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People Who Make Fun of the Internet Lifestyle Have Never Lived It

Is the Internet lifestyle real or hype?

You know the people.

The ones who throw stones at the Internet lifestyle.

Who say it's a myth.

Who claim it's hype.

I dare say, the reason they say those things is they've NEVER LIVED IT. They've never had the lifestyle. With all due respect, I say that.

I'll tell you a few stories.

When my mum had Alzheimers, I was able to fly in to help out on a dime anytime I needed to. And I did. I had the money. I had the time. My business could make money while I was away.

THAT is the Internet lifestyle.

You don't put your “job” in a bind because you have to take off at a moment's notice.

When my dad was in his golden years and really struggling, he called me many times during the day wanting to know what his purpose in life was.

I took those calls.

I talked to my dad.

I did my best to comfort him.

I could've never done that with a “job.”

Or let's talk about right now, today.

My wonderful wife and the love of my life is from Philippines. Due to the pandemic and bad advice on her Visa, it has taken us 3 years to get her approved where she can get a driver's license, a job if she wants it and so forth.

So she's been stuck with me at home.

Thankfully, it's all resolved now. Thank God.

But for 3 years she has been home with me. And since she wasn't allowed to drive, I'd take her where she wanted to go, when she wanted to go there.

Because I didn't want her to feel trapped at home.

Who would.

So she has participated in cultural events for filipinos and many things.

ALL because I didn't have a “job.”

Yes, my business is my “job.” And stuff has to get done.

But I have flexibility.

There are days I work 10 hours. Well, there were when I was younger. I take naps now. My work days are leisurely.

My business allows me to be flexible. It doesn't mean I don't work. I do. Writing this blog every morning is “work,” although I enjoy it.

To me, if I enjoy or love doing it, it's not work.

Work is when you think you've been at work all day, you look at your watch, and you've been there an hour.

In online business, everyone has a “frame” they're selling. A point of view.

And it's extremely popular to trash concepts like the Internet lifestyle.

But I'm here to tell you it's real.

It exists.

If I really don't want to do a project, guess what?

I don't.

I find something I DO want to CREATE and LAUNCH.

But notice I said I CREATE and LAUNCH.

Some people think Internet business means you sit around and click a couple buttons once a day and you're done.



I CREATE and LAUNCH products for a living.

I build my list for a living.

I drum up an audience with interest in my ideas for a living.

That does NOT mean I don't do a lot of things or activities. Or what people who don't understand the term call “work.” (Again, to me if time flies when I'm doing it, it's NOT work.)

That does take time.

That does take passion.

That does take brains.

And on occasion like when something gets screwed up, it's work. Not often. But on occasion.

The point is, I do those things on MY TERMS.

Not someone else's terms.

And if I screw up, there's only person I have to blame.


No one else.

My results aren't dependent on anyone else other than me.

And that's the way I like it.

And that's the TRUE Internet lifestyle. And don't let anyone else tell you different.

They've probably never lived it.

They probably don't know.

I've been doing this full time since 1997 and have sold 70,000+ products. I KNOW the Internet lifestyle.