you. So I would like to learn more in that direction.


    Despite my words above, I do appreciate your emails and experience.

    à bientôt


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