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Post And Get A Chance To Win 1 of 10 FREE Copies OF Promo Dashboard

picture of promo dashboard


Post to me the #1 thing you want to learn about how to Promote Your Products (OTHER than how to get traffic) and get a chance to win 1 of 10 FREE copies of Promo Dashboard in 2 different categories.

First, if you aren't sure WHAT the Promo Dashboard is about, watch this video:

You don't HAVE to watch to win.  But it's great free marketing info. And tells you the premise behind Promo Dashboard.

This podcast has more info. And incidentally, Promo Dashboard will show you how to PIMP out your
Podcasts like this one:

There are 3 things to understand about Promo Dashboard:


It is NOT about traffic. It picks up where traffic leaves off

In other words, once people hit your SQUEEZE page, this is what Promo Dashboard is about:

==> Getting people onto your email list

==> Creating a highly attractive freebie that will COMPEL people to join your email list

==> Exactly, specifically HOW to create screen capture videos, PDF's, courses and other “freebies” that will GET people to join your list.

==> Getting people to CONFIRM their email (very important)

==> Sending out email promos to those folks

==> Taking them FROM emails to podcasts, videos, PDF's and other tools to get 'em to BUY!

==> How do you REALLY get people to buy? I remove all the b.s. and “guru speak.” It ain't that complicated! I show you how you really do it.

==> I'm the ONE guy making things simple for you. Taking away the smoke and mirrors instead of creating endlessley complex charts, power points, systems. Sheez. No wonder you're confused and overwhelmed!

==> How to pimp out your PDF's, do the right lighting for videos, add cookie-based deadlines that vanish, add reflections to your PDF call-out qotes, get people on your list, troubleshoot.


I've sold millions of dollars online through my email promotions. I'll send you PROOF in a few days.

I've been making my full-time living online since before MOST folks and other teachers were even IN this business. Yeah, they may have been “online.” But were they selling? I can answer that.


Yesterday I saw a forum post by someone who was upset they bought ebooks that were thee same old, same old. The DIFFERENCE is:

1. This is A to Z, step-by-step with screen captures, and videos as needed.

2. I cover both basic AND advanced methods

3. You get killer stuff no one else is teaching like



a.  FREE Promo Dashboards will be given to the top 5 text entries on the blog.

b.  FREE Promo Dashboards will be given to the top 5 VIDEO entries uploaded to YouTube.

c.  My team — Santos, Danny, Sean, Tim and I will judge results.

d.  No purchase required. Chances of winning depend on the number of entries.  You can see the current number of entries on the blog.

e.  Winners will be announced on TUESDAY morning's email and also posted to the blog.  This will be posted no later than 12 p.m. EST.

f.  Deadline for entries

Deadline for entries is 2 p.m. Eastern Standard Time Monday, August 11.

g.  WHAT to POST:  Tell me #1 thing you want to learn about how to Promote Your Products (OTHER than how to get traffic).  This is NOT a product on how to get traffic.  I'm sick of the topic and you probably are to.  Promo Dashboard STARTS with the Name Squeeze. The contents are listed above.

h.  Void where prohibited

i.  Higher Response Marketing Inc. is sponsor of this promotion and may change the rules without notice, although this certainly isn't expected.

  • michael says:


    You Done it again !

    First you introduce Design Dashboard which let us build our website in Minutes,the best thing is even we don't have the techno know how we still manage to create a professional webpage with step by step tuturiols!

    Now with this Amazing Promo Dashboard we can create an enormous lists with a snap of finger & the beauty is we not only create a lists but a consumers lists! That's what Internet Marketeers thinks of ! I can't wait for the Launching of this Product,once again thanks for changing My Life & the rest members fellows,we appreciate your Help from the bottom of Our Heart!

    Once again I like to say,Marlon ,You Done it Again !

  • Tom says:

    I see in my mind where it is I want to go but don't have the tech skills to get there.

    I want to use Marlon's Promo Dashboard get a multi media site out front of people to trigger their emotional response. I want them to hear or see something and say …

    "Hell Yeah, I need that thing now or I'll wish I had it forever".

    I think those of us not quite the copywriters of Marlon's stature may be able to compensate for our lack of skills using other media.

    I need help creating a proper enticing offer. I want that paint by numbers instruction in PLAIN SPEAK to create an offer, video or podcast.

    I want this Promo Dashboard as a tool to help me be successful. Then I want to be a shameless testimonial testifier of the product, complete with picture and blanked out screenshots of my bank accounts ( from my Promo Dashboard ) on my affiliate site.

    Pick me you guys. I may have a million questions before it's over but I see a product there too. It'll all be good.

  • Victoria says:

    Hi Marlon

    Thanks for your response.

    Yes, I have also read or heard that each subscriber should at least generate $1 a month, so going by my list, I should be making at least $450 a month.

    regarding sending promo emails, how many will be enough? Some have advised to send 5, some say 7. some say 9 per product. Also, what frequency should the promo emails be sent?

    I will relook into my autoresponder messages and try to tweak them to target my list.


    [Victoria, frequency depends on whether or not it's a buyers list or a non-buyers list. There are 2 schools of thought and NO right or wrong answers. Some people email non buyers 1 or 2x a day and know they'll burn the list out in 2 weeks or so. Some people send 1 content email for every pitch and extend the life of the list. I prefer that approach. But yes, the first 2 weeks is when someone will pay most attention to you. So you need to email very frequently then.

    To customers, I send a weekly ezine to maintain high readership. You need to be a lot more conscious of sending customers value. But there are different schools of thought. Some people send emails for weekly teleseminars. Some send entertaining emails that also sell. Some send educational stuff. How many emails do you send?

    I've had friends who have 100+ autorepsonder email sequences to non buyers. Personally, I like to try to have a balance between pitches and content. However, realize that to a person in buying heat, they WANT pitches because they're in the buying mood.]

  • Victoria says:

    Hi Marlon

    Your video comes at the right time cos it addresses the very problem that I am facing.

    I am building a list and although it is not huge, about 450; and I get an average of 1 subscriber a day but so far all my promo emails have not resulted in any sales.

    I do promote products that I have personally bought and truly felt that it was good (and very cheap as well), there are clicks but still no sales.

    So I am frustrated. I don't know how I can make the people on my list respond even if I make one sale, it will show that my subscribers are responding but so far, no sales.

    I have even offered bonuses if they get through my links for a particular good product that cost only $14.95 – still no sales.

    Regarding the point where you asked if I am using the full arsenal of weapons,I have to admit -no- my problem is that I am not good at videos nor podcast.

    I am at my wits end and hopefully this promodashboard will help.

    I will try to promote this product to my list and see if I can get any sales 😉

    Thanks for the great teaching in your video.

    [Victoria: I'll show you in the Dashboard how to do podcasts and videos. But if you just feel you aren't good at recording them, don't worry. It's SINCERITY and AUTHENTICITY that matters to customers. It's not an eloquence contest. Victoria, I'm going to ASSUME that the people you're getting to opt in are both interested enough to double opt in and have money. If they do, then you should be converting 8% to 10% of them to buyers, depending on the price of your product. You should be converting 2% to 3% right away and 5% within 30 days. If you aren't, your message isn't matching your target audience. Or you're NOT sending emails offerings extra bonuses or incentives or reasons for buying today vs. tomorrow.]

  • Chad says:

    I wish the Promo Dashboard would have been around a few years ago. I had a great product that I didn't know how to market to my niche. It was a learning experience. Is there a major difference marketing to people for a hundred dollars versus thousands of dollars?

    [Chad, the main thing is you have to target people who have a big enough problem or are passionate enough to SPEND several thousands dollars. In terms of conversions, you still send audio, video, etc. Just look at how things in IM are marketed. Audio/video etc. Actually, I have a friend who sells $4000 ticket using the old Jeff Paul model. A front end book that sells his big ticket. In the old days I remember people selling a document imaging system (or something like that) by giving away a book o how to buy a document imaging system! Worked gangbusters.]

  • Chris Dawkins says:

    First, for people who are new to your area and concepts, before I can begin to understand what we're talking about here, we need some ground rules and areas to refer to which, tells me about the "lingo" being used here. It's difficult to understand because so many people use "common" words or terminology and everyone has a different meaning or better yet a different understanding.

    So, I propose that somewhere there is a place to begin where we're all on the same page. As an example, the term "affiliate page" has been used here. Is this an affiliate program that Marlon has; an affiliate page that "we" create which is somehow associated with our blog and thus called an "affiliate page"? In addition, I'm not too sure that those using the term(s) on this blog have a "common knowledge" as to, what they are referring to.

    If there is ANY confusion on what these words are referring to then, everyone suffers because the question becomes unclear and the answer may also be off target.

    Lastly, if I'm thinking this then, surely others have had these thoughts too.

    I have been interested in Marlon's products FOR A LONG TIME but, I have been unclear as to where you start. in fear that I may purchase a product that does me no good. When you want (or need) to make the most of your investment, not making the "right" purchase is enough to say, "it didn't work for me".

    [Hi Chris, Amazing Formula is a great intro product to the big picture of Internet marketing. If you want to create your own info product, then is a great choice. If you're newbie and just getting started, this Promo Dashboard should rock. I'm not saying it solves everything or teaches everything. It doesn't cover traffic and doesn't cover graphic design. I covered graphic design in and traffic in (for starting your OWN affiliate program for your own products.).

    What Promo Dashboard DOES do is helps you target the folks you wanna sell to, create a freebie that'll get 'em on your email list, create and send email promos that send them to conversion tools like podcasts, screen video, live video, etc.]


  • Hi Marlon

    I'm having a serious crack at Affiliate Marketing.

    I need help in designing a squeeze page to gain 'opt-in' data on the people I refer on from my advertising.

    While my reward for effort is the commissions I earn I ache at my loss of future marketing opportunities to promote to these people.

    I fear setting up a squeeze page between the ads and the sales pages because I fear too many people will click away from my opt-in capture attempt and the potential sale being lost as well.

    Can you help please Marlon?

    Michael Searles

    [Michael, it's simple. A great freebie page should get 18% to 30% of ppc traffic to opt in. I realize some people have higher numbers. But overall, those numbers would be great. Now you can send offers for VARIOUS affiliate products to them over time. But you have to also send the list content and value so they'll keep reading. What Chris recommended in Affiliate Project X was to set up squeeze pages for your BEST offers…the ones that tested out the best. The other thing is, you can ask people to post on your BLOG, you can send screen capture videos and podcasts to get 'em to buy different affiliate products. You can build a relationship on the blog.]

  • Steve says:

    I'd like to know more about the actual design of websites. The best colours, the best fonts, layouts, type of graphics, writing and description styles, product images and so on…

    What are the best combinations to use? Which styles and designs promote your products best, which get the best conversions?


    [Steve, so here's what is funny. What style of sales person works best universally? There is no one answer. There are many types, colors, styles, of sales people in real life who ALL do well. Ditto on sales pages. But I have a conversion formula. THAT is the essential thread.]

  • Dang it. That's what I get for trying to be cute. I've seen the banner but didn't take a close enough look at it. Since I have your ear though, is it possible to get more promo material? I like to push only that which I am personally familar and I only "know" the Infoproduct and Webdesign Dashboards because I purchased them. But they are both sorely lacking in the promo department.

    Hey – that's what I would like to see with Promo Dashboard. Lots of good promo material to push it.

    D. L.

    [D.L. THIS is what is gonna go live before long:
    It's a whole little control panel just for this product. But tell me what promo material specifically you want so I can make sure I serve you well. You can post it here or to and tell Tim I said to forward it to me.

    Bro, on the cute thing….it's just I'm hurrying answering these blog posts and probably didn't process it fully.]

  • James says:

    I am hoping to learn how to get past the 'deer in the headlights' feeling that comes after you have completed your project and don't know where to start. I am hoping it will show me how to take action, and what actions should be taken and in what order to guarantee a profitable launch, promo campaign or just everyday marketing campaign. I have the products, I just don't have the plan 🙁

    – James

    [James, that it will do. But remember, KISS. Get people on your and send 'em emails asking 'em to buy. Then mix in VALUE so they will STAY on your list and keep reading and responding. Too many pitches and you'll burn your list. But it ain't no more complicated than that. Except the devil is in the details…and getting up blogs, audio, video, streaming, twitter….it's a lot of details. And that is what I try to help with. But the STRATEGY is simple and WAY over analyzed imho. You get people on your list and you send emails and sell. You can dress it up, paint it up, use big words, flow chart it…but at the end of the day THAT is all you're basically doing.]

  • Marlon:

    This dashboard is a fantastic addition to all of your other ones.

    It covers areas that the Design and Marketing Dashboards skim over or don't even cover.

    Just mentioned this page at… hope it helps drive traffic to your contest.


    Gerard LeBlond

    [Hey Gerard! Nice to hear from you again. Wow! You TWITTERED us! Thanks man.]

  • Billy Davis says:

    Dear fellow marketers,

    As my witness, I have a gut wrenching confession to make before you today…


    That's right – I should have my marketing license revoked and get banned from the IM world FOREVER for these horrific crimes I've committed. And since there is NO crimes WORSE than these, I should get LIFE at the J.O.B. with NO possibility of parole!

    Fortunately, however, I've got a GREAT 'attorney' on my side who has managed to get me out of trouble once again. In fact, if it weren't for this guy I'd STILL be serving time at that wretched J.O.B. – but I'm not. And thanks to HIM I'm not going back either.

    Not now. Not after Promo Dashboard.

    But that's EXACTLY where I was headed with my totally misguided actions.

    So, what are these unspeakable crimes I've committed? What could be SOOOOO terrible I shouldn't even be aloud on this blog?

    I'll tell you what it is:

    I, Billy Davis, am hereby charged with…

    …Getting off track in my Internet Marketing business on numerous occasions, following the advice of "so-called" gurus who do nothing more than fill my head with NONSENSE THEORY that is NOT going to move me closer to my goal and ONLY get me closer to SPENDING more money on THEIR CRAP, NOT building a list and NOT "selling" to my subscribers, sending traffic DIRECTLY to the affiliate page and NOT to my own marketing system FIRST, NOT creating "sales pieces" like videos, pdfs, podcasts, etc., NOT keeping it simple, and the list goes on.

    But you know the ONE thing that hung the jury on this one?…

    The ONLY thing that got me off with a clean record?…

    IT WASN'T MY FAULT! (Not to mention my 'attorney' – more on this in a moment)

    But you see, it REALLY wasn't my fault. I was set up and destined to fail from the start. And the sad part is – I didn't know any better. I was following the advice of people who were only after my $$$ and who were never concerned about my success. I was doing EVERYTHING wrong and never knew it…

    …Then out of nowhere came Marlon and his "amazing formula" for creating and selling products LIKE CRAZY that got me out of jam after jam, keeping me free to enjoy the Internet lifestyle I have today. (By all means I'm not "there" yet, but I don't get up and go to "work" either thanks to my 5,000+ subscribers and MY OWN UNIQUE line of products – now I realize that's not necessarily anything to write home about, but it pays the bills and grows every day – and the truth is I OWE THAT TO MARLON SANDERS! QUALITY trumps QUANTITY any day!

    But I am looking to take that to the next level, and I believe with everything that's in me that the new Promo Dashboard is what will accomplish that for me.

    You know, it's funny how things happen. But when you're committed to something, the right people, places, and events just seem to somehow magically appear. Thus is the case here.

    Especially when it comes to video presentations – YES!!! It is time to take my business there, to give it the extra FUEL it needs to SKYROCKET to a new level.

    Before Promo Dashboard I'd never dared venture into these unchartered waters on my own, but now not only am I excited, but am also EXTREMELY confident it's the MISSING piece and that I CAN DO IT TOO!

    Thank you Marlon once again for saving my neck. You've come through as always and get my vote 100%!

    [Hi Billy, WOW! You have a copywriter lurking beneath your skin there somewhere. Keep on learning. Ummmm, Billy, I hate to paint all "gurus" (that is, teachers) with the same broad brush. But I know exactly what you mean. It's easy to lose focus on the simplicity of the business. Now, there ARE lots of details to master like how do you do the audio or video or blog or podcast. But if you get buried in details and lose sight of the big picture, you get nowhere. At the end of the day, all we do is find folks and sell 'em stuff. Yeah, you can perty it up. You can use sophisticated language and process maps and talk about infrastructure. All that. But at the end of the day, we find folks who need or want something and sell it to 'em. Or stated more politically correct, we give'em good reasons it's in their own best interests to buy from us. So Billy, I really hope I'm able to get you back on a good, common sense, practical track that leads somewhere OTHER than being a consumer without production and promotion. The money is in production and promotion over and above being a consumer of info products.]

  • Valda says:

    I've only been trying my hand at IM marketing for just under a year.

    As we have all been newbies at one stage or another, some newbies

    have exceeded more than others. Unfortunately I'm not one of them!

    For the last 2 months I have been un-subscribing from most if not

    all of the so called gurus that promised to take me by the hand and

    show me how to do things and be successful. Well those gurus have

    broken every promise they made and I have not learnt anything from them.

    I remain subscribed to 3 of those lists, Marlon Sanders being one of

    them. Thanks Marlon (-:

    Having watched the video, I suddenly realised that this is the type of

    thing I have been looking for that will surely rocket my abilities to

    higher levels than they currently are.

    My main failure of my business is trying to grow a mailing list. I have

    read time and time again that the "money is in the list". What I need to

    find out is how to build that list and keep my suscribers on my list for

    as long as possible.

    It's all well and good reading articles and ebooks about the subject, but

    I do prefer learning with pictures and sound as I'm sure so would my potential


    There is a mountain full of stuff that I don't know what or how to do, I don't

    even now how to track links or split test pages…. please stop laughing at me lol.

    I am wasting far too much time on trying to get traffic, I need to learn how I

    can turn that traffic into paying customers and loyal subscribers. With 4 websites

    doing absolutely nothing, I am sure learning from promo dashboard, it will take me

    to the next level. I am not a good writer so I haven't got my own products to promote,

    I am useless at trying to promote other peoples products, because I don't know how to.

    When I say I don't know how to, I mean promoting to the extent that people return

    time and again to see if there are any other products that I am promoting etc.

    All in all when it comes down to the basics of how to run an internet marketing

    business, I desperately need help and I am sure that the dahboard is one tool that

    will help guide me to become the marketer I should be.. on that can make a little


    It's guys like you that come up with systems like this that keep me inspired… that

    keep me from throwing in the towel and giving up. So thank you!

    Take care.

    Kind regards


    PS I would have loved to have done a video post, but once again, I don't even know how to do that!

    [Hi Valda, here are my thoughts for you. One, you need a GREAT freebie to get people to opt in to your list. That can be VIDEO or AUDIO since you say you aren't good at writing or don't like to write. Recording Power Point presentations with CamStudio or Camtasia makes a very nice presentation.

    If you're good at live video, you can do streaming stuff also. Now, if people aren't opting into your list, you have a message to market match problem. You have to reach the RIGHT folks with the RIGHT message that hits their hot buttons. That's the reason you hang out in the forums they frequent — to discover their hot buttons. Why don't you ask folks in a forum your target market frequents to critique your squeeze page (get permission to post the URL first). Find out if they would opt in. And if not, why not.]

  • Dan Perez says:

    The number one thing I want to learn on how to promote my products is how to overcome my initial lack of testimonials and credibility, as I am just starting out.

    [Dan, send review copies to folks you meet on the forums in your niche. That's a good start. You've gotta participate in forums and groups that your audience frequents.]

  • Robin says:

    Well, Marlon,

    It looks like you've done it again. I've been a follower of yours for a long time, through the good and bad times. I sure would like to know how I can reduce all the time I use slaving away to get everything just right and up and running before someone else has jumped on the bandwagon before I was ready to launch. I sure could use this awesome tool of yours. Keep up the good work. Kudos to you once again.

    [Robin, on the affiliate control panel, it's cool. I like it anyway. I think if you have an affiliate program you'll get some wows from affiliates.]

  • Rick Gold says:


    I'm pretty new at this stuff, and while you seem to cover all the bases in your video, I can't help wondering how much time and effort will be required to put it all together and cover all the bases.

    I can tell you have a lot of experience, but what about the rest of us?

    [Rick, the product is made for people with little experience, or that's what I've tried really hard to do. I'm not saying it's perfect. But it's as step-by-step as I could make it. The amount of time depends on how fast a learner you are and how fast a worker you are and how much you know coming into this as well as what your computer skills are. If marketing is foreign to you, you have very limited computer skills, you've hardly learned anything yet about Internet marketing, you learn at a slow pace — for THAT person, it'd be a long row to hoe. For someone else coming into this having computer skills, being a pretty fast reader and learner, having some understanding of Internet marketing, I think it can go a lot faster. Lee Mcintyre was a teacher and within 1 year quit his job to do Internet marketing if I have his story straight. He's not a student of mine but he applies the same strategy as what I teach….list building, emails, value, audio, video.]

  • Although the world of being an affiliate is in its own league, I would really like to know how to set up my own affiliateship within the promo world. How do I effectively get others to sell my products and have an inexpensive way to track and pay them. I believe this could could work well in the promo dash.

    Meanwhile, please check out the special report I recently produced that mentions you Marlon, in a very nice way.

    D. L. Davenport

    [Hi, D.L., well, I have a Dashboard already done on that called "affiliate dashboard" at: It's everything I could think of at the time I used to build the affiliate side of my business.]

  • Rainer says:

    Hi Guys!

    Well, it's down to the wire and since my original posted comment did not go through, I decided to try a video instead. Seems that the odds for a free copy are better anyways.

    A lot of 'firsts' involved here – first video, first time using my editing software and first time uploading to YouTube. All done in the last 24 hours.

    Hope you enjoy it.


  • Desmond says:

    Didnt see my post on the site. Just incase I forgot to press submit here my YouTube Video


  • Kent Williams says:

    Marlon, I'm a newbie and I've seen several of your videos, read a number of your e-mails. I believe you're the real deal.

    If I've learned anything thus far, it's that you have to have your own product otherwise you're losing money.

    Since I'm a beginner it seems to me I must find, initially, a product that is not only what people in the ether-world are looking for but something that excites me as well. That's the only way I'll remain committed to seeing it through. Guidance discovering that product is what I need.

    [Kent, I'm a huge believer in having your own product, at least on the front end. But you can start building your list by giving away a freebie in forum posts in your sig line, doing youtube videos and uploading (free), and writing and submitting articles with a resource box that goes to your freebie Squeeze page. Then, as you're doing that, work on your product. On the back end, one good idea is to send FREE ebooks to your list that are PLR (private label rights) and branded with your affiliate links. You do a new ecover for them and send to your list as as freebie. You make money on the affiliate links. Then, as soon as you can, you develop your own back end teleseminars, ebooks, and video courses…or whatever the case may be.]

  • Paul Flood says:

    Hi Marlon!

    Thanks for such great products and also thanks for giving me the reason to finally use my video camera to create an internet video!
    I finally moved because of my excitement about the Promo Dashboard. I actually did 2 but I think this one sums up my feelings better.

    As I say in video, I want a seamless promotional system that enables me to integrate the technology I have with the elements of 2.0 and make promotions as exciting as the ones you launch!

    Cheers and the best wishes for success with the launch.

  • MJ says:


    Before I explain what I need I would like to say as always you give real info for the business person to help their own business succeed.

    This whole IM business can be confusing and overwhelming when you start, I should have made 5 million dollars by now according to the gurus.

    What I need is a method to track what is coming in for traffic (not to get traffic but to evaluate the traffic), who has looked at my offer and passed it up and who signed up. I even tried using vsa with an extra offer to increase sign up for the getting on my list with very little increase. Some means of testing that would let me grasp what I could use to increase opt ins. As you mentioned it might be to increase my promonitions to other media to offer to more customers since we are a nation that tries real hard not to read and watch video ot tv instead. I could use several methods to split test and tweak to increase my conversions to my list.

    I also suffer from the lack of click through on my emails, problem I have are two fold. 1. lack of knowledge to produce video or podcast that look better then a third grader. 2. Very little time to take up days of trying to produce a 3 minute video.

    There is so much noise and confusion out there that trying to keep on path and focus your effort is one of the biggest hurdle I face trying to start my own business.

    I know Marlon your products address these issues to make life easier and I curious what you new product will be like.

    Best Regards


    [Hi, if people aren't signing up to get your feebie, either your promo/copy for it is lacking, or the freebie doesn't hit the spot. Try sprucing up your copy. And if that doesn't work, juice up your freebie…add videos, audio, pdf's or whatever. If the message matches the market and the freebie is attractive to them and you reach your target audience WITH your message, you will get opt ins. So it's easy to troubleshoot lack of success. You aren't reaching your target market, they don't want the freebie or the copy lacks.]

  • Desmond says:

    Ok….drum roll please….


    My Youtube link:


  • Don Morris says:

    Marlon, I'll make this short and sweet: developing giveaway items is not my strong point, so I want Promo Dashboard to help me come up with ideas that fit with my existing products.

  • Cendy says:

    Okay, I am definitely a novice at this. I am actually doing this all by hand. Personal email to friends and family. I have signed up for some free marketing websites and social networking. So it is obviously slow going. Will this program help me to not only my product but my business? I also do not know what kind of free thing to give away and I don't know how to get a splash page so anything more than what I am doing now would help to make me more profitable. I have great products and an awesome business but I am not sure how to get the word out. Please HELP!

    [Hi, the Promo Dashboard doesn't cover traffic but it does help you do the research that lays the basis for it. It covers the Squeeze, follow up emails and the conversion tools like audio, video and blogs you send people to FROM the emails.]

  • Gail Morris says:

    Hi Marlon! I have a YouTube video that I uploaded today. It was a stretch because I don't usually get in front of the camera – more comfortable with Camtasia 🙂


    [Hey Gail, great job. Gotta feeling you'll be 1 of the 5 winners since i don't think we have 5 vids.

    So good going! And now that you have your first video out of the way, don't stop. If you make the title your keywords, they rank well in Google.]

  • My dilemma is developing a promotion strategy that works like a fine-tuned machine. I tend to view each aspect of the promotion process as a "stand alone" program rather than how to network everything to work smoothly so that it is fluid to the point of sale.

    I need to discover how to "put it all together" as one body rather than individual parts preventing the desired outcome. (Like a good church functions when all people use their gifts and talents to communicate and work together toward the common goal.)

    [Hi John, I think you're confusing marketing models. One of the things in this business that is hard is to be clear on your model. What I mean is, Product Launches are finely tuned beasts requiring a lot of skill unless you're in uncompetitive niches. But overall, they're a sequential strategy involving a lot of skill.

    In contrast, simpler, practical marketing involves sending out video, audio or whatever as the occasion demands it, sales require it and your skill level allows it. There is no proper order to send a video sales pitch before a teleseminar before a podcast. They are ALL sales messages…the SAME message delivered via different vehicles with content in all forms mixed in to maintain high listenership and readership and to keep down unsubscribes. Sales is more messy and less scientific than some would have you believe. You pitch and deliver value. Pitch and deliver value. Pitch and deliver value. Now, the devil is in the details. Getting streaming video working right, blogs humming along, podcasts looking hot and sexy, all those things take SKILL and how to. That is what Promo Dashboard brings to the table within the restrictions of a product of its size and cost.

    John, marketers have a vested interest in convincing you there are magic formulas for sequences and all that. Because that way, they can keep you buying. I'm about liberating customers, not making them ultra dependent.]

  • A lot of the big marketers have teams to help them launch a product while many newcomers like myself struggle to put together an email and a squeeze page. If Promo Dashboard can facilitate the process with improved results it will help a ton of people with some great ideas reach out and put their products on the maps. Hats of to you Marlon for helping the small marketer with a dream make some of them come true.

    [Richard, that's the purpose of it. And I'm confident it's going to help you do that and more.]

  • Sylvia says:

    Hey Marlon,

    The thing I'd like to get out of promo dashboard is a completely laid out system that shows me how to promote something, from beginning to end, so that nothing is left to chance or less than what it could be.

    [Hi Sylvia, well, it'd be hard to cover every possibility in 6 weeks in 30 to 45 min. per day, which is at last my objective. What I DO is cover all the majors….the things you really gotta do and focus on. I know people who make $90,000 a month and don't even do all these. I mean, all you REALLY gotta do Sylvia is get people on your list and send really strong emails that get people to act. I cover audio, video, and other conversion tools to give you added weapons. But really and truly. People WAY over complicate this business from a strategy standpoint. The devils in the details. But as far as strategy goes, you get people on your list, you send emails asking 'em to buy. You send content so they stay on your list and read emails. And you send 'em to audio, video, blogs and so forth both for variety and to hit different modalities. That's about it Sylvia. Keep it simple. Remember, ALL you're doing is selling.]

  • Dr Wright says:

    the promo dash board will help everyone get organized. That is the biggest problem, people are doing 80 thousand things and everything is disjointed.


    The Wright Place TV Show

    [Dr. Wright, really, really well said.]

  • Dirk says:

    The No 1 Thing I want to learn about hot to promote my product is:

    Build a list fast and easy with not so much work.


    [Dirk, Promo Dashboard will not teach you to get traffic, although your research on blogs, forums and web sites will lay the groundwork for it. What it WILL teach you to do is create a great freebie and a squeeze page then send emails that drive people to audio/video/blogs and things that sell em.]

  • Keith Akin says:

    How about just because I am who I am? I am Keith Akin : ) Isn't that enough?

    #1 thing other than traffic: product creation

  • Hey Marlon.

    When I got your email that no one had submitted a video to You Tube, I became motivated.

    Here is my video link:

    Stay well.

  • Jackie Jones says:

    The main thing I'd like to learn is how to implement an effective, consistent system to get in front of my market, provide great service and build additional markets.

  • Damon Nelson says:


    I forgot the link.
    this is how much of a beginner I am with video on the net.

    Thanks again for the great products

    [Damon, the GOOD NEWS is that whether you win or not, you ALREADY won by putting up one of your first videos on youtube. Now, if you target keywords with the title of your videos, then check Google later, you'll find they rank very well.]

  • Damon Nelson says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Lets try it again at

    I put this on YouTube for the Marlon Sanders Promo Dashboard Testimonial Trial. This is a first attempt at doing a video testimonial

  • Hello Marlon,

    I would like to be considered for your gift. In order to reverse the U.S. epidemic of pre-school expulsion I have been working endlessly to get the word out to families with children at risk, or who have been identified as being on the autism spectrum already. I have an abundance of information products and resources available at the website. Yet no matter what I have done or how much I have spent the results are still the same. People are kind in their words about the site, but I have yet to reach my target audience with the message that there is an aternative that works! I would be grateful for a tool that could crack this code once and for all! Thanks again for considering and in the meantime…

    Believe well!

    Adelaide Zindler, B.S., Fp

    The E-School Coach

    P.S. If you have heard about how much Mike Savage hurt families nationwide with his comment about autistic children just being brats, you have a since of how much his words struck our hearts in America. Yet unknowningly he may have done a tremendous service to our most vulnerable in raising awareness about this crisis.

  • Tom Martin says:

    The #1 thing that I want to learn about "How To Promote" is how to promote

    — and a simple 1-2-3 system that works in today's market.

    Like many others, I'm am tired of the things from the Guru's that do a fantastic

    job of promoting their training on "How To", but when you get their actual product

    you find that the best thing was their promotion to get you to buy. Or what they

    teach is something did actually make them very successful years ago, but no

    longer is valid in today's ever changing market.

    As a businessman and business builder I have learned that it was not a total waste,

    Just one idea learned is well worth the price you pay. I have also paid the price of

    learning from my mistakes, which is effective but a very expensive way to learn.

    The expense for someone in business is not the cost of the guru products (after all

    that's a business expensive and a tax deduction), but the real cost is in time lost

    and the focus on your actual business.

    Since I sent years as a self-employed contract programmer (not Internet), I have

    been able to swipe ideals from others and create capture pages, and recently have

    been using a system that helps in their creation — and I works. So for myself,

    something that does the technical part of the creation is not my top priority.

    But, my business I recommend products, guide, and help others have move success.

    So it is very important to be able to recommend and all inclusive simple 1-2-3 systems

    that even newbee's can use and benefit from.

    So in summary,what I want to learn is:

    — this one is a not brainier – How to REALLY get people to buy?

    — how to promote effectively in today's market (and what not to do)

    — how to add more people to my list

    — how to use a simple 1-2-3 system that works (no smoke and mirrors)

    — a real A to Z, step-by-step system. Too many guru's tell you about something, but omit the "How To"

    — how to market in less time so I can focus on other things

    — how to create video and audio and how to use effectively

    — I've been sicken by the hyped-up give-a-ways used on the Internet to make a one time sales, so

    I really want to learn how to creating a highly attractive freebie that has real value

    — How to use email promo's that actually get opened, read, and are effective

    — how to create and use podcasts, video, audio, pdf for results

    — and of course, your "killer stuff no one else is teaching" to gain an advantage in the marketplace

    If by using your dashboard, I can create a presentation like your "PromoDashboard" it would be

    worth every penny, I already have an business ideal of how I could use it.

    [Hi Tom, it sounds like you have your business in hand but you, like me, are always looking for the best ways to help others. I think you'll find the Promo Dashboard is an awesome tool.]

  • Chance says:

    What do I want to learn most, The thing I want to learn most is how to get the check with the least amount of BS. What I like is thats how you deliver the information and the message is clear and consistent. Now the thing I need to learn the most is, Everything you say on this promo-dashboard because every word is important if one is really serious about learning these skills. ThanX Marlon, keep up the great work.

    [Hi, I agree.  It isn't about the MOST steps.  Sheez.  There's an incentive for teachers to make things complex to justify high-end programs. Having said that, the devil is in the details.  And if programs, coaching or whatever helps you handle or learn imporant  details, then I'm all for that.  But so much of what is done seems to just make things more and more complex]

  • Angie Lay says:

    I'd like to get the visitors to feel like they will be missing something if they don't have my product (and of course, buy it!)

    [Hi Angie, I deal with this in the "conversion formula" icon.  It's a little formula for how you get people to buy. But to give a short version, give people LOTS of benefits and reasons to buy today.  Throw in testimonials and you're off to a good start]

  • SIKELELA says:

    I need to learn more about this make it set my home fires burning I have been trying the internet business for a new but i have not earned a cent sikelela

    [Hi, well, here's how you earn a cent.  Target a group. Find out what they read, what web sites they go to. Create a freebie to offer them.  Get 'em on your email list then send offers for affiliate products or your own and mix in lots of content so people will READ your emails and stay subscribed.  If you aren't making money, you don't have a list or don't email it.  And if you don't have a list, you don't have a freebie or know WHERE to advertise it.  If you got a freebie and nobody opts in, find something more attractive.  Make sure you advertise to TARGETED prospects, not just the broad market.  You gotta target.]

  • Damon Nelson says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I have a zip file of my video testimonial at
    I know its very "amatuerish", but its my first shot at video using a product called videowebwizard, which you can find a trial version at….

    Good luck with your product launch. Please let me know when you have it available, so I can order it and promote it too!

    [Damon, I hate to tell you this but your videos gotta be on But it's not hard to upload. Have fun then gimme the url.]

  • petar says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Your Dashboard style is very effective and I have no doubt a lot of people will use it.

    Keep up the good work.



  • Jo Kumar says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I think I am visiting your website for the first time. It is so very fresh and different. I am somewhat new to Internet world.

    The #1 thing I want to learn about how to Promote my Products (OTHER than how to get traffic) is about presentation of my web pages. After all that does the sales talk. I want to learn about selection of appropriate color schemes, fonts, placements of different elements in the page, the need for audio/video, the importance or non-importance of graphics, etc. Maybe, you can enlighten even much more being a veteran marketer. Thanks.

    [Joe, we're going to cover some advanced things. But this isn't a design product. The thing on design is FIRST you tackle either Photoshop Elements or, if you have the money, Photoshop. And yes, I think you should learn it yourself vs. outsourcing. THEN, once you're pretty good in it you can outsource 10X better. Also, buy some basic art books that explain the fundamentals of balance, color and design. Then start a good swipe file. Most of all, LOVE design. You have to have a passion for it. Personally, I love good design. I have 1 part time designer and plan on hiring another full time. And I'm decent (not great) in Photoshop but increasing my skills.]

  • Joshua says:

    Simply put, I want to convert the people that come to my page into long term friends and buyers.

    By friends I mean people that I can have a continuing two-way dialog with. They will communicate with me so that I can help them with their problems.

    They will know the kinds of things that I can help them with, and so when a situation comes up that they want to know about, they will think of me, and come looking.

    Do you ask your friends for advice? Sure you do! They will feel comfortable coming to me for a bit of advice or learning.

    I will be able to give them some highly useful basic advice or knowledge for free and help them each in a more detailed way by providing them with a product that they are happy to buy, and feel is a fantastic benefit to them.

    They will be happy to introduce their friends to me as well. Trusting that I will treat their friends as well as I treat them.

    When I have something new or interesting to share they will warmly accept the information, as from a friend that cares about them.

    This is what what promotion is truly about, building a relationship that benefits everyone involved.

    [Hi Joshua, very good thoughts. You don't need the Promo Dashboard to do that. Just do it. However, what it CAN help you with is getting those people on your list and selling them something using audio, video, blogs, twitter and other tools.]

  • Andrew Smith says:

    So what could be the extra ingrediant to fullfill my online recipe?

    Self awareness, what is the best waay to bring the whole awareness angle direct to the online and offline audience.

    For the past years I have been looking for the important ingrediant, todate I am still looking for it, so will Promo-Dashboard be the ingrediant I need?

    From what I have seen and read so far, its a big yes and I would love to explore this option as soon as possible.

    Thanks for the info and the chance to gain some extremely valuable product?


    Andrew Smith

    [Andrew, I don't want to pretend here it'll solve all problems and ills. It won't. But I DO think it'll do a really wonderful job of teaching some advanced tricks but then also helping you execute the basics well.]

  • Paul says:

    Hi Marlon, Promo Dashboard would be the ideal tool to put to use with my offers and other plans to continue to build my list and provide quality products to my customers. Your dashboards always ROCK! Thanks for the opportunity!


    [Paul, thanks for your feedback.  And yes, I'm hoping it REALLY helps people.]

  • Al says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I would like to know how we can effectively use video technologies to promote on Internet. How to increase conversion with videos. What are the differences between traditional copy writing and creating video promotions.



    [Al, the BASIC thing is to DO it. Seriously. Some people like text. Some like audio. Some like video. So you hit all modalities. Video has some benefits in that you can interview testimonials and other stuff. What I'll mostly bring to the table is just the resources to do it well. Where to BUY lighting and green screen inexpensively. The best and cheapest DVD's to learn advanced stuff from. A few things I've found out about audio. There's a LEARNING curve on video and I'm just trying to get you over it. Oh, turning video into flash. That's there too.]

  • Mark Tse says:

    The #1 thing should be how to make visitors more interested about my product.

  • Promotion of a website seems to be the most difficult item on the agenda or the business plan for me.

    How can I expedite and streamline the whole promotional/driving traffic for my sites?

    That is how promodashboard will help.

    Having Marlon and his team behind this product and helping the user will be able in my estimate shave off many hours of learning and doing the promotion…

    What is better than just follow the guidelines and click buttons on the dashboard?

    To me, This is the best it can happen to a newbie like myself.

    Click here and do this.

    Follow the proven path.

    1, 2, 3, BANG! You are a winner!

    If someone told you that if you choose these XXX numbers for the next lottery and are a guarantee to hit, wouldn't you do it?


    if someone told you that after all you have done and STILL are not successful online but if you follow these simple steps and guidelines and guarantee you will succeed… ???

    Easy choice.

    I need promodashboard, you need it… heck I wouldn't doubt that Marlon and gang uses it…

    promodashboard's tag line should read:

    Follow it, Do it, Win.

    Yours truly.

  • I've got the products all 300 of them,

    I've got the stock.

    I've got a website, at least a page.

    I've got a great idea for marketing but I'm running out of dough to do a full scale promo. I want a website that will show what I've got, damn quick. I want a website that leads my client to a deciscion to buy. I want a website that encourages the client to order and pay for the product. I want a website that pays into our bank and I want a site that sends me a shipping order and I'll do the rest.

    Can you show me how to do that for myself without costing me a fortune?

    If so you've got me

    Stuart Wright – KitStop Australia

  • Cheryl says:

    Hi there,

    What comes first,,the chicken or the egg?

    That seems to sum up so much of my frustration in this marketing field of education. I DO NEED the step by step guidance so as to calm these frazzled electricuted nerves. What do I do FIRST…but then…. NEXT?

    It seems so many have all the right answers but not the solution. Well then… 'DR.' MARLON seems to have the prescription to save the day! So if I follow the yellow brick road to success by following your dashboards, I just might get those nerves healed. Sounds like a healthy prescription to me!

    So now….the promo-dashboard…WOW. I should be able to train, join and win the proverbial promo olympics, soon. Is there such a thing?

    I love down-to-earth solutions… Marlon and team!



    [Hi Cheryl, you sound like a writer. Nice copy. That'll serve you quite well. You need a good freebie if you don't have it to get people to join your list. Then you need to get comfortable with doing audio, video, blogging and other stuff if you aren't already.]

  • Maz says:

    I want to know how to make my own website that I can update myself rather than using expensive designers every time it needs updating. I'd also love to know how to make very cool HTML newsletters too. I can use most design packages but dream weaver has me baffled. I've downloaded some templates but not getting my head around the website style design packages.

  • Viv Deighton says:

    Hi Marlon

    My major attributes right now are:

    1. Screaming Newbie

    2. Undisputed 'queen of the technically disadvantaged'

    3. Desperate for something that streamlines all the tasks required of a serious internet marketer

    Other than the above I am above all things laser focused on not just getting the hang of how things need to happen in the 'wonderful world of IM' but being able to be successful and good at it.

    I, like many other IM Greenhorns have been sucked in by pretty much anything that came my way, I have spent a fortune on material and programs that have been disappointing.

    Now, I have been watching your Promo Dashboard with loving, longing looks and it seems like it is answer not just to the 'newbie generation', but I would dare to say anyone who is into IM. Seems to me that it is one progam that is geared to allow the IM to get down to what has to be done quickly, easily and seems to me enjoyably.

    Promo Dashboard ….. gets my vote and I have no doubt you will enjoy a healthy and fulfilling success with it.

    Warm Regards

    Viv Deighton

    [Viv, hopefully you can redeem SOMETHING from those programs! Remember,, it ain't ALL that complicated. You target your market, offer 'em something really attractive on a Squeeze page to get 'em on your list. Then you send emails that send them to audio, video, blogs and so forth to sell 'em. If you didn't watch this video, go here:

  • I'd like to know how to optimize my conversions… get them to sign up for newsletter, and the CONFIRM it. Ok, maybe that is two things but ultimately I want more subscribers from same amount of visitors. Then I will worry about increasing the visitors at that point.

    [Yep, that's what it covers. And you're on the right track here. Plus, the research you'll do on row one will also lead you to doing the right things to get traffic.]

  • Laurie Lacey says:


    Thanks for the opportunity to win your new product.

    My main interest is information products in the natural health and wellness field. I have a lot of experience and I have hard copy publications. However, now, I want to move into the area of digital products.

    I want to learn the steps to a successful online product launch. I'm currently working on a product and would like a plan that would take me all the way from pre-launch promotion, to the delivery of the product to my customers.

    Oh yes, I'd also like to know how a product's USP is best incorporated into a product launch?



    [Laurie, I don't teach full blown product launches. I leave that to Jeff Walker. What the Promo Dashboard covers is what you do once they hit your web page.]

  • I have heard nothing but great things about the dashboard and am hoping to get on board with it very soon! Everyone needs tools like this to promote the business.

  • I have a bricks and mortar business that I want to supply product online by using third party suppliers and just use price point selling but I also have other interests that are not easily converted into product income I have a sites that deal with depression and mens health a very important issue but does not enable me to leave the business I have and concentrate on helping other people with there difficulties the incidents and statistics are 1 in 5 suffer from a depression related difficulty. I need a way to be able to convert interest and need for help into follow up courses and ongoing support

    [Hi Russell, as far as the web site, the overall plan is simple — you give a very enticing free bonus to get people to join your email list. Then you send product offers that are your own or others. Now, if you had a LOT of traffic to the depression site, you could monetize it through Google Adsense. Or, if the clicks paid out exceptional amounts per click.]

  • As someone who is working on getting a product line ready to present to the market, I am very impressed with Marlon's promote your products dashboard. It looks like when I am ready with the product line, Marlon's product will take me to the finish line which is sales and how to get there with a well thought out, systematic approach so that I do not have re-invent this part of the wheel. All I would have to do is follow the instructions, adapt that to my product line, and zoom through the end of the tunnel seeing the finish line as I travel there.

    Thanks to Marlon and crew…..

    [Hi Marilyn, well, it doesn't cover getting traffic or product creation. Traffic is covered by and product creation by But it does a good job of helping you find your freebie offer, create your squeeze page, send emails and create conversion tools like pdf's, audio, pdf's, video and blogs to get people to buy. Appreciate your comments and being here.]

  • I'd like to know how to get people who come to my site to sign up for my newsletter.

    [Hi Deborah. The best thing is give them a VERY attractive bonus.]

  • Hi Marlon,im a total newbie. There is sooo much info on the net about starting a business,niches,marketing and tons of products that seem to work.But a newbie like me,just doesnt know where to start.Everything you mention in your intro to your dashboard seems to answer that for me! I made an investment previously..and later found it to be a scam wasted over $1000 oh my hard earned savings on a bunch of ebooks instead of what i was promised.So i have been very hesitant to make a purchase since,and have be procrastinating starting over again.You seem like a trust worthy guy,and id like to try out the dashboard and see exactly what it is i can do to make money online instead of the dead end low income im in now.Thanks Marlon Kelly !

    [Kelly, first of all, this is a relatively small purchase compared to what you made before. And for the price, I think it's an amazing product. Overall, Kelly, you need to come up with a very attractive freebie to get people to JOIN your list, then you need to send 'em emails that send em to audio, video, podcasts and blogs that sell 'em stuff.]

  • Alejandra says:

    Hello! Sorry, but my first language is spanish, so it's difficult to make understand me. So…when do you will translate your dashboard to spanish? Who will commercialize it? May be me? I'm interested.

    Thanks for that opportunitie. Bye, bye!

  • keith debolt says:


    I love your stuff. I use your stuff.

    I promote you and your stuff. I want to make more money and more impact with your stuff.

    I am trying to reach out to a healthy section of people with a need… I need to learn more about pulling the right strings with my visitors to convince them that what I have will be well worth their time-

    Without getting all hypey and spammy, etc…. I refuse to go that route.

    You always have great ideas and techniques in whatever area your products address, and I would love to have a crack at:

    * higher conversions,

    *more satisfied visitors,

    *more subscribers and purchasers,

    * and a space on your salesletter for my results-driven testimonial!


  • Rita Jones says:

    Hello Marlon

    I need to learn how to please my visitors. I have managed to build a newsletter with a good subscriber base, but not how to turn that base into customers. To me that means that I am not pleasing my readers. There is something (or things) that are lacking, and it is my job to find those out and provide my readers with what they want/need. Promo Dash Board sounds like the ideal next step for me to learn what is missing in my approach, etc., to enable me to provide good service to my loyal subscribers. It is such a thorough product that it will take my business on well into the future, allowing me to expand in areas I have not yet explored, and give my subscribers a much better experience.

    Thank you for having the foresight to produce what I am sure is going to become a classic "must have" for serious online marketers.


    Rita Jones

  • What we wuld like to know is would this website help us acheive any help in getting further visitors to our site at the moment we are getting roughly about 1000 a month wich is not bad but could your product help us?

  • mike says:

    Hi Marlon,

    My question is this.

    How do I put everything together that I

    have on my desktop into a workable and

    profitable plan?

  • Ray says:

    Marlon and Marlonites all!

    I was convinced I would snag one of the PromoDashboards, but after the accolades, praises and adoration from your Subscribers, I will start saving to buy it ha! ha!

    Seriously though, I am thrilled as this PromoDashboard will be the purrfect marriage for what I found to manage my entire e-Business from start to finish except the area of promotion as PD will.

    It's like finding the last piece of the puzzle after spending months doing an intensive Education through an Online Course that is phenomenal and sorting the Men from the Guru's BS, which wasn't easy. Man, those "Guru's" are Goood!

    Thanks Marlon for yet another plain-speak, fully functional and easy to use (from the screenshots) piece of software.

    Even Kavaraj Kodai would be impressed and this must be leaving Casey, Tellman, Filsaime, Floren and Chia wondering what's next

    Thanks and roll it out already!

    Ray Houghton.

    [email protected]

  • Victor V says:

    I am from Latin America. I don´t speak English very well. If this product is really easy to learn, a guy like me, can make a loyal base of customers. The most important thing that I want to learn is how to make people really want to stay in a list. Thanks Marlon.

  • Tell me #1 thing you want to learn about how to Promote Your Products

    Hi Marlon,

    I watched your 14 minute video and thought about what I really want to learn about promoting my products. The #1 thing!

    First of all, the Promo Dash Board looks wonderful. Looks very thorough. So yes, I want to learn everything that is there on the Promo Dash Board, like making a squeeze page that rocks, and also knowing the art of balancing the mixed media of audio, video and PDF to attract more customers to my list.

    The art of Free**bie creation is worth the price of the entire product, I dare say! Well, worth it for me because I've been contemplating what sort of Free**bie I want to give to my customers and come up blank every time.

    But my number one thing I want to learn is everything that is offered on the Promo Dash Board but HOW TO PROMOTE MYSELF in the process. How to make myself shine through and attract perfectly loving fans–of me!!

    Ok, so this sounds abit ego-centric, but it's really not!!

    Promoting yourself, attracting people who love you and yes who are your fans is the number one thing I really, really want to learn from your product.

    Perhaps by tackling the nuts and bolts of what you offer here will be what liberates my inner genie to create the kind of following that I envision for myself!!

    In fact, I know it will!!


    Kate Loving Shenk

    PS-I had lunch with you and Sydney Johnson and others at Jim Edward's first IM Boot Camp, and in-joyed meeting you very much, although that was awhile back and doubt you would remember!!!

    [Comment from Marlon: Hello Kate! You know we love you. I always love your comments. ]

  • Hey Marlon,

    about the video: what a brilliant piece of marketing this is! Why? It's fun to watch, and the graphics are very cool, so I watched it all the way to the end, at least twice. And then, of course, it's because of what's IN the video:

    You lay out the framework — very clearly. And you also make me (and no doubt countless others) acutely aware of exactly which pieces of the puzzle are still missing, triggering thoughts of OMG, I've got to get this RIGHT NOW!

    My own missing links: Targeting the RIGHT audience for my product. Finding out where they hang out, etc. I've got a few, but I definitely need to find more places to market my stuff. JV possibilities… That's the thing I need the most help with. And clearly, that's key for reaching my potential customers and ultimately making sales.

    Speaking of making sales… I need help with conversion.

    The other thing: some of those techie things still need work as well, especially the video ones.

    And then, of course, the step-by-step to make sure that everything necessary is actually happening, preferably in the right order. I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on the promo dashboard!

    What will it do for me? Grow my list exponentially, and turn my wanna-be biz into the real thing, and fast!

    Which will be a really good thing so I can replace the income from the job I left behind a couple of months ago, and double (or triple…) it.

    I've got a product (and am working on more, for freebies and upsells). I even have the requisite hundreds of PLR and MRR products on my hard drive, but what I need is people to sell it all to!

    Also a big thank you for your comments above: Your answer to Jeanne just gave me a big "aha" too. I think what i need to do is take all those redirects to affiliate links I have at the end of my ezine articles and route them through a squeeze page for ME first (with freebie) and get them on my own list. And THEN send them on to the product sales pages 😉

    Considering they aren't really buying now anyway, I wouldn't lose a thing by doing that but may potentially gain a whole bunch.


  • Why is it the cobbler’s kids are always the ones without shoes? In the online world, I’m like the cobbler.

    As a marketing consultant with 25 years of experience, I’m an ace at identifying my client’s problems and resolving them, but when it comes to my own online ventures, I suffer.

    I produce good products for which there is a proven need. I get targeted traffic to those sites. But conversions to sales are low.

    I need a “tool” that will help me to remember the basics of sound product and service promotion, and walk me through the process so I can not fail.

  • Silveen says:

    These are simple and easy steps that give power to just anybody who wills to be focused and attentive. It's a blessing to find these tools available. I don't really want to be in your contest and thank you for such nice teaching.

  • Hi, I participate in giveaways to build my list but somehow my numbers seem to have leveled off with just about as many submitting as are cancelling. I want to know how I can keep these people interested and enthused. Can this product help me get those people to buy more?

  • Charles says:

    Nice and informative video and podcast, Marlon.

    I fall into the "well over fifty" and "still struggling along group" that you referenced.

    My online technical knowledge and "know how" is limited but I would like to bring it up to the modern online standards with video, podcasts, etc.

    I feel that the Promo Dashboard would be a great asset and accelerate the learning curve not only with processes but with the correct processes.

    You may wonder why I haven't purchased the Dashboard already. This is due a shortage of available cash.

    I have been forced into early retirement from the almost non- existent textile industry in the US. I haven't been in internet marketing long enough to produce a stream of income. I do have a small list started.

    Thanks Marlon for the great information, no bs approach, and great products.


  • I think an easy system like this should help me get started. Not having a system makes it hard to know what to do next!

  • Jana says:

    Hi Marlon,

    The one thing I would like most to learn through your promo dashboard is the next step…actually, one after another.

    I've gone through THREE coaching programs so far, and spent an obscene amount of $$ I didn't have to do so, and what I've found is that coaches have their own agenda that has little or nothing to do with where I am at the moment. What I need is something that walks me through the process step by step at MY pace. I've done so much skipping around to keep up with what my coaches wanted me to do, I've missed many of the steps to set it all up right.

    If I were to win one of your dashboards, you would be getting a rave testimonial from me when it helps me get from where I am to where I've been trying so hard to get to. It wouldn't be sitting on my shelf unused, either.

    I've been trying to get my business going for a long time. Now I'm working on it full time and am ready to move forward. All I need is a little direction.



    [Comment from Marlon: Hi Jana, Wow, that's a lot of coaching programs! I'm not sure what you've been through but it sounds like you need to focus or zero in. Jana, this NOT a complex business. You get people on your list and you sell'em. That means, what you need to do is find out how to reach your people with a banner ad, pay-per-click ad, or viral report. Offer 'em something free that they can't resist to join your email list. Now, once they're on your list, guess what you do? Send them emails asking them to buy something. Either your own product or an affiliate product. Of course, I have a conversion formula to help those people to buy. Anyway, I hope you get the PromoDashboard. Good luck to you!]

  • Mark White says:

    Hi Marlon and Santo`s

    What an insight to a truly amazing promo

    Launch, After watching the video of Pomo

    Dashboard I was amazed Then listing to you and santo in the pizza cast it all

    Started to come together Wow if I had that much going for me maybe I would have a list,

    On top of everything what you are providing with video, pdf gadgets, converstion tools, evrything involed with the Promo Dashboard Tools

    Should be every marketer`s Dream

    If I dont win one I will have to empty

    my bank account to get one

    Did I mention Great Video and Podcast

    Thanks for sending them.

  • Diana says:


    I hesitate to call myself a "newbie" still but I am mired in info overload for sure. I just want straight forward info that will help me get where I want to go!



    [Comment from Marlon: Diana, I certainly understand. What you need is to simplify. That is the solution to information overload. Here's what you need to focus on: Offer a freebie. Get people on your list. Send emails asking the to buy. That's how money is made on this business. I appreciate your comment]

  • Hazen says:

    As someone who has purchased "Design Dashboard", I'm looking forward to what you'll show me about promotions. I know it will be the real deal and will show me (Exactly) what I need to know with step by step and take me by the hand instructions. (Hey, that's what you do), and so well..

  • Bill Clemens says:

    I would love to know where, when and how to place video in my sales pagesand OTO's. I know the long drawn out, basic way to do it. But lets face it, I dont want to have to get a PHD in Computer Enginering to learn it.

    Short, Sweet and Direct.



  • Steve S. says:

    Hi Marlon

    Is there room in your Promo Dashboard for showing a service business how to get new "Local Customers" and keep them happy with the service provided? If so, I'm sure you'll have a smash hit again as with ALL your other products.

    Thanks for a solid no BS approach.

    Steve S.

  • Danno says:

    I am interested in learning to identify the appropriate series of products in the portfolio to take people from spending $47 with you to spending $4700 with you. For example staging your buyers from ebooks to coaching programs.


  • Mike McMahon says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I've got to hand it to you. Once again you've taken an area that's absolutely vital to the success of any online venture and made it simple. Thank you for looking at these challenges through our eyes and bringing solutions to the table we can use immediately to get more clients and sales.

    Anyone can get someone to a webpage but getting them to opt in seems to be practically impossible. All the books and courses out there concentrate on generating traffic to your site but none of them tell you the best way to convert that traffic into subscribers.

    Oh sure, they tell you to have an opt in or squeeze page and that you need a bribe to get them in but there is so much more to it than that.

    Anyone getting traffic without subscribers is going to love Marlon's new Promo Dashboard.

    The art of promotion is one that seems so hard to master and yet just like every other part of business there is a process to follow.

    I am confident that you will show us how to integrate all of our marketing into everything we do. Basically, the arsenal you described in the video. Social media, Newsletters, PDF's, Podcast, Streaming Video ect.

    The other thing that I think is critical is knowing the sequence and timing of the promotion process. How often should you contact your list? Does that timing change when you use different types of media? I have no doubt each of these are taken care of witih the Promo Dashboard.

    As an owner of two of your Dashboards I can attest to how easy your step by step processes are to follow. Clearly you invest a lot of time and resources into each dashboard you design and you take everything into consideration. These are complete solutions and I am very happy you create them.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Hey, Marlon, and everybody else:

    Marlon's "Dashboard" products are great. Marlon breaks it down, step-by-step, and makes it extremely easy to do, unlike other Internet Marketers out there today, who just charge a ton of money to sell you a box of CD's and DVD's, and then it's up to you to figure out how to use and apply everything.

    Thanks again, Marlon, for creating a product that's useful and functional.

    Dr. Andrew Colyer

  • Mona says:

    Dear Marlon,

    I'm a grandma in her 70s. I wanted a website of my own, but not even my granddaughter had built one. It took my daughter and me a long time to sort through all the information on the internet when I was trying to figure out what to buy. It's overwhelming for somebody with no technical background or know how!

    We listened to lots of guru teleseminars, but didn't always buy the right products (for me). It always seemed like something was missing (most likely due to lack of computer training) and many hours went into the black hole of frustration trying to figure out those products. One I really hate! But I couldn't get my money back because it took me so long to figure out the product was lame, that I missed their 30 day return date (I ended up having to hire two different computer techs to help me, and though they showed me where the product was deficient, they couldn't even use it).

    I think there's an assumption from the creators of these products that the consumer has some basic computer savvy, since being younger they've always had it themselves either at home or school. It's hard to perceive what others — especially of older generations — don't know.

    Then we happened to find you, and watched and listened to what you had to say over several months. It was very hard to spend money on what might turn out to be another useless product since I'm on a very limited income. But I liked you. I didn't feel I was getting sold by a slick salesman. Plus having lived in Texas, I enjoyed your occasional drawl.

    I ended up buying Design Dashboard, because it was reasonably priced, comprehensive in taking me from start to finish, and mostly because it was easy. I actually have been able to share information with my granddaughter when she started her own site a couple of months ago.

    Though I got my site up, that's only the beginning of what has to happen. I've taken enough webinars now to be aware of the concepts bantered about like traffic, list-building, squeeze pages, and terms such as Twitter, YouTube, etc. that come in the second phase of making profit from a website. Mine is not making money, but I haven't done anything about it because there's way too much to sort through!

    So you're tempting me, as it sounds like you've done the work for me again — if it's anywhere as good as Design Dashboard. Why would I doubt this? From the looks of your video, it seems you've distilled the "too much" info to "just right." That must be your gift!


    Your fan Mona

  • Katie says:

    Hi Marlon ~

    What I would want the Promo Dashboard to do for me is to help me stay focused and on track.

    There are so many pieces to a successful promotion and if I am scattered in my approach to taking care of all the pieces, then my results are likely to be just as scattered.

    Plus, if I'm not sure of my progress, how can I track or test the success of what I'm attempting to do?

    From the looks of the Promo Dashboard, you've got the steps identified, and along side each step it appears there are specific pieces to complete. Now that's what I'm talking about. Just that in itself is useful.

    With what appears to be audio explanations, then it also appears you actually provide instruction either on how to take care of the step, or an overview of what it's about. Great!

    So that's what I'm hoping for – a place to keep track of everything so I can manage my progress and stay on schedule instead of getting lost in the details!

    Thanks for the opportunity!


  • What I want out of the promo dashboard?

    Right now, people can only get to my website by clicking in a link I send in their e-mail and that dramatically increased my opt-in rate!

    That is where I am starting, I'm having a hard time "selling" and I know my price is great and the product is worth way more than the cost, I just want promo dashboard to help me convert.

    Whatever it takes, I will do it, period.

    I would like to note that I read an e-book yesterday that was talking about how gurus don't make their money doing what they say, they make their money by telling other people what to do, as far as I can see, if I copied what you are doing right now with this blog on my site, I would make money.

    Thanks for being a duru instead af a guru!

    Derek J. Soto

  • Marlon,

    I want to learn how to make such a compelling offer to any visitor that they cannot resist opting in to my list… then over-deliver on the promise and establish a long-term relationship with the prospect.

    Thanks Marlon! As always, top quality information delivered in a usable format!

  • Hi Marlon,

    Better conversion is the #1 concern for my clients.

    My clients are getting the traffic they need but converting that traffic into sales isn't as high as it should be.

    We have tried offering better bonuses but I think visitors are becoming jaded by the inflated prices of bonuses offered in the past on other sites and perhaps see it more as hype.

    Also, in the personal development field, I would like to know how you can still put excitement into your sales copy without coming across as too much hype – a common complaint.



  • Bob Marconi says:

    I'm not sure but I think it is about traffic.

    It doesn't matter how convincing your copy is, if people don't see your page, site, etc., there is no way they are going to sign up or buy. You have to 'get them there'!

  • Ken says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Being successful on the internet reminds me of surfing. You keep your eye out for the next big trend and try to get in front of it. When that ride is over you paddle back out and look for another one.

    Like learning to dance it doesn't happen overnight. You learn different steps and practice for a long time. Then one day it clicks. The right partner, great music, all those hours of practice and it comes together. Something magical has happened and you are on your way.

    You are a part of that journey for those posting here. For some it's the beginning and for others it's that special piece that we call an "ah ha" moment that turns on the light bulb. An awakening if you will.

    With much respect,


  • Michael says:

    I am in the performing arts field. I run a successful podcast, but have just come up with a system that will all theatres, who sign up, to be part of a review system that will gaurantee that all their shows get reviewed. I will also be collecting valuable data that I will be able to share with theatre companies to help them boost their bottom line.

    Problem is, I need someone to help me convince these companies that my product is INVALUABLE to them. I have a leg up because newspapers all over our nation are laying off critics. My system is a great idea but my great idea won't ignite if it is not backed with a great promo plan.

    I know that copywriting is an INVALUABLE tool for marketers. But i have very little experience with copy, video, pdf's, and the likes.

    I need to hit 'em hard. I know that your product will help me achieve that knock out blow!

    I appreciate this opportunity,


  • Lopaze says:

    Hey Marlon,

    I am totally new to online marketing I have been at it for 2 months. I am learning how to build better relationships with my list and I believe the Promo Dashboard would simplify things and I would feel more comfortable.

  • This isn't going to be a long entry. My top two priorities are that

    a) I provide a product that is wanted and provides terrific value and quality to my readers/customers.

    b) I provide my own product, not someone else's.

    So, my question is: How do I come up with something over-the-top, unique, useful, fun, engaging, interactive, and helpful to the success or happiness of my readers/customers?

    Thank you!

    — Wendy J. Roan

  • art says:

    Keeping track of each element and its contribution to the whole process is crucial to success. Each product is at a different stage and tracking success or failure is crucial from an ROI perspective.

  • Nancy Gomez says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I'm one of those who is "still struggling."

    I've known (based on results)for some time that I'm more persuasive in person and on audio than on static pages.I'm an o.k. writer, but I'm not getting the results I need to consider myself successful or put gas in the car.

    Promo Dashboard will give me the means to make the most of those strengths that made me the #1 trainer for a national training company (most back of the room sales)and one of the highest rated teleclass leaders for CoachU for 5 years.

    The videos and audios will give me a convenient and manageable way to show off my charm and charisma –wink,wink,nudge,nudge–without pulling out my oh-so-short hair.

    My non-techie pals consider my determined efforts to succeed as an internet marketer a fool's folly, but I am still a believer.

    If someone my age can learn this stuff and be successful at it, so can others from the AARP crowd – you know, that underserved market Marlon talked about.

    And, I'm possibly one of the better marketers to reach them because I'm one of them. I would certainly like the opportunity to give it my very best shot.

    Thank you, Marlon, for continuing to create fine, truly useful products and teaching so effectively.

    Nancy Gomez

    "Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends." Walt Disney

  • I am in a very specialized niche market as a distributor of equipment, supplies and training to businesses who clean carpet, clean up after fires & flood, etc.

    The internet has expanded my market to that of a regional supplier instead of a local one!

    Since I have delivered training for over 30 years, educational marketing is my strength. Until now, I have been unable to present a PPT online training that is attention getting.

    If I can learn to create courses using screen capture video's & good looking pdf's, I will have a distinct edge.

    Everything else you list will simply be icing on the cake!

  • Mike says:

    The #1 thing I want is a simple, easy, 1-2-3 guide for what to do and how to do it! I want it without the fluff, the clutter and all the typical BS the gurus are famous for. Simple, easy , 1-2-3 will do it for me!

  • Harold says:

    Marlon – Nice one! To the point Marlon… How much? How much for promodashboard? I don't do freebie competitions :-)))

    Thanks – Harold

  • Josh Wade says:

    Marlon, you always overdeliver and that's what I appreciate about you.

    The Promo Dashboard represents an opportunity to take the marketing of my products to the next level by laser-focusing my attention on the tasks/details that matter to convert traffic to life-long customers.

    Thanks for setting the Gold Standard of Internet Marketing!

  • Mike says:

    I love your dashboards Marlon. If I can roll out really good and targetted products like you and learn to sell in such a persuasive way as you do I'll be made. Keep it going buddy!



  • Ayn Elise says:

    Hey Marlon and crew,

    Honestly, I want to learn or learn more about all of the listed benefits of the upcoming product. Very specifically benefits #'s 1,3,4 and 6.

    Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this contest.

  • Kim Burney says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I would love to know how to create pimped out PDF's!


    PS The pizzacast was great, I got some good tips from it, but I want everything!

  • Gerald Smith says:

    Hi Marlon:

    I'm still a struggling Newbie after about four months of trying to figure out what's what and spending a small fortune investing in different products and programs and, I think, being bamboozled by a bunch of Guru hype and chatter. Overwhelmed?…and how! Anyway, I saw your video on this new product and it appears to provide a solution to the major problem of conversion. Conversion, it appears to me, starts at the squeeze page. Therefore to stand out from the crowd, so to speak, you do need a quantum leap in how you utilize this important link to encourage people to opt in to your list and to want to stay on it. Your Dashboard approach seems to offer a marketer a constructive method for setting up a multi media, attractive and basically, non threatening message to take the next vital step toward the, all important, "money making" offers. I see the potential benefits to this, even as a Newbie, and it should appeal to anyone no matter what stage they are at in their internet business.

    Here's to success…for all those who dare to try out new approaches and persevere in their journey to reaching their goals in life.

    Gerald Smith

  • Stephen Matuszak says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Without a doubt, Promo Dashboard is a great idea whose time has come! You always overdeliver and I know it will be the same with this one.

    This is coming at just the right time for me — just this morning I have laid out plans for a new product offering in a hot niche, but dread going through the steps of creating my freebie, writing and designing the squeeze page, creating the OTO package, etc.

    It looks like you have all of that covered for me in 1-2-3 fashion in the new Dashboard. Please don't wait much longer to launch it because I really NEED it (and I WANT it too!) 🙂

    Besides the step-by-step motivation I know you'll provide, longer range, I'm particularly interested in exactly how to create those snappy videos you do in Camtasia, with the great transitions, etc. Will you be able to include that instruction for us too?

    Thanks Marlon, and I hope I'm one of the 10 winners.

    Regards, Steve

    [Hi Stephen, I think this might be our best Dashboard. Yep. We got a great screen video section.]

  • Robin says:

    Hey Marlon,

    I have not been able to actually see the Promo Dashboard except for the small screenshot on your blog, but it looks like you've come up with a winner. I can only imagine how much time, money and heartache this tool will save the newbie that wants so badly to succeed online. Now tell me where to find it, how to get it and I will forever be greatful. Kudos to you my friend.

    [Robin, watch this video:
    That explains WHAT the Promo Dashboard covers and what it's all about! Plus, there's good content on it even if you don't buy.]

  • charles says:

    Hi Marlon,

    after 7 months of struggling. I am very interested on taking your hand and walk through this process.

    mainly when I get a prospect to subscribe and…

    Taking them FROM emails to podcasts, videos, PDF’s and other tools to get ‘em to BUY.

    in your hands,

    [Charles, that is EXACTLY it…you get 'em on your list…THEN you send emails containing podcasts, videos, PDF's and other tools with my SECRET conversion FORMULA!]

  • Jeanne says:

    I write great adwords that get lots of clicks, but, my conversion really sucks. I follow the examples of others but, it does not result in people buying the product. Since I use other people's copy and it is not converting (affiliate sales). What would you suggest?

    [Jeanne, this is covered in Promo Dashboard and more than I can cover here. But in short, you need to ramp up whatever you're offering them free to opt in, you need to make sure your message matches your market. Jeanne, you do NOT convert FIRST. You get 'em on your LIST then you send emails that send 'em to CONVERSION pieces like PDF's, audios and videos that follow my secret conversion FORMULA.]

  • Your so called friends might have laughed (like mine did…) when you said you'll make money on the Internet–But wait until you start using Promo Dashboard! Other guru approaches might sail you through the unforgiving and unchartered waters of the Internet, but Marlon's Promo Dashboard will not sink. The number one benefit Promo Dashboard is it will help me finally discover the secret to easy business on the internet without having all the fuss and worry about the details and cut right to the chase—-sell and make money.

    I think I've finally found the secret to making money on the Internet. It's called the Promo Dashboard and it's smooth as silk because this new web based application is simply AWESOME.

    Imagine BENJAMIN FRANKLIN helping you with your next invention. After an exciting series of steps and advice, BEN FRANKLIN hands you a drawing of your invention. You then use BEN FRANKLIN's drawing to guide your invention to its final stages. Before you say LIKITY SPLIT, you're done. This isn't rocket science folks. PROMO DASHBOARD is a breakthrough "robotic-like" program designed by Marlon's team to lead anyone safely through the minefield of a setting up and sustaining a turn key Internet business. But that's not all. PROMO DASHBOARD takes you through an organized and logical sequence of actions and guides. With these six simple steps in hand, you'll know where you are going. You now have lazer focus and no longer have to face agonizing thoughts and actions. How would you like to have a secret silent business partner help you create irressistable web site campaigns? PROMO DASHBOARD is your partner to think through projects, brainstorm ideas, and much, much more. PROMO DASHBOARD will save you time, effort, and money. Just think, the amount of AWESOME web sites you'll make at your fingertips will probably pay you more than what you'll pay for the package. But don't take my word for it. People will have to see it for themselves. Just get it, work it, and stand back. Your internet business will change forever.


    I know people will buy PROMO DASHBOARD to turbocharge their Web 2.0 internet business. What person wanting breakthrough results in their internet business wouldn't buy this program?


    Really, this is a no-brainer. There's a web site we all want to do but haven't kick-started yet. Why should anyone wait any longer?

  • globalwriter says:

    hey marlon,

    you never seize to amaze me. you are the one marketer who truely wants to see the newbie succeed. all your dashboard products are living proof. god bless you and keep it up.

  • Wayne Liew says:

    The number 1 thing that I would like to learn about how to promote my products is how to write a good and compelling copy that will sell my products to a selective group of customers.

    Be it writing a sales copy, an email, answering a support mail and an interactive blog post, I would like to know what are the keys that will actually make people buy from me.

    I have gone through a lot of marketing books but one step-by-step or all-in-one package on this would be great.

    Thanks for the space, Marlon.

  • Pete says:

    Hi Marlon,

    What I'd like to know, is how to use my background as a broadcast professional to pump up my site, and increase my business.

    With all this "web 2.0" stuff, there should be a way to take my strengths and make them work for me.

    Being stuck with dial up, at least I can handle the audio end of things.



    [Pete, as I understand it the new Iphone lets you get broadband speed Internet that is wireless. Try that solution. On the audio, do podcasts and videos both pre-recorded and Camtasia. Now, for uploading, use overnight ftp. But really, get the Iphone if you can swing it. I would also try finding Internet cafes where you can upload at faster speeds.]

  • I think the number one thing I want to know about promoting my product with Promo Dashboard is how to convey my 30 years of work in the entertainment field as an entreprenuerial entertainer. I have a PASSION for telling others how to entertain a hometown crowd. We are talking small-town, grassroots, LIVE entertainment. Entertainment that affects people. I just learned that 12 years ago the effect that I had on two neighbor boys caused them to become balloon artists!

    How do I powerfully convey my passion to others?


    Millard Grubb

  • Hi, Marlon,

    The #1 thing I'd hope to get from Promo Dashboard is info on how to ultimately convert a higher percentage of visitors to paying members of my site. You're right, simple traffic isn't the answer. Generating traffic isn't all that hard. The key is always to interest the visitors enough to at least subscribe to the mailing list if they're not ready to join the site at the moment.


    John The Geek

  • haiyan laiesk says:

    Hi, Marlon

    First of all, I would like to say: Thanks so much for your brilliant products,it does the great job for me,and I have no doubt about your other products will help me to reach my goals.You are not like somebody just want to rip people off, every your product's value is so much more than the price that you sell them. So even I can't get the free copy, I will buy it when I am ready.

  • Dave Hookham says:

    Simple fact of life everyone's a know all..except me !!

    The more l read, the more videos l look at, the more l learn…. Hell back at

    square one again sweet —- all

    Need something to keep me intach with the situation

    Blinkers, do l turn to the left or right

    how fast am l going,when do l stop, do l turn the radio on and listen to someone else,who does the steering.

    Hell l need a Dashboard.

  • Leo says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I would love to learn how to make and create great Cantasia video's and know what camera and lighting to buy for future video productions,and how to excite the viewer to move on to the next step!

    Thank you for your time,


  • Hi Marlon,

    Here's my question, plus a BONUS question for you. I know you're going to share what all the components are to include on the best Promo pages to maximize the odds of highest conversions. That's what it's really all about…CONVERTING the visitors into buyers! What I want guidance on is your thoughts on LAYOUT. That is, where to best position each element for highest conversions. I know testing and tracking (and adjusting) is important to tweak everything…but what are the top 3-4 layout patterns that have worked best for you??? What to keep "above the fold", in the upper left and upper right columns, etc. Thanks!

    Here's the BONUS question: Will you cover how to set up A-B split test templates, so we can test different variables? I know this is advanced, but I just thought I'd ask. Love your stuff!

    All my best,

    Dr. Chris Bowman

    Dental Insiders Alliance

    [Dr. Bowman, YES we have a video on split testing, covering an overview of the program we use and to my knowledge the most powerful one on the market for under $1,000. I'll see what I can do on the formats. Hadn't thought of that specifically. Good post!]

  • Tony says:

    Hey Marlon,

    Not so much looking to win a copy of the promo dashboard… but more to giving others a heads up on what I have learned from your very cool dashboards!

    I have to take my hat off to you… many times I am asked WHO my mentor is… and for a long time I said I didn't have one.

    Then one day I get this email telling me about your design dashboard and thought hey – I'll take a look…

    Well, considering I couldn't even build a website I went from zero to making $18k a month with a website and product ALL from simply following your dashboards!

    Anyone reading this… take a look

    Or here – this is a website I just created the other day:

    The graphics and whole site was inspired from using the steps inside the dashboards – believe it!!

    Guys and gals – Marlon's stuff is just dynamite!

    Without a shadow of a doubt – if not for him and his step by step dashboards I would indeed still be a 9-5 rat.

    I am due to take the stage this year myself in London and tell my story… and WHO do you think I will be singing loud about?

    – yep – good ol Marlon!

    So when asked who is responsible for my rapid success from ground zero… when asked my advice on WHO to look up to and follow… without blinking I always say Marlon Sanders!

    Marlon – you shoot straight, take no prisoners and tell it how it is, and I respect that…

    Combine this with your amazing wit and s.o.h… and you just shine way above the rest!

    In short – YOU ROCK!

    Thanks a million…

    Tony Sharpe.

    PS: Santos – you my friend are a rapidly rising star… you must be a laugh a minute to work with!

    Keep up the awesome work – you're all a great team!

    [Tony, congratulations on your success! Hope you're an affiliate for this ( The big stage! That's exciting and HOW you recruit lots of affiliates and build your list full of big ticket buyers.]

  • Uzo Onukwugha says:

    Promo dashboard will help me learn a more effective list and relationship building (a key to marketing success). A picture is worth more than a thousand words. And seeing pictures a magnetizes the attention of my prospects and the response is far better than words or the traditional method that lack pictures or sound. Dashboard seem to work better both in attracting new prospects to subscribe and pushing your products to a warm list.

  • Melanie says:

    I have a real problem articulating the benefits of products and services and could use help learning quick and easy ways to articulate benefits.

    You rock, Marlon!


    [Melanie, don't feel bad. LOTS of people have problems with that. There's what the product IS, what it DOES and what it does for YOU! Features, advantages, benefits or FABs for short. If you've never read it, I HIGHLY recommend the book Jump Start Your Business Brain by Doug Hall. Get the "business brain" one, not the other one. Will give more in Promo Dash.]

  • Brian says:

    I am a total newbie starting out. But in my readings and research, I think I read somewhere that Google does not like NameSqueeze pages.

    I want to know how to Promote my Products in a way that works well overall without sweating that I am doing something "wrong"

    I hope you address this in this product and I hope I am a winner!

    Thanks – Brian

    [Brian, I discuss this in Promo Dash. The main thing is Google wants searchers to get CONTENT. A lot of opt-in pages ONLY deliver a pitch after opting in. They NEVER deliver content to the searcher. THAT is the problem as I see it.]

  • Korab Krasniqi says:

    How can you develop an effective relationship-building strategy with (potential) costumers who come from a variety of cultures, who have various "marketing B.S. threshold", and who might react negatively to even the slightest sound of a sales pitch?

  • Marlene says:

    My biggest frustration in regard to Internet Marketing is how to get the visitors to my site

    (a) to stay,

    (b) to take me up on my offer

    (c) and — ultimately — to buy my product(s).

    I have read a lot, purchased programs, implemented the ideas and still am stuck on this. Marlon, I'd LOVE to have you show me fool-proof ways around these problems!!

  • Augustine Hernandez says:

    The promo dashboard looks like a great tool for getting a marketing program up and running. The tools in the Promo Dashboard are essential to any business online or offline!

  • Zohar says:

    I would also like to know more about effectively viralizing a promotion so that it grows exponentially.


  • Fred Boggs says:

    Hi , Exlacty How many pages to make up on the web site and what order do you put them in,and how to make them concetive to match.

    Thank you Fred Boggs of

    B,s Trading Company

  • Azamat says:

    Marlon, what specific schedule should I use for my email promotions and how should I truly balance giving out freebies and making offers, to make a maximum impact?

  • Zohar says:

    Most gurus teach about the front end products. I want to see more instruction about the back-end product promotion and continuity programs.

    Let's rock!


  • Robert says:


    I want to use this system to learn how to outsource this work, so it becomes part of a system, so my time is better utilized on what I do best. Creating a business, not just a one time income.

  • We would need to know the most advantageous sequencing of the Promo Dashboard tactics and the most successful frequency of sending valuable info to our lists without appearing "spammy". We offer a "Real Time On-Line Identity & Data Protection" ANTI Keylogger Software for the Windows PC user. Tested by USA Government Intelligence Agency Technology Specialists and found to be 100% foolproof. Please, help us make friends so we can help them be safe at last online.. Thank You!

  • Erin says:

    How to create a membership site for recurring income, as an adjunct to an infoproduct without killing sales for the ebook.

  • Arun Agrawal says:

    I personally feel creating a good ambiance (without overwhelming) on the landing page and a strong, irresistible offer that converts the most sceptic visitor to a shy yes (opt-in) is very vital.

    If you can follow up well(till they buy or die) and convert this shy-yes to an emphatic yes (purchase), you have done it.

    This is what I want to learn always.

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