One Product Booming Right Now!

One Product Booming Right Now!




One Product Booming Right Now And 7 Steps To Add
This Twist To Your Business Today!


Marlon Sanders here.

With all the "doom-and-gloom" being thrown at us
from the squawk box, you'd think we might as well
go out and eat weeds.

But one business is booming right now and it holds
a KEY for you to boom your sales also.

The psychic business.

There have been a number of articles published on
news sites such as msnbc about how the psychic business
is booming right now.

My local news station even put out a blurb on it.

How To Boom Your Business Right Now By Adding A
Psychic Spin To It

I remember WAY back when I was learning this business.

I did some telemarketing for Jay Abraham's office.
Those weren't the best of times either. And they told
me people wanted to SAVE money more than make it.

So people want to SAVE money.  Help them cut expenses.
Help them save.

People want ADVICE!  And they're willing to pay to get

Now, I ask you.  What he heck business do you think
we're in?  We're in the advice business. We give people
advice on all kinds of topics for money.

We hold hands and get paid for it.

Now, if I could only get that hot babe down at the mall
to pay me …

It's a joke!

OK.  So anyway, people want REASSURANCE right now.  They
want advice. They want to know the future and how to
respond to it.

This is something we can do.

I want to return to my theme from Saturday's ezine
article:  You either go out and eat weeds, you dry up,
you get paralyzed and do nothing….

Or you go on the offensive.  If you've been waiting for
something to motivate you to light a fire under the seat of
your pants so you'd get out of the paralysis of analysis
and do something — this would be it!


Do you need a BIG TICKET info product to sell? 
Those $1,000 sales sure come in handy.  My Action Grid
will walk you through what to do and how to do it.

Listen up:  I've been in this business since 1978 (part time).
Beeing full time since 1996 or so.  And the thing I can tell
you is the way you get cash IN the door is to create and
sell products.

My Advice For Adding A Psychic Spin To Your Business

Here are a few steps I advise you to take:

1.  If you don't offer personal consultations, consider
adding that to your mix.

Did you know psychics are even doing psychic readings and
sending them out on CD around the world?  It's true!

2.  Step up your personal advice to your customers based
on your experience in whatever it is you do.

Any experience you can offer scores points.

3.  Be aggressive about new product generation

I advise you to DOUBLE the number of new products you
release in 2009.

4.  Give your customers regular content

Ezines are back.  Daily, weekly, sporadically.  My
customers love mine. And if you write a good one, yours
will too.

As you know, the vogue among marketers is to only provide
content during a product launch.  My advice is to do it
regularly and consistently to cultivate your relationship
with your customers.

PROOF:  When Agora publishing moved from only doing direct
mail to sending out ezines to customers, they increased the
lifetime value of customers 5X!

I make nothing for recommending it. But if you haven't read
Ready, Fire, Aim by Michael Masterson, I can't recommend it
too highly. If you're in the U.S., it's a the bookstores.

If you're in UK, Singapore, Japan, Australia or elsewhere,
I imagine you have to do the Amazon thing.

But it's worth it.

5.  Help your customers navigate through troubled waters.

These are challenging times.

But if you communicate with your customers, if you provide
solid advice, if you're aggressive about new product releases,
you'll weather this storm fine.

6.  Show your people how to SAVE money.

Remember the lesson I learned from doing a bit of telemarketing
for Jay Abraham in the old days.

How can you help your people save money?

7.  Set a goal to make this your best year EVER! 

You can't get motivated with survival as a goal.  Plan out your
MONTHLY goals right now to release new products and promote them.

Plan out your ezine issues now.

Set a goal to make this the best year ever.

8.  Republish this article on your blog and spread it around via
Twitter and Facebook.

There's enough negative news out there. Let's get some positives

Join up at: and you can also give
away "The Best Of Marlon Sanders" ebook.  Your customers will love


It's time to get the lead out, communicate with your customers,
create and release innovative new products.

People want advice.

Follow my 6 tips above and your business will boom in 2009.
In fact, I suggest you make it your goal to have your best year
ever in 2009.

Marlon Sanders is the author of "The Amazing Formula That
Sells Products Like Crazy."

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