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Peek inside a million dollars a month Internet Marketing sales machine:  Find out how to look like a marketing wizard by breaking down the financial aspects of darned near any business at lightning speed


Marlon here.

The new issue of Marlon's Marketing Minute is ready for your download.  This issue tells you how to put together an Internet marketing sales machine.

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This past week someone asked on the support desk if I had updated Amazing Formula.  My response was that it hadn’t gone out of date so I didn’t feel compelled to update it.

The personal couldn’t believe that I don’t think. And I understand it. So it reminded me I haven’t done a proper job of educating you about what the Amazing Formula really IS and MEANS.Most people, even those who own it, don’t REALLY get it.

You can analyze and break down ANY BUSINESS very, very quickly using the Amazing Formula when you really understand it. Most people don’t realize there is a SEQUENCE to the Amazing Formula:


Download the full Million Dollars a Month Sales Machine issue here.  It includes SCREEN CAPS of the actual SALES LEAD MACHINE and much more.  You're gonna feel like a marketing wizard by the time you read this.  Please like, comment and share if you like my freebie PDF.

Best wishes,



PS:  Leave your COMMENTS below!  I do read them and do listen.



PPS:  The BASE or CORE of your Internet marketing sales machine is your autoresponder and ecommerce setup.  When you're starting out, you can save a small fortune and a lot of hassle by having everything rolled into ONE system.  I've helped many people get STARTED with this autoresponder service.  Check out a free trial today.

  • Hal Paddock says:


    You hit it out of the park yet again. This could actually be a product itself(I’ve seen prods with less info and content). Definitely a good freebie lead generator(I will be using it). I already have your AF, but like so many others I have failed miserably to implement it’s value, even though I truly believe in it’s merits.

    Thanks again for keeping ahead of the curve.


  • Robin Lee says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I remember reading about this model awhile ago (not sure exactly when cuz Internet Marketing time seems like it runs in dog years) – and I got it then. However I wasn’t quite ready to put it into practice and sort of forgot about it.
    Time goes by and my business is in a totally different space now. I’ll be putting the system into place .. and will work the system.

    Thank you for the reminder!


  • Wanda Welch says:

    Marlon Thanks for a peek inside of your Million Dollars a Month Sales machine.
    It is a well tooled and meticulously designed machine. Simply an Amazing Formula.

    What resonates with me is the timeless relevance of your formula.

    Starting with the HTM …As you said a Well Defined Market. One Problem – One Solution?
    Get inside that community, know what they want and speak their language. Come from where they are now. Give them something of value.

    Step two makes perfect sense. To reach your market the message has to be in the way they communicate whether online or off.

    Step three….without fresh and consistent leads you don’t really have a business. Be flexible and change with the times, not the message but the method. Don’t try to fix what isn’t broken. You may have used it for years but a prospect is seeing it for maybe the first time.

    With Step four you should have a great ROI if you have targeted your market and message tightly. Your
    message should speak to one person individually.

    Step five how could anyone miss Message to Market match. If you target one solution to one problem to one market you have nailed what they want or need. Golfers don’t want a new tennis racket. You won’t lose customers by being well defined you will find your perfect customer for that offer.

    Last but not least it costs less to sell to existing customers than to acquire new ones. Your list is your best business asset.

    That is what I gleaned from your formula…I would love to see the Formula in its entirety from a truly Legendary Marketer.

  • Jerry Kuzma says:



    Marlon, Marlon, Marlon…

    I am going to leave a great review of your ezine, but not the way that you expect.

    You see, I have determined that YOU are my Hungry Target Market (HTM) in my pursuit of a copy of AF…and I am using the Targeted Media (TM) of your blog comments on your WebSite Marketing System (WSMS) to reach you.

    You have a need, a burning desire–not to simply give away a free copy, but to promote AF to a raving group of fans….and I want to help you to do that with this pithy comment post.

    “Readers, AF is brilliant. Marlon’s latest ezine demonstrates that. You should get your own copy TODAY!”

    Now Marlon, as you read this portion of my Killer Sales Machine (KSM) to convince you to send me that free copy, I want you to know that I love the simplicity and methodical approach that you take in getting prospects from A to Z, just as this post is right now. And, when others read how easy it is to follow your system, they will take interest and click on the link to your own sales page, so that they can buy a copy for themselves.

    So ease your pain and choose this post (my Hot Product Offer) as your top pick…hurry, as the offer ends at MIDNIGHT tonight. In exchange, I will gladly refer others to your product on an ongoing basis (which is my Backend Offer to you….)

    Of course, you are protected by my 30-day, no questions asked money back guarantee……but since you aren’t spending any money, you will not need it.

    So go ahead and pick this post, and I will see you on the other side.

    P.S. Remember, you have until Midnight tonight, Monday 03 March 2014, so don’t delay. Pick this post right away.

    (All in good fun,
    Jerry Kuzma,
    N Ireland 🙂



  • I really enjoyed this issue of marlonsnews. I really took to heart the point being made about your business not getting enough leads, or your sales machine not working. If you have found a hungry market and your product/service is fulfilling their need or want, it is the only thing left. Customers today are expecting the news and solutions to their needs to find them, thus our website marketing system is vital.

    I also like the focus on a back end repeat cycle. I am not sure if this is totally what you meant, but we should not only repeat to gain new customers, but also stay in touch with our existing customer database to build a lasting relationship, and for future sales. Selling to an already satisfied customer is probably the easiest sale that can be made.

    One very important thing that was left out is how people/customers want to feel appreciated. Something as simple as telling a customer “Thank You” can go a long way.

    Thanks for your time and consideration.

  • mike says:

    Clear, concise – and Marlon doesn’t waste your time!

  • Eric Mulford says:


    I completely agree with Jana above. I’ve been following you for several years. This is exactly what I coach my clients to do in the offline world. I’m moving more and more clients to the online arena. I will be doing exactly what I’ve been doing offline for years. I’m immediately going to put these things into practice in my own business as we transition to a web site marketing machine!

  • Brian Taylor says:

    A wonderful piece of work, intelligent, insightful and based on what systems and processes actually work. I’ve got to say you have a great natural style to how you give advise.

    I’ve always believed that if you don’t ask for the order, you never get it. So here goes:

    Can I have a copy of the Amazing formula please Marlin, Fair Enough?

  • Hugh says:

    Only one thing missing …

    An excellent metaphor or model — it’s like one of those fountains that has water pouring from the highest dish, down into the next dish, down into the next dish, until it reaches the bottom.

    The raw material (water, or prospects) gets “selected in” or “selected out” as there is a transition from dish to dish. And however much reaches the bottom is however much the fountain (or the business model) “produces.”

    Marlon does an excellent job of looking at the collection of dishes, to see that it is a “complete set” and that there is a logical connection between one and the next, with no necessary dish missing.

    The next step is to analyze each dish to see how much water (or how many prospects) it is successfully passing to the next dish — the conversion rate of each dish. Now there is a metric that can be managed, so as to tune up and maximize the conversion rate of each dish. Especially the earlier dishes, where an increased conversion of just one percent can reap huge rewards in the output of the whole system.

    What is missing though, if you stop there, is how much water (or how many prospects) are falling OUT OF the system, and figuring out why. And what to do about it.

    If Marlon were to have a separate project of analyzing all the “lost” prospects at each dish or conversion point, and finding out how to PULL SOME OF THEM BACK INTO the system, think how much healthier the outflow at the bottom of the system could be made.

    It’s often said that the easiest prospect to sell something to is the person who just bought something from you. And it’s true.

    What’s also true though, is that the next easiest person to get actionable information from — that can help you sell even better — is the person who just said “no” and fell out of the system. Leaving these spilled on the floor instead of having a program to address them and learn how to keep others like them in the system, is what Marlon is missing.

  • Jana Beeman says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I’ve been following you for ages, own some of your great products and always read what you send out. It’s succinct, clear, and purpose-driven, which is a great relief when most of the internet marketing world sends out fluff.

    Your report mirrors my own marketing process as a business coach, but in a more web-based way. I’m just thinking through the parallels here, which hopefully might help others see where they do have more in place than they think they do. (Or where they may think your process doesn’t apply, but does!)

    Of course all marketing needs a strong target market and the ability to decipher what they want to buy vs what business owners think their potential customer needs.

    Where you talk about lead generation, I focus on real-world connections. Our ‘bumpy mailers’ and web banners are most likely networking meetings, speaking and directly connecting with people in our target market. Of course there is an online component to this as well, through email marketing, social media, blogging, videos… all of those are part of the process.

    In my business, that marketing system consists of people who will share my events and products, and constantly finding new strategic alliance partners to trade direct leads with. Feeding those connections regularly is essential so you stay on their radar, much as getting new info out in front of affiliates keeps them moving forward. Using a great free kit that leads into a newsletter series is part of that, and in wellness-related businesses which are my main target market, I see a lot of business owners falling down in that area. Too much to do, to little help, overwhelm, shiny objects – all the bugaboos in these kinds of businesses create irratic attempts at keeping in touch with their markets.

    I think knowing your numbers is key for any business, and many heart-centered entrepreneurs fail in this area, because it just feels too linear. But when you can really decide what you need to make, how much you charge per client, divide that out to find your number of clients, then figure out your conversion rate and that tells you how many people you need to talk to. The details may be different depending on how your business is structured, but the basics are the same. If you know you need to have 10 1-1 conversations to get 8 clients, then you can figure out how many people you need to reach out to to get those conversations, which allows you to plan how to do that every week.

    The hot service offer is those 1-1 conversations in my industry, and mastering how to have them so that most of the people you present programs to say yes and sign up is a critical way of reducing the number of marketing hours per week.

    The back end repeat cycle is the way you can offer specialized trainings to current clients, or you can have ‘maintenance’ programs set up so that once they complete their coaching or package of sessions, there is a way to help them continue to keep up the processes and extend their success. If you’re good at what you do, getting them to sign up for a maintenance program is easy. And I always want to find new an innovative ways to have clients share their success and excitement with others and get that great referral.

    Service and heart-centered business owners sometimes think that all they have to do is hang their shingle and people will be busting down their door, but that doesn’t happen in a sustainable way. They may get a few clients here and there, but not enough to maintain income and stability. There has to be a process in place that is effective, measurable and repeatable, and the key thing I see over and over is that many businesses fall down in the area of consistency.

    I love the way you express everything in such a clean and concise way. Everything is a process that, while in each business may look a bit different, achieves a specific outcome, and all the steps really have to be in place to have a successful business.

    I’ve grown my own business this way, to a large extent based on what I’ve learned from you over the past decade or more, and I do not ever expect to stop learning from others.

    I so appreciate what you share, and get a kick out of the tough love that goes into it. We all need that – need to walk away from the shiny objects and focus on the processes that work.

    Thanks again, Marlon, for all that you do. It is highly appreciated,
    Jana Beeman

  • Thanks, Marlon.

    I’ve been on your email list for a long time, but something about your challenge to download, read, and comment really engaged me this time. Thank you. (I know, when the student is ready….)

    My first favorite insight was from that screenshot of the many-year-old paper questionnaire and your comment later in the piece about how much detailed knowledge of the target market such a customer survey would give to put the marketer–how it would put him or her deep into the wants and needs of the target market. It was eye-opening to me that you’ve been teaching this for years and yet people still haven’t heard it, or heard it and forgotten it, or heard it and remembered it but not applied it.

    My other favorite insight was that we marketers contact FAR TOO FEW of our target market on a regular basis with a complete system in place and then wonder why our efforts result in such slim results.

    I would love to know more about the Amazing Formula! Thanks for your generosity in sharing this PDF with us.

  • Norm says:


    You’re Always Dynamic Evergreen intentional Success !!!



  • Jimmy Cook says:

    Hey Marlon,

    I own the Amazing Formula and, frankly, it’s a successful blueprint for any marketing structure.
    Get the book and quit chasing the shiny objects – let the ravens do that.

    Oh, by the way, will we be seeing a resurrection of Stickman and r. mouse soon? Any new characters?

  • Britt Malka says:

    Marlon, your “Amazing Formula” was the second eBook I ever bought. My first was “Seven Day eBook” and the author then promoted your eBook. I bought it – and received it a week or so later as an exe-file on a CD, LOL 😀

    I got an updated version in 2006. Is that the latest version?

    When we got the first version, we printed it out and read it (my husband and I), and then we implemented one of the things immediately.

    That made us thousands of dollars over the weekend.

    I’ll have to read it again, because you’re right. Most people don’t get all of it. It’s only recently that I’ve began to think over what you said already back then was your main source of traffic.

    Oh, yes, you were right about that!

  • Pamela says:

    Thank you Mr. Sanders for sharing your expertise. I enjoyed the simplicity in the way you broke down the target market terms for your product Amazing Formula.

    The sharing of your content helped me to understand the importance of knowing your target market, and that if I wish to become a successful internet marketer, I must follow the advise of someone like yourself who has already been there and done that.

    Currently, I am focusing on following and completing the steps indicated in PromoDashBoard. I have also read your e-book “The Best Of Marlon Sanders,” another of your good works which also shares informative information that I am now implementing into my business module.

    A newbie at internet marketing, I would benefit from having a product such as the Amazing Formula. I realize that learning marketing principals and terms are the keys to business success.

  • Blase says:

    I got an email this morning regarding very few comments about the last PDF. The prize was a copy of AF. I was wondering if there were so few comments because as you said Marlon, the whole world owns it. 😉

  • Alan Kirk says:

    Hi Marlon,
    I dont expect to win..I have some of your products and enjoy reading your copy.
    One of the things that I think is also relevant is enthusiasm which you have and is definately contagious.
    You can multiply enthusiasm but not subtract it.

  • Marlon,

    While most marketers… well most small business people for that matter are generally “Fly By The Seat Of Your Pants” types, YOU are a strategic professional.

    I fancy myself as this type of business person. It is refreshing to see that there are minds like yours willing to put out there a legitimate formula that can guide just about anybody to success in marketing.

    Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of business people out there that unlocked their front door (opened up their website or set-up shop) and from day one had more business than they could handle from day one. BUT this is not typical AND generally not sustainable.

    For me it is more about the sustainability of the process that is used than the short trm success of one product, program or promotion. When I use a proven TESTED formula I know that if industry, marketplace or consumer changes should affect the profitability of my offering, I can move to a new industry, product or niche and APPLY my formula and my chances of success are high.

    You are truly an asset to Entrepreneurs everywhere. Your products and programs make it easy for anyone to grow into a professional and build a long term SUSTAINABLE business.

    Thanks Marlon!

  • Alan McLernon says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Your newsletter was the start of me finally “getting it”. After 18 months of jumping from one thing to another I had full blown Shiny Object Syndrome. It was the issue with T L O, Target List Offer that set me on the right track.

    Before that I thought I could be an Internet Marketer without knowing the first thing about marketing. Crazy or what?

    Since then I have been devouring everything I can get hold of by the masters of direct response marketing, yourself included of course.

    Although I don’t have the 5 steps in place (yet) at least I now know what they are thanks to you.



  • Kahlil says:


    As I read through this ezine, here is what my take aways were:

    1. Define who your target audience is. (Ideal client)
    2. Develop sales & marketing copy and distribute it minimum via 2 channels to be effective.
    3. Create incentive based lead capture web sites to keep sales funnel full
    4. Create a system that is able to track results & measure ROI
    5. As technology emerges enhance and tweak the system to prevent a decline in sales.
    6. When you know your prospect better then they know themselves, you can now continously create product and services that are going buy from you and will keep you ahead of your competition because you know what your clients hot buying buttons are.
    7. Wash, rinse, repeat until broken, then tweak & repeat process again as necessary.

  • Stephen says:

    Hi Marlon

    I lik e the way you enplain the steps, clear and simple.

    I have read so many versions of the marketing ‘how to’ story.

    Most say there are very few steps and each is a breeze… if you know what to do and how to do it.

    So, I have tried several of them, and spent enough money to make my wife shout at me.

    The fewer the steps, the more each has sometimes dozens of sub-steps – in the right order of course – and all up it amounts to 20-50 actual steps.

    And, the one true story that gets promoted at the ‘you can do it too’ story, is often about some hand-picked person who was given all manner of support and direction and guidance and more.

    So, when the average person says ‘I reckon I could do that…’, they can’t or don’t.

    My guess, from the many stories I have seen, and from my own experience, is that the steps aren’t really that simple: the person who designed or made it work originally was hugely motivated, had persistence in spades, let their relationships wither in pursuit of the dream… and they made it. And somehow that translates into ‘Hey, anyone can do this… just pay here.

    The motivation goes real high for a while, the mental decks get cleared and away we go… until the inevitable ‘please help me’ stuff comes along. And the help desk is slow or useless, the how-to stuff is not written by natural teachers and so doesn’t connect or convey very much, and it becomes another one of those ‘I tried but IT didn’t work (read I didn’t know how to make it work)’

    I saw John Reese and Frank Kern interviewing interviewing Tony Robbins… and they both admitted that even with their top-end coaching courses, approx 95% of clients did nothing or next to nothing with it. The problem is simple: Reese and Kern were great marketers but useless teachers.

    And I’b hazard a guess that the numbers are much the same for most marketers. I may be wrong, but they sell to enthusiasm but that’s about all.

    So, if you’re going to teach me to fish, Marlon, would you please take a moment to share how you might teach me, and it’d have to start with mindset and seeing the landscape clearly from the outset: no make-believe and no simplistic ideas which ultimately don’t serve the purpose of making me or anyone else into a marketer who 1) knows what to do and in what order, 2) knows how to do it and connect the dots in in their mind and in practice, and the ultimate test IMO 3) can teach others to do the same things and make a success of it.

    I don’t ask to provoke you because I have seen your name and products around for quite some time… so I believe you have what it takes.

    I ask to suss out your ability to convey ideas suffiently well to enable and equip someone with lots of enthusiasm, and experience and stickability… and who has paid $x0k to various marketers – some brilliant, some ok, some full of themselves, some downright dishonest thieves.

    I also ask because I have a huge need to prove to my wife that this ‘internet marketing thing’ actually works. I believe it does. She doesn’t. And I owe her some $ which I’d love to pay back out of some genuine profits. Not being able to… yet, really hurts. And it really bugs her.

    I’m also writing because I hear and see a lot of disenchanted folk out there who really need a hand to get ahead in pursuit of their online dreams. If you teach me well then I’d like to think I can help others.

    Thanks for listening 🙂

    God bless


  • Ray Posner says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Thanks for the reminder. I have largely been giving my emails a lot less attention and focussing more on things that will give me results so I had not got to your original message.

    I have now read the PDF and it’s a timely reminder of what I already knew but am not implementing.

    It’s now printed out to be read and acted on daily.

    Thanks for the download

    Warm Regards


  • Rick Daniel says:

    Hello Marlon,

    I have followed your advice for years and own (and use) most of your products.

    Hundreds of marketers have come and gone and I have been on many many lists.

    Every few months I go through the subscriptions I belong to and remove my name from probably 99% of them. I have never even considered unsubscribing from yours.

    Why? Maybe it’s because I am afraid of missing out on the best training and advice online? I don’t know but am not willing to take the chance. With so much “fine marketing” going on the real gems and powerful basics can get lost in the heap of hype.

    It has been my experience that you deliver the strategies that represent the core principles for running a true business, whether it is online, offline or a combination of both. For me, the internet is one tool to use for providing value to the market place. It is not an ATM machine, like some would want us to believe, although when done right, our offers can pull in massive amounts of revenue.

    My God I love that term. Revenue. Sounds classic.

    I appreciate the products and information you provide. Solid training, exciting enough to keep one’s interest (the stories you tell) and no BS.

    Perhaps when people who have been struggling with “making money online” recognize that it requires both the excitement of the sale and lot of tedious, sort of dull work, they might find themselves with a check every now and then instead of yet another “You’ve Sent a Payment” email from you know who.

    Thanks again for the great stuff.

    Rick Daniel

  • Rick Daniel says:

    Hello Marlon,

    I have followed your advice for years and own (and use) most of your products.

    Hundreds of marketers have come and gone and I have been on many many lists.

    Every few months I go through the subscriptions I belong to and remove my name from probably 99% of them. I have never even considered unsubscribing from yours.

    Why? Maybe it’s because I am afraid of missing out on the best training and advice online? I don’t know but am not willing to take the chance. With so much “fine marketing” going on the real gems and powerful basics can get lost in the heap of hype.

    It has been my experience that you deliver the strategies that represent the core principles for running a true business, whether it is online, offline or a combination of both. For me, the internet is one tool to use for providing value to the market place. It is not an ATM machine, like some would want us to believe, although when done right, our offers can pull in massive amounts of revenue.

    My God I love that term. Revenue. Sounds classic.

    I appreciate the products and information you provide. Solid training, exciting enough to keep one’s interest (the stories you tell) and no BS.

    Perhaps when people who have been struggling with “making money online” recognize that it requires both the excitement of the sale and lot of tedious, sort of dull work, they might find themselves with a check every now and then instead of yet another “You’ve Sent a Payment” email from you know who.

    Thanks again for the great stuff.

    Rick Daniel

    By the way, did you read the copy on the ?

    Seems unlike you to allow so many writing errors. Or is that part of the new trend where spelling and grammar are not as important as speed to market. Maybe I spend too much time getting things just so. I will seriously have to consider that.

    Peace my friend.

  • Hi Marlon,
    Thanks for this excellent newsletter – it’s really a complete blueprint for running a successful online business – and how to trouble-shoot it if something is amiss.

    Great tip about having at least two ways to generate the leads -(WSMS). And I love the Life Study Fellowship questionnaire and your comments. Great marketing example!

    Definitely inspires me to ask some more questions – and I’m just working on putting a “questions” plugin I just purchased to good use and gather up a whole bunch of much more targeted leads!

  • Shelley Luzaich says:

    Marlon, your systems work because you rely on building a business with evergreen foundations. There are certain things that work consistently whether you’re marketing to a dentist or a dog trainer and you nailed it on the head. Stick to a reliable process. Don’t rely on one media to bring home the bacon. Keep doing that process. Lather, rinse, repeat. It’s in the constant repetition that you’ll see growth.

  • Marlon, how long ago did you write Amazing Formula? Maybe ten years ago?

    How long ago did Claude Hopkins write Scientific Advertising? Nearly 100 years go?

    Has anyone updated SciAdv, or felt the need to do so? All of the best of the best in marketing and advertising still refer to Scientific Advertising on a regular basis. Some things never change, never need updating. SciAdv is deemed just a true and valuable today as it was when first published; and because the formula has not changed, Amazing Formula doesn’t need updating.

    Some years ago I lost my copy of AF when my computer crashed (I should have backed up) but I still have a very dog-eared and water stained printed copy. But, in poor condition as it is, it is still one of my most valuable publications.

  • Dave Rotten says:

    This is what I think about this business it is full of horse crap that has been reattached and resold into the market again. That is what I believe it is an unstick it till it will develop all see gorillas and chimpanzees playing around here with my buds. It sickens what about the Kitty cats chasing the mice sounds like a pretty great a party and orangutans in the bananas without the orangutans and adult dogs and all kinds of stuff. Okay, that is the rest of the story you have a good day

    • marlon says:


      I don’t really understand your comment. Other than I think you’re upset about something. Did you actually read my ezine issue?

  • Mark Roberts says:

    I have been following you for years now and I always love your brilliant insight. I have just started down another path of marketing and this pdf is going to help me out in how I will make more and more sales leading up to a million dollars a month.

    Thanks Marlon

  • Pat says:

    What can I say? I come back to Marlon’s products on internet marketing time and time again. They’re classic and everlasting. Just plain good info.
    So here’s to another Amazing product.

  • Melody says:

    What I love about your plan is how it retains focus. There are so many business “best practices” that it’s easy to wander off track. You can expand your target market until it’s all over the place or start marketing, marketing, marketing without focusing on lead generation. I also see a lot of people who focus too much on leads, then like a dog chasing a car they don’t know what to do with one when they catch it. 😉

    A solid plan can not only help us retain focus, but also gives us a place to come home to when we do go off track, as opposed to finding yourself in the middle of nowhere with a broken compass. You’re that guy who points to the right path so we can get where we want to go.

  • Allan says:

    Today I learnt something that will change my life.

    HTM > TM > WSMS > KSL / KSM > HPO > BERC

    Marlon Sanders formula is one of the best ways to “make it” in the Internet Marketing arena and I have now started changing my entire marketing focus to utilize the strength of Marlon’s formula.

    Stick with what works.

  • Bill Davis says:

    I like systems, Marlon. You boiled down the entire sales and marketing process down into a repeatable system. LOVE IT!!!

  • I think this is a key point – your perception of your product is not the same as your potential customer’s view.

    “What I find out is many very successful direct response marketers GET BORED with their WSMS and KSM. So they quit running it, TINKER with it, change it.”

    To your prospect (who just bought a puppy):
    a year ago: your EVERYTHING was just noise
    today: training that puppy is the most important thing in the world
    a year from now: everything with the dog is routine

    You might be bored because you’ve been living in that “a year from now” world for years (to you agility competions are exciting or maybe you’re caring for an aging dog) — but your prospect is in TODAY and everything about puppy training is exciting.

  • Mark says:

    You know after reading the current Marketing Minute I’m not sure why anyone even need the Amazing Formula (I’m kidding somewhat) but hell, read the Marketing Minute and you’ll have the foundation for creating a great (and sustainable) online business. As a matter of fact if the internet went away tomorrow some of this advice would apply to any business, in any place, at any time. It’s truly evergreen and powerful! So go read the thing and get started!

  • Jack Zenert says:

    The Five Step Success System

    You decide which road to take.
    You can follow the five steps . .
    or you can continue on doing what you have always done.

    Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference.

  • Jack says:

    5 step success system.
    You decide which road to take – follow the five steps – or continue on doing what you have always done.

    Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference.

  • Lead gen is the lifeblood of any business. Without new suspects becoming prospects we cannot continue to grow.

    The key in your formula is always working on the weakest link. Always have a test to a smaller segment running to see if you can beat your control. That is one way a business owner can keep things fresh without losing their shirt.

    Keep the winner running until something beats it. Then go find another test to run.

    Great insight as always.

  • Chris Elliott says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Loved the issue. Gives an excellent breakdown of the operation of an online business/sales funnel without taking 300 pages to grasp. You’ve been teaching this stuff via your quirky (and easy to understand) acronyms for a long, long time.

    Keep it up brother!
    Chris Elliott

  • Your brilliance has never shone brighter, Marlon! Last week I resurrected a webinar I did a couple of years back with Lon Naylor on using Camtasia for video marketing and sent out a solo for it. I admit to being surprised to find the response, and comments, were just as positive as when it was first released…

    I wish I’d read this back in 2010 though. When I launched my coaching program I stopped pushing my lead generation, since I was filling the spots through word-of-mouth and speaking gigs. The net results? Once I shut down my coaching (too time intensive), it was like starting all over again since I had few fresh leads in my system. You couldn’t be more right about marketers getting bored by what they’ve been doing and stopping or modifying their lead generation for no good reason.

    Thanks again for this timely reminder, Marlon – hopefully people will take your advice to heart and stick with what works while adding in new aspects. Many have tried to bring out their own version of your Formula and dashboards but none have the success track records yours do because they all miss the most important point – YOUR experience and wisdom. Keep it up – your insights are ALWAYS timely & relevant, just like your products!

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