People Call Me An OG of OG’s But I Still Buy Training Frequently. Here’s Why - Online and Info Product Marketing

People Call Me An OG of OG’s But I Still Buy Training Frequently. Here’s Why

People call me an OG of OG's.

One of the six horsemen of Internet marketing in the beginning.

But I still buy training and educate myself all the time. Pretty much non stop.


Surely I've been there and done that.

I see people brag about no longer “needing” to buy training or self education. Whatever works for them. But what I can share is WHY I do it.

I'm always learning.

I believe strongly in always learning.

Listen, unless you are God, and you aren't, you can know everything. I don't care how much you make or how much of a stud you are.

You need to stay INTELLECTUALLY live to be in the info product and coaching business.

Now, if you're in some other business, maybe you can let your mind die. I don't think so. But NOT in this business. The business of creating, packaging and selling of information, wisdom and insights.

Your PASSION must stay alive. Who wants to buy from someone who is no longer intellectually or emotionally alive?

I mean, seriously.

I don't.

I buy from people who are ALIVE.

And I don't care if they're a newbie or the most advanced marketer in the world. I buy from both. Because unless you're overly arrogant, you realize that a newbie can discover a new angle or technique, just as you can.

I wouldn't model my own business after them. But on that ONE THING, they may know more than me. Or may have discovered an angle or a twist. Happens a LOT. Because they get excited about ONE THING and start experimenting and exploring and learning.


Here's a Recent Example

I do my best to ATTRIBUTE my resources.

Do you know how many people teach Frank Kern's original Escape Arrival framework and don't attribute it to Frank? A LOT.

They put it in their books. And people think they're a genius.

If you don't know Frank's Escape Arrival framework, it's simply a method of identifying milestones between point A where your customer is at. And point B where they want to end up. And it's the steps in between.

Well, anyway, out of respect for the Creators, I like to attribute where I learn things. And this allows my students to order their books and such should they want to deep dive on that topic. I don't try to be a “black box” and pretend I invented everything.

Funny thing is, when you actually DID invent something, people still doubt it.

I'm like, “No, actually, I WAS the first person to offer affiliate prizes and show a ranking of affiliates in a contest. Ask Mike Flisaime.”

Well, I digress.

The point is, recently, I've been studying a very ALIVE person intellectually named Katrina Ruth. I don't know if she still reads and learns from others. But I CAN tell you she's very alive in her business and keeps learning, sharing and messaging.

You can tell a person who has LOST their PASSION, and their learning rate, because their MESSAGING goes to hades in a handbasket.

They don't come up with new ideas anymore.

They ONLY teach the same things they did 5 or 10 years ago. You don't see NEW IDEAS coming into their understanding and vocabulary.

Their growth stopped at a point in time.

Don't be like that.

Stay intellectually alive.

This is the secret of how and why I'm SO PASSIONATE about this business after having been in it full time since 1997.

Here's Why This Is Important

In this business, you want product ideas.

Lots and lots of product ideas.

Yeah, I know.

The FIRST THING you'll hear is someone with a different model say, “Hey OG of OG's you don't need more products. I been evergreen. I don't create new products.”

Listen, I have dozens of evergreen products. I mean, I have products still sell that I created back in 1997 for goodness sakes.

But there's another model.

And that model is to BE A CREATOR.

This keeps you learning.

This keeps your passion alive.

Otherwise, you sit back and sell what you've been selling forever. And you don't grow. Eventually, your excitement wans and YOUR FIRE BURNS OUT.

How to Self Liquidate the Cost of Training You Buy.
Training Should NOT Cost You Money

A lot of people haven't learned this secret.

When you think about it, training shouldn't cost you money.

The key is this: Let it ignite new ideas in you that you can PRODUCTIZE and MONETIZE.

I'm NOT saying “steal from others” or regurgitate. Not at all.

You let trainings ignite your creativity. And you test things out. Try them out. Develop your own spin. Your own angle. Your own method.

You COMBINE the NEW with the OLD and the stable.

The things that have been working for you.

If your mind is FERTILE, new ideas will be popping out like POPCORN!

That's what you're looking for.

And you'll be experimenting, testing, trying new things. Not JUST the old ideas.

I love learning and the CREATIVE part of the business.

I love it when someone else comes up with a solution to something I've been struggling with or looking for a solution to.

I love it when someone else sets my brain on fire. And inspires me to new heights or visions of accomplishment.

Keep learning.

Keep creating new product ideas.

Keep your mind a fertile field for new ideas.

Fall in love with marketing and business.

Fall in love with what you do.