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“How to Make $3 A Day 700 Times”

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  • Kate says:

    Hi Marlon,

    thank you for your feedback, I'm looking and RESEARCHING. Just one question, How do I know if the direct response sales letter I find on the web is successful or not.

    The previously mentioned sales letter was modeled on the suggestion of what a good coaching program sales letter was. I would like to know how I can tell the difference? When a supposed expert tells me that it's good?



    [Hi Kate, well, hires the best copywriters in the world. is an Agora company. Agora hires some of the best copywriters in the world. A third company is Rodale press. You'll see the books they sell via direct mail at your book store. Also, if you have Push Button Target Market I show you in there how to research mailing lists online of companies selling hundreds of thousands of products via direct mail. You know those sales letters are working. YOu buy a product from the company so you can get on their mailing lists. Also, if you use something like that monitors Google ads over an extended period of time for your keywords, you pretty much know that an ad there in the 1-3 position on keywords for over 30 days is making money. You can also go to and look up the web site and look at the traffic. That doesn't mean it converts but it gives you a clue.]

  • Kate says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Great Article, it broke it all down into bite size chunks which is nice. My breakdown is

    2 sources of $10

    3 sources of $3.30

    10 sources of $5.50

    I will now look at the possible sources.

    love your newsletter and blog. I have put the last "sticking point" advice to work. working on a great sales page for my "Healthy Success Program" for work form people, coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs and I have put up my test page, I still have fine tuning/formating to complete, but I would love your feedback.
    I also ordered your salesletter dashboard.

    Marketing has been the focus of my attention, yet I know when I get them the website I have to have a great sales page to enrol them, either in the free stuff, or paid stuff.

    thank you for your great comments

    [Kate, the good news is your daily goals should be easy. I think if you snagged a few products off of Clickbank and bought some yahoo ads, you'd be good to go. Read (all of it) and the clickbank case study at the bottom.

    Now, about your letter: do your RESEARCH on products selling to this market and WHAT the sales letters look like. This looks nothing like any highly successful direct response sales letter I've seen! I think you wrote something out of the blue without modeling success. Model success. Let me repeat. Model success. Let me repeat. Model success. Go to and and study their sales letters. Buy something. Get on the direct mail lists. Save the junk mail for gosh sakes. Hole punch the sales letters and put in a 3 ring binder. Then read them over and over. Sleep with them. Read them for breakfast. Memorize the headlines. Then print out your sales letter and lay it out on the floor. And lay several of their sales letters out NEXT to your letter page by page. COMPARE. Marlon]

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  • Joel says:

    Yes, the point of your article was excellent. Repetition is key.

    Now that we know that sell us some "systems", "formulas", and "methods" to replicate.

    I know you have the grandaddy formula… but we need more – sell us some more 🙂

    [Joel, I'll send out emails. And my friend will probably have a product. But honestly, have you

    NOT done anything in Internet marketing yet that makes 3 bucks a day? If you haven't, then I

    suspect you haven't done much! See what I'm saying? I mean, come on. 3 bucks a day isn't like

    a million or something. It's 3 lousy bucks. Surely you know of something you can do that will

    bring in 3 bucks a day. If you don't, yeah, I'll send out an idea or 2. But be your own GURU.

    Think. Look at what you have tried in the past. Experiment. Do.]

  • Joel says:

    Hey Marlon,

    why dont you work with the $3 a day guys and create a web class with them…

    You can charge 1k plus.

    [Hey Joel, true. And I might. But really, there are LOTS of ways to make 3 bucks a day. The genius of what he did is simply replication. I was hoping people would focus more on the general concept than his specific method…although he has a fine method. Theoretically, you can do it with Adwords. But they are making it really hard for anyone to run a campaign. So I bought an ebook today about Yahoo marketing. I think Yahoo is actually making it easy to run ads and making 3 bucks a day should be a walk in the park. Ditto for msn. Actually, the goal is more like 6 to 20.]

  • Debbie says:

    Hello Marlon,

    I have been a subscriber of yours for a long time. I wish to thank you for sticking to some good old fashioned internet marketing.

    I have been doing this long enough to remember when internet marketers actually sent out a newsletter like the ones you still send out.

    I had a newsletter like this also where I was building quite a following until all this double opt-in stuff got started

    and I got confused on how to keep up with all this stuff, and stopped sending my newsletter out, but this year I want to start out fresh and rebuild everything that I let go.

    Your article “How To Make $3 A Day 700 Times” was what I needed to read.

    I am so tired of being on everybody's lists and all they do is push products now with very little content in their e-mail. The product launches, especially are annoying because don't they realize you are probably on everyone's else's list, and getting basically the same pitch.

    Thanks again!


    [Hey Debbie, the double opt in is no big thang. They have can spam compliance built in. I would do regular emails and/or ezine. Marlon]

  • Joe Murphy says:

    Hi Marlon. I've been receiving your

    e mails for a while now. I'm just beginning to try to get something going on the internet; studying various methods of e marketing, but that's not why I'm writing.

    I want to comment on your injuries. I'm sure I'm quite a bit older than you, but live a remarkably pain-free life in spite of numerous injuries in the past.

    About seventeen years ago I was building a barn on my little farmette. While painting the exterior I put the ladder up in a more vertical slant than normal because the grass was wet. At one point I got off the ladder for more paint and my brother, without telling me, put the feet of the ladder farther out, thinking it would be safer for me. As you can guess, the feet immediately slid out and I fell about ten feet with my legs twisted through the rungs and wrenched my back badly. I was in terrible pain for about six weeks, inching my way out of bed every morning after a bad night's sleep. Naturally I couldn't do much after I did get up and was in constant pain. I was praying to God for help a lot. One morning I got so irritated with the situation as I was trying to put my legs over the side of the bed and inch my way up I shouted "Goddamit, I'm not putting up with this for another second!" The pain went away instantly, and while I get a twinge in the lower back when lifting too heavy a load, it has never come back. This was after seeing a number of chiropractors and MDs for x rays, etc. A surgeon friend of mine at the time said that it was a miracle, but I think that it was just one of the things that the subconscious can do.

    All the mind control gurus say that one must visualize his goals as reality with a good dose of emotion and thankfulness, whether for prosperity or health. I'm just passing along my experience with the emotion of command with the hope of assisting you to effect the elimination of your pain.

    I'm a real believer in mind power. I've had some remarkable experiences in my life. Years ago I directed my mind to take care of me in any dangerous situations. I've had at least three occasions when I know it worked for me, including one about six years ago when I had to come to a stop on an interstate because of a traffic jam. I saw it coming up and began to slow down, as well as looking into the rear-view mirror to see what was behind me. I saw a truck coming at me fast and began pumping the brakes to warn him but as he got closer I could see he was on his phone and didn't see me. I finally had to come to a complete stop as the car in front of me had stopped. I braced myself for the impact. He hit me at sixty miles an hour. My seat was torn from the floor and I came to rest in the back seat with the rear window showering me with glass fragments. The impact crashed my car into the one in front, and that one into the next one and so on. In all, there were six vehicles involved. I couldn't get any of the doors open so I kicked the front passenger side door open and jumped out, fearing a fire. In looking at the rear of my car I could see that the truck's bumper had peeled the trunk of my car off the frame all the way to the back window. I could see the gas tank sitting there open to the sky. He had missed it by an inch. The police arrived and one of them told me twice that he had never seen anyone walk away from an accident that bad. I refused to go to the hospital to get examined. I had only a scratch and a few bruises that showed up next day and felt no ill effects, not even in the lower back. I said many a thank you prayer that day. Long story, but I thought it may help you. Best regards. Keep up your good work. Joe

    [Hi Joe, WOW! That's quite a story. Thanks so much for sharing here. Marlon]

  • sarie says:

    Hi Marlon,

    2009 is the year that I have to get in the green and out of the red. The year that I must have money to use at the 3rd of the month until the end of the month.

    But, I do not know where to start! If you can take me step by step, I'll appreciate it. I read your emails that you send to me, but a lot of the jargon is "greek" to me.

    I live in ZAR, have only 500MB on the internet to use and are on this state out of money. It is still a long time to pay day. I am desperate; actually more than desperate to make money. But how on a shoe string budget? I dont have a credit card to use. My husband have one, but it is maxed out!

    I am willing to work every day at least 2 hours a day and even more over weekends. If you can help me?

    Thank you


    [Hi Sarie, I teach marketing. But I'm really not a miracle worker nor a savior. I'm very sorry about that. I recommend you go to: and read and do their system. Article marketing is what you need to do. You can write an article in about 5 minutes. In two hours a day you can write as many as 10-20 articles and upload them. Search google for "free ebook article marketing". You should find plenty of free ebooks on the topic. Marlon]

  • Tautua Leau says:


    1. yes, I have a hosting company, but, it is very difficult to upload my graphics and desing to the host system. you might have heard of them. Sitebuildit.this is my first time to do an information site to sell., I dont know how to ftp

    3. Yes we have written a 23 page sales letter

    4. yes,

    my sticking point is the guy who is doing the design of the site does not know how to upload the graphics and the interface with clickbank with the SBI system that I bought to host and use their system to publish our site on the internet.

    this is getting so complicated and I am stuck.

    any help would appreciate.

    [Hi, I believe SBI has good training on how to upload. So I would recommend you go to their support for help. Contact SBI support and also ask for help i their forums. I would also recommend going through all their training on using their system.]

  • Marlon Sanders, you have some great information, great advice for online entrepreneurs.

    [Hi Bob, thanks for your comment. I hope you find this helpful and have a great plan in place for 2009.]

  • scott says:

    Outsource to Philipine, what timing!!! I am just now having trouble finding (will pay) someone to modify my blog, which is using FREE template, FREE hosting from WordPress. I just want to position all the links (or buttons) to the side, instead of at the bottom or the top. I just want to have a place for parents from my kid's school to hang out — So, what's the outsource web site?

    [Scott, I don't know what my friend does. I know he hired 3 people. There is a Craigs List in the Philippines. So you can start there. Or search rentacoder, getafreelancer or]

  • Tautua Leau says:


    I am a fan and consume everything I see your name to.

    my wife and I have a system we developed over 7 years, we finally finished writing the sales letter, tested our ebook and template with our target market, our biggest problem is getting the site up to sell the system. we bought websites with internet companies and paid thousands of $ to get it going and nothing work. can you help us with the direction we need to take with the website?

    [Hi, Design Dashboard and Product Dashboard cover all of that if you have those products. But I'll be happy to try to get you unstuck. You can hop on an Ateam call where I give you more in depth advice. But for here, post your specific issue so I can help 1. Do you have hosting? 2. Do you know how to ftp? 3. Do you have your sales letter written? 4. Do you have graphic design done? Those are the things you need. Post back and let me know the hang up. Marlon]

  • Alejandra says:

    Dear Marlon: I really, really admire you. Whenever I come, I look with desire your Infoproduct Dashboard, and although I would love to have it, I haven't the money (I live in a third world country, where wages are barely enough to live).

    But I don't give up. Once I tried to develop a system, set up a website, give a freebie away to capture emails, send a newsletter, create products.

    But it was too much for me. Create the product, AND make the promotion of the site AND keep in touch with subscribers, to late sell only 3 or 4 reports of $ 19…it was discouraging.

    I think I chose the wrong niche. And the constant communication don't works for me either. Do you think there is another way to develop infoproducts to not have me slaved all day behind a computer to gain almost nothing in the end?

    Because after my bad experience I'm afraid of start a new infoproduct business and end with a lot of work for nothing.

    Can you help me?

    Thank you and my best wishes,


    [Hi brother, I'll try to work something out for you on the product. NOW — did you get people on a list for a topic you LOVE or are passionate about? That makes writing EASY! You don't have to sell your OWN product to start with. You publish your ezine or send emails and promote AFFILIATE products! Then, you do audio products of your own as you have time. But to start, with sell affiliate products. You don't have to send daily emails. You can send a weekly ezine and 1 or 2 promos per week. You can also send out daily emails like does that are stories. There is no hard and fast rule. The minimum is a WEEKLY ezine and send one or two pitches for affiliate products during the week. That should bring money in the door. But you need to write about a topic you'll LOVE writing about if possible. That removes the burden of writing. In terms of creating your own product, you interview an expert and record the call. Or get someone to interview you. Or just talk into a microphone hooked up to your computer. Sell the product on clickbank or paydotcom. There are plenty of FREE products to get you started if you just search "how to create info products" on Google. In addition to the audio, you can transcribe it. Now, research your target market …find out WHAT they buy and how MUCH they pay for it. Sell similar products for similar prices.]

  • Nelson says:

    The bad news – I keep trying to get Marlon's "Best Of" ebook, but nothing happens. I never receive a download or confirmation email, hence, no book.

    The good news – I saw your promotion on the "Best Of" page and decided to buy the "Info-Products Dashboard" to add to my growing collection of Marlon's products. Great stuff.

    But I'd still like to get the "Best Of" ebook too! 🙂

    Can anyone there help?

    [Nelson, the download is on the next page after you opt in or should be. I'll have Danny double check it on Monday. We'll email you about it then. Sorry for the problem.]

  • Ed McDonough says:

    Hey Marlon!

    You’re awesome – I really appreciate your great info, products and candor.

    Sorry to hear about the hernia. Once you are on the mend you may want to conside Qigong (pronounced: Chee Gung) as a way to get/keep healthly and balance your life energy.

    You can learn more about here: – check out hte home study course.

    Best Regards,


    [Hey Ed, I've read about Quigong….I'm sure it's good….in this was stupidity!! Marlon]

  • Steve says:

    Hey Marlon,

    I agree – if you have a formula then things get so much easier, it centres your efforts and if it is a formula you know works then your results just get better and better as you use it more.

    But you're killing me – where can I look at the product from the guys making $3 a day 700 times? I love new angles, especially if I can outsource most of it!


    [Steve, he may sell it as a product. But here's the deal my friend. It isn't anything you couldn't think of or figure out yourself. There are LOTS of ways to drive $3 of traffic to a web site per day. The thing is SCALING it up and FOCUSING on it long enough. If you've done much Internet marketing you ALREADY got a site or two or three that does $3 a day. NOW — go do that 700 times….and outsource it.]


  • Jared Rentz says:

    Hey Marlon,

    I won’t waste your time telling how much your newsletters have affected me in such a great way. I’ll just say thank you so much.

    I have recently taken your advice and designed a product; it is designed to help music producer with making the drums patterns for their song. I have written the sales letter using your sales letter generator and had a professional designer make the page look professional.

    I market the product on and where the traffic is targeted to producers who use Propellerhead Reason which is the software you must own in order for you to have a need for my product. I am getting on average about 5 people to the website every day. The site has been live for one week and has had no sales. I would like you to preview the site and let me know how to improve so I can convert.

    Thank you,

    Jared Rentz – – Retronicx

    [Jared, you need to test more traffic sources like ads on ezines and blogs and pay per click. Youtube and Myspace traffic is kinda famous for NOT converting. I'm not sure those are your buyers. You TRACK each source of traffic or visitors separately, so you can see where your buyers come from and what their lifetime value is. That is, how much they buy over the next year or two. This will vary by product. You need to put a Camtasia demo video on the squeeze page itself. And maybe even offer something free for opting in. I'd also test sending people to the sales letter directly. Keep at it. STUDY products IN your market…..what their sales process is like, where they get traffic from and all that. You need to study successful sales letters and sales processes more. Your squeeze page is OK. PBL is a TOOL. You're like 70% of the way there. But keep learning, testing and trying. And realize sometimes your first 2 or 3 products miss the mark. Mine did. This is a learning curve. But in your case, I think you need to run ads in ezines and on blogs. And work on your conversion process. If you are on my Ateam calls, we can discuss this more there. Marlon]

  • Hey Marlon,

    I've got a quick "hunch" to what these guys are doing in order to promote affiliate products at $3 a day times 700. You said that they are using a social marketing technique that not too many people are using for affiliate marketing. I've started to get some good results using a lot of video marketing to promote affiliate programs. That's my guess to what these guys are doing since it has started to work well for me.

    [Daniel, there's LOTS of web 2.0 stuff you could do. And frankly, WHAT they specifically are doing doesn't matter. It's not my point. There are probably one HUNDRED things you could do using web 2.0 that would make THREE bucks a day. The real point is to get a formula and do it over and over and over. And even outsource it. Marlon]

  • Rick says:


    Thanks for the "How To Make $3 A Day 700 Times" article.

    And by the way, hope you're healing and recovering from the accident. I was looking forward to visiting with you at YSS Underground 5 (hope you'll be there). It's always great to see you.

    You've hit the nail on the head in this article. I retired as CTO and VP Marketing of one of the worlds' largest software companies at the end of 2007. We sold over $1.3 billion in software every year… through over 5,000 resellers.

    Making big money (whatever that means to you) is the same – on the Internet, and in more traditional offline business. It's about having a business model that generates a consistent, predictable profit in a viable market, then finding the business model "amplifiers" that can take your small "signal" and make it much louder.

    We called these amplifiers sources of "business leverage". There are many of these business amplifiers out there, like:

    – Thousands of sites (or pages) that bring long-tail traffic (like your friend's 700 sites)

    – Thousands of partners who each have a list of prospects for your product

    – Thousands of resellers who each have access to protected customer territories

    – Existing successful products that you can "piggy back" on with some kind of low-cost value-add that fills a gap

    We used to discuss this whole idea as "P times Q". You have a product that sells for a price "P" and you need to sell a certain quantity "Q" to generate revenue "R", so it's:

    R = P * Q

    Pretty simple. The problem is, most people never delve into "Q" to understand what's going to drive their Quantity in order to scale the business up as you've described. The answer to that is in the "route-to-market" strategy for the business.

    I created a planning spreadsheet (free) that people are welcome to download at that will help with this planning process. Would love to know what you think about it.


    [Hi Rick, how are you? Thanks man. I hope people download it. Very nice ad on the point comments. I would sit here and spin some product ideas off this for ya. But I know you can do that yourself if you're so inclined. I LOVE the PQ thing. Oh the accident was 2 1/2 years ago. But because of it I got off the road speaking. The hernia just happened because I was working out too aggressively even though I had a great personal trainer assisting me.]

  • Linda Napier says:

    Good Morning Marlon,

    What a great article. You really got my attention. I thought I was focused on the formula/model but I'm still feeling overwhelmed so it's back to my formula to see what I can do.

    Thank you for your blood, sweat and tears.

    Linda Napier

    [Hi Linda, you need a source of TRAFFIC and you need a WAY to sell 'em and a product. Do you know WHERE to get the visitors? You can do jv/affiliate, ppc, banners, etc. Do you know HOW to sell 'em? That's all in Promo Dashboard. You get 'em on a list offering a very enticing freebie. Then send emails, do podcasts, teleseminars, blog posts…everything I teach in Promo Dash. As far as the products when you email your list, you sell both affiliate AND your own. Now, post back and tell me if you are stuck on any of those 3 steps. If you're ateam, listen to the call when I post it this week. The last call was awesome. Now, THAT is my model. There are other models. ANY model that's decent will work if you replicate and scale it.]

  • hi marlon,

    i followed you over from twitter. but, so some of this is new to me. where do i find your article? your newsletter?


    [Hey Michael, did you subscribe to my email list? I email my ezine every Sat. morning…look in your SPAM folder…it coulda got put there. Now I will post on my ezine. I'm writing on a new product so I don't know if I'll get that done today. But I should have it on by Monday afternoon. Maybe before.]

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