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Post Your Comments About Santos’ Videos Here.

Compare these 2 videos:

Video 1:

Video 2:

The first, the 21st, and the 54th person who correctly posts the
glaring difference between the 2 videos, wins a free copy
of the Info-Product Dashboard.

Also, If you can create a promotional video better than these, by my
judgement, you will win $100 bucks. Obviously im only picking one
winner, which I will be announcing to my whole list with a link to
your website and kudos.

  • Art williams says:

    Other than some pacing, volume and enthusiasm differences…..I think they both gave me the same info from just listen/watching only one time. I didn't feel like taking the time to examine them with a fine toothed comb.

    But it was still good info. Certainly something I didn't know. I've got somebody in mind I've already shared the video with for informational purposes.

    I also wanted to mention though that in one of your emails you referred to the ORIS. I kept wondering, 'What the heck is that?'

    Finally I've realized that it's the Ockham's Razor Marketing System. You ought to change that "ORIS" to ORMS..or…explain it somewhere. I didn't see anyplace where you explained what ORIS means.

    Best regards,


    [Hi Art, yes, I agree on ORIS. I'm calling it that because you ORMS just sounds funny. You need a vowel in there. Some of our folks on the blog started calling it that so the name stuck. I missed the first part of your post I think. Not sure what you're referring to on the 2 versions.]

  • Mike says:

    This is one of the best no "BS" tutorials I have seen in a while.

    I learned the secret is to give away a BIG sample of your product. We give away the first 30 minutes of our Audiobook ($500 Value) that teaches entrepreneurs how to grow an ONline or OFFline business for FREE at:

  • Stephanie says:

    Now that the contest is over, what's the correct answer? I thought the glaring difference was that video #2 had a clear and repeated call to action and video #1 didn't, but I guess I was wrong. 🙁 From reading the winners' answers, am I correct in assuming that the answer you were looking for was that video #2 was faster and rehearsed? If so, then what is the marketing message you want us to learn?

  • CJ Hirano says:

    The MAJOR difference between the two vids…

    The dragging Video 1 presented the Kindle and its features first, being vague about how or why your e-product would be featured. The phrase "free advertising" was first mentioned at 2:48 through, and a call-to-action was not given at the end (how to get the Kindle report, for instance.) This Video is not optimized as a video sales presentation – it's just a video presentation on Kindle.

    The short and snappy Video 2 tantalized the viewer almost from the beginning with the catch phrase "free advertising" which was repeated throughout the brief presentation on the Kindle (which came afterwards). It is focused to convert viewers into customers by having them buy one of Marlon's products and get what they want – the secrets in the Kindle Report and how to get that "free advertising."

  • Peter Shavel says:

    Hi, Marlon

    Kindle's Store at looks pretty good in both videos. About 2.5 Mbps of bandwidth was available throughout there when I saw these videos at my home in Minsk (Belarus). I have 8 Mbps ADSL connection to Internet from my local ISP.

    But these videos are essentially differ. I define the first video as prepared more professionally than the second video where both audio and video frames were too much accelerated, I think.

  • Bob says:

    The most obvious difference to me was the first video didn’t tell me HOW to get the free Kindle Report but the second one did.

    The second video led the viewer to an action step.

    Yes, the second had more energy and excitement. Perhaps volume two came about following a Special High Intensity Training session with Marlon. 🙂 But it also leads the viewer do something — to take some action in order to get all the benefits.

  • Bruce says:

    The first video was more laid back and less energetic that the second, however the second one also stressed the benefits to the viewer much more effectively than the first one.

  • Stuart says:

    Great videos, in the second one Santos does a search of kindle but mentions only books available on the whole of, where on the whole site it is 9th

  • Bob says:

    The most obvious difference to me was the first video didn't tell me HOW to get the free Kindle Report but the second one did.

    Yes, the second had more energy and excitement. Perhaps volume two came about following a Special High Intensity Training session with Marlon. 🙂 But it also leads you to take the action step required to actually use the information presented to you own advantage.

  • Rick says:

    Video 2 has much better sound quality than Video 1.

  • Boris C. says:

    The second video was louder and clear that never got me bored as i watched. It was straight to the point video telling me about:

    1) Amazon daily visitor statistics

    2) Opportunity to free info-products advertising on Amazon

    3) Kindle free 55-page report

    Another differences i have found between the videos is that 1st video was long one – 5:00 minutes long and 2nd video was 3:44 minutes long.

    If i would have to vote for any of these 2 videos, i would vote for the 2nd. I liked it the most.

  • Leslie says:

    Heya Marlon & Santos

    Video #1: very loose, no real benefits for the viewer, no call to action

    Video #2: much tighter, WIIFM clearly stated, call to action repeated

    Both created with Jing, which seems to work really well as a free alternative screen capture and editing app (if you weren't lucky enough to grab a copy of the superseded version of Camtasia).



  • Neal says:

    The glaring difference was no promotion of

    the Kindle Report in the first video and

    a thorough promotion of the Report and call

    to action in the second video.

    Also the overall quality and professionalism was much improved on the second video.

  • Cathy says:

    You said the glaring difference between the two videos. That would be that he did not mention Marlon's 55 page eBook on the Kindle. The second was definitely better than the first. Also the search terms were done in a different order.

  • First Video lacked energy and clear call to action

    Second was scripted,exciting,concise message and call to action

  • Differences Between the First and Second Video:

    – The Second Video (promote Info-Product Dashboard)speaks about Your Kindle Report on how to showcase our e-books on Amazon site, the first video (promote Amazon Kindle)is just a run-through on what you can expect to find on Amazon and that your product is just featured there. That's all.

    – The Second Video has the more professional feel – short, clean, straight to the point. First video has the stuttering of words.

  • I didn't see my post, so thought I'd better try again.

    In the 2nd video, Santos is talking about getting Marlon's Kindle report by buying any of Marlon's products. He makes a very good case for that, too!

    Proud owner of Design Dashboard.

  • Mary Mahon says:

    The second video gives us the info on the Kindle Report. It also was much smoother, and I think, shorter.

  • Donald says:

    The Kindle machine was in the hot spot in video 2 over video 1. Being as close to the top left corner as possible makes a substantial difference in seeing the object you are promoting.

    The other most obvious was the length of the videos and the delivery method.

  • Pat says:

    The second video is a well constructed sales presentation. Kindle, the benefits of using Kindle, the excitement building to instructions on how to get a copy of Marlon's Kindle Report. Call to action: buy any one of Marlon's products and receive a free Kindle Report. Slick guys.

  • Tom says:

    video 1 :

    *Long and drawn out (5 min)

    *The ad colums are different

    *The front page promotion is different

    Video 2 :

    *Short and to the point (3.5 min)

    *Punchy..Calls for action

    *Clear application info

    Best Wishes


  • The BIGGEST difference between the first and second videos is that the first video was "logical", and focused on FEATURES. The second was "emotional" and focused on BENEFITS. The energy of video #2 was much stronger and more persuasive. A clear message was sent that you NEED to get the free report, and how. That message wasn't in the first video.

    Take care,

    Dr. Chris Bowman

  • paul dyer says:

    What I noticed as the main differences between the first and second videos is that in the first video it is more of a dry explanation of what Amazon's Kindle service as compared to the second video where there is much more of a WIIFM (What's in it for me) factor to his presentation. Explaining how it will greatly benefit the people who create ebooks and submit them to Amazon's Kindle service, along with the fact that he promoted how to get Marlon's report on Kindle much more clearly in the second video

  • The 2nd video mentioned the Latest Offer from Marlon…"Buy ANY product from him and you'll get his New Kindle Report which shows you how to tap into Amazon's 1.5M visitors each day!

  • Gregory says:

    I liked both videos. However, on my system the screen was way to large, and the controls to limited once I did find them. The differences I saw on the videos were — on video one during the All of Amazon search, the search was for Internet Product Testing. — on video two, during the All of Amazon search, the search was for Killer Sales Letters. Either way, I'd like a copy of the Kindle report. Sounds like a great idea for free advertising. — Greg

  • The second video came off better than the first.

    The audio delivery by Santos in the second video sounded authoritative and energetic.

    That type of delivery is what a person who is the result of being well rehearsed.

    Santos comes out sounding as though he knows what he wants to say (because it is all written out in a script in detail or in bullet format) and delivers it without long pauses between thoughts and with no umhs and aahs.

    Two thumbs up!!

  • bizbark says:

    The videos downloaded quickly in the L.A. area. The major differences:

    1. First one was longer.

    2. Second one was more up-beat and mentioned the " free Kindle report ".

    So, how do we get the Free Kindle Report?

    Thank you.

  • bizbark says:

    The videos downloaded quickly in the L.A. area. The major differences:

    1. First one was longer.

  • Walt says:

    There are two subtle differences between the two videos:

    1. The first vide searched on i"info-products", the second search was "info-product"

    2. The second difference was the searches… Video 1 searched on "killer sales letter" first and "info-products" second. The second video was reversed…info-product first and killer sales letter second.

    Gotcha 🙂


  • Mona says:

    The second video corrects the admission of the first — it lets you know right up front that this is not an Amazon ad to get you to buy the Kindle or to buy Marlone's ebooks featured per se, but is an offer for a free report from Marlon about how to get your own ebook onto Amazon to generate free advertising. The offer state that you can get this buy purchasing any of Marlon's products. From yesterday's original email, the first offer was to buy Dashboard and get the free report, but this video broadens the offer to include any Sanders' product.

  • Marlene says:

    The first video discussed some information … but did not get any energy fired up! The second video put personality and spark into the presentation. It also included a CTA … to get sales and prove the point.

  • The first video was longer and spent more time searching different areas of Amazon. It mentioned the kindle report by Marlon only once and did not give a call to action and tell me exactly how to get the report.

    The second video video gave clear statistics, repeated the kindle report and value, gave us details of the report and why we needed it and finlly gave us clear direction of what you would like us to do, which is to buy any product from Marlon and receive the 55 page report for free.

    The second seemed to move faster and kept my attention.

  • Benjamin says:

    Marlon & Santos,

    I already have the Info-products Dashboard but wanted to see the "glaring" difference. If you're involved it will be worth the effort. The glaring difference: the length of the runtime for the "same" script. Faster delivery made the second vid shorter.

    What you didn't ask, but I am offering freely, is, as a viewer I prefer the first but often use the second. How is that possible? I use a player that allows me to go at 1.5x (or 2x if I can "compress the message that much). I learned from my work with the visually impaired/blind users that audio bandwidth to the brain is much wider than imagined. So I save some time and stretch my brain at the same time.

    p.s. If I just keep making comments, one after the other, will I eventually get 54 (or whatever)? Be careful what you measure because it affects behavior and performance.

  • The 1st video failed to adequately capture the viewer's attention. Because of that, the viewer had no interest in following the information given. The video had no clearly stated purpose or value for the viewer. It was disorganized and confusing.

    The 2nd video did a better job of capturing the viewer's attention, reinforcing why the video is important for the viewer to watch, and was much easier to follow.

    Even though the 2nd video was better, much work needs to be done on the clarity of speech, and the cadence of speech.

  • Dragan says:

    The first video was not very sales and marketing oriented.

    The second video was like a spoken sales letter which includes a clear message, poweful phrases and explained the advantages and the uniquenes very enthusiatic.

    A poweful and clear message on how to, and why submit an ebook to Amazons 'kindle' section. On the end there is a call to action.

  • James Veach says:

    Unlike the first video, Santos was speaking with lots of enthusiasm in the second video. . He also was telling us how to recieve the report on the Kindle. The second video was a more powerful and got to the point, how to get the report about the Kindle.

  • Tim Romero says:

    The 1st video doesn't say how to get the Kindle Report. The 2nd video does.

  • Kirk says:

    The main difference in the second video,was that Santos had excitement in his voice that kept my attention.

  • Roger Smith says:

    Difference between the two? Second video had a faster tempo to the narration. Yes, there was a difference in content . . .

    Difference in content aside, whoever narriates a video should be able to have correct vocal production. This will annoy some people to the point that they will stop viewing/listening to the video twenty or thirty seconds into it.

    No disrespect intended to your presenter but, for greatest effectiveness, you NEED professional voice talent to make the video "sing". That combined with better engineering of the audio. It's AMAZING the effectiveness (i. e. SALES) a professional voice (well recorded) with an even better (MUCH tighter) script can achieve. I'm not talking about a radio DJ. Get someone who's skill is this type of narration.

    Second, as good as you want (imagine) these scripts to be, they are pretty rough. What you're taking three to five minutes to communicate needs to happen in 90 seconds. If it needs to take longer than 90 seconds, give your viewer/listener an incentive (reward) to hang around longer.

  • Michael says:


    It starts by saying I am going to be shown "how to have your ebook featured on Amazon for free". Then the video goes on the illustrate the Kindle Product and how any search on Amazon will give preferential treatment for any Kindle product and therefore having a Kindle ebook will have a good chance of being in first 10 search results even when searching over the entire Amazon stores. Basically we end up with a good idea of Kindle and that Amazon is giving it an extra "push" to get it and any kindle content advertised to its users. Finally, at the end just before cutting off the video, I am told "Get you hands on that Kindle Report and your ebook could be here!". This is the first and only mention of the Marlon's Kindle Report and it is very loosely connected to any issues that I may have. In this video Santos is working more for Amazon than for Marlon!!


    It starts out slightly differently, but a substantial difference, by saying that I will be told how I can have my ebook featured on the 12 most visited site on internet, Amazon – for free. Then the video goes on to explain the Kindle AND HOW IT BENEFITS ME, HOW IT BENEFITS MY PRODUCT. The language and the structure of the video is inspired by concepts used in copy-writing. To describe the Kindle questions are used "what is the kindle?, what is going to happen?, what is available for it?" – classical copy writing language to trigger interest and get attention. Then the viewer of the video is spoken to – "if you are a SMART internet marketer then …". "Your ebook, Your product, … free advertising, this is where the free advertising comes in …" "millions of visitors, … only my two books show, … I didn't do anything but upload the ebook" – the language speaks in terms of my benefits, repetition of words, repetition of my benefits, repetition a key concept in copy writing. Studied pauses are used. After the build up at half way through the video the sale message comes "that is why YOU NEED to get the Kindle Report, why you should take advantage of this offer, Amazon is offering free advertising". More repetition of MY BENEFITS, my free advertising and then at the end of the video the sales message is repeated again for two more times "Get the Kindle Report, it will show you how to get free advertising".

    The script for the first video was written by a "technical writer" providing specifications for a catalogue entry.

    The script for the second video was written by a copy-writer.

  • 1st video instructional.

    2nd video focused on benefits – it answered "What's in it for me?" Now I want to get the Kindle report.

  • 1. video was not clear and i did not find out about the report.

    2. Video clearly speaks about a free report and is much better and more clear .

  • ken hamer says:

    The first video did not mention your e book and was not really focused on the benefits of info products. It did not really sell the huge potential available via Amazon. The second video was more punchy and made its points more forceful

  • Gerda Peter says:

    The glaring difference is that the second video rightaway comes to the point, from the add "wireless reading device" to Marlons wireless delivered info products. Whatever link you click on kindle Marlons products will show up since they are "delivered wireless". From my point of view it is all about "linking".

  • Hi Marlon

    The first video was just read in the same tone without any variations. ( Dull and Boring send people to sleep

    The second one was high pitched voice with excitement. It makes you sit up and take notice. It stirs emotion and feeling of, that's brilliant I need to do that.

    Ted & Sandra

  • Hardy says:

    The speed of Santos's presentation on the second video was faster, more enthusiastic and more energy.

    The second video also appeared to be more organized and well prepared.

    Kudos to Santos for the video. They're great.

  • Patricia Simoneau says:

    The first video was what I would call a "rough cut" – sound quality in particular (you could hear him moving away from his mike and moving things around) as well as a disjointed A to B to C progression in his message. (Example: mentioning a Kindle report but no information as to how to get it).

    The big difference I noticed was that the 2nd video was WELL REHEARSED. (Mother to a dancer, I know the value of rehearsals!) There was a clear outline of topics to cover, but it didn't sound like he was over-scripted. Clear flow A-B-C of information, how to get the report, etc… and the PASSION and excitement came through in his voice.

    Very educational. Thank you.

  • Ayn Elise says:

    The first video didn't seem to have a real script, like it was just done on the fly. The first video was not edited, and the first video was not formatted to fit the screen when viewed.

    The second video had a script that was informational; as in benefits, features and included sales dialog relating to The Kindle and the report. Thus, the second video is direct and targeted, which is lacking in the first video.

    I already have Product Dashboard. Would take a different, comparable product or let someone else win this one. But I liked the challenge of analyzing the two videos.

  • Donna Maher says:

    The second video mentions Marlon's Kindle tips book and how to get it free and also, his voice was more animated and excited about Kindle (and Marlon's ebooks) in the second video.

  • Second version was much more enthusiastic! There was urgency and energy! Much better.

  • yvonne Rodgers says:

    #1 gives the basic data on the Kindle, but doesn't get me to click to buy Marlon's book and get the free report on how to get MY stuff on Amzon. # 2 made me go into action.

  • The first video gave great information, but did not give a call to action or get you excited about the potential of putting your info products on Amazon for Kindle owners to read. The second gave clear call to actions and emotionally got me excited to get the report, put the information in to action, and make a difference in my company.

  • Stewart says:

    In the first I didn't hear about the Kindle Report until the end of the video and only once.

    In the second one he mentions the FREE report early on and several times through out.

  • Todd says:


    The first video was kind of boring and difficult to follow. The second was more up-beat and I was completely interested in what Santos has to say and sell.

    Thx, TRM.

  • Lisa says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I noticed that the second video sounded distorted and the first one had better quality audio.

  • The first video was 5 minutes long.

    The second was 3min 44 seconds long.

    The first was disjointed and slower to get to the sales point

    The second was faster, more energetic and got to the point quicker. It also had an offer at the end that was clear.

    Fnally, I notced that the prices for other kindle books were between 7 and 10 dollars but Marlon's books were $63 and 100+ dollars.

  • Rob says:

    I found that the first video showed more about finding Marlon's products and the second video steered you more towards the kindle report that you will receive with any purchase of any of Marlons products.

  • Birgir says:


    In the first video he does not mention that we need the Kindle Report from you. In the second one he makes it the main feature of the video.

    Best regards

    Birgir Edvardsson

  • Rusty Moore says:


    I was excited to win a copy of Info Product Dashboard, but the links to the videos aren't working. I bought your Designer Dashboard and have created a few mini sites on the web that now cover my rent each month. Love your stuff!


  • Bob Watson says:

    Hey Marlon and Santos…

    Well its obvious that Santos left out any reference to how to receive the Kindel Report in his first video attempt. In the second go he made at least two or three reference on how to obtain the report free with the purchase of one of Marlons products…

    I already have info product dashboard…how about one of the other dashboard products?


    Bob Watson

  • Patricia says:


    The big difference between the 2 videos was that video #1 gave you basic information about Amazon, the Kindle and that you can have your own ebook listed at Amazon. Just plain, good information.

    The second video however, explained to me why the idea of having my ebook would be best for my business. How I could get free advertising and how everyone visiting Amazon could be a potential new customer for me. It was more of a "this could explode your business" type of a video instead of just here are the facts as in video #1.

  • I watched the first video and it gave me great information. I am going to put my info products up on Amazon today. The second video was unavailable to view. PLease advise on where to find it.

  • Paul Hughes says:

    Video #1: Disjointed, choppy delivery. Did not flow from one logical thought to a conclusion. Good statistics about viewers on Amazon and about the Kindle. Not a good explanation about what the Kindle is…although I already knew.

    Video #2: Good flow from one concept to the next to a logical sale conclusion. It showed how starting with Amazon with 1.5 million viewers, that one can sell ebooks there for use on a Kindle. It showed the ease that a potential client has typing in a subject, seeing products and buying for Kindle use. Marlon's ebooks were the only ones listed under info-products. The conclusion was good: Buy any of Marlon's products and get the free Kindle report (how to get free advertising on Amazon).

  • Becky says:

    The second video link didn't work. That was a glaring difference. ;o)

  • Lon Naylor says:

    Love to give it a shot but neither link work for me…


    Lon Naylor

  • Kay says:

    The enthusiasm in the voice of the second video really grabs your attention.

  • Mark says:

    I like the first video. The second reminded me of a used car commercial and was rather annoying to listen to.

  • Stephanie says:

    The first video (5minutes) didn't tell HOW to get the free report. The second video (3:44 minutes) repeatedly 'sold' us on the getting the report and actually told us how to get it! Great job!

  • Avi maor says:

    The difference between the 2 videos is like the difference between day and night.

    The first video is not clear at all you do not understand what is it all about if it was not for the need to compare them I would stop watching it before it ends.

    The second video is very clear it has a fast rhythm that keeps you watching it.

    It is clear like a lightning in the dark and the simple ovious idea hits you like a lightning.

    It is a winning one!

  • Bence says:


    the difference is that in the first video you also search for internet product testing, but in the second video don't.

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